Lil Dave will forever be with us through all our days!
  • Born on October 15, 2010 in Gillette, Wyoming, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our Angel Baby, David 'Lil Dave' Winchester Collins, 3, born on October 15, 2010 and passed away on March 7, 2014. We will remember him as a true cowboy forever.

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David 'Lil Dave' Winchester Collins

David Winchester Collins "Lil Dave" was born in Gillette, Wyo., on the 15th day of October in the Year of our Lord 2010 to David R. Collins and Kristina M. Collins.

He resided near Weston, Wyo., with his loving father, mother and baby sister Liberty AnnaMay Collins. Lil Dave left us unexpectedly at the young age of 3 to be with the lord as an angel on March 7, 2014.

Lil Dave was cherished by all and he enjoyed working on the family place with his dad taking care of daily chores, helping his mom and being a big brother to his little sister.

Lil Dave never knew a stranger, was a light in the life of any person with whom he came into contact with and was very connected to Christ as he would always say his prayers loud enough for all to hear ending with a "grizzly" AMEN, which would make everyone smile and laugh.

Lil Dave attended preschool at the Campbell County Children's Developmental Center and asked everyday if he was going to go to school to see his teachers. When at home he loved to (play blocks) with his dad and mom, dance to music as well as watch movies. He would watch "The Magic School Bus" with his mom and "The Lone Ranger" with his dad (while donning a pair of silver pistols on his hips). He also enjoyed watching the movie "Cars" with his parents and would act out the race scenes with his Tonka dump truck all throughout the house, wanting his parents to say (ready, set, go).

When working with his dad he was always his dad's "pard" and would not leave his dad's side, always wanting to know what his dad was working on and (why). He would consistently ask his dad (why) throughout the day as the chores progressed, when he became tired of asking (why) he would take his dad's answer and proudly repeat it as if he already knew the answer.

He loved to ride on the four-wheeler always wanting to go faster, when his dad told him that it was fast enough, he would say (why)? He would always ask to ride on the tractor, when his dad said that the tractor was not needed for the job, the (whys) would start all over again. He would always want to go out and fix fence with his dad; they would often find a section that was in need of dire repair, when his dad would throw in a "quick repair" and say that we will repair it on a better day, he would say (why)? When he got back to the house, he would tell his mom all about how dad just fixed the fence and would have to fix it again later and ask (why)? When riding to town with his mom he would see a train and ask his mom if he could ride the train, to his disappointment his mother would have to tell him no, maybe another day, once again the (whys) would begin.

He loved to help feed and water the livestock; he was always concerned that they had plenty of water. After his dad would say that they were good, he would respond with (why) as he was already walking to the tanks to check for himself before he was content that they were taken care of. On the coldest and windiest days he would want to go for a horseback ride, when his dad said no it is too cold, the (whys) would begin again right before wanting to go back to the house to see his mom because he was cold.

Lil Dave's casket was handcrafted with the greatest love and care by his Grandpa Mike and his dad, for a True One of a Kind Wyoming Cowboy.

Lil Dave is survived by his loving parents, David and Kristina; his sister, Liberty AnnaMay; paternal grandparents Dave and Betsy Collins; maternal grandparents Larry and Kathy Miller; great-grandmothers, AnnaLea Miller and Barbara Ellis, along with numerous aunts, uncles and cousins as well as outstanding extended family and friends throughout the entire country. All of which had great influence in his life.

Please come and share in the remembrance of his life with the family on Saturday, March 22 at the Presbyterian Church in Lingle, Wyo. A small lunch will be served at 11:30 a.m., and service to follow at 1:30 p.m. with a reception to follow after graveside services.

In memory of Lil Dave a memorial fund has been established to assist parents who cannot afford to send their child to preschool. If your heart compels you to do so, in lieu of flowers please send donations to the following address: Lil David Winchester Collins Memorial, 12 Lou Rd., Rozet, WY 82727.

Matthew 9:14 But Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven."

Thank you so very much to all of the family, friends and neighbors who are praying for us and helping us through this very difficult time in life.

Best regards, Dave, Kristi and Liberty Collins.


Posted by Christina (Collins) Truel... on 15th October 2018
Happy birthday in Heaven buddy!!! I'm sure birthdays up there are extra special as you watch us celebrate you and think of you here! Forever in our hearts and memories! We love and miss you!! Love, Aunt Christina
Posted by Rebecca (Collins) Parker on 15th October 2018
Happy Birthday Lil Angel Davey! Love you! All the love, thoughts and prayers are going to you especially today! Happy Birthday in Heaven!! Love you!
Posted by Jennifer Mack on 15th October 2018
Happy Birthday Davie! We have been thinking about you all day! We know you are in heaven celebrating! Love and miss you! AMEN! Greg, Jen, Isabella, Lily & Penelope
Posted by Christina (Collins) Truel... on 19th March 2018
Thinking of you! I know you are watching as we raise money for your memorial scholarship to help other kids love school as you did!
Posted by David Collins on 15th October 2017
Davey, just a short howdy and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Grandma and I sure do miss you, however we know your with the LORD and we will see you one of these days! Love ya, Grandpa Collins
Posted by Rebecca (Collins) Parker on 15th October 2017
Happy 7th Birthday Little Cowboy!! We ❤️ You!!!
Posted by Rebecca (Collins) Parker on 8th March 2017
Well we prayed for your parents today as we celebrated Gabriella's birthday. We always talk about you a little extra on this day to celebrate our love for you! So grateful for you our special Angel Cowboy! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Granpa and Grandma and all of the cousins, aunts and uncles keep you in our minds daily. The resounding extra loud AMEN added to ALL of our prayers ensures that!
Posted by Kristina-Dave Miller-Coll... on 27th October 2016
Hey my little pard, happy birthday. We think and talk about you every second of every day. I know that being in heaven you understand how loved you are. We had one heck of a fire in your name for your birthday. It was big enough, I have no doubt that you watched it from heaven... Here's to you Lil' Dave - Ride on Pard - Love Dad & Mom
Posted by Jennifer Mack on 15th October 2016
Happy Birthday Davey! Thinking about you on your birthday! We will celebrate down here!! Miss you! Love Aunt Jen xoxoxo
Posted by Rebecca (Collins) Parker on 15th October 2016
Talking about you extra and missing you today on your Birthday! Love you! Gabriella wanted you to know that's she bought you your own ornament to hang on our Christmas tree every year and yes it is a cowboy hat! Happy Birthday little Angel Baby although at this point I am sure you would have insisted that I not call you that anymore. We love you always and forever, you know you're in our daily thoughts and prayers! ❤️❤️❤️❤️You, Titi Becca, Uncle Charles, Gabriella, Tina, and Charlie
Posted by Kristina-Dave Miller-Coll... on 8th March 2016
On this and everyday we will always miss you. - LOST BUT NEVER WILL YOU EVER BE FORGOTTEN.... RIDE ON PARD!!! - Love Mom & Dad - 07/Mar/14
Posted by Jennifer Mack on 15th October 2015
Wishing you a happy 5th birthday for a special boy! Thinking about you today! Miss you! Love, Aunt Jen
Posted by Rebecca (Collins) Parker on 7th March 2015
I know you can see and hear all the talking and smiling that everyone does when they are thinking about you. Our Little Cowboy Angel--we love and miss you! Love Titi Becca, Uncle Charles, Gabriella, Tina, and Charlie
Posted by Jennifer Mack on 7th March 2015
Thinking about you all the time. The girls and I said a prayer together last night for are the Angel that shines down on us! You will always be loved and forever dance in our hearts...
Posted by Jennifer Mack on 3rd March 2015
Thinking about you Little Davey! Lily said she missed you. So we looked at your pictures and talked awhile about what we think you are up to. We miss you so much here!! We know you are watching over your family! Love and miss you!! Uncle Greg, Aunt Jennifer, Isabella, Lily & Penelope
Posted by Rebecca (Collins) Parker on 7th February 2015
Gabriella has been playing with her cowboy hat a lot lately--keeps us lookig forward to our trip out to see your parents and Liberty. Still saying our "AMENS" and wishing we could just hear your voice on the phone. Love you so much!! Miss you ALWAYS!!
Posted by Rebecca (Collins) Parker on 26th December 2014
Merry Christmas Little Davey! We all miss you so much and I know you were watching over your parents and Liberty with extra special care today. All of your grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and cousins are continuing to miss you, but we do know that you got to spend Jesus' birthday with him. Love you!!
Posted by Christina (Collins) Truel... on 15th October 2014
Happy Birthday Davey!!! We are celebrating and thinking of you especially today on your 4th birthday!! It is amazing to hear your cousins talk about what your birthday celebration must be like in heaven.. Glorious!! We miss you and love you always!!
Posted by Jennifer Mack on 15th October 2014
Happy Birthday little Davey!!! Isabella and Lily wanted to release balloons in the air in hopes you would get them for your birthday!!! We love and miss you dearly!!! Love Isabella, Lily and Penelope
Posted by Rebecca (Collins) Parker on 15th October 2014
Happy Birthday to my Angel Cowboy! I know you heard us all talking about you all day, thanks for being our special Angel--can't wait for Gabriella to understand the stories about her cowboy cousin!! Love, Titi Becca, Uncle Charles, and Gabriella
Posted by Jennifer Mack on 25th August 2014
Ran into some pictures thought I would share. Thinking of Little David and the family. Love you all! Thinking and praying for you!
Posted by Jennifer Mack on 25th August 2014
We miss you little Davey!! Love Isabella and Lily
Posted by Jennifer Mack on 9th July 2014
I was looking up songs for Izzy and Lily today and came upon this reminded me of little Davey. Instead of I'm a little teapot it goes.... I’m a little cowboy. Here is my hat (point to self, then to hat) Here are my spurs (point to your heels) And here are my chaps (pat legs) As soon as I get up, (stretch, pretend to wake up) I work all day (pretend to lasso a cow) I get on my horse (pretend to get on a horse) And ride away. (Pretend to gallop on a horse) Thinking of you and what adventure you are on today in heaven!! Never forget you and always thinking of you!!! Love, Aunt Jennifer
Posted by Christina (Collins) Truel... on 3rd July 2014
I've been thinking about you Little Davey!! Two years ago you were here with me all excited to go watch the fireworks!! I'm so thankful for that time you spent with us and that I have my own sweet special memories of you and the fourth of July! I think we all could see that your Dad was more excited than anyone else about the fireworks....he was excited to see your amazement and excitement about the fireworks!! As we watch the fireworks tomorrow I will be thinking of you!! I love and miss you dearly little firecracker!! Aunt Christina
Posted by Bridgett Porter on 2nd July 2014
May God wrap His arms around you. Thinking of this sweet lil boy in heaven and those he touched along the way. God bless you!
Posted by Pat Burke on 27th June 2014
Happy trails to Little Dave from "Grandpa Rod and Grandma Pat". We will miss your smiling face and infectious laughter!
Posted by Pam Fratini on 16th June 2014
I never met this angel but I sure do miss him. And think about him every single day. I'm planting some sunflowers for him to see all the way from Heaven.
Posted by David Collins on 14th June 2014
Posted by Kim Cooper on 14th June 2014
A special boy in a special place with the Lord to watch over your family.
Posted by Jennifer Mack on 14th June 2014
Lil Davey watching down over everyone!! A special little cowboy will always be in our thoughts and in our hearts forever!!! Miss you! Love, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Greg, Isabella and Lily
Posted by Rebecca (Collins) Parker on 15th May 2014
Thinking about you every day!! Miss you lots! Love ya, Titi Becca

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