This memorial website was created in memory of our mother, grandmother, sister, aunty, friend and loved one, Dayo Adetutu Adejumo. Mummy was called home to glory on Tuesday the 9th of February 2021. She was 72 years old. She leaves behind her children and grandchildren, loved ones, her family in the body of Christ and the numerous lives she touched in one capacity or the other.

We will remember her forever.
Posted by Lanre Kassim on March 5, 2021
« Precious in the sight of the Lord
is the death of his faithful servants » (Psalm 116v15). We celebrate you mama. Thank you for your faithfulness, words of wisdom and kindness. You lived and you live abundantly. Thank God for your life.
Posted by OGUNPA DESCENDANTS' UNION on March 5, 2021
Mama Adejumo served her Lord well in several capacities. She was at one time the People's Warden of the Cathedral. She was a Bishop's nominee in the Diocese until she gave up. She served in the Diocese for several years as Deputy Lay Secretary. Mama Adejumo will often be remembered in the widow's circle in the cathedral as very impactful; being their president. May her gentle repose find eternal rest.
Posted by 'Demola Ademidun on March 5, 2021

My path in life crossed with our beloved LATE MRS. D. A. ADEJUMO as a member of the Youth Christian Society of the Cathedral of St. James the Great Oke-Bola, Ibadan, sometime in the late eighties of the last century. She restrained me from expressing a needless anger against a truck driver that foolishly scratched my vehicle on my way from Court at Ring-Road, Ibadan. Her approach and manner exuded love and so much familiarity despite my inability to readily recognize the concerned peace broker, whom I later met at a general meeting of the society, with so much love and appreciation for her kind gesture and intervention.

Shortly thereat, we both ended up assisting Late Mr. A. O. Oyedeji who was then the General Secretary, as his able Assistants. It is appropriate to state here that I honed my skills as a scribe under her tutelage as a Secretariat studies and shorthand guru. I later became her assistant as the first female General Secretary of the society and was duly groomed under her able leadership, as her immediate successor, at the end of her remarkable tenure of office. As an astute administrator, she led the society to enviable heights when she became the first female President of the Society and of course, later on as the first female Chairman of the management board of YUCASA NIGERIA LIMITED, I served with her as the Company Secretary till her sudden departure to the great beyond on the 9th day of February, 2021. Mrs. D. A. Adejumo is not just a much loved, cherished aunt and leader, but also a valuable client and confidant that would be sorely missed by all and sundry.

We love you so much, you toiled tirelessly and meritoriously with us here on earth and of course you raised great children and grandchildren within your brief stint with us, leaving a goodly heritage behind. We are consoled by the fact that you have entered your well-deserved eternal rest and of course bountiful received your rewards and great commendation from your Lord God and faithful Rewarder.

Sleep on beloved and may the good Lord bless and keep in His Love all you left behind until the resurrection day. Amen.

Posted by Olaf Stumpenhusen on March 5, 2021
I first met Grandma Tutu in Ibadan just before her baby, Remi and I got married. Before then, we had only talked on the telephone. From the start, she was a very open and honest person. My mother, also now gone, was worried before Remi and I left Germany after our visit, how I would be received. I was happy to ring her immediately to say that I was received as a son. That put her mind at ease. I remember Tutu waiting for us on the terrace of her house, so excited to see her daughter and to welcome me to the great Adejumo family.

I was never treated like an in-law by Tutu. We had a very good relationship with lots of jokes, laughter, warmth and love. Even when she was in hospital, days before she left us - we joked and laughed on the phone. My mother died shortly after our marriage and Tutu became a mother to me in the way she looked after our children. She was with us dutifully when Moyo and the girls were born. With a young son and newborn twins and my darling tired wife, Tutu was a savior to us, staying to look after Remi and the twins for over 6 months. We would have been lost without her. These are memories we will treasure forever and which will bring smiles to our hearts when the pain of her departure eases.

This has hit the whole family very hard. Your little girl is heartbroken and I am too with her. But we all must be happy for you that you never suffered and you are finally at peace and at home with God. I used to joke with Tutu that she had God on direct dial. Now she only needs to stroll across to Him. No call needed. And she is with James, a great man I am sad I never met. Shine like a star on us all, Tutu and continue to look after all your grandchildren and children. Protect them fiercely as you did when you were here. If you see Gunni and Marion (my parents), a hug and kiss from me, my wife and our babies. Until later, Grandma Tutu.

Your Son, Olaf.
Posted by Oluwatosin Akanbi on March 5, 2021
.........Hmmmmm, Mama Dayo Adetutu Adejumo!!!
Great Soldier of Christ.
Sleep on Beloved till the resurrection morning.

Akanbi Oluwatosin
Posted by olufunke Odukoya on March 5, 2021
Tribute to a dear mother.
Mummy, you came,you saw and you conquered! All glory be to God Almighty.
Your sudden death was never in my thoughts or imagination this year or decades to come. But it came, just like that! Just like a thief at night ! Who are we to question God. HE knows the best.
You were such an amazing mother, a great disciplinarian, a woman of integrity, a torch bearer, industrious, lover of God and a well organized mother.
Thank you mum for all that you did for us.
Thank you for making your life an open book for us to read and build on.
Ma sinmi laiya Olugbala re Adetutu omo Bada barawo.
Sun re! Sun re!! Sun re !!!
Olufunke Odukoya on behalf of Dapo, Ife, Anu and Ini .
Posted by Dunmade Durojaye on March 5, 2021
      I give God all the glory for your life, it was a high previledge beneviting from your wealth of experience and magnaninity you were a mother in billion a rear gem,May God grant you eternal rest,May we be endowed with the grace to uphold your legacy.Rest in peace.Mrs Dunmade Adegbite Niyi Adejumo's mother imlaw
Posted by Dara Adeyanju on March 3, 2021
I loved my grandma very much. She was my best friend. She cried when I cried, she made me laugh and she shared invaluable life lessons with me. She always wanted the best for me. She was a strong, formidable woman, whose indomitable spirit will forever be an inspiration to me. She spun gold out of this hard life and now leaves behind a legacy far greater than her beginning. I am so grateful to have been in orbit of such a wonderful woman, not only as her grandchild but also as a woman. I miss her very much, yet I take comfort in knowing she rests peacefully alongside her beloved husband. I love you grandma.
Posted by Adeyinka Adeyemi on March 3, 2021
Mama was a faithful warrior of Christ. She possessed an incredible spirit for serving God in several capacities.
Mama's last outing to the church was on Wednesday 27th January 2021, after the POWER SERVICE mama surprised me when she asked I accompany her to the market to get some sandals with all smile I accepted and we both head out to the market. She bought three pairs of which none I think she ever wore. The Sunday (31st January 2021) after our beautiful market outing I noticed her absence in church, later in the afternoon I called to check on her picking up the call after exchange of pleasantries I said mama i didn't see you in church MA, she said she wasn't feeling too okay she needed to rest and I said okay MA and said see you soon MA and she replied with by God's grace.
Mama your passing came to me as a rude shock. You came,you saw and conquered. The day you will be laid to mother earth happen to be on my birthday March 26th.
Mama I know you've met your maker and you are in a beautiful place right now.
Mama sleep well in the bosom of The Lord Jesus Christ.

Posted by OLUSOJI ADEJUMO on March 2, 2021
For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:
A time to be born and a time to die;
A time to plant and a time to pluck up what is planted;
Death takes the body. God takes the soul. Our mind holds the memories. Our heart keeps the love. Our faith lets us know we will meet again.

O, there's a place we call Heaven.
It is known as our final home,
Mama Adetutu Adejumo now belongs there.
In our hearts, Mama Olumide,
We shall continue to love you dearly,
Take your rest
In the bosom of God.

I woke up in the morning of Wednesday 10 February, 2021, to the reality of the passage to eternity of my dearest Aunt and family matriarch, Mama Olumide as we all called her. It came at a time I least expected it. My heart is very heavy and profound. That fateful Tuesday morning when I was called to her bed side and the doctors were trying their best to bring her around, I saw very calm and serene expression on her face as if she was in deep sleep and I immediately knew that the Angels were already bearing her to the eternal city of Paradise to rest in the bosom of her creator. She lived in beauty and died in beauty. I have spent my entire growing up years with her as a most virtuous and dependable wife, sister, mother, aunt, and grandmother to so many members of the Adejumo family and her extended families. She was a very passionate home builder and was by every standard, a perfect definition of a woman of virtue.

Mama Olumide came into my life as the intended wife of my dearly beloved Uncle Adewale Adejumo of very blessed memory. When My Uncle presented her to my late father as the woman he wanted to marry, my parents were initially very quiet about the choice because she came from a Muslim background from Ijebu-Ode. The enthusiasm for the relationship was very cautious and tentative. However, a trip with my Uncle and his betrothed to her Ijebu-Ode home opened up my affection for her as the woman God had ordained for my Uncle and for our family and that changed the narrative immediately. From then on, she was our dearly beloved aunt-in-law and a pillar of the Adejumo family. She must have also noted my total acceptance of her into the family as we subconsciously developed a bond that lasted till her death. I was not disappointed in my affection for her at all. Mama Olumide definitely saw the warmth in the Adejumo family and kept the fire going all through her life. I recall with very deep nostalgia, her roles at my academic graduation ceremonies for my Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees. Mama Olumide hosted ALL the social receptions for my graduation events and together with her husband was wholly responsible for the costs of the entertainment. When I finished my doctorate degree programme and was job hunting, I needed a temporary accommodation and she quickly arranged for me to move into her home where I spent six wonderful months with her. It was during that period under her roof that I developed a taste for ikokore soup which has remained one of my favourite delicacies till date.

Mama Olumide was such a supportive wife to her husband, a wonderful mother to her children and a loving and caring daughter to her mother that I was totally broken when her husband suffered a very tragic death. I was very afraid for her as she was suddenly widowed at such a young and flourishing age. Those were extremely trying days for her and the devil also came with its own devastating trials. Her faith in God gave her a glorious victory and triumph over those destructive challenges and she came out stronger in her faith and kept achieving successes at every milestone of her life. He intense labours on her children and to her creator and father, the Almighty God and her Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ paid off; her endeavours prospered and her children excelled. She gave herself totally to Christ and also to the Adejumo family without any reserves. So total was her Adejumo and Ibadan commitment that when we traveled together a few years ago to a church event in Ijebu-ode, I asked her if she would like to pay a surprise visit to her ancestral Ijebu-Ode home and she agreed. We spent over thirty minutes trying to locate the road and route to her parents’ home without success and after so many wrong turns and diversions, she gave up and we returned to Ibadan. I immediately started teasing her that we have totally taken her over in Ibadan body and soul that she could not even remember the location of her Ijebu heritage. She was a complete and totally “captured” Ibadan woman!. She was a great daughter of God and served God and the Cathedral of St James the great with passion. I find it hard to believe She would not be coming to the church services and meetings again. Even when she suffered failing health, she continued to display her characteristic generous, optimistic and cheerful attitude to life that I assumed she would make a quick recovery. I could never have imagined her earthly departure was imminent!
I am thankful to have shared memories with her and I will miss her impact on the family.
We are saddened by this irreparable and devastating loss, but we are consoled in the hope and faith that she has gone on to a better place with her creator.
No words will ever do justice to the impact she has left on our family.
Mama Olumide, you achieved all you came to do on earth and served your creator faithfully. Now you are reunited with the earthly love of your life, Adewale Adejumo and together you will continue to enjoy the bliss of paradise,
Rest in Peace till eternity.

Posted by Olubiyi Odusanya on March 2, 2021
Subject: Tribute - Mrs D. A. Adejumo
The news about your departure came to us as a rude shock especially to the teachers and children in the Sunday School department in the Cathedral. But death is inevitable for everyone on earth.
Mama Adejumo, you left when the Sunday school department needed you the most constructive ideas and knowledge.
You contributed immensely towards the growth and development of the Sunday school department. You left an indelible mark which no one can fill.
You will forever be missed by us. We console the family on this painful loss.
Mama rere, Iya awon Ewe to ni'fe awon omode, o digbose oo.
Cathedral Sunday School Department, Oke Bola, Ibadan.
Posted by Oluwole Omitoyin on March 2, 2021
The news of Mama’s departure to glory came as a great shock. Mama’s life had been a source of blessings to many. She was a woman of substance, highly dedicated and determined to succeed despite all odds. She had never taken “No” for an answer. She believed with God all things are possible. Her loving smile, kindheartedness and selfless services to humanity will never be forgotten.
We missed you but God loves you most
May your soul rest in perfect peace.

- Folorunso Oluwole omitoyin
Posted by Olubunmi Adebowale on March 2, 2021

Mama Olumide, ( as I fondly called you when you were with us) you were more than an uncle's wife to me and the entire family members, rather you were a very dear Sister.

Always ready to go extra mile in offering helping hands. You were full of encouraging words, honest advice and sincerity of purpose.

The news of your sudden death came as a shock to us all but we believe, you are in a better place now with your creator.

God Almighty will take care of everything and everyone you have left behind in Jesus name. Helpers of destinies will locate all your children and they will never stranded in life in the mighty name of Jesus .

The good works you have left behind will continue to speak for you till eternity.

Mama Olumide, continue to rest in the bossom of the Almighty. With tears in our eyes and heavy hearts we say:

Posted by Cathedral GOS on March 2, 2021

"Blessed is the death of the righteous in the sight of God"Psalm 116:15.

A great woman has gone in lseral.A great woman has gone in the cathedral of st. James the Great,oke-bola and as well as the Diocese.
We thank God for your life here on earth and particularly your salvation in christ.

Your life in the church and the Diocese was an impactful life ;Mama D.A Adejumo was choose as one of the patoness of the Guild of Stewards of the Cathedral some weeks ago,which she accepted the call for service through her letter of acceptance written on the 27th January,2021

She would have been sworn in with others on the 14th of February,2021,she was so happy and working towards to be sworn in that date being one of her grandson's birthday but alas Mama departed to enternity before the said date.

We bless God for your life.Mama oninu ree,oniwa tutu bi adaba, may your soul rest in perfect peace.

Forever in our hearts

Mr. Leke Osilaran   Mrs. Adebisi Oyenubi
Presisent            Gen. Secretary
Posted by Cathedral GOS on March 2, 2021
You came,You saw and You conquered.Rest on peacefully in the bossom of your maker whom you have served diligently till your last breath.Mama.Dayo Adetutu Adejumo Goodnight.
Mrs.Mariam Modupe EBODA.
Posted by OLUFUNKE SOREMEKUN on March 2, 2021
Grandma Adejumo meant so much to our family. Our relationship was beyond my niece being wife to her son, we related really well. She was someone we admired a lot for her zeal, courage, and most especially, lifestyle of devotion to Christ. Her role in her parish and in the Anglican Communion at large, will be remembered.

About 4 weeks before her demise, she stood as a guarantor for our mother- Mama Soremekun - to be buried at her church cemetery. She was always ready to render any assistance when needed.

While on the hospital bed, Grandma Adejumo told us she did not want to suffer and would also not want to put her children under stress, she pleaded for God to take her away. I answered her at that moment that she would not suffer but would live longer. She left exactly 3days after.

We thank God for the life she lived. We are also well-assured that she has gone to rest with her Lord. We all miss her.

Mr & Mrs 'Kunle Soremekun
Posted by Adeleke Ibirigba on March 1, 2021
As your only full blooded sister- Mrs Bolanle Adejumoke Ibirogba left this world on the 20th July,1974 leaving behind her three children( Funke,Leke and Sesan). You and your most adored and loving husband Daddy James Adewale Adejumo gave us new lease on life.
We were so little that I barely have any memory of her. Our new home in Ibadan became a haven of comfort that any one would admire, looking back and thankful to wonderful parents of such blissful family. No one could differentiate the 'four' among the seven of us. In my earliest memory,we all filled your car to and fro school when at The Polytechnic Staff School, Ibadan. As an early riser you prepared breakfast and ensured we ate before 7am. Your dishes and doughs for lunch in your car booth to serve us in your office after school were great encouragement for any child to love going to school.
You disciplined us when necessary and never spared any vices. Despite your busy and hard-working schedules, you took time to teach us at elementary stages. Your teachings were soo impactful.
Your special abilities to multi-task (office,poultry keeping,sales of drinks etc) made you resourceful, dependable and admirable.
You trained us to be the responsible Men and Women we are today. We are eternally grateful to you.
I do tell my children a lot about your loving husband as he lives in my conducts and memory. As you join the saints, you will forever be in our memories and conducts as well.
Thank you for your investment in us, we shall make them profitable with the help of God.

Sleep on in the bosom of your LORD JESUS CHRIST our Saviour.
We love you dearly Mommy.

Adeleke Ibirogba (for Leke, Kenny, Favour, Rejoice,Peace, Faith and Mercy)
1st March ,2021.
Posted by Violet Chikomba on February 28, 2021
Mum your departure to glory took us by surprise, we were not even able to say good bye. This was painful and heart breaking for us.
In our grieving, we are thankful to God who granted us the opportunity to know you, as our dearly loved mum and fellow pilgrim in the journey of faith.
News of your passing felt like a bad dream. You will forever remain in our memory for the love, generosity and support you gave us, cheering us on to keep faithfully serving the Lord each time you were in Canterbury.
In our grief, we at the same time celebrate how the almighty God used you as a beacon of love and the testimonies you shared of how you raised your family will remain with us. May your works follow you into your eternal rest.
May your soul rest in peace; your memory an eternal blessing. You will be dearly missed.
Shadreck & Violet Chikomba
Posted by Adegoke Adebayo on February 27, 2021
We thank God for Mama’s life, the many lives she touched and the legacy of devotion to God, forthrightness and integrity she left behind. We pray that the Lord will strengthen the family at this time and comfort them by His Spirit
Posted by Mary Olubode on February 27, 2021
We give God all the glory for a life that impacted many. Mummy, you were full of zeal and very motherly. The grace of God upon your life is shown in the exemplary lifestyles of your biological children and those you raised as your own. You positively affected many lives. Our children remember you for your hospitality. We thank God that we were Pastors to the Kayode Adeyanyu family and the Ibirogba family. They are serving God with fervour. God has been so gracious to your offspring. Our prayer is that the LORD will comfort and strengthen your seed. You have left a good legacy. May it be well with all your children and grandchildren. May your soul rest in peace. Sonny & Tumi Olubode & family
Posted by Omolara Adejumo on February 27, 2021
Your passing onto glory was a rude shock to us all and our hearts bleed. As stated in 1Thes 4vs 13: we will not sorrow as others which have no hope. We shall continue to celebrate your good life and reminisce the good memories we shared.  Thanks for sharing part of your life with us. Your hardwork, tenacity and doggedness are amazing. I learnt a lot from you mum but will only mention a few. I learnt timeliness ( God helping me), I learnt accountability: Grandma can do accounts for Africa( I remembered you had an account notepad where you recorded incomes and expenditures and each month, you made sure every penny was accounted for). I learnt prudency and not wasting resources from you, I learnt care, giving and hospitality from you. Your care for the less privileged, widows and orphans are out of this world.  I pray that the Almighty God will give us the grace to carry on with your legacy.  Above all, I am specially thanking you for raising great men and women with Godly wisdom of which my husband is among.  I am eternally grateful. 
Sleep on our beautiful mum and grandma till resurrection morning.
Posted by Olumide Adejumo on February 27, 2021
Who sat and watch my infant head when sleeping on my cradle bed and tears of sweet affection shed… mother.

They say a tree can not make a forest but mummy you were not a tree but a forest. You were of a kind.

Our hearts ache, we are all broken, we are struggling to accept that you a have gone to rest – a well-deserved one – in the bosom of your maker and to be reunited with daddy – the love of your life.

We are still in shock; I will pick up my phone every now and then to read the last message you sent hoping there would have been another message from you. I am tempted every now and then to call your number and to hear you answer at the other end saying e nle o baba Adejumo; the first line of most of our phone calls.

You came, you saw, and you were triumphant.

Did you have challenges in life? Yes, you did even more than your own fair share. Did they break you? No, they couldn’t; you were a special breed. You took everything in your strides; you did your crying in the rain so that no one would notice. You were never the one to give in to self-pity. Each time the challenges came you rose and soar above them.

One of the most challenging was when daddy was taken away from us 32 years ago. We thought we would never smile again it was as if everything should just end. But you drew strength from your God and moved ahead brilliantly. We were very young at the time; all of us.

Daddy said some things to you concerning us on his dying bed; he prophesied and made some demands of you. You kept your promise to him and did far above what he asked of you concerning us. You sacrificed everything for us.

Mum we are grateful for everything. I will not be able to list them here. How can I capture the love and teachings of over half a century in one write up? Do I start to talk about your resourcefulness, kindness, selflessness, putting others first, uprightness, thoughtfulness? Mum you were an angel amid men.

They say a man is not supposed to cry. Mummy I am still crying, my heart ache and my hands are very heavy writing this. I must say I am not ashamed to cry; this is that your little boy missing his mum. But we will not be sorrowful as unbelievers. We take comfort in the fact that our redeemer lives and that we will meet again on the resurrection morning in that glorious kingdom where there will be no sorrow or sickness or heartbreak. Sleep on mum.

Although we can no longer hear your voice or see your smile anymore. We know you walk beside us still just as you did before.

It is just that you are not visible to see with the human eye, but we have been talking to you in our hearts and your spirit replies. We still hear you in our hearts. You have left the human body, but we know that your soul will never depart from us.

Daddy, you now have your wife back: continue your fairy tale relationship that was paused some 32 years ago. I trust you will take very good care of her like you did here on earth before your transition.

God has both of you in his keeping, we have you in our hearts.
Posted by Olawale Koyi on February 27, 2021
It was a shock, when I heard about your sudden death. Few days before then you comiserate with me on the demise of my elder brother. You're a strong and courageous woman. Who are we to question God? You have fought a good fight and conquered. We love you but Jesus loves you most. Sleep on until we meet on the resurrection morning. Good night.
Mrs. T. O. Eweje
Posted by Funmilayo Oladapo on February 26, 2021
I was shocked when I got the sad news of the death of my friend because I had spoken with her just a few days before hearing the tragic news. When she was in the USA for a holiday, we were together 3 times a week attending a program at a senior’s center. After the program, she stayed in my home to spend time with me. She also made me promise that whenever I traveled to Nigeria, I would spend two weeks with her at Ibadan and I had been looking forward to that visit.

Before traveling back home, she also asked me to pray that we would meet again in peace. My sister, as I call her, made me feel like we were born by the same parents. We understood each other and always discussed things openly with each other. She was full of wisdom and the knowledge of God. 

She will remain in my memory forever. I pray that God almighty will comfort all the members of her family and friends. May her soul rest in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Adeoye Oyedeji on February 26, 2021
Good night Mama, rest in the bossom of the Lord
Posted by Rufus Adedigba on February 26, 2021

Mama Adejumo, you links me to where I am making me livelihood
today and you left to the paradise without notifying me, am
You are a mother in millions times, may your soul rest in peace.
From Adedigba Rufus
Dealers in Granites, Asphalt, Roofing, Real Estate Construction, Oil & Gas and General Contractor
07033609871 08076735244
Posted by Remi Stumpenhusen on February 26, 2021
Mummy … where do I start? It has been virtually impossible for me to find the words that will even begin to do justice to who you were and all that you stood for. I have struggled, I am still struggling to accept in my heart that truly you are gone. In one of our conversations, just before you had to go to the hospital, you told me that you had dreamt about Daddy. You said he was complaining that he had been lonely for far too long and that since you were done with all your work, you should come home to him. I responded glibly that Daddy should please be content with his loneliness for more years to come. We both laughed. I thought nothing further of it. But you never said, Mum, you never told me that in fact you were ready. That as you did in all things, you were harkening to God and Daddy’s call imminently. I wasn't ready Mum. We were not at all ready for you to go. So inconceivable was the very thought of you transitioning from this world that we all completely shied away from the mere possibility, even with all the hints you kept dropping. We see it now as clear as day that you were trying to prepare us without alarming us. Even to the very end, your life was all about protecting us all. I hear you now as you always said to me "ko si'gba ti ma'ku oo ni ku." You had no fear of death whatsoever. Even before Daddy died, I remember how he would ask you not to speak of such things. You spoke as if for you, death was a gain; to enter into His Kingdom, the ultimate goal. And indeed, it was. Indeed, it is. Whenever you sang one of your favourite hymns: Wakati Adura Didun, you would have this dreamy look on your face at the verse about standing on the mount of Pisgah to catch a glimpse of your Heavenly home… You are there now, Mummy. Without an iota of a shadow of doubt, you are Home now. And it is in this fact that we take solace. It is the certainty that you are with your Maker, reunited with Daddy and that you are resting in perfect peace that we are clinging to right now. Because, Mummy, our hearts are heavy! Nothing in all my life has ever hit me so hard.

I keep telling myself to be strong. Asking myself "what would Mummy do?". I keep remembering how very often you proudly declared that I was like you in so many ways… But I fear I’m nothing like you right now, Mummy. I’m not…. I am trying so very hard to be though; to be the strong woman you were, the one who met challenges and obstacles with staunch stoicism and an unshakable faith in God. Even when it felt like the sky would fall, when the grounds shook menacingly beneath your feet, you stood firm and you stood tall, holding on fiercely to your God. Mummy, in the face of all the trials and tribulations and difficulties that life hauled at you, you rose. Like the phoenix, time and time again, my Mother rose from the ashes and dusted herself off. And not only did you rise, you soared! What an outstanding and remarkable woman you were! It is blatantly clear that you were absolutely one of a kind, the rarest of gems. Like Daddy always said, the mould was broken right after you were made! If I can be half the mother that you were and will forever be to us, if I could but be half the industrious woman that you were, touch half as many lives as you did in your sojourn here on earth, O I shall consider myself most fortunate and blessed indeed…

And so, there are no words, Mummy, to sufficiently say all that there is to say about you. You were the epitome of the ‘good wife’ in the Bible - worthier than gold and rubies and of the most noble character. Your very life was the ultimate definition of a mother; not only to your children, but to countless others whose paths crossed yours. With all my being, I love you. With all that I am and all I’ll ever be, I thank you. From the very bottom of my soul, I am grateful to you for it all. For your sacrifices, your prayers, your chastisement, for everything, I am deeply and immensely grateful, Mummy. You will forever be in my heart. I look in the mirror and I see you. I speak and I hear your words. I chastise my children with just a look, and I am you. So, you see, you live on. You will forever live on in us, in your children’s children and their children too. But for now, just for now, o da'aro Mummy. O da’aro Ma.

Your baby. Your last card. Your replica in all in things! 
Posted by Yetunde Folusho Olabode on February 26, 2021
…It came suddenly, Unexpected, and Unprepared for, not a single sign, the news of your passing to the great beyond.
Mama Adetutu Adejumo, we have been so used to having you around as you would always have an affirmative answer that you will always be at certain programmes in the church.

Mama Adejumo, we are still in shock. Yours was like the certain disciple named Tabitha interpreted as Dorcas in Acts 9. You were full of good works and alms deeds. The Cathedral Non–Clerical Staff will always remember you.

Mama Dayo Adetutu Adejumo, sleep on beloved, sleep, and take thy rest; Lay down thy head upon thy Saviour’s Breast; we love thee, but Jesus loves thee best Goodnight! Goodnight! Goodnight!

From: Non-Clerical Staff,
The Cathedral of St. James the Great, Oke-Bola, Ibadan.
Posted by Yetunde Folusho Olabode on February 26, 2021

The day your death was announced, many mouths were left wide opened and many were shocked; I was devastated, and kept asking myself if it was a joke or something. Later, reality dawned me that “Iya” (as I fondly called you) is gone.

I give God the glory for giving you the grace to live a fulfilled life,you used all you had for the work of God during your lifetime. Mama, I sincerely find it difficult to believe that you have gone. You were so caring, loveable and always willing to wipe away tears of distressed people.
When it comes to relationship, mama you never segregate people, you don’t have upper, middle or lower class, you treated everyone equally and you made people that feel rejected to have sense of belonging.

I cannot forget the first day I met you in year 2002 at your residence, you related with me as if you had known me for long. Your counsel and food for thought that day is unforgettable, you opened my eyes and ears and this helped me tremendously.

If I call you Evangelist you fit in, Pastor Adetutu Adejumo no doubt about it or Prophet Adetutu Adejumo is you exactly iya wa. Rest on, till we meet again, Your good deed will always be remembered. Adieu!

One of your Daughters in the Lord
The Cathedral of St. James the Great,
Oke-Bola, Ibaadan.
Posted by Adekunle Akinsola on February 26, 2021
From the St James Cathedral Cooperative and Thrift Society.
In memory of our beloved President Mama D. A. Adejumo
Her love for humanity made her to initiate the establishment of the co-operative society.
She was a good leader,firm,honest and God fearing.
She was a desciplinarian and meticulous in all her duties.
We love her and pray that God Almighty grants her eternal rest

From the Windows Forum of The Cathedral of St James the great.
In memory of our dearly beloved founder and President Mrs D.A Adejumo.
Mama was a visionary leader,a lover of God and humanity.
She was very compassionate and caring.
Honest,firm, and principled.
We love her but the Lord love her more,we therefore surrender all to the unquestionably God.
Sun re o olufe.
Posted by Okeowo Olusegun on February 25, 2021
  My dear sister-in-Christ, my colleague at service-in the Lord's vineyard and, (aya-Ibadan) as I fondly call you. It was shock news when I heard you have left the saints militant to join the saints triumphant. I was brought back by the knowledge of your constant preparation for the journey! I always told you 'it's not now' but you were suddenly taken away like Elijah! You really impacted my Christian life in many ways. You LOVED as in the love of Christ. You were blunt and unassuming, but some don't understand your ways. I could go on and on.......I believe that you are resting now with our FATHER whom you loved and served so dearly. Adieu sister! REST ON TILL RESUSRECTION TILL WE MEET AGAIN. Engr Okeowo Olusegun, your Co-Warden, Cath of St James the Great, Oke-Bola, Ibadan.
Posted by Dotun Idowu on February 25, 2021
News of your demise was shocking as I saw you driving a week before your departure at Oke Ado.

Mama was pleasant, nice and God fearing. Her dedication and commitment to work of God is second to none each time we have a conversation.

She is ever loving and wants the best for her family.

May her soul rest in peace.
Posted by Olatunji Agunbiade on February 25, 2021
I write on behalf of AOCOSA Set 62/66; the classmate group of Tutu at Adeola Odutola College.
In the words of William Hazhtt, "Death strips a man of everything but genius and virtue". Tutu was indeed virtuous in every sense of the word. She carried the weight of her responsibilities with gait and determination to succeed. Even when she was 10,000 kilometers away from us, she never failed to connect in matters that relate to the welfare of all of us. As a mark of respect for her, she was singled out to perform the unveiling ceremony of our legacy project, the School Sick Bay in 2016 (Photo attached).
Tutu will be sorely missed. But we take solace in the fact that she lived a fruitful and highly productive life. May her gentle soul rest in peace.
Posted by Adetoun Oduekun on February 25, 2021
Tribute to a great Teacher
I know Mrs Dayo Adetutu Adejumo at The Polytechnic Ibadan so many years back aftwards l came to know her as Mrs Adeyanju's mummy. She was a great teacher and a mother any serious student can run to. She was a disciplinarian at the same time an easy going person. If you are not the serious type you will think she's wicked while the serious once enjoyed her academic teachings and motherly guidance.  She does not condone any form of laziness. Mummy has been a good mentor in school and after school. I pray that the Almighty God will guide and be with her children. They will not not any form of sorrow after her demise. God will grant Mummy eternal peace. MRS A ODUEKUN
Posted by Richard Adejumo on February 24, 2021
Mom, you were a virtuous woman whose price is far above rubies. My heart cries as I write about you in past tense. I have known you all my life. Your voice still rings loudly in my ears, hoping to hear you call my name one more time – Niyiii. I had picked my phone severally to call you as I always did only to realize that you have transitioned to glory.

You were a great mother, friend and my pride Mom! Since Dad passed on to glory unexpectedly 32 years ago (you were just 40 years old yourself), you girded your loins with strength, and strengthened your arms. You sought wool, and flax, and worked willingly with your hands, you were like the merchants' ships; brought food from afar. My Mom would rise up while it was yet night and gave meat to her household.

Mom picked up an unplanned, enormous responsibility at a young age and carried it with grace. You provided covering and training for us your children and grandchildren. You taught us hard work, honesty, integrity, and the fear of the Lord. Mom, you stretched out your hands to the poor and reached forth helping hands to the needy. I can go on and on…. I thank the Almighty God for bringing me out of your womb.

As the scriptures says Mom, we will not sorrow as those who have no hope. For we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. I take comfort in the joy that you loved and served the Lord with all your heart and all you had.

Adeoti, Oluwatamilore (Princess One), Mofeoluwa (your boyfriend), Oluwatomilade (Princess Two) and Mofiyinfoluwa (your little husband) says goodnight Mom. Sleep on till we meet again on the resurrection morning.
We love and miss you so much. Well, I know you are glad to be with the Lord and to be reunited with Dad.

Goodnight ma! Odaro Mommy!

Your Children and Grandchildren:
Niyi, Adeoti, Tami, Mofe, Tomi, Mofiyin Adejumo
Posted by Canon Yemi Alade on February 24, 2021
It was a surprise to me when my Mom told me of your demise. You visit her often, come with gifts and update her about Church activities.
I even thought you were in the Youth Christian Society meeting held a Sunday prior.
A soldier of Christ, People's Warden of our great Cathedral and a supporter of widows and orphans.
Sleep on till the resurrection morning and may your gentle soul rest in peace.
Rev. Canon Yemi Alade
Posted by Tina Nkiru Onuchukwu on February 24, 2021
Mummy, you were such a rare gem. The first time Ronke introduced my husband and I to you in Canterbury, we felt the warmth, Godliness and content spirit in you.
From getting to know you, we appreciated the rare godly qualities in which you raised your children. We know you as a God fearing woman of God. We believe you are having eternal rest with our father God. ‘ Precious in the sight of the Lord are the death of His saints’.
Rest on mummy and good night.
Posted by Adeyemi Olusoji on February 23, 2021
I condole with my dear friends Ronke and Kayode Adeyanju on the transition to eternity of their beloved Mother. We are grateful to God for the fulfilling life she lived and the privilege to have nursed her children and grandchildren with love and purpose.

You would surely be missed but we look forward to the great reunion on Resurrection morning.
Kindly accept my deepest condolences.

Adeyemi Olusoji
Milton, Ontario. Canada
Posted by Abiodun Olusoji on February 23, 2021
I deeply commiserate with our dear friends, Ronke and Kayode Adeyanju on the passing on to glory of Mummy Adejumo. I had the privilege of meeting her on a number of occasions and I can attest to the beauty of her personality as a caring mum and a deeply devoted follower of Christ.
I am persuaded that she has entered her eternal rewards at the feet of Christ whom she loved and served most of her life.
To my friends, Ronke and Kayode, we mourn, but not as those that have no hope, knowing that we shall reconvene with our loved ones on resurrection morning to meet to part no more. Please be encouraged in the godly legacies, the life giving values and impacts our dear Mum left behind.
May the Lord comfort your entire family in Jesus name.

Rev Abiodun Olusoji
Word Impact Ministries
Posted by Ayodele Ogunsola on February 23, 2021

Auntie Tutu Adejumo was a virtuous woman. She loved God deeply and served Him wholeheartedly.
We gave her a name in our family- “Mrs Jesus”.
Her life was epitomized by discipline, hard-work, honesty, integrity, modesty, humility and total commitment to the Almighty God throughout her earthly journey.
She was an achiever and a great success. Her loyalty of purpose enabled her to give support and leadership to a multitude of causes. If she believed in a cause, she threw everything at it.
Auntie, you led an enthralling and noble life of love, affection, dedication and service to God, family and humanity. 
You gave to God all that He had blessed you with. 
Auntie Tutu you were truly one of a kind - A RARE GEM !!!
In December 2020 as if in anticipation of your untimely exit, you told us you would not be coming to the Standing Committee meeting again as you could not drive at night. We offered to give you a ride to the meeting every month and were only able to do this for the January meeting, not knowing your time was near.
We sorely miss you but we are consoled by the knowledge that you lived a fulfilled life in your commitment to the service of God and humanity and we are confident that having truly and diligently served Him, He would receive you unto Glory.
To the Children, strive to maintain the Godly heritage passed on to you , never allowing yourselves to be guided by what your mother would not have wished for in all matters concerning the family.
May God empower you to be worthy successors!!! Amen.
Adieu, Auntie Tutu! May your soul continue to find repose in the bosom of the Lord!!!

Posted by Oyelami Peter on February 23, 2021
Mummy, we share the same 14th November of every year as our birthday. You never forget to call me on each 14/11. Ever smiling while you pray to bless us and the children. You have fought a good fight, you have finished your course, you have kept the faith: Henceforth there is laid up for you a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give you at that day: and not to you only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.

You will be greatly missed
Posted by Aaron Berks on February 23, 2021
She was a wonderful woman, full of wisdom and integrity. Her presence exuded elegance, gentleness and strength all at the same time. You could tell she was a woman who was deeply in love with God. I didn’t know her very long but she always made me and my family feel like she had known us forever. She was such a sweet and kind woman and we will miss her so much. Her children and grandchildren are her legacy, a testament to a life well lived. She ran well the race that was set before her and now awaits her the crown of righteousness which the Lord the righteous Judge will award her. Pastor Aaron Berko and family
Posted by Generals mabunni john S.m... on February 22, 2021
Mrs D A Adejumo was my friend whom I will never forget. She paid me visits occasionally. Sometimes she will cook vegetable soup for me. Whenever she traveled abroad she will buy me things and label it - Mrs. Adegbayi. Some of the things she bought me are still with me.
Whenever things are distributed to the widows in the church she will remember me and send mine to me. She never forgot me. I was shocked when I learnt of her demise.
I wish her perfect rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ and wish her relatives fortitude to bear the loss.
Adieu - rest in perfect peace.

Posted by Sesan Ibirogba on February 22, 2021

The Family, Church, Community and indeed the world silently prayed that you be there.......,,(GOD is bigger than us, again he proves not for any other reason but the Sacrificial, Selfless and Meritorious Life of Service to others.
  In all spheres, you were indeed an OPOMULERO (The Pillar). Taking the best decision of my life when I was just 15 months old baby . Services to others, not to Self, Consideration to others First, by good examples and not by percepts, show honest, labor and dignity.
    As the memoirs of your life run through my head, all I can say is that I am proud to have come from your loins, too many to mention are great deeds and milestones GOD gave you grace to achieved. I pray that through my entire life, you will be proud of me.
     You taught us the principle of life in the true sense of each words....Love/Compassion, Contentment, Humility, Hardwork,Passion for Work, Respect and Fear of GOD. All these have helped to mold me to stand and hold my own in life. I would forever be grateful to you for this. You loved us all equally and cared for each of our needs.
     Mummy, you would be greatly missed, but I console myself that, * you live an exemplary and immensely fulfilled life here on earth*. You have gone to rest in bosom of the Lord.

Goodnight Mum and rest sweet till we meet again.

Sesan& Sola,( Ibk, ire & ife) .
Posted by Ajibola Olukunle on February 22, 2021
She was an ever loving and elegant lady and very protective of her family; a hard working and dedicated mother and grandmother. We shall miss you greatly. Rest in perfect peace at the bosom of the Almighty God in the name of Jesus, Amen.   MR & MRS Ajibola Olukunle.
Posted by Michaela Watson on February 20, 2021
I am so thankful to have a close relationship with Ronke my dear friend and sister in Christ, our connect group being one of the times we meet each week, many mornings we have sat together and I have been completely captivated as she has shared stories and memories with me of her beloved parents. When the time came that I was able to meet mum I knew that I was meeting someone so very very special and I am thankful that I had that opportunity.
Thank you for inviting me here to be able to read and take a look into the life of such a strong, inspirational and loved lady, a daughter and faithful servant of the Lord.
Now eternally safe in the presence of our Sovereign God.

May the peace of God continue to keep you and be with you all during this time.

Love from
Posted by Adetokunbo Ali on February 20, 2021
Mrs Adejumo, Iya Afin Adejumo, mommy, Grandma Grandma as we fondly called you. Your death was unexpected and shocking. You were full of life the last time we spoke! We thank God for a life well spent and the example you were to all of us. We will cherish memories that you have left us with. Continue to Rest In Peace.
Posted by Olayinka Akinpelumi on February 20, 2021
Glory to God in the highest, for it is Him that directs our footstep. God is the one that has the beginning and it is Him that set the stage for the end. How awesome is our God!! He is awesome and He reigns forever and ever. What can we do but to praise His holy name. We praise and bless your name God for accompany your daughter Adetutu Adejumo through her earthly journey. Blessed be your holy name today and forever and ever.
You brought her to this world through her devout Muslim family and called her Adijat Kubura Bada. God in your providence you took her as a young beautiful girl after high school to Ibadan. Tutu met her beloved husband (of blessed memory) through whom you planned to use her as an instrument in your church - showing the awesomeness of your power and love. We cannot thank you enough for showing us that the plan you had for her is to prosper and serve in your church. Blessed are you Lord , blessed is your holy name for ever.
Tutu, I thank God for the opportunity to grow with you and to share in your strength at Adeola Odutola College, Ijebu-Ode. In those good old days we the 3 Musketeers (Laide, Tutu and myself) used to set target of financial goals helping our mums during long vacation. In short we became responsible for providing for our own needs every year except for our tuition.  What a period? What joy we had being responsible teenagers? What determination it gave us to excel and be successful. We were just kids going 14 and 15. Through our hard work at school and our various businesses and Gods grace, we set a tune for a successful future. I give all thanks and glory to God who is the architect of all things.
I believe it was that childhood strength and determination that carried you through all the tragedy that you suffered. First you lost your only sister in her prime after childbirth. You amazed me, how you took solace in God and added your sisters 3 children to yours even though you are a young bride yourself. Who does that? The one that has the strength of God and a loving man beside her. As your family grew and you are enjoying the hustle and bubble of a large family, faith struck again at the lost of Adewale your husband. Here you are struck with grieve again and have to raise 7 children by yourself and by the grace of God the author and finisher of your life. You took solace in the life of Job trusting that your redeemer lives. How you took everything in stride. Not feeling sorry for yourself or complaining. I can see how God shower you with abundant graces, giving you enough for every challenge that you face.
The pandemic of 2020 caused you to spend longer time than planned in the USA allowing Niyi and his family to enjoy your presence. Somehow, you felt restless because you wanted to return to Ibadan. How you kept saying you want to go back to your home. I did not realize that you already see what is ahead in the spirit because you think I did not understand how much you miss home. Finally, here you are back in Ibadan, you took the task of renovating the whole house - in and out making preparation for what turns out to be your home coming.
Now I wish I knew corona virus or no corona virus, I would have held you tight in embrace. 
Tutu, you were not just my friend, business collaborator, partner in teenage journey but my sister - a good one for that matter. I miss talking to you and I am missing you already. God has destined that time is up and had chosen to call you home. I will cherish our youth forever.
Sun re o Adetutu. I pray that the almighty God will grant you pardon and mercy for your earthly sins. May God grant you peace and eternal rest. May God draw you to the light of His face granting you entrance to that place where He has prepared for you. May Tutu soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace.
May you rest in perfect peace, amen.
Posted by Nii Noi Osuteye on February 20, 2021

We had the privilege of knowing Grandma (as we affectionately called her) for only 9 years. And we quickly formed a close family bond with her, right from our first meeting, referring to us as her Ghanaian children.

Our existing close friendship and proximity to her daughter Ronke's family meant that we got the pleasure of enjoying her company each time she visited them in Canterbury, UK. It was also a great blessing to share fellowship with her, particularly in the intimate setting of the house group that we led and hosted in our home. We learnt so much from her, and her knowledge of and love for the Lord, and years of Christian service shone through every conversation.

One abiding impact of our knowledge of Grandma was her ability to effortlessly inspire and motivate people to achieve greatness. Her own journey of triumph over pain and setbacks, and successes as a single parent, was a constant reference to motivate us to unto a path of hard work, diligence, integrity and honest-living.

In the Autumn of 2019, during Grandma’s last visit to the UK, we had the great pleasure of re-living the beautiful pictures and videos from celebrations that had marked her 70th birthday the previous year. It was a very special moment hearing her sum up life lessons, as she run a passionate commentary with all of us huddled around her very own laptop computer! – indeed, hers was a full impactful life, well-lived, and worthy of honour.

Grandma’s departure fills us with grief, but our comfort is drawn from the Good Book that, “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on… that they may rest from their labours, for their deeds follow them!” (Rev 14:13).

With love from, Nii Noi, Kafui and our girls Elsie and Emma

Posted by Mojibade Odebode on February 20, 2021
I am still trying to wrap my head around this sad news of your passing. Heaven has indeed gained an angel . While unexpected and difficult to accept, we rest our hope and assurances on the promise of the great reunion on resurrection morning. While you were here, you fought a good fight. You were a kind and compassionate woman. You stood strong in the face of difficulties. You were many important things to many people. Always supportive of everyone around you and seeking the good in everyone. You did everything you could for everyone around you including me. I would never forget your role in supporting and helping Muyiwa&I during our wedding and afterwards. My head is full of fund memories of you from growing up till the last time we spoke over the phone. When I think of you I see a Woman of God and a prayer warrior. We thank God for your life. We know you would always be around the family though separated physically. You are going to missed. We continue to pray for the family you have left behind that the Lord uphold everyone and give us comfort and peace at this difficult time.
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Recent Tributes
Posted by Lanre Kassim on March 5, 2021
« Precious in the sight of the Lord
is the death of his faithful servants » (Psalm 116v15). We celebrate you mama. Thank you for your faithfulness, words of wisdom and kindness. You lived and you live abundantly. Thank God for your life.
Posted by OGUNPA DESCENDANTS' UNION on March 5, 2021
Mama Adejumo served her Lord well in several capacities. She was at one time the People's Warden of the Cathedral. She was a Bishop's nominee in the Diocese until she gave up. She served in the Diocese for several years as Deputy Lay Secretary. Mama Adejumo will often be remembered in the widow's circle in the cathedral as very impactful; being their president. May her gentle repose find eternal rest.
Posted by 'Demola Ademidun on March 5, 2021

My path in life crossed with our beloved LATE MRS. D. A. ADEJUMO as a member of the Youth Christian Society of the Cathedral of St. James the Great Oke-Bola, Ibadan, sometime in the late eighties of the last century. She restrained me from expressing a needless anger against a truck driver that foolishly scratched my vehicle on my way from Court at Ring-Road, Ibadan. Her approach and manner exuded love and so much familiarity despite my inability to readily recognize the concerned peace broker, whom I later met at a general meeting of the society, with so much love and appreciation for her kind gesture and intervention.

Shortly thereat, we both ended up assisting Late Mr. A. O. Oyedeji who was then the General Secretary, as his able Assistants. It is appropriate to state here that I honed my skills as a scribe under her tutelage as a Secretariat studies and shorthand guru. I later became her assistant as the first female General Secretary of the society and was duly groomed under her able leadership, as her immediate successor, at the end of her remarkable tenure of office. As an astute administrator, she led the society to enviable heights when she became the first female President of the Society and of course, later on as the first female Chairman of the management board of YUCASA NIGERIA LIMITED, I served with her as the Company Secretary till her sudden departure to the great beyond on the 9th day of February, 2021. Mrs. D. A. Adejumo is not just a much loved, cherished aunt and leader, but also a valuable client and confidant that would be sorely missed by all and sundry.

We love you so much, you toiled tirelessly and meritoriously with us here on earth and of course you raised great children and grandchildren within your brief stint with us, leaving a goodly heritage behind. We are consoled by the fact that you have entered your well-deserved eternal rest and of course bountiful received your rewards and great commendation from your Lord God and faithful Rewarder.

Sleep on beloved and may the good Lord bless and keep in His Love all you left behind until the resurrection day. Amen.

her Life

A Glorious Home Calling. A Most Memorable and Purposeful Life!

Born on the 14th of November 1948, into a polygamous Muslim family, Dayo Adetutu Adejumo (Mummy) was one of several children born to Papa Mustapha and Mama Adebisi Bada. Mummy and her older sister, also of sweet, blessed memory, Mrs. Bolanle Ibirogba (nee Bada), were the only surviving children of their mother, Mama Adebisi Bada. Growing up in Ijebu-Ode, Mummy started primary school in 1955 during the free education system of Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo. She attended Local Authority Primary School, Obalende in Ijebu-Ode. Her set of 1955-1960 was the pioneer set of the school. For her secondary education, she attended Adeola Odutola College, where she met and remained bosom friends with some of her fellow students until she was called home to glory on the 9th of February.

Exceptionally brilliant, focussed and determined from inception, Mummy fought against and rose above every limitation in her path towards her goals. She was most passionate about education and eventually left her hometown for pastures then unknown in Ibadan, where she continued her studies. Mummy was a recipient of multiple trophies, scholarships and merit awards in recognition of her excellent academic performance and achievements. It was while studying and working at the University College Hospital Ibadan (UCH), that she first met the dashing young man with the winning smirk and swag, who would later become the only love of her entire life. There began a budding relationship, fostered, and encouraged by mutual acquaintances and family members, between James Adewale Adejumo, of the most blessed and ever green memories, and our Mother, Dayo Adetutu Adejumo. Theirs was a love-story only describable as a match made in Heaven. How very fitting then that they are now joyously reunited once again in Heaven, after 32 long and undoubtedly lonely years apart!

Adewale and Adetutu were joined together in holy matrimony in 1969. Their union is blessed with four children: Olumide, Oyeniyi, Aderonke and Oluwaremilekun (who she always referred to as her last card and baby of the family). A count of the children they were blessed with is however not complete without the addition of Oluwafunke, Adeleke and Oluwasesan, the late Bolanle Ibirogba's children who also lived and grew up with the family (following the late Bolanle's untimely demise in 1974), as one and until her very last moments here on earth were ever present, taking the utmost care of her during her very brief illness. Tragedy struck in the early evening on the 23rd of April 1989, when Daddy's life was brutally cut short. The loss and heartbreak cannot adequately be described, particularly for Mummy, whose entire life had been centred around her husband. The days, months and years after Daddy's death were the bleakest of our lives.

In her typical pragmatic and determined approach, Mummy rose to the extremely difficult challenges of widowhood at the young age of 40 and with the heavy responsibility of singlehandedly raising the children her husband left behind, the youngest of who had only been granted admission into secondary school at the time. With the Almighty God, her unshakable source of life, strength, and solid support her entire life, Mummy yet again gallantly and victoriously overcame all and every difficulty. Focusing her eyes and expectations, which never wavered, on Jesus, the author and finisher of her faith to the very end, Mummy finished and far exceeded expectations, on the work left by her late husband. She remained very much in tune with and most sympathetic to the travails of widows, a foundation she staunchly supported.

Our mother had 3 prayers and she never changed her focus. All who knew her would attest to this. She prayed always and from time immemorial that God gave her the grace and mercy to:

1. Finish her duties on her children and see us all firmly established in life;
2. Be alive and well to celebrate her 70th birthday. 70 was all she wanted, she always said; & 
3. Never suffer any prolonged health issues before He called her home to glory.

Every single one of her prayers has been mercifully and exceptionally answered by the Almighty God she served with fervour all her life.

And although our hearts are heavy and our tears overflow, we smile through the tears and we are deeply consoled and comforted in the knowledge and assurance that Mummy is at long last, reunited with her Maker and her husband, the love of her life. We have no doubt that she now rests at the bosom of her God, who she served and praised until her last day with the most beautiful and peaceful smile on her gorgeous face. Without a shadow of doubt, we will forever miss your physical presence in our lives. Your impeccable character, your untarnished integrity, your prayers, love and solid support, even our arguments! Above all, we are grateful Mummy, we are grateful beyond words. For all that you were and all that you did. For all the intercessions for us which wearied your knees, for going hungry so that we might eat, for going without, so that we might have. For everything, Mummy, we are grateful. Angels in Heaven, you have in your midst a jewel of unquantifiable value. Please treat her accordingly. Daddy, you have back with you the love of your life and we your children and your children’s children are blessed for ever with abundant memories and the benefits of all your hard work. We are immensely proud to have shared the biggest part of your life.

O daaro Mummy, o daaro Ma. Until that glorious day, when we meet to part no more, sleep beautifully and peacefully, our gorgeous mother and grandmother, Dayo Adetutu, omo Adebisi Bada, aya ‘Dewale Adejumo, Mama Olumide, Mama Oyeniyi, O daaro Ma. 

Recent stories
Shared by Ronke Adeyanju on March 3, 2021
"When tomorrow starts without me and I’m not here to see, if the sun should rise and find your eyes all filled with tears for me, I wish you wouldn’t cry the way you did today.

While thinking of the many things we did not get to say, I know how much you love me as much as I love you. Each time that you think of me, I know you will miss me too.

When tomorrow starts without me, please try to understand that an angel came and called my name and took me by the hand. The angel said my place was ready In heaven far above and that I would have to leave behind all those I dearly love, but when I walked through Heaven’s gates, I felt so much at home.

When GOD looked down and smiled at me from His golden throne, He said this is eternity and all I promised you is today, for life on earth is done, but here it starts anew.

I promise no tomorrow, for today will always last and since each day is the exact same way, there is no longing for the past.

So, when tomorrow starts without me, do not think we’re apart, for every time you think of me, remember I’m right here in your heart"
Author: David M Romano

Wonderful humanbeing

Shared by Tope Ademuwa on February 16, 2021
What a mother. She also fill my mum vacuum after her demise. A lover of God,very blunt and straight forward person. She gave each of my children a nickname. You have called me several times to take up responsibilities at the cooperative, l love you. You will forever be missed. Mama D*A Adejumo.