Grandmas little artist

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on July 4, 2017

Grandma's little artist

take one day at a time and be grateful you are alive

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on May 9, 2017

I know especially these last years you battled your cancer, you used to always tell me that I should stop dwelling on my problems and be grateful I was alive. I know you never took life for granted especially in the end and you were an inspiration to many. You never complained about the battle you fought and kept your pain and sorrow to yourself. Part of me wishes you had allowed me and others to be there for you more towards the end, but that was your stubborness and selflessness. You missed your parents deeply but you were not ready to leave this earth and us and certainly did not want to cause us any more pain. That makes you a hero in my book forever.

Life is unfair, and your positive attitude made me think you could beat anything. In order for me to keep moving forward as you would want me to, I have to believe there is a higher power at work here and that you were needed elsewhere. I know the pain is never going to go away. I will love and miss you until the end of time. I will hold your memories close to my heart and pass them onto your grandchildren.

I was truly blessed to be your daughter. I am grateful for the time we had, no matter how brutally short it was. I learned a lot of lessons in the end, and you will never be forgotten. I will carry your memory and love with me forever and hope eventually I can find peace in the end.

Forever Yours,
Your loving daughter
Tiffany Sue
AKA Pumpkin 

Don't make her cry

Shared by Joe Girardi on December 29, 2016

I remember early on in Tiffany's and my relationship Dawn always telling me "don't you make her cry Joe".  Dawn hated seeing Tiffany upset.  Dawn I wish I could say I never did make her cry.  But I have more times than I care to remember.  I want you to know she has blessed me with 4 beautiful children and 18 wonderful years of marriage.  I will forever love, honor and cherish her.


Shared by Tiffany Girardi on September 25, 2016

Dawn's most beloved pet passed away on August 11, 2016 to meet his master in heaven. It is bittersweet that they reunited within months of each other. Please take care of each other and know how much you both are missed here on Earth!!

loved children

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on August 27, 2016

Even when her children were grown up and her daughter and grandchildren lived states away my mom showed her love of children by bonding with neighbor kids and kids of people she knew. 

Mom and her support of Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on August 27, 2016

Though mom spent the last eight years of her life fighting breast cancer off and on she was always strong in supporting prevention and awareness even when she was in remission. She was always wearing pink and would dye her hair pink every October during breast cancer awareness month. She also would craft, draw and crochet items with the breast cancer logo and often give them away to others. She was a brave soul and a fighter and selfless to the very end!

mom and bear

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on August 27, 2016

Mom and Bear were family to each other. Mom raised him from a pup and he was there for her always as you can see from this picture. Though Bear tend to gravitate towards males which my mom joked "he's definitely man's best friend". Yet ultimately he knew who his master was and was very protective of my mom. Sadly, he went up to heaven 4 short months after mom did. He was over 16 years of age in doggy years. Now they can take care of each other forever. RIP Bear. Please take good care of mom like you always did. 

My Beautiful Friend Dawn

Shared by Carol Knight on May 22, 2016

Dawn had a way of making me smile on a day I wasn't feeling like smiling.  Her strength and awareness of other peoples needs was what kept her strong through all of her struggles.  Our mutual friend Sharon, Dawn, and I went to the Watson Inn for a just ladies luncheon, and Dawn looked at me and said "I really feel bad that I'm here without Rusty", "I never go anywhere without him, he is the love of my life".  I smiled and said "I know how much he loves you and I'm sure he wants you to have a good time..she smiled and said "ok"....She was a devoted Wife, Mother and Friend.  I really respected her for her devotion!  She often spoke of her love for her Bearsy and this picture is so beautiful.  Thanks for sharing all these pictures, it is helping me to smile through the sadness I feel of loosing such an amazing friend in my life.  She will forever be in my husbands and my heart!  May she rest in peace in God's arms, and be out of her pain. 
In Loving Memory of our Dear Friend Dawn,
Carol & Kim Knight

always being creative

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on May 22, 2016

Her talents went beyond drawings and crocheting. This past Dec 2015 she designed wreaths to sell at a modest price. so talented and creative she was and never profited from it. She would give her stuff away to friends, family, shelters and anyone who appreciated her talent!!

her facebook comment to this drawing

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on May 22, 2016
My daughter inspired me to drawn the Dolphins.

mom's final birthday greeting to me

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on May 22, 2016

even when we had our differences my mother always made it a point to wish me a happy birthday. This was my most recent one that occured about 3 weeks prior to her death. I can feel her love in the words she chose to say.

Dawn Baylor Kaufman‎ to Tiffany Shaner Girardi March 20 ·   

HappyBirthday to my one and only daughter. Hope you have a very nice day and enjoy. Mom loves you more than words can say


a drawing she said i inspired her to draw

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on May 22, 2016

mom knew of my love of dolphins and one day out of the blue she posted this on my facebook timeline saying that she was thinking of me when she did it. God I love you and miss you mother!! such a talented woman!!!

Dawn Baylor Kaufman shared an album to your Timeline.

when I drew this was thinking of you


she loved getting gifts from her grandchildren

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on May 22, 2016

Dawn loved getting stuff from and about her grandchildren. She and her granddaughter Caitlin had a very special bond of trading drawings. Everytime she would get one she would post it on her facebook wall.

below is her comments about these drawings that she posted on her facebook.

A letter and pictures from Caitlin my granddaughter. THANK YOU GRANDMA LOVES YOU


Dawn Baylor Kaufman
 shared a post to your Timeline.


facebook comment

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on May 5, 2016

I posted this on my facebook wall on this day 5 years ago in honor of my mother and her comment and face in the picture says it all. Allen Kaufman Sr. you made her so incredibly happy these last years.....

Dawn Baylor Kaufman don't they make a lovely couple?
Tiffany Shaner Girardi yes they do smile emoticon


Mom advice

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 24, 2016

Live your life for you and what makes u happy.  Don't worry what other people think. Don't be afraid to ask the worst thing someone can say is no. Ur the only one who has to live with your significant other and as long as ur happy then no one else's opinion matters. 

her legacy artist

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 24, 2016

mom loved nothing more than to get homemade items from her grandchildren and personally made gifts from us since we lived so far away. she was always taking a picture of anything she recieved and Caitlin in particular shares her love of drawing. below is the facebook comments made by Dawn herself direct from her facebook page. Mom your little artist is still making you proud!!

Comments by Dawn Baylor Kaufman

"Dawn Baylor Kaufman My granddaughter is going to take after grandma

  October 17, 2011 at 2:45pm 

  Dawn Baylor Kaufman My granddaughters art work. You just got to love it. Gramma loves it. Look out world we have another artist in the family.   August 22, 2011 at 10:27am · Like

Dawn Baylor Kaufman This has to be the sweetest. My granddaughter made this card for me. I LOVE YOU Caitlin . You are gramdma's treasure.

May 14, 2012 at 10:46am 

Dawn Baylor Kaufman Got the mail today and what a surprise. My granddaughter sent another drawing and she even signs it like gramma how cute.   January 31, 2012 at 11:48am


Mom the talented artist

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 24, 2016

Over the last several years mom turned to her hidden talent of drawing that many of us didn't know she had. As u can see many of her drawings are professional level but mom never sold them and would give them away to anyone who asked for one. She was so proud of the fact she was self taught and never went to art school. I feel fortunate to have a bunch of her drawings. Her favorite thing to draw was Betty boop. She also got her granddaughter Caitlin into drawing. Caitlin would send grandma drawings saying she hoped she could be as good as her someday. Mom also used her talents to bake and crochet.

My nickname

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 24, 2016

My childhood nickname holds special meaning to me as it was given to me by my mother. It is pumpkin. She started to call me it as a baby and it always stuck. Til this day I have never allowed anyone else to call me that. Mom was always proud and told anyone that would listen that she was the only one I would allow to call me that. That is my special nickname given by my incredible mother!!!

the morning after

Shared by Allen Sr. on April 24, 2016

I remember one night I was very tired, I had gone to sleep before her, the next morning she asked me if I had forgotten something, it was then I realized I hadn't told her I loved her and bid her a good night, she was a bit upset, I apologized and promised her it wouldn't happen again. From that night on, it didn't happen, I always told her how much I loved her and always bid her a good night.  I still do tell her.  God girl I miss you so much, I will love you until my dying day.....

Shared by Jodylynn Taylor on April 23, 2016

Dawn & I met on Facebook I believe in a Book reading club then became friends and chit chatted a lot... We never got to meet in person... Sure would have loved too. She and I were always posting pics of our lovely fur babies.. BEAR & KINGSLEY... we would tease each other about how much our dogs looked alike... I always admired her drawings and her crocheted items.. And how she loved to read... She read faster than I did... . She was making some really cute things for Easter this year and I had wished I would have gotten something just so that I could have kept it in remembrance of her... I am honored to have met Dawn on Facebook and became friends with her. I will always remember her....


Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 23, 2016

one of the movies we shared a love of was Titanic which came out in 1997. the background and main song sung by celine dion was always one of my favorites and mom loved it too and i dedicate it in her honor!


Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 23, 2016

here mom and i are at christmas at my grandparent's house. christmas and holidays were always a family affair for a very long time. I have many wonderful memories of our family at my grandparent's home. They were the glue that held our family together and they thought family togetherness was important.

in this particular pic mom and i are wearing teddy bear shirts. Mom loved to collect teddy bears and i loved when i got this shirt and we decided to wear it together that day. 

Love from afar

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 23, 2016

My mother and I didn't always see eye to eye but we always found our way back to each other. Case in point over the last year we were mending fences and she kept sending me these gorgeous dolphin pictures because she knew how much I love dolphins and always have. That was my mother always remembering what meant a lot to me. Loving me from afar. She and I also shared a love of purple so I dedicate this picture in her honor. Mom I know u would have sent me this to put a smile on my face! I love and miss u so much!!

Moms final resting place

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 22, 2016

Picked out so lovingly by her beloved husband it pays tribute to this amazing woman and her love of lighthouses which she had quite the collection even though originally she collected nothing but teddy bears when I was younger. I believe she even had this scene in a collectible at one time. I hope u can feel the love for you mom!!! We all miss you terribly!!!


Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 19, 2016

In 2012 my oldest two kids and I went to stay with my mom, rusty and Shawn. Breaking dawn part 2 had just come out and I wanted to see it so mom said she would love to go see it with us even though she never saw the movies or read the books. A few days before we went to the movies mom and I had a twilight movie binge. She ended up really enjoying them and the final movie. Loved the time we spent together and I made her a twilight fan. 

facebook tribute

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 15, 2016

Dawn I loved you with all my heart and soul, be at peace. 

courtesy of Inez Gilbert

facebook tribute

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 15, 2016

Prayers needed for my cousin Dawn Baylor Kaufman and her husband Allen R. Kaufman Sr. and family. She passed away this evening. She was such a strong, beautiful, talented woman. I'll miss you dearly cuz.

courtesy of Duane Michael Faulkner

facebook tribute

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 15, 2016

Heaven has gained another angel today, our dear friend,Dawn Baylor Kaufman, passed after a long battle with cancer. She will be missed by many who she had unselfishly made hand chrothet items for the homeless shelters. Our prayers go out to her husband Allen Sr.and family. May God comfort you all in your time of healing.

courtesy of gordon delancey 

facebook tribute

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 15, 2016

RIP Dawn Baylor Kaufman I will miss you always my friend

courtesy of Carla Kepner-sheets

facebook tribute

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 15, 2016

 RIP Angel Dawn. Please say hello to our Mother and sisters Sue and Julie. You fought a long battle and are now free of pain. This will not be easy for your family. May God wrap them all in his loving arms during this difficult time and comfort them for the long journey ahead.

courtesy of Linda Flock-Smith

facebook tribute

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 15, 2016

very sad and lost because of the lossof my very best friend from schoolDawn Baylor Kaufman you will always remain in my heart and i'll remember all the great times we had.

courtesy of Chris Ackerman

facebook tribute

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 15, 2016

RIP Dawn Baylor Kaufman, may your family find peace and comfort! Will miss you my friend!

courtesy of Debra Myers

facebook tribute

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 15, 2016

Praying for all of you. Dawn will be missed. I have fond memories of growing up with her. Always smiling and happy. Last year for Easter she sent me some of her home made peanut butter eggs as a surprise. Rest in Peace my friend.

courtesy of Kenny Flock

facebook tribute

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 15, 2016

Rest in peace!!! Heaven gained one handful of an angel today. You loved strong and fought even tougher! You will be missed and loved forever! I'm so glad that you are finally out of pain Dawn!!! 

courtesy of Diana Faulkner Frederick

facebook tribute

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 15, 2016

I am so sorry to read about Dawn's passing. I send prayers to you all...RIP Dawn.

courtesy Tammie Kline

facebook tribute

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 15, 2016

I am Dawn's cousin, Patti Nichols Winters. She was such a creative, talented person that always radiated love. She helped me alot last spring when i had some health issues. She had such a positve outlook on life. I am so saddened of her passing. She was a warrior. RIP cousin. You are so loved.

courtesy of Patti Nichols Winters

facebook tribute

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 15, 2016

Peace be with Dawn Baylor Kaufman, fly high and free of pain Dawn. You fought a great long fight.

courtesy of Donna Fry

facebook tribute

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 15, 2016

RIP Dawn! I know you gave it a hella run. I admire you for that. Your strength to fight and share experiences was more than necessary. Sharing patterns was special to me and I will always cherish the floppy hat you crocheted and sent. I sure will miss you. Special Prayers to those you've left behind. You were a Saint in my book and now an Angel above.

courtesy of Penny Sherwood.

facebook tribute

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 15, 2016

Dawn Baylor Kaufman just to let you know I still have the peace of art you made for me with your signature back in 2011 love you dawn and I am going to miss yoy

courtesy of Zach Zingis

facebook comment

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 15, 2016

this is how I always remember Dawn Baylor Kaufman: always smiling & laughing she infected everyone with happiness and her positive attitude. We were all blessed by her whether we knew it or not. I thank God she was in my life- she made my childhood sunnier just by being there. heart emoticon third row & third one in; she recently said she didn't like that orange blazer smile emoticon I love it 

courtesy of 
Cindy Miller Lohmann

facebook tribute

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 15, 2016

Rip my cuz..Dawn Baylor Kaufman. glad we got to see u last sept..and meet your wonderful husband..I know ur flying high and watching over everyone as u did here on sad u left so soon...but god had decided u fought long enough...and needed u home!! So dearly missed! !♡ to u

Dawn Baylor Kaufman all the years u fought....u never let it bring you down..always kept that beautiful smile ...and did for so many others...always beautiful. .always loved and will b missed by so many!!♡

courtesy of Patti Butts

facebook tribute

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 15, 2016

On Monday, April 11, 2016, we lost a very special person, Dawn Baylor Kaufman, after a courageous fight against cancer. Dawn will be greatly missed by all who knew her. She moved to another school district when we were in junior high school so I had lost touch with her. I am thankful for Facebook in that we connected again after many years. I enjoyed interacting with her on Facebook, seeing the crochet projects she had finished, finding new patterns to send to her and just listening to her "rants"! She was so generous in her giving to others who were suffering from cancer or were in the shelter by making afghans, washcloths, slippers and hats. Crochet patterns are usually written for right-handed people. She would work on a new pattern until she could make it work for her, often actually enhancing the pattern she was using. On one of our trips to PA, we were on our way home and stopped at the Lewisburg Walmart. When I came out of the store, I heard a voice I remembered (from a long time ago). I knew exactly who that was! Dawn gave me a hug that day in the parking lot, one I will cherish always. I will miss you, my friend, but I am glad that you are no longer in pain. Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand. RIP, Dawn!

courtesy of Donna Wilkinson Stabler

being a grandma and aging

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 14, 2016

my mother embraced being a grandmother from the beginning even though when my first born Joey was born in 1998 she told me she was too young to be a grandma. then as i got older and closer to 30 and kept saying how old I felt. she would holler at me lovingly and say " You can't be old because your mother is not". Yes, my mother was young at heart even as a grandma. Yet I know how much she loved her grandchildren even though we lived far away. Every visit she got to see them was memorable and precious!

mom's advice

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 14, 2016

my mother was always my strongest supporter. she would listen but never gave me any advice. one day i asked why. she said because i had to make my own mistakes and be my own person. i needed to live for myself and stop trying to please everyone else. when I met and married my husband my mother told me that what anyone else thought of him or our marriage didn't matter. "you are the one who has to live with him no one else so if you are happy together no one else matters". she always made sure to tell me from time to time how proud she was of me and everything i made of myself. 

facebook tribute

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 14, 2016

Dear Dawn,
I can't believe you've left this world. But I know that you are experiencing everlasting joy now with God and He has wiped away all your pain and any tears. You are falling into the arms of your loved ones in heaven that have been waiting there for you. You are smiling and shouting with joy to see them again. You are young & strong again.

Your family & friends back here on earth are so heart broken to be separated from you. But I know you're looking down on all of them and sending your kisses to them with sun rays on their hair, rain drops on their cheeks and birds singing overhead.

God bless you sweet, dearest Dawn. You were always kind and generous with your heart, spirit and life giving it to everyone you ever knew here. You were a blessing to all of us and we love you so very dearly for it.

We'll miss you so much that it'll physically hurt at times but we'll wipe away our tears from time to time when we remember your smile, and you being in our hearts will make us smile back at you where you are in heaven looking down on us, reassuring us that everything will be okay.

Thank you Dawn, for loving us and for showing us what it is to love.
Thank you for being my friend. I love you.

forever your friend,

courtesty of  
Cindy Miller Lohmann

dawn's hobbies

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 14, 2016

Dawn loved watching soap operas especially those from ABC. however she often did not sit and watch them but would listen to them as she did other things. She loved to bake and read. Her speciality was homemade noodles which she made from scratch. She also loved crocheting and drawing which she was very talented with both and made many treasures for others. Many of her pieces she donated to shelters but even though they were professional quality Dawn never asked for monetary compensation.  Dawn was also into cleaning and making sure her house was clean and tidy and she even held a job as a housekeeper at Muncy hospital while raising a family. Dawn also got into technology and enjoyed her ipod, wii, kindle and recently her ipad all gifts from her husband and son. She was active on facebook and instagram as well as pinterest. She also enjoyed taking walks including with her beloved dog Bear who she had for 16 years and is still living. 

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 14, 2016

I will always be grateful that I went up to the hospital with my kids the week before she died while she was still alert and able to speak even just a little before her time came. I let too much time slip inbetween visits and for that I will forever blame myself. I always thought we had so much more time. Mom I hope you know even in the bad times I loved you with all my heart and thought of you often. I loved knowing I could go on facebook and you were just a click away. I also will treasure our last phone conversations. Life is so incredibly unfair that you had to endure that cancer and that it became too much. My heart will forever ache and yearn for you. I promise you that no matter how painful it may get I will keep your memory alive forever!!!

background on the drawing courtesy of Duane Faulkner

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 14, 2016
Duane Michael Faulkner I thought I would share this with you Tiff. Your mom had sent me a message saying that my photography had inspired her to draw again after not doing so for a long time. So she sent me a pic of this drawing of one of my photos. That really touched my heart. I'll dig up the pic for ya too.
Tiffany Shaner Girardi Thank u for sharing!!!! She was so talented. Love ya.
Like · Reply · 1 · April 12 at 8:35pm · Edited
Duane Michael Faulkner She certainty was. And you are very welcome. I'll see if I have anymore that she might have sent. Tiff, I'm always here if you ever wanna talk, yell or whatever.. ok? I love you too.
Duane Michael Faulkner Here's the photo she sketched Tiff.
Tiffany Shaner Girardi Duane Michael Faulkner its beautiful and she did a beautiful drawing
Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 14, 2016

mom sometimes had a hard time not blinking when a photo was taken. but would often say "cheese" even without being prompted.

my first child

Shared by Tiffany Girardi on April 14, 2016

i  met my husband when I was 16 and got pregnant with our first child at 17 and had him 1 month after graduation when I was 18. My mother was as shocked as everyone else but she also was one of the few who knew I would continue on to make something of myself. She told me she knew I would make a good mother. Mother you truly did know best. Thank you for always having confidence in me even when no one else did or I didn't in myself.

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