Let the memory of Debbie be with us forever.
  • 60 years old
  • Born on July 10, 1958 in New Castle, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • Passed away on January 25, 2019 in Hartselle, Alabama, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Debbie Lawrence 60 years old , born on July 10, 1958 and passed away on January 25, 2019. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Ilene Barnes on July 10, 2019
It is your birthday today and we miss you so much. Just last year had a party for you and we never thought it would be your last. We are trying to help Jim and the families spirit's up but it is not easy. We all love and miss you so much but you are not alone. You have God your dad and Scott .So until we see you again all my love, Ilene.
Posted by Cindy Laux on June 26, 2019
Hey sis I sure do miss our talks and I sure do miss you, It's so hard to believe your not with us right now but I am trying my best to handle it and I talk with Jimmy boy at least once a week and we are going to visit him as much as I can . I know you don't want us to spoil him but I have fixed him some food and freeze it so he can put it and cook it. But I love you so much
Posted by Ilene Barnes on June 14, 2019
Just got back from our vacation and you sure were missed. You were always with us on these vacations and we always had so much fun together. But you were in our thoughts and we will see you soon. Love you so much and miss you so much.
Posted by Kathy Spence on May 14, 2019
Hey Sis,, How's it going, Heaven as GREAT As I know it is I miss You My Sister, ALOT...... I'm trying to stay strong for Ilene but especially Cindy,, She's really hurting, but she's trying and I know We all will be ok cause We Know Where You Are but right now it's Fresh and You know Deb how hard it was going to be cause You went through losing Dad and Scott..... I Love You so much, Til I see You again,, In Heaven..... Tell Jesus I Love Him and Can't wait to be with Him..... Bettera You Love Sitting at Our SAVIOUR'S Feet,, It's hard Deb cause We're Happy For You but very sad for Your Husband, Kids, Grandkids "US" your Family, Mom, Sisters, & Brothers,, We Love You and Miss You but THANKS For The Memories,, We have 60 yrs worth... Can't beat that....... Later Sis. I Love You..... If You can Whisper in your sister's ear It will be ok... Maybe if she hears your voice It will make her feel Loved, I don't think anybody won't be Hurting,, We Love You. So til We See ya again,, Tell JESUS we want to be raptured ......
Posted by Cindy Laux on May 14, 2019
Hay sis your new grandson came just before Matt's wedding April 29th 2019 came into our would and he is so beautiful but I know you was watching just like you were watching Matt getting married there were tear drops from heaven and so many tear drops from Jim he so misses you and knew how much you wanted to be there for all of this, but I believe you was with us and Allie was a beautiful bride you would of been so proud of her. Debbie life is hard without you here I love you so much and your husband is so lost without you it breaks my heart seeing him hurting so much, but he is family and I will do every thing I can to be there for him and your children and grandchildren. I love you sis always have always will forever.
Posted by Cindy Laux on April 19, 2019
I can't believe it's coming up on 3 months since God called you home and sis I miss you so much I keep waiting for my phone to start playing Sweet Home Alabama because it's your ring tune but I guess there's no phone in heaven I can imagine living without you we were suppose to be rapture together how rude!!! But as a believer in Jesus Christ and confessing I am a sinner and asking Jesus into my heart We will be together again, Praise the Lord. There is so much to talk to you about but please look after Jim he is so lost without you and May God comfort him and know you are waiting for him to join you in paradise . I Love You Sis
Posted by Cindy Laux on February 18, 2019
Debbie I thought I was doing pretty good but every day hurts more then yesterday did, I think of you all the time and wonder how am I suppose to do this without you. My heart hurts so much I miss you so much and I love you more then you could ever know sis
Posted by Cindy Laux on February 2, 2019
I love you sis, as I always told you the three little words just doesn't seem like enough. But they were the last words I got to tell you and now all I can do is type them to you, but I know we will be together soon and then your know just how much you and all my brothers & sisters , children , grandchildren, Ilene and dad and mom My family and friends means to me and most of all our Lord Jesus Christ. I LOVE YOU SIS !!!!
Posted by Ilene Barnes on January 27, 2019
My beautiful daughter, i love you and will miss you .We had so much fun together. We were supposed to do so much more as a family but God must have needed you more. All my love, your other mother, Ilene
Posted by Cindy Laux on January 26, 2019
My dears sister my heart is so broken ,We were suppose to have more time we were waiting for the rapture , I guess God had other plans for you. Because he called you home January 25 2019 I am so lost without you and I love you so much I always told you I love you more than you will ever know, My brothers and sisters are like my own children since mom died and the pain and hurt I am feeling I don't know how to handle it. I love sis

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