• 59 years old
  • Born on May 19, 1956 in Mingo county, West Virginia, United States.
  • Passed away on April 21, 2016 in Edgewood, Kentucky, United States.

This memorial page was created in loving memory of my dad, Daymond Larry Prater who was born in Mingo county ,west Virginia on May 19th 1956 and passed away on April 21st 2016, 59 years of age.

If I could have just one moment with my dad again

I'm not sure I could take it or withstand the pain.

You see,a moment is not long enough and I dont

think I would survive loosing my dad a second time

If he didn't stay alive.

My heart it whimpers badly at the thought that he is gone

But it's those special memories of him that gives me the

Strength to go on.

I know that there will come a day when life is done for me

That I will return to the place where my Dad will be.


I know your life on earth was troubled,

but now you've truly been set free.

Dad,I want you to know that I'm thankful

for the special times That you and I shared,like

The times we we're laughing and kicking it on

The phone and just hanging out or the times I got

To visit you when I was a little girl...I hope I made you Proud.

I love you dad,always on my mind and forever in my heart

Until we meet again

Posted by Latisha Prater on 8th January 2019
Hey Dad,can't believe been 3 yrs since we talked.wish you could see ur granddaughter an great grandbabies,they'd melt ur heart.I Was just thinkin bout ya.really miss ya..Til we meet agin..love ya
Posted by Latisha WhiteFeather on 18th May 2018
Happy Birthday Dad, I miss you so much. There's so much I wish I could tell you, talk to you about. I'll miss you forever, ur always on my mind. Forever in my heart. Love you forever. Until we meet agin.
Posted by Renae Legano on 22nd April 2018
Wow its hard to believe its been 2 years since you past away, I truly hope that you found the peace you were always looking for, I know our daughter still misses you so very much an her heart still aches for you I wish you could have met our grandaughter, she is a beautiful young woman, an still our family grows because we now have a Beautiful great granddaughter that is so amazing, fly high an be at peace an rest in Gods amazing love.... Renae
Posted by Latisha WhiteFeather on 22nd April 2017
Hey Dad,cant believe it's been 1 yr since you passed on.I miss you so much.can you believe your bout to be a great grampa.if you wouldn't just stayed little longer you would've seen how much you have to live for.just wanted to let you no I was thinking bout,miss you very much.i love ya .I really hope I get to see ya again one day..R.I.P. DAD
Posted by Angela Pangallo on 29th April 2016
Daymond you have been a good brother to me all my life, we shared a lot of happy times together. I'll never forget... your smile,... your laughter,... your jokes but most of all ...YOU. Daymond you will always have a loving place in my heart, one that I will NEVER forget! I love you! May God wrap his arms around you, comfort you and keep you safe until we see each other again. Rest In Peace.
Posted by Daniel Dean on 29th April 2016
From as far back as I can't remember you was always there at mamaw and papaws house. Yeah I know we used to have a arguements and what not but we got past all that. Now walking into there house so so hard I just can't believe its real I can't believe your really gone it's not right it was way to soon. I love ya daymond i hope youll be waiting for me at the pearly gates when I get there.
Posted by Mike Maggard on 29th April 2016
I'll always remember daymond for his knowledge of computers and his willingness to share it with my younger brother and I. It's hard to believe it's been nearly 16 years since I saw him but I'm reminded of good times and it is with respect for Daymond and God's will that I send my sincerest condolences.
Posted by Renae Legano on 28th April 2016
Wow I can't believe your really gone We we're married for almost 10 years, an we share a Beautiful daughter an a Beautiful granddaughter, we had some crazy times together, you were loved by many an will forever be missed, see ya later my old friend.
Posted by Latisha WhiteFeather on 28th April 2016
Dad,I love you very much an I'm really gonna miss you.my hearts breaking knowing that I won't get another phone call or hear your voice anymore.I hate that you never got a chance to meet your granddaughter.. love you forever
Posted by Tracey Combs on 28th April 2016
Uncle Daymond it still seems unreal. So hard to take in. You have been there most of my life. You will be missed dearly. I know you are in good hands, no more suffering. I know you are with gramma. We all love you and we will all be together again one day. Fly high and rest in paradise.
Posted by Cheyenne Dennis on 28th April 2016
R.I.P. Grandpa Daymond
Posted by Erica Inabnit on 28th April 2016
So your my great uncle Daymond....I didn't get the chance to know you like the rest...but I've heard you was a great man.... I really wish I would have got the opportunity to meet you.... I hope your up there having a blast... I'm kinda jealous of the fact that your up there with Mama Dean.... Rest high

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