Missing Momma

Shared by Kenya Jordan on November 26, 2012
One morning my mother called me. It was around one or two a.m. She was a night Owl. That's where I get it from. I've never been a morning person. We talked, mostly small talk, but I had something big on my mind. I asked, "What are you watching?" She said, "Im watching Three's Company. What you watching?" I said, "Im watching Three's Company, too." We laughed a little at Jack and then I said, You know..... Im bisexual." There was silence in the air for a few seconds, then she laughed and said, "Girl, you must get that shit from your daddy's side of the family!" And it was OVER. And she still loved her oldest daughter unconditionally.You are sooo missed, Mother. Wish I could call and tell you about the mess Im going through now!!

Late-Night Telephone Calls......

Shared by LaVonia Rouse on October 22, 2011

Just want to tell little about my Big Sister Debra she was a nice,beautiful,wonderful young woman. She would call me know matter what state or city I lived in just to talk about anything n to check on me n my boys that's the kind of sister she was n it didn't matter what time it was but it was aways in the early mornings(2am or 3am). We would talk until the sun come up where ever i stayed, we would talk about life,men,are family,kids n then just before we would hang up with each other we would sing some of her favorite songs n just when we would get ready to get off the telephone should ask me to sing a gospel song with her n we would all was end up singing ONE DAY AT A TIMES SWEET JESUS THAT'S ALL I'M ASKING OF YOU JUST GIVE ME THE STRENGTH TO EVERYTHING I GOT TO DO................Then we would end our call!!!!!!!!!!! Now n since she has left us to be with the Lord every time when i think of her this is what i think about are late-night-early morning telephone calls............................................................          I MISS HER SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U MY BIG SISTER ALWAYS n FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE U,UR LITTLE SISTER La.Vonia Rouse

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