Let the memory of Dawn be with us forever
  • 43 years old
  • Born on November 7, 1969 .
  • Passed away on August 18, 2013 .

Dawn was born Nov. 7, 1969, in David City to Duane R. and Connie (Palensky) Svoboda. She attended school in David City and graduated from David City High School in 1988. She married James J. Pavel at the Methodist Church in David City. They lived briefly in David City and then moved to Duncan.

Dawn was a homemaker, raising four sons. She had served on the Village Board of Duncan. She loved anything that could be done outdoors, including gardening, raising flowers, camping, airboating, hunting and fishing. She also was known to love an occasional outing for shopping. Dawn's life revolved around good times with family and friends. She had been a member of a band called "Borrowed Time" and sang for funerals and weddings.

Posted by Connie Svoboda on November 11, 2018
Well Dawn Marie, another Birthday has come and gone. There is not a day go by that I don't think of you or talk to you. You are 49 this Birthday and I so remember the day you were born. Your Daddy cried when he saw you and I loved you so much. Your were a pistol but what a joy! We love you so very much and miss you!
Posted by Carmen Broman on August 18, 2018
Dear Dawn, my fun loving niece, not a day goes buy that I don't think about you. Miss and love you
Posted by Connie Svoboda on August 18, 2018
Dawn Marie, 5 years, people say it gets easier over time, not so true. We still miss you everyday. A couple of weeks ago heard from your boys, all in one week my heart felt so good, it was good to see and hear from them, it had been too long. Aunt Carmen asked last nite if we'll have a full moon tonite like the eve you left us. Dad is doing ok, seizures once a week, but still ok. Every morning I kiss your picture like I would if you had just come through the door. Missing your beautiful smile and laugh. Sending all the Love in us. Mom and Dad
Posted by Connie Svoboda on January 10, 2018
Well Dawn Marie, yet another Christmas has gone by, I remember how much it meant to you. Ryan did a great job using your decorations in his yard. Was beautiful! Josh came over did not see the other boys. Ryan called to wish us Merry Christmas. Eric and family came from Wisconsin and Robb and family came also, It was great, but miss your mischievous gifts! Fond memories! I miss you and love you so much, hear me yelling at you from time to time! love Mom and Dad
Posted by Connie Svoboda on November 7, 2017
Happy Birthday Dear Daughter, Remembering the morning you were born, Painful yet beautiful. Your Daddy cried when he saw you. Pure love at first sight. Growing up into a beautiful woman and mother. Sorry life cut you short, for all of us. We miss you every day and someday we will be able to kiss that beautiful face again. Love you Mom and Dad
Posted by Connie Svoboda on August 18, 2017
Dawn Marie, yet another year has gone by, cannot believe it's been 4 years since you left us. We miss you everyday and I try to remember all the fun times we had. I miss that beautiful smile of yours. Often think of all the times you come through the back door and let out your all known belch, Dawn's here. Miss that! Til we meet again Love you Mom and Dad!
Posted by Connie Svoboda on November 8, 2016
Dearest Dawn Marie, Nov. 7 was your birthday Dad and I miss you so much. We hope you are having a big party in Heaven with everyone. Happy 47th Birthday all our love Dad and Mom
Posted by Carmen Broman on August 18, 2016
Dawn you are probably singing your lungs out in heaven, or arguing with G-ma, hopefully you 2 made it right! lol We all know that you are pain free and are in a far better place than we are. you are loved and miss dearly. love you Dawn Marie
Posted by Connie Svoboda on August 18, 2016
Dawn Marie It's been 3 years today since you left us. We miss your beautiful smile and your strange sense of humor every day. Everyday when the door opens, we keep hoping it's all a bad dream and you would be standing there, but not to be, we know you are in Heaven with your Grandpas and Grandmas, cousins and aunt and uncle. Some day we will hug you again and say we love you Mom and Dad
Posted by Tammy Ehrich on April 5, 2016
Dawn Marie what can I say you are missed everyday and loved more then you know. Your smile would light up a room if it was dark and you laugh would make me laugh along with you even if I didn't know what was going on. Love you kiddo and miss you more then you know

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