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Memorial Fireworks Display

Shared by Mandi Williams on June 13, 2016

Mom always loved better way to send her off to god and her family awaiting her. And mostly to celebrate the fireworks she made in all of our lives.

Road Trip with Aunt Anne

Shared by Brad Fishbein on May 28, 2016

I just had a flashback when I was 17 when me, you, and Aunt Anne drove from NJ to Florida. Aunt Anne was in the front seat and you were driving. She got frantic saying your name in North Carolina. As you replied "what's the matter?!" Aunt Anne replied " Oh I just wanted to make sure you were there I didn't see you". Got me laugh this morning

Always taking care of others

Shared by Johnny Lagreca on May 21, 2016

I was transferred back to our West Palm Beach store, once Debby found out she made a point to come visit me right away.
Debby worried I worked too hard taking care of everyone else and would often forget to even stop to eat lunch. She was going for treatment on Tuesdays and this beautiful person would stop by the showroom after her treatments to bring me lunch(subway sandwiches). She would make me stop and eat. SHe did this just about every week. I pleaded each week to let me take her to lunch, and she would say yeah next time. She had to make sure her Johnny was taken care of. So i'm very sorry everyone...I think I was her favorite! :)
To say i'm going to miss her is an under statement.She was one of the best I ever had the pleasure of knowing.She was kind, fun loving,and always made you feel very special. She was truly an amazing woman that touched many people's lives with her love for life. 
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Rock of Ages

Shared by Kathleen Flynn on May 20, 2016

Debby and Mandi were in NYC a few years ago to see Rock of Ages.  I took the bus into the city to meet them before the show.  Mandi took this picture of the two of us in front of the theater and I have had it on my refrigerator ever since.  Will treasure her friendship until my dying day.  The absolute best! 

Found it!

Shared by Robyn Fishbein on May 20, 2016

When I was on maternity leave, Debby would come over every day to be with me. We would love to bake and Corey would always hide the things we bought that he thought was junk or didn't like. This moment is Debby finding one of the things! 

Childhhod Memories

Shared by Arline Agin on May 20, 2016

It was with great sadness that we learned of Debby's passing.  I have so many wonderful childhood memories of the Goldberg family.  My mom, Janet Mandel Levine and Debby's mom Sookie were very close; they were almost like sisters, together with Aunt Lily Mandel and Sookie's sister Ann, they were a group of very special women.  We lived in Brooklyn NY and the Goldberg family lived in Newark.  Many a Sunday, our parents took us to visit the Goldbergs in their big, white house on Keer Ave.  For us it was an adventure.  And the best part was that we got to play with the Goldberg kids; Ronni, Howard, Debby, and baby Louis. There has always been a special bond that existed between the two families, and even in later years when we kind of lost touch, I always remember beautiful Debby with her shining personality; she always reminded me of her very vivacious mother, Sookie. 
When our daughter Lori was moving to NYC, it was Debby and Bob who took her into their home. They were so welcoming and gracious, and made it possible for her to get her career started in NY.
Our thoughts, prayers and love are with all of you during this very difficult period. 

Canal street

Shared by JoAnn Malone on May 19, 2016

My Deb....she always called me her Jo Jo.  

Her excursions to canal street were always fun.  Parking was difficult.  But she befriended a homeless guy who hung around this small parking lot.  Deb would give him a pocket full of quarters for him to put in the meter.  She also gave him the keys to her car so he could move it when an hour had passed. Then when she returned she'd give him a twenty. So one day we pull into the parking lot and he's not there.  She briefly made a friend with another homeless guy who was 350 lbs and about 6'5.  She offered the same deal.  He accepted.  She gave him the keys to her brand new car.  To my amazement he was there when we returned.  To my astonishment all the electronic presents for the boys were in the trunk.  Did she have an innate ability to size up strangers or.........

I don't think she ever got burned so I'm going with an uncanny ability of intuition.

Shared by Sharon Arnone on May 19, 2016

There are too many stories to share but all of them are adventures! ....Our trip to Acapulco with our girls was definitely a highlight, but with Debby you didn't have to travel to have an adventure. She was the most positive and upbeat person I have ever met. I know that for every tear that is shed on her passing at least a hundred times as many smiles are there in remembering the times spent with her. The last time I saw her was on one of her visits up to New Jersey a while back. She was typically running to a million places but made a point of at least meeting me in a parking lot on rt 9 for a quick hello and a kiss and hug. In those few minutes I felt the pure joy that was Debby and I will never forget it. 

My family and I are heartbroken and cannot imagine the pain all of her family are going through now. You were blessed to be the ones she loved most in the world. Her spirit will be with you always. Remember all of the good times and stay strong.

Heaven has definitely gotten an extraordinary angel. 

Our love to all of you! XOXO

Middle Name "JOY"

Shared by Danielle Steighner on May 18, 2016

As I read through each of the facebook and website tributes and memories, it is no surprise that each story shares a moment of JOY.  This is Debbys middle name, and is quite fitting.  She took a simple event, such as a ride in a car, a twist of a word, a matchmaking remark, a shopping trip...simple everyday conversations and events and made them into big memories.  She took strangers into her house and gave them a home.  She took new co-workers under her wing and taught them to fly.  She had impact of JOY on everyone she came in contact with..whether it was SCREAMING with JOY for someone elses life event, or just flashing a big smile to light up the room.  Debby knew how to make others lives special. Incredibly thoughtful and giving!!!   As my aunt, G-D chose her for me, however i'd have easily chosen her myself, as so many of her friends have done.  She never ever forgot a birthday, was always engrossed  in whatever I  had to share and was quick quick quick to go shopping whenever together. Early memories of when I would spend a weekend, is  sending Mandi to the park with a neighbor so we can do some "serious shopping"  and hitting the flea market early for the best deal.   She always started a sentence "So Dan, tell me about..." because she always was interested in everyone elses joys. 
She will be painfully missed, but I have no doubt when anyone thinks of her, a smile will come to their face as they remember the JOY  she brought to them. I know it will be like that for me.   I love you dearly my Antie Deb. Give Mom a big hug for me.

My Beautiful Deb

Shared by Marianela Wilson-Sellers on May 17, 2016

I met Deb and Bob in Briar Bay, where I lived for 7 years with my husband.  We instantly "clicked" and she lived right behind me in the neighborhood.  Deb worked so hard and was barely home it seemed to me, but when she would go for a walk, we would always see each other and chat; eventually we became friends and I loved her!  She had this smile that could light up the skies.  She had this sweet and loving way about her, and she was also quirky and spunky!  I just LOVED being around her.  One day, I went to City Furniture and asked for her; she got very excited to see me and my husband; until I explained to her privately that we were there getting furniture but for separate households, and that he had asked for a divorce.  It devastated her and we both wer crying ;-( and we had to stop when my husband came back around, and she acted like there was nothing wrong.. trying to keep our secret to ourselves.  It was an incredibly sad day for me; having also just recently lost my mom.... Deb was such a sweet friend to me.  Always kept in touch and made sure I was good. 

One day, she called and said "let's go to a fitness class at the library on Clematis!" "It's free!".... we went.... we watched.... yes- we sat infront of the room where everyone was exercising, and we literally just watched, and then we agreed that we should and could do it!  We then want to Duffy's, had some appetizers and drinks..... that was Deb.... we could laugh about anything, life.... her cancer - she would always just take it as it was, in stride.... never let on like it was anything that could stop her. 

I am incredibly sad, and just had tried reaching out to her... and for some reason, I was scared, that I did not hear back from her, and now I understand why.  I'm filled with sadness and hurt for her loss here; however, I'm happy that she is no longer in pain, no longer needing that horrible chemo; no more wigs, for she is whole, and beautiful and at peace with all of her angels in heaven.  I have no doubt my beautiful mom is speaking with her right now, in her broken english -asking her if she knew who she was - Marianela's daughter; and she will get a hug and a "mwah" from my mom....

:(((((( I  adore you Deb.... I will miss your smile and your sweet face, until we meet again.... I LOVE YOU.... Your friend, Marianela

Mama Fish

Shared by Maria Baralus on May 17, 2016

I cant truly express the emotions I am feeling right now.   I am overjoyed to have grown up with your mom around.   She does and always will have a special place in my heart.  She was always so happy to have me around and always made all efforts to "convince" my mom everything was fine and she would be there.  There is no one else in the world like her.  My heart is broken for the entire family but I know she will always be with you, she built one of the strongest family bonds that I have ever seen in her family.   The world was a better place to have had her in it. 

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