Posted by The Adedugbes on April 28, 2021
To our darling uncle, Engineer Ibidayo Akinmade,
He was a man of strength who lived a full life, working in many parts of the world, especially in Australia. A man of great character and of immense value to the church and society at large. He was a loving father.

Our uncle was truly a self-sacrificing man. He was dearly loved by our mother, His sister, Mama Ootola, and highly respected by our father, Prince S. A Adedugbe. He will be greatly missed.
It is well with his soul.
Uncle. RIP

The Adedugbes
Posted by Oluseyi Adewole on April 26, 2021
I have very fond memories of 'Uncle Deacon.' He was very kind, jovial, gentle, peaceful, peace loving and had a lovely smile. I admired his faith in the Lord. Ever since I could remember, he was a committed and faithful member of Shepherd Hill Baptist church. That speaks volumes. He has left a beautiful legacy for his children, nieces, nephews, family members and all who knew him. Thank God we were able to celebrate his 90th birthday! Thank God for uncle Ibidayo's life. A life well lived!
Posted by Titilola Ogunyomi on April 26, 2021
TRIBUTE TO DADDY AKINMADE             Daddy Akinmade was peaceful, gentle, humble and a man who served God wholeheartedly. Daddy was a loving and faithful husband to my late aunt Elizabeth Akinmade .He was a wonderful ,caring and devoted father to his children and grandchildren. He brought them up to be respectful, humble and God fearing. To the Akinmade's family, he was a man of honour, dignity and integrity. To the Akinbohun's family, he was an in-law that was highly respected and cherished We thank God for a fulfilled life and a life well spent. Good night daddy. May God rest your gentle soul.                           TITILOLA OGUNYOMI.
Posted by Pat Davies on April 26, 2021
Let me start by remembering his smile, that contagious smile that lit up every room he entered. I never had to wait long to see that smile.

I remember growing up at Shepherdhill Baptist Church where he was a Deacon, and anytime he saw me, he would fondly call me and drag my name, Tiiiiitiiiii. That never failed to put a smile on my face. He was such a jovial and lively soul.

He was not only my friend's dad, he was a precious family friend from way back and I will forever cherish the fond memories of him.

We thank God for a life well spent. Rest in peace at the bosom of your maker, dear Sir.

- Titi Adegbite

I remember Deacon Akinmade as a fond member of the Shepherdhill family, who I considered a dear uncle.

On seeing me, he would say, " Debo, òkunrin mèta" and he would exchange a few pleasantries with me. It all seems like yesterday but time has passed. He has gone to rest in the bosom of the Lord and only fond memories remain.

Our condolences to our brothers and sisters who succeed him. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

- Debo Adegbite
Posted by moro dave on April 25, 2021
God looked around His garden and He found an empty space. He then looked around upon this earth and saw your tired face. He put His arms around you and lifted you to rest. God's garden must be beautiful. He always take the best.
Daddy was a God fearing man who lived his life well.
So, go in peace, you have earned your sleep. Your memory in our hearts , we will eternally keep.
( Cecilia Oyebade nee Akinbohun)
Posted by Lydia Ayeni on April 25, 2021
Daddy Deacon,

It is a great honour for me to have known you. Thank you for being a great example for me and my family. I will always remember your words of kindness and encouragement.

I will remember how you walked in calmness, composure, bible in hand, and always smiling.
You are dearly loved and cherished.

I will never forget your famous words in place of goodbyes “ we meet to part and we part to meet”
Until we meet again sir,

Rest in power.
Posted by Akinwale Akinmade on April 25, 2021
Pa Akinmade - when talking of heroes of love and faith as in the Bible, I see you to be one of them. Thank you for making room in you heart for my daughter and her family. From day one, your tender embrace has mirrored the undefeated force of love. Daddy , if I could build a palette of words that describe you , they would be kind- loving- father of many, stable, protective, pure, patient, to name a few. Your willing spirit to share what you have learned through your journey of life will always be preciously treasured in my heart. You have never missed any of my birthday without calling to bless me . Rev. 14:13. THANK YOU.
Rest in peace with your loving wife and mother in the bosom of your Saviour till we meet again.
Mrs. Adedoyin Bucknor( Mother in- Law )
Posted by John Akintayo on April 24, 2021
Baba Masterlife - a discipleship Leader - a man of faith, faithful follower of Jesus Christ and a Christian to the core, thanks be to God for your life. You came, saw, fought the good fight of faith and conquered. "Behold, how are the mighty fallen.....". We miss you as one of our great Masterlife teacher. Till we meet at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ where we part no more.
Posted by Ken Akinmade on April 24, 2021
Daddy Deacon, our patriarch has gone to rest! Known for personal discipline and sacrifice, you exemplified uncommon dedication as the husband of your wife “Yem’ Eli”. Stickler for instruction & details, you were most trusted amongst all your brothers: Thank you for holding the fort sir. Sleep well Bai...
Onaolapo Akinmade
Posted by Tola Gbakinro on April 23, 2021

Daddy Akinmade as we fondly called you. My Beloved Parents of blessed memory (Chief & Mrs F. A. Fawi) called you "Bai Deacon" . We glorify the Lord for your exemplary character as you were a dedicated believer of God and highly devoted to Kingdom service. You were very disciplined yet encouraging and loved to advise anytime we had a discussion.

In the eighties, when my Parents had our yearly family New Year party, you respected my siblings and l to the extent that you did not give a second thought when we told you Yemisi would have a sleep-over in our house, we cherished the companionship/ family bond.

We pray that the perpetual light of God continue to shine upon you. Rest in perfect peace Sir.

Tola Fawi Gbakinro on behalf of the Fawi's (The Tees).
Posted by Mosunmola Ajiboye on April 23, 2021
Daddy loves everyone, as friend to his children, he loves and relates with us in love. In his old age i ones visited him and he immediatly recognised me and called my name Mosun Taylor with joy. Daddy is a man that Love God and always studing the Bible and praying. We love you daddy but God loves you more. Rest in peace
Posted by Diekolola Vanderpuye on April 23, 2021
Dearest Uncle,
I know that heaven has gained an Angel and this world has lost a beautiful soul.
I hope there is a big party going on as you are reunited with your beautiful wife, Aunty Eli and all your brothers and sisters.
May your gentle but giant soul continue to rest in perfect peace and I am so proud of you because you served the Lord till you took your last breath.
Your relationship with my Father, your most senior brother, Raphael Akinola Ajileye Akinmade is one that all siblings should emulate. Not once did I observe any discord between the two of you. Going down memory lane, you all loved each other.
I hope all of us your children will walk along that path, allowing LOVE to conquer all.
Posted by Lara Akinmade on April 23, 2021
A loving brother to my father, while they were both alive they were close and devoted to each other. I can imagine my father doing cartwheels to celebrate they are together again. Dad would probably say "Ibidayo! You're here!

Sad you left, grateful you lived a long happy life and we get to celebrate your life and your final journey. Your legacies speaks volumes. Sleep well the family will do you proud IJN.
Posted by Taiye Akinmade on April 20, 2021
Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the fact that you’re gone.
Grandpa was a man who had smiles to brighten your days,
who always made you feel good with his warm words of praise.
And what’s more he knew.
He was someone who always had good stories to tell,
but just as importantly he knew how to be a good listener as well.
Since the day you went away it’s gotten harder and harder, Seems like yesterday.
My eyes are swollen from all the tears
I will surely miss you grandpa but take solace in the fact that you’re with the lord
Posted by Olu Akinmade on April 20, 2021
I met Daddy for the first time in the UK when he came on a visit. We did not talk much. I got to understand that he was a man of few words. However, one thing that struck me the most about him was his calm spirit. Over the few years that I have known him, we spoke regularly over the phone and I will send WhatsApp messages and hoping he will see them. Whenever we are able to talk, daddy will always end our conversations with prayers and blessings. He will be greatly missed but, he is in the hands of the One who loves him the most, our Heavenly Father.

Hawa Akinmade
Posted by Bankole Akinbohun on April 12, 2021
Bami Deacon as we love to call you, you were a gift from the heavens, a wonderful father and teacher to all, genuinely humble, gentle but firm and above all you were so contented with a life in Christ. You left an imprint in the lives of everyone that crossed path with you.

The entire Akinbohun family thank God for giving us the blessing of sharing your exemplary life with you.

Sleep on bam Deacon till the day of the trumpet call.
Posted by Olu Akinmade on April 9, 2021
Tribute to my Uncle

My uncle Deacon Engr. Ibidayo Akinmade became an orphan at a tender age, knew and took his eldest brother Late Pa Raphael Akinola Akinmade my father as his father. I grew up finding I had to struggle with my uncle for the attention of my father because my uncle was always available to serve him obediently, selflessly and with utmost commitment including all what concerned even us his nephews and nieces.
A close assessment of my uncle revealed he had qualities that I just had to imbibe to make it in life. I needed to be well informed, brilliant, excel in all I lay my hands and heart to do, let actions always speak, be disciplined, be honest, be fair, be humble, be Godly, be loving and considerate, be readily available to those who are in need, be brave and ready to lead in the face of challenges, and to grow a large heart that will accommodate everyone; just to mention a few.
All these qualities I could see in my uncle which undoubtedly made him a role model and a Patriarch of the Akinmade Family of Odojomu in Ondo City, Ondo State. I am grateful to God for his life and his impact on my life. He frequently called to check on me and my family. The last time we spoke on the phone end of January 2021, he wished to see me but I never knew he was really bidding me farewell. It is well. We celebrate with thanksgiving to God for his legacy, successful pilgrimage and glorification.
We pray God Almighty, to grant his gentle soul eternal rest and continue to strengthen and abide with us and uphold us all to His praise and glory. Amen.
Adieu Uncle. We will all miss you. Rest in peace.

Chief Femi Akinmade and family
Bameto of Ondo Kingdom
Posted by Yinka akinmade on April 8, 2021
A life well lived indeed. The true legacy of a family man, reflected in his children and the larger “Ajobi”. Uncle Ibidayo’s dedication to all things family was pure devotion.

May he rest in eternal, perfect peace.

Ibiyinka Akinmade
Posted by akinmade funwa on April 8, 2021
Beloved "uncle Deacon"... You were indeed a treasure to us all. I still remember that long drive to Owo 2 years ago (for Segun Akinmade's wedding) when you gave me the whole history of the Akinmade clan.

I recall when we ran down to your house in 2006 when my Dad (Olu Akinmade) passed, to help us break the news to my mom (Ekunola Akinmade). At anytime we the family needed you, you were ALWAYS THERE. ALWAYS.

The greatest joy was that we were able to CELEBRATE you at your 90th, shortly before The Lord decided to take you. Uncle, thank you for being such a huge inspiration. Your memories will forever be good ones. Your passing is indeed not a loss but a celebration of a your life and all you stood for.

Rest in peace dear Uncle, we shall see on that Day, for sure. Rest in peace.
Posted by Bankole Akinmade on April 7, 2021
To my dearest uncle. You lived a perfect life and a wonderful one too. You will be surely missed. I will always remember your subtle advice. You always call it as you sees it. You were there for everyone of us. I will always remember how you visited my ailing sister in the hospital before she passed away. You were a great uncle to be remembered by all. I will always cherish you. Rest in perfect peace IJN
Posted by Olu Akinmade on April 7, 2021
My uncle, my birthday mate was a humble man with passion for Christ. He had an indebt knowledge of the bible and he lived by the word,ever appreciative of little things done for him & always backing it up with prayers. He shall forever be remembered for the good legacy of an outstanding christian
Bai deacon egbon mi l'onesowon as fondly called by my mum,who passed on to glory few days before him. Love you dearly but God loves you most.
Dr Mrs Foluke Adedinsewo
Posted by Shola Bademosi on April 7, 2021
I grew up knowing you as my Uncle Ibidayo, e sun re sir. I was hoping that we would still enjoy you for a couple of years more but God had another plan for you. I’m thankful to God Almighty for allowing me to attend your 90th birthday celebration on the Zoom and visiting you at home when I was in Nigeria in 2015. We also thank Him for His Mercy and Protection on you and children after the passing of Auntie Elizabeth, the love of your life. You lived a life to be emulated when it came to your loyalty to your marriage vows and serving God Almighty.
Thank you so much for the affection shown to your baby sister Olufolawe my mother who grew up with you in Sapele and Port Harcourt in the late 1940s and early 1950s with Papa Akinola Akinmade. 
Thank you for sharing with us the childhood stories of my mom that she could barely remember. The most memorable one was when mom refused to go to school one day in Sapele and she was scolded and punished for being truant but she insisted on not going. Only few hours later, there was a heavy thunderstorm and with dangerous winds that blew the elementary school roof off and the school building collapsed that led to the death of several children that day. 

You would never visited Ondo City without coming to our house to check on her. Now that God Almighty had called you to join your other brothers and sisters, I pray that your soul and the souls of the others have eternal rest.

By Solaide Ayodeji Bademosi, Niece

Posted by Idowu Akinmade on April 6, 2021
My father my father,I loved you till you answered the roll call of our broke my heart to lose you but the assurance that we would be together again gives me hope.You left me beautiful memories, your love will be my guide and though I cant see you,I will always cherish every legacy you taught me.Rest on Daddy,till we meet at our saviours feet.Akinmade Idowu Akintunde[Son].
Posted by Taiye Akinmade on March 31, 2021
As much as we all envisaged the inevitable news of your demise, we never thought the sense of loss will be this deep.
You lived an exemplary life till the end.
Your wisdom, intelligence, contentment and uprightness were so transparent and genuine.
You fondly called me "The chattered accountant with the great culinary skill" after devouring the meal specially prepared for you.
You were my reading partner, always so excited to share my newly acquired christian fiction novel with you.
I will miss you greatly daddy
Adieu, till we meet again at the feet of our Lord.
DOLAPO AKINMADE (daughter- in-law)
Posted by Taiye Akinmade on March 25, 2021
Grandpa, your were an emblem of integrity and dignity.
I still find it hard to believe that you're gone, but take solace in the fact you made your mark and heaven has gained one.
Your legacies will always be in our hearts, as you journey back to your maker.
cheerio to my charismatic grandpa
Posted by Taiye Akinmade on March 25, 2021
My grandfather was a very light hearted and kind man. He was also a very courageous and brave man. He was many things . A father, a brother, a husband, a friend and a grand father.
Nobody will forget everything he has done for us. May his gentle soul rest in peace.
TENIOLA AKINMADE (Grand daughter)
Posted by Taiye Akinmade on March 25, 2021
                          TRIBUTE TO MY DAD

Daddy you were the mirror at which I looked at my life, the mirror at which I looked at myself and now that you are gone its going to be difficult to view life without you. I however take solace in the fact that you lived a righteous life. Every moment of your life is like a book on a path towards heavenly bliss..

I remember last year December at my house when you called my wife and I into your room to inform us of your “journey Home” little did we know that you meant every word of your journey to meet your Father in heaven. This journey would later happen two months later. This just tells me how prepared you always were on all fronts. Even for death. Daddy when I close my eyes the image of you is all I see… The summary of our togetherness from cradle to your exit lingers on my mind it’s a memory that even death cannot erase…

Your departure has taught me to live life not by worldly standards but by God’s standards. Not by gender but by willingness to do what great men do knowing that death is the end of every mortal. The transformation that life is vain and everything in it is vanity.

Rest in the Lord true soldier of faith. Adieu my mirror
Posted by Akinbobola Akinmade on March 24, 2021
To God Almighty be all the glory, My Father passed on to glory Tuesday 23rd February  2021.

Even though I knew it was looming, I didn’t know it would come so soon. I was hoping I’d have more time to get acquainted with the idea of death and what it means for those of us left behind.

My father, will forever be in my heart. The values and morals that he instilled in us his children is what has molded us to be who we are today. I am grateful to God that I am a far better person today because of my Dad.

We were taught at a very early age the importance of having a special relationship with God. The family prayer time every morning was a must attend for every of his children. Going to Church on Sundays was also equally important at our home. 

I vividly remember when I had to come from the Island to pick my father up at Ogba for Church on a Sunday morning. There was this particular Sunday that I got to Ogba about 10mins late. My Father was furious that how dare I come late to take him to Church, that didn't I know that he was teaching Sunday school that morning and it wouldn't look nice of him to arrive late at the class when he is the Sunday school teacher.

So a couple of weeks later when I was to pick him up at my brother's place which was further away than Ogba, I left the house at Lekki at 5am in order to get to him very early. When he saw me, he was very happy and blessed me that morning. I remember calling him later that week to check on him. He said he was on the Church bus with his fellow church members on their way to Kirikiri prison for evangelism. To the glory of God Almighty I also take part in evangelism in the church that I attend. 

I am forever grateful to God Almighty that my beloved Dad positively impacted the lives of others by teaching the Master life, Sunday school etc.

A God fearing and principled man, He was the most sincere and easy going person I have ever known with no attachment to material things. He would always say that would Human beings sleep on 10 or more beds at the same time. He was content with whatever he had.

My Dad was fun to be with, I remember a weekend we were to travel to Ondo. I got to his place and told him I didn't think we would be able to make the trip because the driver was not available. My Dad asked what my problem was. He said we should proceed on the journey, that we would share the drive up to Ondo; I would drive to Ore and he would take over from Ore to Ondo.

My Dad left a positive impact on every person he came in contact with, strangers didn’t stay strangers very long because he was just so friendly. The love my Dad spread on this Earth continues to grow and will live on, and that is the ultimate measure of any human being.

It is very painful that he is gone, but I take solace in that he is gone to be with His maker.

Farewell Daddy, till we meet again.

Your son,

Posted by Bunmi Awoyemi on March 22, 2021
U were an outstanding grandpa.u were also God fearing.u knew d importance of keeping all in peace.I remember how u looked at ebun and said she looked exactly like late grandma.
May ur memories continue to lead us on d right path.
May God grant u eternal rest.

From Ebunoluwa Elizabeth Akinmade
Posted by Seyikemi Akinmade on March 21, 2021
Heaven has gained an angel. It’s been long since I i’ve seen you but the memories that I have will stay dear in my heart. You will be missed dearly. Continue to rest in the Lord. Rest in peace Grandpa

Love from granddaughter Oluwaseyikemi Akinmade
Posted by Bethel Akinmade on March 20, 2021
The relationship that we had, Grandad, was so dear and precious to me. It was one of the most important ones in my life.
Throughout our time together, you provided me with nothing but laughter, fun and timeless advice-you were always incredibly gentle and understanding with me, I always felt safe and loved in your presence.

At first, it felt a bit surreal realising and gradually accepting that our life together was over, a part of me felt no longer whole, but I understand now not to focus on our journey together being over but instead on the memories and good times that we had along the way.

All I ever wanted in life was to do you proud and God willing I aspire to never lose sight of that.
You meant the world to me, if I had ever had the power to give you the world, I would have given it to you. It pains me to know that you are gone, that I wasn’t there to see you one last time, that I won’t be there to say goodbye but I know in my heart that we will be reunited one day as God promised and that fills me with hope and joy.
I can be at peace knowing that you aren’t in pain anymore and that you are with my beloved Grandma again.

I love you so much, everything that I do, everything that I accomplish from this day forward, will be for you. I will never forget you, you will forever be a part of me. I will carry you in my heart for the rest of my life.

Bethel Moyoninuoluwa Akinmade
Posted by Akinwale Akinmade on March 20, 2021
It feels surreal that you are no longer with us. You ran your race, and you finished strong. You lived out your faith for all to see. The person in the public eye and the person in private were the same person – steadfast and consistent. Growing up you ‘poured’ yourself into my life for which I am eternally grateful. You taught me to be sure in who I am and to strive be good to those around me. Your legacy of goodwill and Godly counsel will live on.
The words of this song reverberate:
The trumpet sounds and the dead will be raised
By His power, never to perish again
Once only flesh, now clothed with immortality
Death has now been swallowed up in victory
For we will see Him, as He is
Then all hurt and pain will cease
And we’ll be with Him forever
And in His glory we will live so lift your eyes
To the things as yet unseen, that will remain now for all eternity
Though trouble’s hard, it is only momentarily
And it is achieving our future glory
We will meet Him in the air

Rest on “Bami Deacon” I will forever miss you.

Posted by Abigail Akinmade on March 20, 2021
Faith duty decency reliability honour dignity integrity respect: these are qualities that daddy not only held in high esteem, but practiced every day during his time on earth. He was a disciplined man who lived by godly principles. Daddy could never resist any opportunity to learn and teach something new whenever he visited. I’m grateful for the privilege to have known him. So “think of him as living in the hearts of those he touched, for nothing loved is ever lost and he was loved so much”. As he would famously say “ we meet to part and we part to meet.
Adieu Bayi, rest in peace.
Abimbola Akinmade
Posted by Danielle Akinmade on March 20, 2021
To my Grandpa. When I think of you my memories are filled with your unique sense of humour and your warm presence.

Thank you for simply being you. You were loving, wise, kind and always gentle with me. I never got to say how much I appreciated you but I hope I can continue to make you proud in all that I do!

It was an honour and a privilege to call you my grandpa. Thank you for having such an impact on my life.

I’d give anything just to hear your voice one last time but as you would famously say;

‘We meet to part and we part to meet.’

Love you always.

Your Ife
Posted by Oluyemisi Okusaga on March 20, 2021
Daddy, my greatest encourager, my ever gentle dad, patient & most importantly a true christian worthy of emulation.

You bought me my first bible at the age of 14, your message was "read 2-3 chapters a day" Your christian and godly values were consistent to the end. Your reverence for God & the things of God was infectious. You were such a blessing to your children and spiritual children.

You have left a phenomenon legacy which I pray will continue by His grace.

Thank you for all you have instilled in us.

I will miss you dearly. You are gone but not forgotten.

I love you but God loves you more.

Goodnight my darling daddy.

Sleep well daddy.

Daughter Yemisi Okusaga

Posted by Lekan Okusaga on March 20, 2021
Daddy was the simplest person I have ever encountered in life...
He was never moved materially.
He devoted his life to serving God.
You certainly will be missed.
May his gentle soul rest peacefully
Posted by Feyisayo Okusaga on March 20, 2021
My Dearest Grandad, the only one who would call my name in a special and hilarious way. Thank you for being an image of God, thank you for always remembering me and blessing me at the end of each phone call.
I will forever miss you saying: 'God bless you.'
I will forever miss you sitting down and looking so engrossed reading a book. I will miss your smile!
You have left a legacy and I couldn't be more proud to call myself your granddaughter.

I know you are sitting at the right hand side of God's throne in Heaven, I know He is crowning you with your well deserved crown.
I love you Grandad.

Goodnight Grandad,

Granddaughter Feyisayo Okusaga
Posted by kehinde jibril on March 19, 2021
Daddy! That's what i used to call you. You were a father to me because you never treated me as a son-in-law. I wil surely miss your Godly and Fatherly advice. The training you gave Kehinde,' my wife" is second to none. I am forever grateful to you.
Adieu Daddy.
May your soul find solace in the bossom of the Lord.
Son-in- Law( Dr. Taiye Jubril)
Posted by kehinde jibril on March 19, 2021
My dear Daddy, my "Prayer warrior". I will always miss you. You were a Father in all ramifications.You taught me how to pray and all that i know today couldn't have been possible without you.
I am not mourning you, i am only celebrating your life, a good life, a life filled with love for God and the things of God. You had spiritual children who would miss you as well. I will forever miss you and i'm proud to be called your daughter.
Love you forever Bami Deacon!
Give Mummy a big hug for me.
      Daughter kehinde
Posted by kehinde jibril on March 19, 2021
My grandpa who always call himself an old man has gone to rest in the bossom of the lord
I will greatly miss you
I will not only miss you, i will miss your advices and your word of wisdom
Continue to rest in the lord
              Grand daughter iseoluwa

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