Adieu Papa

Shared by Oba Nwoga on 14th March 2019


It was with shock that I received the call about your demise, coming on the backdrop of the conversations I had with your sons, who are brothers to me; on your progress after your surgery. 

The few times I spent with you demonstrated the fact that you a perfect gentleman, a man of peace and a man who believes more in action than words. You will surely be missed by all. We are all heartbroken but we will take solace in the fact that you are resting in the bosom of our Lord. 

Adieu Papa

To My Uncle, My Brother, Sir Davidson Nwankwo

Shared by Chikosolu Manuel-Ufford on 13th March 2019

Brother, you were a nice man! The news of your demise was received with a heavy heart. When I remembered the day you visited our family in Port Harcourt. Incidentally, my daughter Chinenye was celebrating her 5th birthday. It was so exciting because when other children saw you, they started shouting, “See Chinenye’s daddy!” because of the birth mark on your face! My daughter has the same birth mark. Our friends that saw you that day had been asking of you. 

Brother, I called you this last January after Christmas to hear from you only to discover you were still sick from the way you answered and you told me that you were still down; though we discussed but not pleasantly. You handed the phone over to your sister (wife). She told me that you people were in Lagos for treatment. I never knew that will be my last discussion with you! There is no doubt your sojourn on this earth was fulfilling, fruitful and exciting. You were a proponent of religious harmony and peace. You defended the right of the Christian and worked tirelessly for peace and justice. You will be remembered by all your good works and brotherly love you shared.
Brother, rest in peace till we meet at resurrection morning to part no more.
Your sister,
Lady Florence Kanu (nee Asouzu) 

Rest in peace Mazi

Shared by Franco Baresi on 9th March 2019

I remember the first time I saw at Anayo's graduation at Middlesex, and the long journey back to Barking, you were full of words of wisdom and encouragement, you challenged us to make the best use of our time, seeing  how your kids turned out, really shows that you were not just only a gentle man, but also a good father. Continue to rest in peace Mazi... 

Rest in peace Sir Nwankwo

Shared by Uzoma Anugom on 9th March 2019

You were a role model to us all and can't forget the great advice you always dished out to us during our youthful days. Most importantly the warm welcome we received each time we visited the house. Sleep in the Lord and intercede for us here on earth. Adieu.

Perfect Gentle Man - Rest on Big Poppa

Shared by Kene Anyabolu on 8th March 2019

As a young man growing up in the same neighborhood with your 3 boys, you were a role model to us all. A loving father & husband who was always diligent and very faithful to his wife. Engr. Davidson - a legend who lived a simple and Christian Life worthy of will be greatly missed as I can call u FATHER!!!



Forever in our hearts

Shared by Maria Nwankwo on 7th March 2019

Grandpa (as I fondly call you), one of the things I remember most about you is your laughter; very infectious & straight from the heart that I used to wonder if anything ever bothered you in life. You accepted me whole heartedly as ur daughter and showered it in any way you could. You will call from time to time to check on I & kids while we laugh about just anything. I enjoyed your stories and your encouraging words were very soothing. You are a rare gem, an amazing husband to grandma, dad, father in law, grandpa, brother, uncle, friend... And not forgetting my dad's very close in law. We miss you so much grandpa and continue to pray for your soul to rest in perfect peace Amen!!! 

Shared by Ije Nwankwo on 6th March 2019

Rest in perfect peace Daddy!!!

Shared by Ogoo Oguchi on 6th March 2019

Daddy may Our Lord Jesus Christ grant you eternal rest. You are a great source of inspiration to us, we will miss you greatly. 

Shared by Gcu Gcu on 6th March 2019

Rest on Mazi.  Ezi nna. I sure know you have gone to a better place. You will be missed forever. 

GCU and family

Shared by Gerald Ufford on 5th March 2019

My father and my father in-law, Rest on Daddy . 

Shared by Chikosolu Manuel-Ufford on 3rd March 2019

An amazing man did live; yes he was. With the peculiar birth  mark on his face. He did peculiar things. My dad was SPECTACULARLY PECULIAR! There can't be another. Miss you, dad.

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