Let the memory of Mrs. Debora Wara be with us forever

  • Born on August 20, 1945 .
  • Passed away on September 4, 2019 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved mother, wife, grandmother, auntie and friend  who went to be with the Lord on  September 4th, 2019. We will remember her forever.

This site will be an avenue for all information regarding Mrs. Debora Wara's funeral plans. A detailed program of activities will be posted and updated accordingly. 

Funeral Program
Friday, October 4th 
Church Viewing 4:30pm-8:00pm
St Justin Martyr Catholic Community 
13350 Ashford Point Dr. Houston, TX 77082

Wake Keep : 8:00pm till dawn 

Anglican Hall
13403 Renn Rd. Houston TX 77083
Dress Code:  Any native or traditional outfit or Asuabi

Saturday, October 5th
Church Viewing  12:30-1:30
Mass 1:30 - 4:00 PM

Virtuosity Hall 5:00PM
9819 Bissonnet St. Houston, TX 77036
Dress Code: Purple or White

Lodging (with group rates near event venue)
Holiday Inn Express and Suites (281.497.9888)
205 Barker Oaks Dr.
Houston TX 77077 
Discount Code: Aspire

Comfort Suites (832.379.2800) or (832.379.2806)
7111 Rancho Mission Dr.Houston TX 77083
Group name: mama Wara Funeral
Posted by Bih Atia on October 4, 2019
My Dear Mother,
 lts with a heavy heart that l have to think of you in the pass tense but the Lord has spoken and we must bow to his command.
  Thank you for being a special Auntie to me. I will never forget the way you made me feel each time you and l were together or communicated over the phone. Your motherly love rang through. You were a Mother to all who came across your path.
  You have gone to rest now. All l ask of the Almighty is to grant you perpetual peace and a safe passage into his Kingdom.
  Goodbye Mama. Rest in peace.
Posted by Victorine Mbah on October 3, 2019
Hi Auntie, I remember you as though it was yesterday. Bola had brought us to visit you in the hospital in Yaounde. You looked so beautiful, radiated life and energy, a cheerful personality you had and you kept talking and entertaining us.
You had a wonderful spirit and personality! I know for sure that where ever you are, you will light up the place and the will be fun.
You were a very beautiful person IN and OUT.

Posted by Fru Nde Nkimbeng on October 2, 2019
I had two sweet mothers: one gave birth to me and nursed me for only seven years and suddenly was gone. Mama Debora Wara raised me to be who I am today. Mama I can still hear and feel your love and humor. You are gone to meet your sister but you live in me. You always crack jokes when I told you that I no longer bear the name Anthony. You laugh and said Fru ‘Antone’ and we laugh . Thank God for your life. Till we meet a gain.
Fru Anthony
Posted by Gokale Tufon on October 2, 2019
Well !, God spoke and you listened. I know you are drinking /eating /and resting well. You came/saw/conquered and you are now giving the report of your journey. It’s with a heavy heart that I write this love note to you. Please as you scanned through all your love letters please read mind and response through my sleep. I will be waiting for that encounter. Mama as you were widely known. You know very well with precise details our stay in Houston Texas, you know all out trials and tribulations. You know our victories and failures. You know our achievements and our return to the drawing board. All I can say thank you for playing the motherly role in my life. You made me to forget and to minimize the absence of my mother, who was your friend and colleague. She left us at a tender age . Mama, you were present in my youth and adult life. You always questioned me, “ if I do not advice you and I meet Nange my friend what kind of report will I give.” Now you have all the report to provide to her and to those who went ahead of you. Also extend greeting to Elias Tufon you Bosom friend. You will be dearly missed in my life. You were the perfect Gossip partner. My innermost secrets and my planning to bring down the house! You kept it to yourself. Giving me the space to do as I pleased; with your left shoulder readily available to soak up my tears. Where will I have such a shoulder again. You might as well leave that left shoulder behind I need it!!! Please no joke mama I will come get it on Friday October 4,2019 before you leave. Thank you very much. God’s blessings till we meet again
Posted by Janette Ngebi on October 2, 2019
Mama, May your gentle soul RIP. You will forever be in our hearts. Will never forget your smiles even in times of sorrow you smiled.
Posted by Rolf-Walters Enowbesong on October 2, 2019
Mama we will miss u dearly, RIP
Posted by Angela Atia on October 1, 2019
My darling mama, my father’s sister! Our family is filled with loving, kindhearted and generous hearts, some wise and true but when I think of special ones I think of you. Mama I am still numb knowing that you are gone, I keep hoping that one day I will wake up to find out that this was all a dream!! Ooh. I have nothing but beautiful and wonderful memories of you. I remember clearly as toddlers how you used to pick me, Nangah and late Queenta up from nursery school, I remember the treats you got us from the bakery on our way home and how it made us happy. I remember how as young kids we would come to the house at cooperative college and you always made sure we ate something. I remember your warmth, big smile and positivity in all things. Visiting you at sister Bola’s House was a great reminisce of the past; your warmth, love for people and that strong determination to counsel and keep family together had not left you. Your heart was so full of love and kindness. I wish I told you more often how much I loved and appreciated you!! Mama may the winds of heaven blow softly and whisper in your ear and let you know how much I love and will miss you. Rest in peace mama till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Adrian Wara on September 29, 2019
Mama, I will never know when I knew you first because you have always been around from the time before I could reason. There is never a time in my life when I haven’t felt protected or supported by you! I feel a huge vacuum in my life now and I don’t know what to do about it! You will always be missed as my routine has changed and I can’t have the luxury of hearing your voice. I am very insecure emotionally now and can only pray that you are in peace and keeping a watchful eye over us. Until later, Mama
Posted by Takobi Ekangaki on September 30, 2019
My dearest grandma, God blessed us with you all these years and now it's time he called you back home. We love you but he loves you more. Your departure has left a void that will never be filled
But we are comforted knowing you are gone to a better place and out of suffering. We miss you and will always love you. And we promise your legacy will live on through us all. May your soul rest in perfect peace and I look forward to the day we meet again at the Lord's side. I love you
Posted by Tam Ndumu on September 29, 2019
Truly special and unique “Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats, they just stand there and shine”. This typifies who Ou Ou represented to me. You could not chase me down to catch my attention but because of your large personality it was impossible. The first time I spelled my name correctly(you made me feel like I was correct ) was knocking on your door and you asked me gently to spell my name before being granted access. I just went with T..A all till the end. I assume I did it correctly because I can remember the smile on your face as you lay in bed and gave me a hug with messages of congratulations. I just smiled right now. I miss talking to you. I miss your humor. I miss your life advise. I miss your stories. We had to write a book. I miss the confidence I had talking to you about everything and anything and knowing that you had my best interest at heart. I wrote this testimony on a Sunday. I would usually try to be on the phone with you at this time. I know you are up in heaven making the angels laugh. I get reassurance from knowing this. Rest In Peace Ou Ou. I’ll always love you

Posted by Dr Christopher Atang on September 29, 2019
It is with a very heavy heart that I write these few words in memory of our departed sister, Mrs Debora Wara. When we visited you in the hospital a few days before your untimely death, you demonstrated strength as you smiled and squeezed my hand as you assured me of total recovery. You also informed us about the vision you had with our Blessed Mother Mary. Your face brightened up when you narrated your encounter with the Mother of Jesus. I guess you were being prepared to meet her in Heaven to receive your compensation for being a staunch member of the Catholic Womens Association - CWA through out your adult years.
You have been an excellent inspiration not only to your beloved children and husband, but also to many friends and relatives who dearly miss you.
Finally, we pray for all members of the Wara Family to gather enough strength to withstand this traumatic loss.
May Mami Debora Wara's sweet and gentle Soul rest in perfect peace!
On behalf of:
The Atang Family.
Posted by Marjorie Wara on September 28, 2019
A Nə Adzəŋnɨ Zə Wi, Mbaʼá Má Ngúbɨ A Nyɛʼɛ́tɨnɨ Ɨbo Byi A Mu mbəŋə.
Nɨmo ngwe Wara Sɨrɨ Dɨbɔrə a chi mbe lá má ngubɨ wa chínə́ nkwárə́ a tɨtəri bɨgɨ a ndá Nɨghám Nɨ Mankûŋə. Wɛrɛ a kɨ́ tsi lá, be wɛrɛ a shwɛtə a windo zhi, nkon a mu Tsá, wɛrɛ a mɨ faʼá ɨdiʼí, Ɨ zɛgɨ, Ɨ chintɨ a kumnə, Ɨ tiʼə ghɨsɨnə ngə abvuʼə ɨben a mê le? Njwi za nɨghám lǎnɨnɨ ɨshiʼínɨ buŋ wɛrɛ a mɨ soŋ ngə zɨ a mɨ tô nɨngɔm Ɨ kɨ káŋ a mandzu a mbo ɨbo byɛ. A nɨ adzəŋnɨ zə wiə ngə wɛrɛ a tsô bo nyom ntsi keʼé bo zɨ bə saʼá. Kəfɛrɛ a chwírə a ɨfɔ atɨ atɨshe. Atətám a chwibɨ nkabɨ atú ɨfɔ Ɨ maʼá abvuŋnə. Bɨgɨnə mɨ ghɛn lá Ɨ ghe lě? O nɨmo O kɨ be lá ntɛʼɛ́ a tɨtərɨ bɨgə. O kɨ be lá ndiʼí aŋwaʼánɨ wɨgə. A nə a ko mɨlɨŋnə a nye ɨbo bo. Gho nɨvwo O nɨ nzdɛrɛ ghe. O ló ntsi keʼé zhwiʼítɨ zaʼánɨ le? Atú a zo sê a ndɨrə, nə nɨvwo? Ka O zhi a gho azum zə ɨshiʼínɨ le? O nə a be ɨfɨgɨ ɨmɨgɨ? Bɨgɨ zhi ngə bɨgɨ tiʼí bɨgɨ bɨgə. O kwáʼátɨ ngə O nə ake? Bɨgɨ mɨ keʼé tiʼí mbugə be tɨsən mbɨʼɨ́ ngə Okɨ́ chúʼú nkaʼá nga a mbo bɨgə, bɨgɨ mɨ kɨ tiʼítɨ a wɛrɛ atɨ a Ɨ nkɨə ghe. Nji zo Ɨ bɔ́nə́ be tso zɨ mbyindzɨə. Ɨ bvurə nkomə a mu atú bɨgɨ be tso O tɛm a barə ndá nghamə Ɨ wuə. Ntsɨrɨ ndzum njwi za O komnə a mu tsá a bé a tfuʼú Zəkɔbə njwi 4 a mu sáŋ Mɨghámə. Nji zo bɔ́rɨ́ tso zɨ ŋwon wa a lônɨ filye, O sóŋ ngə Ŋwi a tɔŋ ntəm mɨma gho Nɨmo Tabɨta Ngum Avwontom ngwe Samwɛrɛ Anyɛ Akuməawaʼá. Anu za a fɨʼɨ́ a gho abɔnɨ ɨbo bo be tɨsɨŋə, ndɔgɨnɨ a njwi mə wa O laʼá nkeʼé a mu tsá bə nkuŋə. Mbaʼá ká ɨlɨ ntomə a yi a nkyi tɨ nkɨkaʼá lá, bɨgɨ mɨ ghɨ́ zɔŋ a ndzum gho Ɨ kon fɔməbvurə ghe. O ghɛn O tɔŋtɨ bɨ nɨmo Tabɨta ghe. Bɨgɨ mɨ tiʼí soŋ lá ngə ke Ɨ nyɛʼátɨ a zɨŋə le? Atátɨ a ko mɨntsu mɨgə. A bɨtá bɨgɨnə bə kɔʼɔ́ a nguʼú abɔnɨ bɨgharɨ bə fɛmnɨ a bɨ kubɨtɨ a gho tso mángubɨ a kubɨtɨ ɨbo byɛ. Naʼá ŋwon a zɛgɨ nkyi a mɨgɨ zɨ zaʼánə. Filye fo!

                 By The Mankon Mother Tongue Forum
Posted by Irene Z. Fon on September 26, 2019
In Loving memory of Mama Wara, my cherished God Mother:

I don't really know where to start or how to react. I guess that's what happens when we're overwhelmed by what life throws at us, over which we have no control. I only find solace in trusting that she is in a better place, and thanking God for her life.

He let her survive the ghastly accident and live longer enough to see her grandchildren, and enjoy the warmth of family and friends.

I was able to reconnect with her as a teenager when I visited Bamenda and went to see her at their Nitop residence.
Tears rolled down my cheeks seeing her on a wheelchair but she told me not to worry, that she was okay and so glad to see me.

When I called her after arriving the U.S on a short trip, she didn't hesitate to show me the love of a mother. When we lost our mother, she consoled me to be strong, saying it is the road for everybody.
When she returned to Cameroon, I visited her and we stayed in touch until when her health became unstable and she was moved back to the U.S. I tried severally to reach her, until one day I had this odd thought and feeling...I learnt a few days later that she was no more.

All I can do is bid Mama farewell into the Lord's bosom, where we all hope to meet again someday. When she meets my mother (of blessed memory), who chose her for my Godmother, I'm sure they would have interesting stories to tell each other.
As for me, i cherish the memories we shared; the legacy she left behind and the impact on those she touched.
Adieu, Mama.

Posted by Brilliate Wara on September 24, 2019
Ou Ou ou...
If tears could bring you back , I know I would have you alive, right here with me. It gets real to me, by the day, that this thing called death is an ugly pattern and there is , sadly, nothing anyone can do to revert it.

Your resilience, hardwork, tolerance, positive spirit, selflessness & sincere love for your family and friends are qualities that carve you out as an exemplary figure to me and hundreds. You thought me by example, how to be a virtuous woman, a wife, a mother, a manager, an entrepreneur, etc. Yes, You were all of these and much more!

Oh Moda, (as I use to call you) writing to you today is one of the most difficult things I have ever done. It now dawns on me that you have truly embarked on a journey of no return.
How am I supposed to function without our daily chats,jokes,prayers, Songs, lessons, salient pieces of advice, even our little gossips! The children keep asking who will do hot banana cakes for them, who will knit warm wear for them, who will... who will... No no!!! This gap is sorely irreplaceable!!! You have always been there for me through happy and sad moments.

When you became ill mid last year, I could find no peace until you joined me in Yaounde , then my dear siblings & I later agreed for me to fly along with you to Houston. We chatted throughout the flight on so many strategic , life-changing issues which I have been implementing & promise to do so to the letter.
I thank God everyday for blessing me with such an exceptionally iconic Mother like you.

The night before your passing I was unusually weak & restless, a feeling which rapidly spread through to Sean, Dylan & most especially Dylise. We didn't sleep a wink that night till the cruel, news came through - You were GONE.
Moda. You are gone, YET YOU LIVE ON!!! Just another Angel has found their wings. I know you are safe, in God's arms, looking down on us. Till we meet again to part no more. I love you & Always will.
Mangieh Billiarte
Posted by Helen Mbah on September 23, 2019
It's hard to find befitting words to say now... But mbanyi, my best mbanyi my friend and sister, I thank you for having such an impact in my life. As a God parent in marriage, big sis and as a colleague, we shared many happy memories in Bamenda and Yaounde. I remember like it was yesterday, your caring voice echoing across the hills at cooperative college to Ntatru! oh wo woh? Death has no shame!
Mbanyi you were epitome of a good friend. A sister from another mother and my supportive confidence.
Dibiz, I never forget the day news broke out of your accident, I immediately went into shock, fortunately I was at the hospital and was resuscitated. Following the accident, you showed great strength of character, unshaken faith in the lord and remained a woman in prayers.
As you embark on the journey beyond, there is a massive void and deep sadness within my heart knowing you are in more. However, give gratitude to the Lord for giving me such and amazing and loving friend.
As a Christians, I'm comforted to know you are in a better place. You fought a good fight of faith. Rest in the bosom of the Almighty.
Mbanyi prepare a place for us as you have gone ahead.
Lots of love
Mrs Helen Mbah Aka Olo
Charlotte N.C.
Posted by Gregory Ikomey on September 22, 2019
Mama Dee my beloved mother-inlaw.     
     I called you Mama Dee because of the love and concern you showed me and my children. I knew this day will certainly come but a bit embarassed it came earlier and sudden than l thought. May your gentle soul rest in peace.
    I remember your last words to me a few months ago on your sick bed when l came to tell you good-bye on my way back to cameroon. You said " Tangieh, are you sure you shall meet me again because you don't like travelling out of your home" and lmmediately after this statement you turned your back on me and a few minutes later you turned to me with a broad smile hugged me and handed wool knitted sweaters made by you for my wife and l urging me to stay strong and to reserve your room in our home because you shall soon come back home. These words which l shared with my wife on my returns stayed fresh in my memory.
     Thank you Mama Dee for showing me how to be strong and persevere in life.
     Thank you for being a great counsellor.
   Thank you for your jokes,conversations and joyful moments we had together.
   Thank you for being the mother of my pretty and caring wife and granny to our kids. We all promise to keep the advice you gave us at our home in Yaoundé before leaving for treatment.
    Thank you and pray the land of our ancestors be light to you and May the Almighty God be more merciful to you as you take your final rest.
Farewell Mama Dee

Tangieh Greg Ikomey
Posted by Tantan Shella on September 22, 2019
My Mama,Ouou,Mamalistic mama.That’s how I used to call you and you will softly respond aunt shei and our day will go with lots of chatting and laughter.Mama with a golden heart ,I lack words to express the pains I felt when I heard that you were no more as you told me I should be waiting for you to come as you were not prepared to travel .At the same time am happy because I know deep in my heart that you are in heaven interceding for us as you used to do in your quiet moments
    You told me in our last discussions that your right hand has been broken after the death of your dearest sister(May her Gentle soul RIP)some few months ago. Mama little did I know that was our last discussion
    You taught me a lot of things which I can never ever forget,your jokes, cooking styles ,how to persevere,how to pray and many others ouou, I appreciate you ouou for that.Your love for me gave me hope that which mother’s with golden hearts gives to their children.I Loved You so much and will continue to love you till we meet in heaven
      I wish I could take care of you to the end of your last breath so you could advise me and for me to keep making you laugh while calling me shei
     My Dad,Mum,Husband,Angel and Tina misses you so much as you meant a lot to us all
   We love you but God Almighty loves you best.RIP dear mother.
Posted by Chelsea Awah on September 22, 2019
Dear Ouou,
Your face is still very fresh in my mind . All our memories and stories and gossip. It’s very hard to believe. I remember you teaching me how to say grace before and after meals. And making me like okro and teaching me how to cook and to be responsible. Seeing pictures of you knowing you are not there is heartbreaking. I always ran to your room first whenever you were around. You taught me how to knit and to be responsible. I was so happy that despite your illness, you were able to hear my GCE results and were happy. I love you very much Ouou. And I’ll miss you so dearly. I know you’re in heaven so please intercede for us. I’ll keep the rosary you me close to my heart always. Rest well Mama. Rest well my Ouou. I love you.
Posted by Bella Belle on September 21, 2019
May your sweet and gentle soul RIPP mama. May the good Lord we serve take you and keep you in His bosom and grant you rest. Our heart felt condolence to the Warah's family may God grant you all strength and courage especially at this time of mourning. Unto dust we came and unto dust we shall return. Mama ran her race and fought a good fight. Her memories will live in our hearts forever
Posted by GUstav Achu on September 21, 2019
Mama will be sorely missed. Her hertbof gold has forever blessed many of us her children.
Posted by Ayangyangka Jumbam on September 20, 2019
Mama you touched so many with your smile and warmth. We know you are now in the best care of He who made you and loved you beyond death. Rest in peace Mama and take care of my Jake. She still needs you around. Watch over the family and your next generation. You are now complete. ❤
Posted by Nonso Basil on September 20, 2019
Hi mama, I say hi because I know you can hear me.
I’m still heartbroken and in denial. I’m utterly disappointed at death for cheating us on this. We were not prepared mama.
I remember as a teenager, the day you sat down with me on the “varanda” and gave me a very important and free gift; advice about life. I will never forget how you took me as your son the very first day you saw me and how comfortable you made me feel around you. I can’t forget the way Prax talks about you all the time.
You are indeed missed mama and I know you are at rest .
Rest In Peace mama. We love you.
Posted by St Christ on September 20, 2019
Hello Mum. This is your very own son, Ngulle Lionel hailing you as a rare epitome of faith and love. I am so glad i knew you and most especially for the opportunity i had to spend most of my time with you growing up as a teenager.

Each time i left school, i looked forward to my time with Mami Wara. Once i got home, changed my clothes, had my lunch, it was off to Mami Wara's house. You always made sure i ate, even though i wouldn't mention i had eaten already. You embraced me as family and your children knew Mami Wara had another Son. Over at home, whenever they didn't see me around, they'd ask, "Wusai Ngulle dey?" and very most often the usual response would be... "E dey for Mami Wara yi house"
Then i would spend hours sitting next to you as you shared those precious moments with me.

I had the pleasure of wheeling you outdoor and indoor in that wheelchair. I always wanted to ride in it too. I remember once telling you that i looked forward to the day you'd walk out of it and hand it over to me and now you've walked out of the wheelchair to meet the KING!
I LOVE YOU so much Mama...the last time i came home to check on you, daddy couldn't really recognise me as i had so grown. I had to remind him and he screamed. Then he told me you'd travelled to the US.

Thank you so much for not only loving me the way you did but extending that same love to others and influencing each life uniquely. God bless, strengthen and comfort your family at this time.
Posted by Tah Rosellyn on September 19, 2019
"Mamalistic Mamalistic"that's how I used to call you.
And you will reply" Siri Fairy"
So many lovely memories we share together.

Your heart was solid gold and you made so many friends and help many.My Mother was one of them.
Your kind heart and prayers is what I learnt from your.
Ooh My Mother.words can't express the pains I'm feeling.
I love you.
I wish I’d have gotten the chance to say goodbye.
I wish your life had been easier.
You had to endure a lot for me and my Family
I wish you could be around to see your grand daughter.
Mama,I can't believe you left us.
Greet My mother" Anna Sanji" for me .
We love you but God loves you best.
RIP Mama
With love Anjong Siri
Posted by Helen Bujang on September 19, 2019
     It hurts me to think that you are no longer with us. Although I cannot help but smile with tears thinking of the great meaning to every moment we had together while you were full of life. Everything just gets different each day as we struggle to adjust to your leaving us.
    You were very instrumental to our quarter social group,''Loving sisters'' of Nitob 1 where we learnt a lot from you. You encouraged us to work hard for the upkeep of our homes, you gave us health tips, you made us feel comfortable and relaxed.I can go on and on . . . Mama you were such a great lady that even though you are gone your legacy lives.
    You used to recount interesting stories and experiences you had with late Pa Foncham [my dad] as colleagues and your mentor in the medical field.
   Rev. 21: 4 assures us,
''And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain, for the former things are pass away.''      
   When someone as dear as you becomes a memory that memory becomes a treasure. Thank you for loving and sharing, for giving and for caring.
    God bless you and keep you until we meet again.
    Rest in perfect peace
Posted by Irene Che on September 19, 2019
 Weah Mama you were a bicken of laughter. God sent you on a special mission to build a legacy that will continue to live from generations to generations. Mama your children and the entire wara clan, community and world have experience your footprints and love that you showed. Your steadfastness and fighting spirit shall be missed. Mama you came you saw and you conquered. Mama we will miss you I remember when we came to the meeting I saw you kneading caps and cracking jokes. Mama you have fought the good fight. You have left a legacy and a posterity. Mama may you Rest In Peace and May the eternal Heavenly Father grant you entire rest in his kingdom. Mami we love you but God loves you more. I pray Gods Confort , peace to the entire family. Farewell mother ! Journey our mother!
Posted by Theresia Ngu on September 18, 2019
Nimo, that is how we called ourselves. I cannot believe myself that I am writing an SMS to you which you will not see. I remember very well that we have known each other for forty seven years. Throughout these years, we shared success and failure stories as intimate friends.

When Gladys and Kingsley came up with their relationship, we told them to take their own track because we were not prepared to lose our long term friendship to an in law relationship.
  By God's grace the two never collided. We jealously maintained our friendship till God brought it to an end.
I grieved when you had the ghastly accident. I visited you both in the hospital and at home.
  During the long years you took to your wheelchair, l never failed once to admire your faith in God. On that wheel chair you organized a Thanksgiving for your life. To you, you were living a normal life. When you were given the opportunity to make a speech you thrilled your audience with a wonderful Thanksgiving speech.
  You have taught me a lot on a wheelchair. I feel guilty for not embracing all the way you taught me. To keep your memory l will pick up the broken pieces. Right away, I will join the Devotion group which you registered me and I dodged from it.You asked me to retain my membership. Nimo,October is month of the rosary. 1st October will see me a re-registered member.
Nimo Theresia Ngu

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