Our Wife/Mom/GG is an incredible woman. If you made your way to this page you made your way to Debby's heart. There is not one person she has encountered that she did not make some sort of impact on. Thank you to every single person who impacted our mom/wife's life in return. 

We know she has so many people who's lives she has touched. We ask that in lieu of flowers, below in the "leave a note" section, you share with us your favorite memory/memories or simply write something.  That is the gift that keeps on giving for all of us....simply priceless.  Please upload and share with us as many pictures or videos as you would like of you and her or even just her. That would mean the world to us. We have plenty as well we have and will continue to upload to share with you. We need YOU to help up put hundreds more on this ongoing tribute.

Debby is such an inspiration to us. She truly is a fighter!! Her battle was a long one. She has been battling Ovarian Cancer for 6 years and 9 months. The average life expectancy is 5 years from time of diagnosis for her illness. The past year has been the hardest for her and our family. Watching this disease truly surface in a way it didn't the first 5 years has been heartbreaking. Her first 5 years while battling was life changing but, she did not let cancer get in her way. She worked full time and later retired to care for her grandchildren full time (her dream job).

Ovarian Cancer is called the silent killer for a reason. It's mostly detected at Stage 3 as it was for her. Her best advice after going through this to all the women out there is listen to your body!

We are so grateful for the last 6 years and 9 months. We knew this journey would end at some point and we feel very strongly that we treasured every day and every moment! Her memory will live in our hearts FOREVER! Please visit this site as often as you like or simply when you miss her as it will be active forever. This site is for all of us to enjoy as we mourn a simply incredible woman. 

Much Love and Fish Kisses,
Bob, Mandi, Corey, Brad, Robyn, Bryan, Jackson, and Chase 

Posted by Arden Melnick on May 17, 2016
Debby and I grew up going to each others birthdays and spending time together. My Aunt Jean was a very close friend of her Mother "Aunt Sooky". We got back in touch with each other on Facebook . I will miss those pokes Deb. She definately kept her sense of humor, I still have the text she sent me from Chemo last year. It was a picture of the woman next to her who looked exactly like my Aunt Jean! RIP my sweet friend.
Posted by Michelle Grunberg-Feltman on May 17, 2016
One of the many times we would "play" together. We would spend the day by starting out eating grilled cheese sandwiches (I will never be able to eat grilled cheese without thinking of her. ). She taught me kindness and giving. In her memory I wish everyone that knew her will "pay it forward". That was her legacy. I will miss you my friend but you are in my heart forever !!! I will end with a quote from one of her many cards she sent me. " The mind forgets but the heart always remembers"
Michelle Grunberg-Feltman's photo.
Posted by Thomas Flynn on May 17, 2016
Debbie and I worked many years together both in reservations and than at Newark Airport Ticket Counter .I always enjoyed working with her she was a lot of fun and easy going . I moved away from Newark in 89 and transferred to West Palm then moved to Ocala when EAL shut down . Was not in West Palm when Debbie moved there wish I was , at least i could have gotten to see her more. MIss you Debbie you were a great co worker .
Posted by Joan Brownstein on May 17, 2016
Debby and Bob were neighbors in Freehold on Sherwood Drive. Our kids grew up together, we socialized as couples, and we were friends.
Debby was spontaneous, loved to shop and go out whether it was to the beach or to a concert. She had a ton of energy and always ready to go.
I am so happy that I had the pleasure of knowing a wonderful girl who enjoyed life to the fullest. May she rest in peace.
I extend my heartfelt condolences to all her friends of which are many and her wonderful family.
Posted by Stacy Nevins on May 17, 2016
I don't even know where to begin. There is only a few people that you meet in your lifetime that were as amazing as Debby. I have so many great memories of her. We shared so many laughs together. Today I have been very sad, but have been smiling to myself thinking about our conversations and great times together.
Posted by Wyndi Goldberg on May 17, 2016
My funny, wonderful Aunt Debby had a flair for exaggeration - the best picture EVER, the cutest dress EVER - so I feel this is the epitome of a moment with Deb.
We were walking to the car leaving Norstrom one day a few years ago. Debby was on her phone and, as we walked, two cars backing out of their spots at the same time tapped bumpers. It was the lightest tap possible (I don't even think the people bothered to get out of their cars), but not in Debby's opinion. She screamed into her phone, "Oh my G-d! We just saw the biggest accident EVER!!!!!!".
Just another afternoon with my Aunt Deb. xoxo
Posted by carol ortiz on May 17, 2016
I. Have so many memorial times..that I don't know where to start. I can't do this right now.
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Posted by Tina Corradino on May 17, 2021
.......Can't get over losing you. it was enough to be so far away from you for all the years while you were well, raising the kids and working and making more friends along the way. you were a very important friend in my life and my memories of our times together, the fun, the laughs, the tears, the antics....the pictures i have to remind me of "us", just miss you. love you. i hear your voice in my head. i know you are an angel to many and i hope you stay in my aura. imscreamng. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxo
Posted by Lou Simon on May 17, 2021
Debby....I miss you everyday and still can't believe you're gone. I hear your laughter...and advice....and feel your love. Wish I could hug you.
Posted by Tina Corradino on March 13, 2021
still a hole in my heart. i know you're okay where you are because
Sooky is with you and you both can be at peace.
couldn't have loved you more dear sister/friend.
Happy Heavenly Birthday!
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Memorial Fireworks Display

Shared by Mandi Williams on June 13, 2016

Mom always loved better way to send her off to god and her family awaiting her. And mostly to celebrate the fireworks she made in all of our lives.

Road Trip with Aunt Anne

Shared by Brad Fishbein on May 28, 2016

I just had a flashback when I was 17 when me, you, and Aunt Anne drove from NJ to Florida. Aunt Anne was in the front seat and you were driving. She got frantic saying your name in North Carolina. As you replied "what's the matter?!" Aunt Anne replied " Oh I just wanted to make sure you were there I didn't see you". Got me laugh this morning

Always taking care of others

Shared by Johnny Lagreca on May 21, 2016

I was transferred back to our West Palm Beach store, once Debby found out she made a point to come visit me right away.
Debby worried I worked too hard taking care of everyone else and would often forget to even stop to eat lunch. She was going for treatment on Tuesdays and this beautiful person would stop by the showroom after her treatments to bring me lunch(subway sandwiches). She would make me stop and eat. SHe did this just about every week. I pleaded each week to let me take her to lunch, and she would say yeah next time. She had to make sure her Johnny was taken care of. So i'm very sorry everyone...I think I was her favorite! :)
To say i'm going to miss her is an under statement.She was one of the best I ever had the pleasure of knowing.She was kind, fun loving,and always made you feel very special. She was truly an amazing woman that touched many people's lives with her love for life. 
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