Let the memory of Davon be with us forever
  • 20 years old
  • Born on March 8, 1989 in Los Angeles, California, United States.
  • Passed away on May 31, 2009 in San Bernardino, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our son Davon Maurice Johnson-Dickson,born on March 8, 1989 to Albert Dickson & Monica Smith. Davon was a happy ang loving young man, I know all parents say that about their children, however, he was just that loving, kind, always wanting the best especially for his brothers, sister, nephews grandmother, family, friends and of course me and his dad. For those that knew Davon, we know he had his good and bad day's (most of us do) but for the most part he would have given his life for each one of us. Sadly his life was brutaly taken on May 31st, 2009 by San Bernardino Police Officer Alvarez. It has been a journey for me and my familly, the hurt and the healing is still a process, however, I know Davon would only want the best for us and that would be, to keep living as if he was still hear physically which is hard at times. My son wasn't able to see his daughter McKenzie Lynn, she is a smart and beautiful little girl, if I can do anything for her in honor to my son, it would be to start having a relationship with her and telling her about how special her dad was to me and so many others. As you visit this site, please leave a special note if you knew Davon, it helps our healing process to read all the great messages dedicated to him, and if you didn't know him and still want to leave a word of encouragemnt, I ask that you do so. Remember to love HARD because we never know when our last day with our loved ones will be. Rest In Paradise my son.

Posted by Jenne Watson on 9th March 2017
You are still loved and missed so much! I hope you can see us all and I hope we will be reunited again one day. ❤
Posted by Jenne Watson on 8th March 2016
I was just looking at your pictures the other day. Happy Birthday love.
Posted by Jenne Watson on 9th March 2015
I still love and miss you ❤ Time has healed much of the wound but the scar is a reminder of how precious each life and love is. Im late this year, things have been hectic lately but I never forget you. Happy Birthday Booga. You are always in my heart.
Posted by Rena Tate on 8th March 2015
Happy Heavenly Birthday ...
Posted by Derrick Dickson on 9th March 2014
Happy Birthday Bro, Miss you a lot, I know you watching over us, I love you man and ill see you in my dreams until I get their.
Posted by Albert Dickson on 9th March 2014
Davon... My brother... I miss you so much. I'm happy for the times we had together. I'm glad you were able to move and spend time with us in Victorville. I really miss them times. One day i will be in paradise with you. You showed me nothing but Love. I'm proud to say you are my brother. Love you Davon.
Posted by Albert Dickson on 9th March 2014
Happy Birthday Bro.
Posted by Sativa James on 8th March 2014
aye cuh I remember you picking me and trey up from school everyday aunty monica couldnt. being big bro and all... I still think about all the goofy ass moments riding in the armada ... I will always remember you as a big broo. Miss you rest reacfully
Posted by Sonchray Mackey on 8th March 2014
Prayerfully your years are continuing with The Father, Still Happy 25th Birthday! Thank God for your Mom who keeps your memory alive. Sasha
Posted by Tina Ely on 8th March 2014
Happy birthday Davon
Posted by Rena Tate on 8th March 2014
Happy Heavenly Birthday .
Posted by Angela Brooks on 8th March 2014
Happy 25th Birthday Davon! May you have the best birthday ever as you enjoy it in the presence of the almighty God. Please bring your mom peace & joy today, and please tell your cousin, Kenny that I miss him dearly. You guys don't forget to TurnUp in Heaven today! lol
Posted by Monica Smith on 7th March 2014
Tomorrow marks your 25th Birthday, as I prepare my mind I get so sad, I try my best not to think your gone, but days like this reminds me that I won't see you and this isn't a dream. I miss you so much Davon and wish you could see all that your mom, dad, brothers, sister, family and friends have accomplished, I live in the BIG house you always said I deserved, I have 2 maybe 3 beautiful grandchildren, all girls one being yours the other is Sean's and Tray may also be a dad. I'm in a great relationship with a loving guy name Calvin, who has 3 beautiful children, Jasmine, Najee and Omarion. I love them all so much and I'm thankful God has allowed them to be in my life. I know how much you loved your nephews and you would have loved your nieces, oh by the way your brother AL, has a beautiful daughter. So much has happened in the last 5 years so much. I thank you for getting me out of bed when my granny died just 2 months before you were taken away, I remember you saying, come on Mom get out of bed and let's go for a walk,, grandma wouldn't want you like this, we went to Jack In The box and you brought me a shake. :-) and made me smile. I hold on to your words of encouragement and action to get me out of bed. With that being said, I know you would want the same for me now that your gone, many don't or didn't know this, but I keep going because you inspired me to after my granny died, so I keep going for you as well. I love you. Happy 25th Birthday son.
Posted by Jenne Watson on 7th March 2014
Davon you will never leave my heart. As another year passes without you i leave another tear for you. You were as close to perfect as a woman could ask for. Always thinking of others and wanting everyone to feel happy around you. No matter how many times we fought all I can see is your smile. The way you looked when you would say I love you. The way you spoke of your family, never wanting to be far from them. You were an exceptional man. You will be in the hearts of many forever. I cry harder the harder your memories make me smile. I just want to hold you and laugh with you again. I write letters to you all the time...it kinda makes me feel like Im actually talking to you. I hope to see you someday again. I love you Booga. ALways and forever.
Posted by Asia Lyn on 4th June 2012
When I see our daughter..I see you When I hug our daughter..I hug you When I kiss our daughter.. I kiss you And through her eyes burns the light of your life.. And you will always be with me..
Posted by Ashley Roger on 2nd June 2012
Cant believe my friend had been gone for so long...one Of the most sweetest guys ive met always have a positive t hought and attitude you will always be missed and never forgotten...love you much and always remember your always in my heart... RIP ANGEL
Posted by Monica Smith on 31st May 2012
Davon changed my life forever. I will never forget how he made me get out of bed after my granny died, my son made me move forward with life and told me that's what my granny would have wanted. So today I continue to move forward making my son proud of his mommy. He always called me beautiful, but it was him that had a beautiful spirit and heart.
Posted by Jay Sargeant on 31st May 2012
Davon is my cousin. What I remember most about him is his smile. growing up he had a smile that would light up a room, even when he was up to no good :) from a child to a man he had the same smile. I love to see pictures of him just to see him smile. I know he is in heaven smiling down at all of us. I Love You Cousin.
Posted by Maggie Conners on 31st May 2012
I love u sooo much brother ull always be in my heart

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