This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Rev. Dr. Njayo David Njemo.

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Posted by Rev. Titus A. D. on May 1, 2022
Remembering today when a hero left the scene, the day a champion finished his race successfully, and crossed the finish line.
Posted by Simon Mbella on August 10, 2021
My first encounter with Pa'a Njemo was far back in the 80's at the Full Gospel headquarters Muyuka during an annual convention. His Gospel exposition on the 20/20 Vision left an indelible mark in my life and memory! 
Always with a peaceful smile in his exposition and expounding of the scriptures with a strong anointing difficult to describe... As one amongst his innumerable spiritual children...

Pa'a Njemo,
Your Legacy lives on!!!
Posted by Prosper Germoh on July 17, 2021
Papa David Njayo Njemo was a great father indeed. I had a great spiritual foundation in ministry thanks to His hard work. he was a humble father with a caring heart refused to compromised even when pressures came pressing on Him. he is one in a million men of God the world will not forget in a hurry because His works and fruits speaks and live on. Good night papa....
Posted by ELIZABETH Mwengella on July 13, 2021
My father, my best friend. You fondly called me the plane has Landed. The last time I visited you in Kumba you shouted "the plane has landed." The whole house started laughing. Little did I know that was the last time for me to see you. You were the last hope we had, I loved seing you, I missed your smile peaceful loving father. Our coach, director and hero.
Your legacy will be with us forever. You started your journey with God and ended it with God.
I thank you so much for leading and covering us like a mother hen the whole of your life.
I know you are resting with the master Lord Jesus Christ. RIP Adieu
Your sister,
Catherine Mwengella.
Posted by Pauline Nih on July 10, 2021
Pa David Njemo was fully involved in the life of my whole family, spiritually & physically in our walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

His love in action portrayed the love of God. It gave us hope and made it easier to see and experience God’s love. He disciplined with love. He cared for us as a shepherd does to lambs and sheep at all stages, John 21:15-17.

Good night Pa. You are ahead in the LORD presence waiting for us.
Posted by Joke David Sako on July 8, 2021
Words are not enough to express the kind of person Papa Njemo was. He was loving, caring, friendly, open, jovial, hospitable, peaceful, simple, understanding, patient and compassionate. Papa was a father with a difference. He shared the little he had with everybody even the food on his table. He was spiritual and never wanted to compromise. We have lost a hero, a general in God's Kingdom. Papa we shall live to celebrate your life.  By God's Papa I will keep the counselings and advice you gave me. Your legacy lives on ! Rest on Papa!!!
Posted by Rev. S Martin Ntamark on July 8, 2021
He lay and sacrificed for the gospel and left a legacy as a father of the faith in Cameroon
Posted by Winnie Lobati on July 8, 2021
Eulogy for Papa Njemo

It is an honor to call you papa. You were a pastor, counselor, adviser, teacher, administrator, disciplinarian, visionary, and father. You balanced all these roles with kindness, genuine Christ-like love, and godly character.

Despite all the above description of your person, character and office, your humility came through. Nobody was too important or less important that you would not reach them at the level where they were at. You valued everyone who came to you.

Your greatest joy was seeing all your children thrive. Your thousands of children whom you mentored, became surrogate father, as well as adoptive father are still proud of the many lessons you taught them.

Some of the lessons from your bible study series on the book of Romans in the 1980s are still vivid in my memory. The book of Romans series set the course for me into expository bible teaching / studies which I still love today.

The practical lessons on marriage you taught, was not one from the pulpit but what you and Mamie practiced. Who will ever forget how you (king David) related with your “queen Esther” (Mamie)? As a husband and father many families observed and took cues from you and Mamie regarding the principles of a Christian family. Your commitment to the LORD Jesus Christ is worth emulating.

I love you and will miss you dearly for little while. But one thing is sure you are in the Presence of your LORD and Master Jesus Christ.

Your Privileged Daughter Winnie Lobati
Posted by Tony NKUMBE on June 2, 2021
Papa, my own Papa Njemo!!! I have not known where to start celebrating and eulogizing you.

The story begins in 2007 when I was privileged to preach at the FGM EAST (BERTOUA) AREA CONVENTION with the Area Supervisor then being Rev. Ngale MARTIN.

As I entered the Church and Rev. Ngale introduced me you, your first words to me were, “welcome, my son,” and you continued and said, “feel free and bless God’s people.”

After I preached and ministered and wet from sweat, I was taken to my hotel to change, you all went to Rev. Ngale’s house to eat but you refused to eat, saying, “let us wait for Tony.”

When I came in you asked I should come and seat by you. As I sat, you smiled and said, “that was very excellent preaching,” and you continued by saying, “that grace upon you is very unique, guard it jealously.”

From that one encounter, you adopted me, watched over me jealously, mentored me wisely, empowered me unreservedly, and made me seat by you from that moment until April 2021. You made me pursue my purpose fearlessly and with a passion.

Papa, you believed in me, you trusted me and you proved it by the depths of things we shared. I told about my calling and plan to engage in ministry in 2008, all you said was, “only a blind person will not recognize the unique call upon your life.”

Papa, we agreed that you should go to India (because we needed better medical attention for you) and upon your return we were going to finish “the project,” yet, your prayer as though you knew you won’t return, was, “Oh Lord, strengthen Tony and Carine till the end.” You asked the Jesus you loved and served with all your heart to “pour his wisdom upon us,” to “meet all our needs,” and to “keep us from corruption.”

Everything you told me I was going to experience both in marriage and ministry, I see them and when they come, I simply say, “Papa Njemo had prepared me for this.”

You are one of the greatest advantages Jesus gave me on this side of eternity. Your covering, wisdom and encouragement has made me feel constantly like an OROKO TREE. You made me forget I was ever an orphan. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

You called me Tony, Napoleon Bonaparte and Mr Wise. You made my wife, my children and I feel so very safe with the mere consciousness that you were always there for us.

Papa, what a conscious way with which you poured yourself into me. You endorsed the pursuit of my purpose and the ministry Christ called me into. You joyfully endorsed my APOSTOLIC ORDINATION and you were there both to give guidance and to pour yourself into me.

You reminded me ceaselessly not to forget any aspect of our fourfold mandate. Reminding me to take you along when we have outreaches in the villages.

You are the greatest example of the Lamb and the Lion. You’re the greatest leader I met and knew. Your compassion was exceptional. Your simplicity was unprecedented. A teacher and counselor par excellence.

We love and honor you now and always. Me, my family and the Eagles’ Family Assembly say a BIG THANK YOU. Till we meet again, rest on, my father and shepherd.

We promise we won’t fail you, Papa Njemo. We also promise to take care of your lover, friend and wife, Mama Njemo Esther. Don’t worry about her, she shall be fine, Papa.

Aurevoire mon Père. Your boy till eternity, Tony.
Posted by Jules Kehbila on May 21, 2021
If I have to describe Jesus in person on earth Daddy as I fondly called him was one. His smile was a source of hope and joy to many. So lovely a father, so gentle a man. Knowing you was a turn around in my life, you have ran the race with dignity and accomplished the task rest on grandpa till we meet again.
Your lovely son and personal Doctor
Posted by Daniel Mbiwan on May 19, 2021

Pa'a NJEMO as we fondly called him, while we lament his painful transition into glory we are comforted by the words of the Psalmist in chapter 116:15 which says:    "Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints." For me memories will linger for a long time about our relationship with him as a spiritual father and as a Senior Collaborator with me as a young Colleague for twelve solid years at the Helm of the leadership of the Full Gospel Mission. 

Memories will also remain remain strong about his last words from India to my wife about expressing his love for us as a couple. I still remember vividly when I first met him in 1986 at the Twenty Fifth (25) Anniversary of the FGM in Bamenda. It was a wonderful moment for me to set my eyes on him as I had until now only heard of him from a distance. The real moment came in 1990 when I responded to the call into ministry and went up to enroll at the FGBI Bamenda where he and his family were resident and fellowshipped. I then had the opportunity to get to see him often and know him better.

He represented for me and many others a Spiritual Father, the Model Gentle Christian Leader with an ever broad and reassuring smile that made him so approachable. I will never forget my experience as a Student Pastor in charge of Mile Three Nkwen, Bamenda Assembly of FGM where he and his family worshipped. The simplicity he demonstrated by quietly seating and allowing me a student Pastor to lead and pastor him so to say was so astounding to me. We have lost a true Man of God.

As a National Leader, he as Our General Superintendent, Pa'a NJEMO was down to earth as we related easily with him whether Christians or Ministers. He was all together approachable by All who came near him. This Attitude of Openness was also evident in the way he related with the FGM Missionary Partners. He set the pace that led us the succeeding leaders to maintain a cordial relationship with all our Missionaries from different the Countries. He taught us what it meant to lead without barriers. There was no need for protocol to meet at any time.

My personal memories of him, as I  saw him as a humble Spiritual Leader and Father concerned with all believers, young or old from Full Gospel or Sister Churches. One of the things that struck me about your Servant Leader Style of Leadership was the fact that after I was transferred from Mile three Church upon graduation from Bible School, I was completely astounded when he took upon yourself to accompany me and install me in my new Station in Ebolowa as a local church Pastor. This experience touched me so  deeply that the General Superintendent could stoop so low to accompany a young inexperienced local church pastor to his new station. As the years went by It was still unimaginable for me to understand how he could take such interest to encourage a young minister like me who was not personally related to him. Having become a National Leader myself, I now understand his great concern for young Ministers as you took interest in many to encourage them bring out the best in them and emerge as leaders. He did not only help young erring ministers but he encouraged them to be trained. It was thanks to his initiative that many young ministers went for further theological training. Truly Pa'a believed in the hidden potential in young People that you did all within your capacity to draw that out. Other great achievements in our Mission in the area of Social Works particularly in the domain of education are thanks to him and eventually he became the Pioneer Education Board Chairman a post you held even after retirement from active administrative responsibilities.

Pa'a Njemo was not just a local denominational leader, he was a Pioneering leader in the Present Pentecostal Movement in Cameroon. He initiated along with his contemporaries several efforts to put in place a body to gather the Pentecostal Churches together. Those efforts were manifested in several Pentecostal bodies from CUPEC to UPEC and to  present day FEPECC which the FGM is leading in the positions of the President and Executive Secretary. Pa'a believed in the unity of the body of Christ a trait which today the passion I have today for the unity of the Pentecostal Churches was not solely my Biblical understanding of ChrIstian unity but also thanks to his example. 

Pa'a has fought a good fight of Faith having impacted the FGM with leadership for half a century. As a Pioneer among leaders of our Mission, he paid a serious price in many new initiatives he led. He worked very closely with the Pioneer Missionary Couple and other Missionaries who came after. Their close relationship was the fact that hey called themselves brothers not by ministerial title. We the young Ministers could often hear them call each other Brother KNORR, Brother David, Brother Peter, Brother Paul and Brother Zac to name a few. Despite the challenges that often come with working with diverse people groups, he well managed our diversity among Nationals and our European  and American Missionary Partners. He showed us what a true Christian Church is, a Mosaic of People from All Tribes, Tongues and Languages. Although not Himself bilingual, he led a perfectly bilingual Church Making FGM the greatest Institution and Promoter of Bilingualism, Cultural Diversity and National Cohesion, an example we continue to maintain and cherish and we are now jealously guarding against enemies of Peace and Stability.

We will greatly miss his wise counseling aptitude, a role he continue to play as the Chairman of the Council of the Wise, an advisory body of our Mission. However like the Scripture says in Revelation 14:13 And I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Write this down: Blessed are those who die in the Lord from now on. Yes, says the Spirit, they are blessed indeed, for they will rest from their hard work; for their good deeds follow them!” Yes, Pa'a Njemo, Good Night, take your well deserved rest from your multiple Transfers, Travels, Council Sessions, Conventions, Dispute Settlings, Bible School Training and National Retreats. Adieu God's General. See you in the Morning. MARANATHA!!!!!



Posted by Rev. Titus A. D. on May 14, 2021
    Amadou Hampâté Bâ once said: “In Africa, when an elderly man dies, it is a whole library burning down.” For some reasons and to some extent, this statement is true. But it is not true for all elderly people. Not all wealth of experience, not all wise people go down with their treasures of knowledge and wisdom.
    Exceptional leaders, teachers and preachers like Rev. Dr. Njemo know how to entrust their contents over to many others, while they serve on earth, as Paul expected in 2 Tim 2:2. Yes, Papa Njemo emptied himself into many lives from his family to the Body of Christ, to his beloved FGMC family—Pastors and Disciples in Cameroon and in the diaspora, and to the Nation at large. Through them, your legacy will resonate beyond generations. Good night Papa!

Rev. Titus A. Deugoué
Director, Full Gospel Bible Institute
Posted by Mungwa David on May 13, 2021
My condolences to the entire family. May the Good Lord strengthen and keep you till we all meet to depart no more.

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Posted by Rev. Titus A. D. on May 1, 2022
Remembering today when a hero left the scene, the day a champion finished his race successfully, and crossed the finish line.
Posted by Simon Mbella on August 10, 2021
My first encounter with Pa'a Njemo was far back in the 80's at the Full Gospel headquarters Muyuka during an annual convention. His Gospel exposition on the 20/20 Vision left an indelible mark in my life and memory! 
Always with a peaceful smile in his exposition and expounding of the scriptures with a strong anointing difficult to describe... As one amongst his innumerable spiritual children...

Pa'a Njemo,
Your Legacy lives on!!!
Posted by Prosper Germoh on July 17, 2021
Papa David Njayo Njemo was a great father indeed. I had a great spiritual foundation in ministry thanks to His hard work. he was a humble father with a caring heart refused to compromised even when pressures came pressing on Him. he is one in a million men of God the world will not forget in a hurry because His works and fruits speaks and live on. Good night papa....
his Life


Emeritus Rev. Dr. David Njayo Njemo was born in January 1940, in Itoki Mbakundu, in the SW Region of Cameroon. His parents, Thomas and Mabuh Njemo had seven children. He was the oldest among six boys and a girl. He attended government primary school, Itoki Bakundu until he left the village for a better life in the city. He married Mamie Esther Arrah in 1968. Their union was blessed with three biological sons: Joseph, Caleb and Samuel and an adopted daughters Joan Njemo and Naomi Njemo. He also raised children from his family, his wife's family, his family, and the ministry.

Emeritus Rev. Dr. David Njemo, a Pioneer member of the Full Gospel Mission in Cameroon accepted Lord Jesus into his life in 1965. Post his salvation, he accepted the call into the Ministry in the year 1966. He served in several capacities as a Pastor during his tenure in the Mission field.  From a local pastor to Evangelist holding Gospel crusades, and the apostolic mission that led him to travel through all the ten regions of Cameroon and abroad: planting churches and teaching Christians in Full Gospel Bible institute in Mile three Nkwen North West Region of Cameroon. 

He acquired advanced theological and leadership trainings. He traveled to France, in the year 1970, and New Zealand in 1970-1971. He holds several diplomas, and awards, including an accolade from Theological Seminary of California, USA. He studied as a corresponding student until he earned his Doctorate in Theology.  

While serving with the Full Gospel Mission (FGM) the deteriorating medical facilities, poor management, and rising costs lead to the loss of many lives even in his family led to the creating The Rapha Health Center. This organization had centers in Douala Littoral Region in 1995, and Kumba South West Region in 2012 respectively, followed by the Rapha Foundation (RAFOUND). As a visionary, he embarked on other ventures in the educational sector to train nurses, opening the Rapha Higher Institute of Health, Biomedical and Management Science, Kumba (RHIHBMS) in 2012. He was the visionary and chairperson of IMPACT Cameroon from 1995 until the early 2000s. He was chairperson for the Pentecostal Movement in Cameroon.

Papa Njemo as everyone called him, was a God-fearing man to the core, who passionate about Kingdom service, and he never retired. The strength of the Lord kept him moving, with love and joy. He was a humble servant of God, dead to self and the world, and alive in Christ as he served God relentlessly. 

Papa Njemo leaves behind his wife, a son, two daughters, two daughters in law and eleven grandchildren Osla, Joe, Olivia, Sandra, Caline, Jessica, Cassidy, Samuel-Carl Jr., Denzel, Sierra, and Deidre. Papa raised so many other children, Regina Menoyli, Winifred Lobati, Roseline Ojong, Rose Butake, Mary Njemo, Frida Sako, Esther Ojong, Emmanuel Butame, Brandy Ojong, Bernis Ojong-Ndofor, Rose Njemo, Joshua Njemo, just to name the handful of them to celebrate his passing to Glory. 
Recent stories

A father's heart

Shared by Serge Patrick Massango on May 13, 2021
So many memories. So many...

Whether the all night prayers, the speaking of Duala language, the jokes, the deep teachings, I still get in my mind all those wonderful times I spent with Pa'a at Bonapriso headquarters and assembly in those days.

I remember particularly when twice I've had  inconscient and irrespective attitudes before him. Honestly, I was far of thinking I had a bad behavior, I thought it was normal. Until then my former and first Full Gospel Mission pastor, "small" David Sako, who later spoused Pa'a daughter, Frida, lovingly corrected me on what I should have done.

First, I called him, in front of pastor Sako and some other people, "Reverend David", without the common "Pa'a". Neither me, nor pastor David Sako believe it's a sin calling Pa'a that way. But showing some respect to the old man is much more recommended.

Another time, after a sermon, just some days later, the assembly has been asked if we could "bless" Pa'a after his preaching, meaning, provide financially for him. Pa'a didn't ask for anything by the way. At the back of the church, I said smiling, "no, he needs not", while some shouted, "yes". Then pastor explains how we had a great man like him and how we should bless him.

In these two cases, Pa'a wasn't aware of anything, neither felt offended.

So, I went out and was touched on how I could be in my own world and things might be different. I was actually sad. So, I waited for church to end and resolved myself to meet Pa'a. I knocked at his office, near by the church.

- Pa'a, can I...?
As usual, he welcomed me with his smile showcased by the diastema of his teeth :
- Come in, Massango, nodding his head. How, evangelist ? This is how he used to call me.
- I.. I... I have something to say...
My lips were trembling, not in fear but of deception. I was ashamed of myself.
- What's going on, did he asked, removing his glasses, suddenly wondering why the young always smiling and joyful teenager I was, could turn into a contrite soul.

As he spoke those words, I couldn't hold anymore and bursted in tears. He left his chair and came to me. He squeezed me with his hairy arms and asked me what happened. I barely explained the situation, because of tears. He told me to calm down, ensuring me je never felt offended and that he knows I'm special. He added he knew I didn't intend to disrespect him. I was glad then and stopped crying. He held me again and prayed for me, that I should keep my joy of being a child of God.

You see, it's not about this or that sin or mistake, but how we let turn ashes into beauty, sin to saint, ignorance to wisdom. I learned how to honour elders, understand cultures. And in a certain way, this is an allegory of our Heavenly Father. His Heavenly Father.

Pa'a Njemo,
See you over there with our Lord Christ-Jesus.