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Still Missing You

Shared by LATEEF BALOGUN on February 8, 2014

Debo, sitting here alone my thought process took me to you. My dear friend, I still miss you and wish you are here.

Egbon R,I.P

Shared by olatunji dosunmu on June 3, 2011

Egbon mi,

Omo ogbiya,omo eja nla ti se omi kere,omo afelele wole oba,igunpa ti kekere yo ike, a ba won de ipekun afojudi,omo atupa idunganran,omo a niwu to oyinbo ko ni ile.

Su re ooooooo.

Just a great guy. . .

Shared by Kim Fuller on June 3, 2011

I don't have a story, but Debor worked as the construction contract specialist for DC Public Library and he was just a joy to work with.  He was knowledgeable about contract law and was very conscious of the agencies needs and worked tirelessly to make things happen.  As a result, we have several brand new libraries that he paved the way for based on his competence.

He was always pleasant and frequently talked about his family.  He was very proud of his children.  His million watt smile and booming voice would light up the space.  Although it had been awhile since we last spoke, it seems like it was just yesterday. 

I always enjoyed your insight and wisdom.  You will be missed Debor.

I wish peace, comfort  and blessings to the family. 



Grass cutting ...

Shared by James Doughty on June 1, 2011


I will always remember our long conversations about soccer, politics and just about everything else as we both took a break from cutting grass over the last 11 years. I was always impressed by your passion, compasion and intellect. You will be missed....




Shared by LATEEF BALOGUN on June 1, 2011

ACAOSA today can be credited to the foresight of Debor along with  Moshood,Obayomi,Taju,Bashiru,Braimah,Lateef,LA,Casca,Olatunde among others and not to forget Tola. (Did I leave out a name)

Here we are to tell the story.......................Our place of headquarter, provider of some of the basic resources.......please help me tell the story

Why Debor name me leggs

Shared by Rhonda Meriwether on June 1, 2011

Debor, I loved telling this story. Debor and I worked together in OCP in the CDBR Group within the District Govn't. Debor was a joyful and wonderful man at all time. In, 2008 I had a knee replacement. Well, here I come returning back to work on crutches, so I'm not at my best. Debor was the first to see me that morning. All he said was, I'm giving you a new name LEGGS, because when u left u had two now you have FOUR, FIVE and we just burst out laughing. From that day on my name to Debor was LEGGS. He will be truely MISS.


Acaosa USA,Re-union 2010 Chicago,IL.

Shared by Babie Oshodi- Olaribigbe on June 1, 2011

Myself and Debor in the lounge of the hotel after the general meeting of Acaosa. Debor, '' To Live in the Hearts of those we Love is never to die.'' You will always be in our hearts.I know you are in a better place up there watching over us telling us that everything is going to be alright.REST IN PERFECT PEACE. ( PELE)

Acaosa USA Re-union 2010

Shared by Babie Oshodi- Olaribigbe on May 31, 2011

This picture was taken by me at acaosa reunion 2010 in chicago july 4th weekend.It was one of those kodak candid moments.Debor,you will be greatly missed.Memories of another day,adiu my brother,my friend. ( PELE)

Aburo, R.I.P.

Shared by babatunde fashanu on May 31, 2011

Debo, you were everything all of us in the High School class at Ahmadiyya College Agege, Lagos of 1970-1974 wanted to be. You were academically brilliant but, above all, a fine soccer player. That entitled you to a lot of privileges both in school and in the boarding house to the envy of us all. You were so good that you were not only a regular forward for the school team but also for the Lagos state academicals even before you became a senior. The same was repeated when we were at the University of Lagos together when you played soccer for the UNILAG team with the likes of Adokiye Amiesimeka who went on to play for Nigeria. Many of us regret that you did not continue playing soccer for you were good enough to play for Nigeria or as a professional footballer in Nigeria, Europe or anywhere else with your silky skills. Debo, like me, you decided to go abroad for further studies after our earning our bachelor's degrees in 1979.

Orhi, you were kind to a fault and always in a jocular mood. I remember the good times we had together in London on your way to America in 1981 not to talk of on my visits to the USA when you were still in Houston in the 80s. I remember our reminiscences of the old school days whenever you visited Lagos. On the very day you arrived Lagos from the USA in 2003, you promptly attended my father's burial as soon as you learnt he just passed away.

Even though you were only some 4 months older than me, you were fond of harping too much on being older and marveled at calling me "Aburo" meaning younger one. When you wouldnt stop, I resorted to calling you Aburo too so noone would know the older person (except of course those who actually knew). Dont worry, I wont remind you why we called you "Orhi" or "Gedu", I'll leave that for the inner caucus of ACAOSA.

Well, I'd thought we would jam again to reminisce overnight about those cruel ACA teachers and our students' escapades in school as we did when you visited Lagos sometime in the 90s as we couldnt talk much on that cold night in 2006 when we last saw each other at the ACAOSA reunion in London. However, thats not to be but rest assured that your memories are forever indelible in our minds. Rest in Peace, Aburo.

Yours truly,


Default Lunch Provided

Shared by LATEEF BALOGUN on May 31, 2011

On a weekday or weekend that we find ourselves in need of Lunch, we can always count on you. Specifically, Whenever we leave Agege to come to the mainland in search of kado, we are always rest assured that when we get to Debors house and we are hungry, he always finds a way to provide for us, in that there is always a stand by "Eba" that is prepared in their house and all we have to do is to find the stew.

Also, I remembered the day i finally connected back to my dear friend after I have been in USA for such a long time. It happened at Dulles Airport and I was there from North Carolina to pick up a friend at the airport. Wandering about and waiting for the arrival , unknowingly this person was pacing pass me to and fro for several times and wondering who this person could be.

Debor finally summoned the courage that if this is the person that he thought I could be( as he relates this story back to me), the one and only way is to call me by my nickname, so he did and he said"Ora". Now do realise that I have not seen him or most of my classmates for years not to talk of in US.I turned around and wit such elation I shouted "ORI" with trickles of tears and of joy.

You wouldn't believe that from that day, almost every weekend I will travel all the way from NC to Maryland (Largo) just to be with him and his lovely wife (first Lady). Oropo ti enu mi ole so, but my heart throbs and yawn for your friendship and presence.

I will forever miss you, and it has been tough for me since this occurence of May 30th, but I know you are looking down on us with a smile and a nod of appreciation and approval.

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