This tribute was added by Chikosolu Manuel-Ufford on February 18, 2020
Daadii! They say time heals all wounds but I'm not sure that's working here. Everyday, I miss you more: your smile, your hugs, your advice...even your stories. So many questions I want to ask, only to remember I can't reach you anymore. I wish I had known; you were telling me something but I wanted you to rest. I never quite heard you! Well, I know you are happy where you are, content with the life you lived. Do keep an eye on your golden daughter...sometimes I'm overwhelmed. Still can't help it; still cry each time I talk of you or see your picture. I hope I can achieve your dreams for me, even surpass it, believing in God like you taught me. Keep smiling, man of peace. I miss you soooooo much. Chii
This tribute was added by Anayo Nwankwo on February 18, 2020
I know you can hear me way up in heaven because we talk through our hearts. Dear daddy i miss you everyday and know you miss me too. No matter how old i get or how long you're gone i hear you daddy, up in heaven through the love in my heart.
This tribute was added by Nonso Mgbege on March 19, 2019
What a well life spent on this sinful world, Ur son kene who happens to be my friend and classmate never ceases to mention your name and your good attributes in every discussion, how I wish I met you face to face but God knows the best. Daddy may your soul continue to rest in the bosom of the lord, Adieu nwoke oma
This tribute was added by Nestor N on March 19, 2019
Daddy, I have not been opportuned to meet you but I had the privilege to be one of your son friend from university days. He always loved you and say how a perfect gentleman you are... So caring and loving man that offers a truthful advice to his children and community at large.... May your soul continue to rest in peace....
Adieu Mazi
This tribute was added by Yt Obodoechi on March 9, 2019
Going through your life biography clearly shows you lived your life to the fullest and have gone back to your maker. Continue to rest in will be forevermissed
This tribute was added by Anayo Nwankwo on March 5, 2019
Where do I start to pay this tribute to you Dad?
A father I call my brother! You taught me all I know you made me who I am, every day I become more like you, I find it hard to believe that you are gone, that all I have now of you are pictures and memories of yesterday, its even harder that I was thousands of miles away! all I heard was the sad news! What happened to our plans together? How would I fulfill my promises to take care of you at old age? Are we not going to laugh again? Am I not going to hear your laughter or see your charming smiles again? Daddy tell me it’s a dream. Death you have done your worst! Pain I know no more.
Daddy if reincarnation is real please have me again as your son!
I am proud and glad to be your son dad. I wouldn’t ask for any other. You are a man of rare virtue, a godly man, a man of peace, a comforter and mentor. A contented man who detested vanity or crazy quest for material things. Now that I am a father myself it amazes me how all you taught me and all I watched you do makes me a better father. I walk with my head high because of the knowledge and upbringing you gave me. I walk without looking backwards because no one can speak ill of your character. Dad you had a special relationship with God. You asked and he always answered you. I take solace knowing that you never feared death. You believed that only at the appointed time shall it come. So daddy it must be that time. I cannot be consoled of your departure I only take comfort knowing that we will be reunited someday. Go home to your father in heaven and rest knowing that you have fulfilled your part here on earth. Pray for us your children to continue in your foot steps to finish the race you started to the glory of God almighty.
Rest in Peace Dad and God be with you till we meet again!
This tribute was added by Chinwe Nwogbo on March 4, 2019
To the Nwankwos' especially my dear classmate and sister Chikasolu, May Daddy soul continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord and may God grant you and the family the fortitude to bear the Loss!
Sir Davidson Nwankwo lived a good life, God bless you all as you honor him.
This tribute was added by Chikosolu Manuel-Ufford on March 2, 2019
Daaddiii! Not quite sure I accept you are gone. You taught me: My English, "Brighter grammer"; my love for Mathematics; The letters you wrote me while in FGGC Osha, that left my friends wishing they had you; My faith! Oh, I saw a man who believed in God, wholly: God always takes care of me, you'd say. Even with your meagre resources, you were incredibly content, so satisfied with what you had. Ever grateful, cos God had blessed you despite the oddities of your life. You were always for peace; too calm, even for us! No love for material things: preaching real Christianity: you even turned the other cheek to be slapped! Really! But then, you were still just human with your imperfections and limitations! But I won't exchange you for another; not in a million years! You are just "my dad - daaddiii". If I had my way, you will be here, cos we didn't even talk, gist, discuss while u were with me! Sickness just took it all!...
Hmmm! God knows. I know He sees my heart, all I can't write. I know you are happy where you are: u were so sure you'll be happy when God calls. But I didn't know it was now?!... Be our eye there. Let the peace you so much advocated, surround you. I keep imagining you still are! Peace!
This tribute was added by Kenechukwu Nwankwo on March 1, 2019
Daddy You remain my hero, my role model, my counselor, my amiable father, ever cheerful and loved by all. Daddy you have left a large footprint in the sands of time too deep to be filled easily. I remember how you taught me how to drive with your Car, you taught me how to cook beans, you made me a specialist in market negotiations, you taught me how to be a man. I had the opportunity of working with you as an intern in Oil and Gas, you stood out among your peers and colleagues. You are a rear gem. I thank God we spent a lot of time together and I learnt from your wisdom how to be humble. You lived a fulfilled life Daddy. I am so proud of you. 
My youngest son’s first words were “ Gra Pa”, because you kept playing with him, making him laugh but also teaching him how to speak till he got it! You have left a legacy worthy of emulation. I am heartbroken knowing you are no more . However, I know you are in Heaven with your maker and that alone is my solace.
Adieu Daddy, we shall meet one day to part no more. Rest in peace world best daddy. Sir, Engr, Davidson Okeke Nwankwo, KSJI, Ezinna, Ogbuehi Okechukwunyereakubummadu!

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