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Welcome to the lifetime online memorial website for Dawn and Leon Peittersen! 

Dawn and Leon were married for over 56 years and were very blessed to find their soulmate on this earth and in eternal life. This lifetime online memorial was created for friends and family of Dawn and Leon to celebrate their life together along with sharing their own memories and funnies of Dawn and Leon. The family would certainly enjoy reading every one of them! :)

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Posted by Tasha Jones on June 9, 2019
I have many fond memories of what I would consider “adopted” grandparents, of DeeDee and Leon. I grew up next door to them in Judson and didn’t really have real grandparents so they treated me like a grandkid for the many years that I lived next door. Leon and I would fish and he often made me my own fishing lures! Still an avid fisher woman today. DeeDee would talk me into memorizing and presenting bible verses for our church and would give me a $2 bill every time I did. She made me save them up and finally one day took me shopping with my savings, such a fun day! She gifted me collector barbies for my birthdays and holidays and told me not to open them, I still have them all. About 30 of them. I could go on and on but I loved DeeDee and Leon dearly. Unfortunately My family moved and we lost touch over the years. Think about them often and miss them always.
Posted by Elsie Davis on April 27, 2019
I met Dee Dee at her shop in Mankato many years ago. She started doing my hair at her home in Mankato. Leon brought her out to our farm and it was the start of a long friendship. I really got to know her when she started her shop in Judson. She had a great sense of humor and we all enjoyed her greatly. I will truly miss her.
Posted by Lloyd Davis on April 27, 2019
I met Leon when he was about 10 years old and I had the good fortune to get to know his whole family. Leon was always a hard worker and a person who was fun to be around. He always had a saying for everything --- some not so nice but to the point. Leon and I cut down a huge cottonwood tree up the river bottom with a crosscut saw, so it took a long time. He said, "Don't worry Davis. It won't be long now." I will truly miss him and Dee Dee. He and I were good friends for many years.
Posted by Jeremiah Naylon on March 2, 2019
May Father God's Love Envelope Them Both In His Glory Forever And Ever. It's Kinda Hard To Type This Cuz I'm Crying To Much. Auntie Dee Dee Will Always Be My Other Mother. And Uncle Leon Will Always Have My Respect And He Will Always Be My Other Dad. I Love Them Both So Very Very Much. So Many Precious Memories. Uncle Leon And His Picture Slides. What Wonderful Times To Remember And Reflect Upon.
Posted by Anne Hackbarth on March 2, 2019
Dee Dee and Leon were two remarkable people. They, as well as the entire family will hold dear to my heart forever. I spent more time on the phone with Dee Dee, Grams and Kris than my own blood family. Winter nights sitting under the dryers to keep warm, Leon and Danny taking me out on the pontoon fishing, Danny/Ped dancing to "Foot Loose" out in the driveway and Leon with his sanka coffee and creamer along with Grams, Bud and Dee Dee joined in. The years of Dee Dee and Leon grocery shopping at Madsens early on Sunday mornings to take me out to Judson to spend the weekends. Shampooing some of her customers in the shop was an honor. Nobody could cook like DeeDee! Borrowing the 1970 (?) Ford Pinto Pony to bring John home from Tech School when he was enlisted in the Air Force and breaking down in a drive thru of Burger King in Rantoul IL. Another time, hit a patch of ice on Courtland Bridge with DeeDee in the car on our way to visit Danny in Hutchinson. God's Angels guided us with no injuries to ourselves or to Kris's car, so we continued on our journey. Dee Dee encouraged me to pick up my knitting needles and taught me more techniques. DeeDee and Leon put others needs before their own, and tirelessly making sure family was taken care of. They lived unselfish and served others' needs before themselves. DeeDee was so maternal, encouraging and had more confidence in me than I did in myself. Intense faith and spiritual knowledge with the heart for Jesus. These are blessings and gifts so precious. I am honored and blessed to have called them my family once upon a time, and couldn't have prayed for any better grandparents for my son Jarred, than these two! Ive never known two people who were so rich in love! I'm filled with endearing and precious memories that I will carry in my heart, always. God's blessings of comfort to Kris and John, Agneiska, Rick, Bryan, Nathaniel, Eric, and my son Jarred. Ma & Pa Peittersen will be truly and deeply missed by so many. However, can you imagine the beautiful reunion in Heaven it must have been with Leon, Danny, Grams, Bud, Heinie, Fred, Uncle Si, Gramma Mary, Benny and Tammy!!!
Posted by Mike Dewar on February 28, 2019
Kris and John I know you would remember me if you seen me my first haircut in 1962 was done by Deedee was always fun to go out to the farm you all were living at in the 1970s my mom Connie Pohl is 88 now and still has her hair done on Thursdays thanks for the memories they will be deeply missed
Posted by Michele Vogel on February 28, 2019
I have so many good memories of DeeDee from when my Grandma, Wanita Krohn, would go to the Beauty Shop on Fridays in Judson! She always welcomed us with a huge smile and scolded "King" to stop barking. I can still remember her laugh. She was always good to my Grandparents and my Uncle, Jim. She would braid my hair after she put grandma under the hair dryer. My condolences to her family.
Posted by Shannon Naylon on February 28, 2019
My Auntie and Unc… so many treasured and cherished memories. They were my 2nd set of parents... I could always rely on them both for whatever I needed or just to listen to me during times of need. Like how they took such good care of me, physically & emotionally, when my own father was dying... feeding me, letting me stay at their home for days and praying with me. One of the most important things Unc ever said to me was when I was crying saying I just couldn't go see Dad... he looked right at me and said, pray and you will find the strength to do this and you will regret it if you don't. So off I went, and he was right... I have no regrets.
And all the childhood memories! The five of us kids running in and out of the house in the summer time while Auntie worked in her beauty shop. How I loved Saturday mornings in the shop! All the women (some men too!) talking, laughing, reading gossip magazines all while Auntie styled their hair. I could sit there for hours listening to them talk and laugh... and Auntie's laughter always just filled the room.
I remember Unc's cars, the "ooga horn", and learning to drive a clutch in the old truck! One of my favorite birthday memories was the entire Peittersen family coming up to our home with the Alloette snowmobile! My Unc was a bit of a dare devil... you can see from the pics posted here! I also fondly remember him sitting quietly making fishing lures at the kitchen table and taking care of all his cats :)
They were both opinionated, funny, loving people that I was blessed to call my Auntie and Unc. Their marriage is one which we can all emulate.
All my love... Shannie
Posted by Lisa Bible on February 27, 2019
I have a lot of favorite memories of your family. I loved to come down to your house and visit and see your mom cutting hair. She always had a smile. And you had a rodent (hamster), I think. I don't remember it's name but it sure didn't like me. I Know my favorite memory is when we went on vacation to South Dakota with your parents. Your mom thought we wouldn't have enough pizza and ordered enough to feed 6 families I think. We ate pizza for a few days! I remember you swimming in the very very cold pool. And your parents would just laugh at us. I don't remember them getting mad at us for anything that we did during that trip. They were just loving gracious people. My hearts go out to you and I hope that they are together again with Danny. Peace, hugs and kisses! XOXO ❤️ Lisa
Posted by Kay Pomerenke on February 26, 2019
DeeDee and Leon became a fun part of my extended family when her mom and my dad married. I will always remember DeeDee's happy smiles and hearty laughs as she worked on hair or was just sitting knitting her beautiful afghans. Leon was always busy fixing something or coming from or going fishing and sharing his fishing triumphs. They were a dear couple that knew how to enjoy life.
DeeDee called me her "little sister" when introducing me to other customers in her shop. I will forever remember you both with loving thoughts and memories. You are missed.
Posted by Janet Stein on February 26, 2019
I first met Dawn in 2012 when I started working at Augustana Care in activities. We had many wonderful conversations. We had a similar bond as mothers who had lost a son. Dawn shared many memories of her family with me. I felt I knew everyone of you. Leon and Dawn had an incredible love for each other. The Cheetos and Hershey bars your Mom would have me sometimes pick up as she knew your Dad was running low on supplies. I remember them holding hands and admired their love for each other, their family too. I smile knowing they are reunited and I picture your Mom holding Leon and her son Danny once again. A joyous reunion in Heaven!
Sending my deepest condolences.
Janet Stein
"Those we love have lost, never leave our side. They reach deep into our soul on days we need them most. Only for our eyes to see, our ears to hear, our heart to feel." ~Janet Stein 2014
Posted by Roy Murdock on February 26, 2019
Very dear couple. Loved them both. Love all the photos.

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