Her Life

Our mum

This is what was read out by Laura in church for everyone who couldnt understand what was been said over the tears 

our beautiful mum has always been our hero

She always made sure that we had everything that we ever wanted 

She was our best friend, our teacher, our doctor, our taxi driver, our everything, she was also the best Nanny ever too.

Our mum was there to hold our hands threw the toughest days! She would make us laugh when we was sad, give the best advice and the most biggest hugs! 

We made the most amazing memories that we can treasure forever, but the one that I will never forget is she was there to hold my hand when nobody else was when I brought Jenson into the world, and give my beautiful mum her first grandchild. 

Mum would help anyone and help them to become the best person they can be, she took lots of people into her home and treated them like her own! 

My mum saved Rob when they met, she showed him how to love life again and helped him become the man that he is today, mum also brought Robs children into her home and treated them like her own and raised them for the past 6 years, i know for a fact that mum will be very proud of you Niamh and Ethan.

Then came september 2017 when our lifes changed forever, we recived the news that mum had cancer! This broke us but we was determind to fight it! Mum had 2 types of intense chemo and then still went back to work, (what a trooper) then the news got worse! The chemo wasnt working and the cancer had spread the words nobody wants to hear! 'Theres no more treatment, its now terminal' 

How could this happen to the most kind, loving and caring person on earth!? 

I knew it was time for me to look after mum, it was my time to become mums full time carer, like she had done for us all these years! I hope i did you proud until the very end, i tried my very best and i will continue to become the amazing mummy you have tought me to be! 

I love you forever and always and i miss you so so much! Xxx