"If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart. I'll stay there forever."
-Winnie the Pooh
  • 45 years old
  • Born on May 25, 1971 in Wayne, New Jersey, United States.
  • Passed away on April 10, 2017 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of Dee Kerby, 45, born on May 25, 1971 and passed away on April 10, 2017. We will remember her forever.  Please upload your favorite Dee stories, photos and memories as these will be passed on to her daughters.  They will be cherished forever.

A memorial celebration will be held Saturday April 15 at 2:00 at Horan and McConaty.  The address is 5303 E County Line Road Centennial, CO 80122.  Please honor Dee's life by wearing the brightest colors you can find in your closet, black is unacceptable to her :).  A reception will follow at the same location and all who were luck enough to have been touched by this amazing spirit are welcome to join in. 

In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to college funds established for each of the girls.  If you would like to make a contribution please go to ugift529.com.  Erin's ugift code is C3L-U04 and Katie's ugift code is R26-N6X.

Posted by Natalie Barnard on 10th April 2018
Dee - it has been a year since you were taken from your sweet family. I have no doubt you are watching them from your perch up high and that your heart is swelling with pride and love at the young ladies your girls are becoming. Erin has spent the last 4 years of her life in my room every morning and I have watched her blossom into a beautiful young lady who will take this world by storm. It has been my honor to watch her growth and I know you are so proud of the beautiful soul your Erin in. The memory of this day for her will undoubtedly be sad, but she has countless people who love her and I have no doubt they will help her find smiles and happy memories of you to help her through the day. Be proud up there in Heaven, your girls are beautiful, loving, kind amazing young ladies.
Posted by P J on 18th May 2017
My sincere condolences to the family. Your loved one apparently lived life joyfully and really loved people. God has promised to bring about a time when we can see our loved ones again. Revelations 21:3,4. At that time all mankind will enjoy perfect health on a paradise earth. May you find comfort from the God of all comfort
Posted by Scott Moskowitz on 17th April 2017
I met Dee through her sister, Julie, while attending Kean. I often think of Julie and miss her dearly. I got to know Dee well and was very saddened to hear of her passing. Julie would often have her up to Kean and included her in all the fun. The two of them were full of life and taken from us way to early. My thoughts go out to her family.
Posted by Frances Brostrom on 16th April 2017
I did not know Dee, but through Kris, I felt I knew her. I am so sad for her passing. While it may be too soon, there is an organization that supports families, especially children for the loss of close loved ones. It's a free community service that meets weekly for 10 weeks and is a place for support groups, 1:1 counseling and a great resource. It is free of charge but accepts donations to keep running. It's called Judys house and it was originally funded by a Broncos player who lost a loved one as a youth. After we lost my husband,also 45' our children were 15, 13 and 9. We weren't ready right away, but called and set up with a new session several months after he passed My heart and prayers go out to you who've lost such a dear lovely woman. Hugs"
Posted by Christine Grygiel on 16th April 2017
I remember the first time I met Dee--it was in the Kappa Sig basement when she was a pledge but I was not in the Greek system yet. She was an amazing, magnetic person: so funny, so cool and so friendly. I literally didn't see her again for 5 months or so, when I was rushing ZTA. We were introduced and of course, I knew exactly who she was--I'd had a girl crush on her from the year before (I'm sure I'm not the only one). The thing that made my night--she remembered me too. I latched on to her and was lucky enough to have her take me under her wing while I navigated the next year of college. I felt special just by association--always so proud to answer "Dee" when people asked who my big sister was. And it was always "Dee"--I never had to add a last name because everyone knew her and appreciated her. Life wasn't easy for her but she never complained--just slept a little longer than we'd want her to! She was the first person our age truly passionate, & educated, about politics, opening my eyes to big issues (as well as my ears to new music). And I can't hear the words "Doc Martens" without thinking of her. Tony, Erin and Katie, I wish you peace, healing and comfort through your precious memories of Dee. She was one of a kind and an impact on so many.
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 15th April 2017
I have never meet Dee, I was just in here talking with my brother and sister Eatl and Patricia Grubb, but the stories I've read I can tell Dee was a wonderful person. I'm truly sorry for your loss of such a kind person. God sure does take the best doesn't he?
Posted by Laura Herships on 15th April 2017
I was so blessed to attend the service today and see and feel the love that was there. Dee's brother Bill shared that someone had passed a painted rock this morning that said "keep going!" And that seemed like a message. Well, this painted rock thing must be a thing today, but when I got home ( in a different neighborhood) I went to the mailbox to get our mail. The community mailbox is outside OUR fence. Leaning against our fence is one of those painted rocks, but it says "#BeKind" Literally the LAST words of Dee's service today that Jerry spoke were "make haste to be kind!" I smiled through tears and promised I would make haste to be kind, in memory of Dee.
Posted by Kim Merritt on 15th April 2017
I met Dee at Rutgers where we were roommates. I adored her pretty much the first night we moved in and hung out. She was so smart and fun to be around. We spend hours discussing events and politics. She was extremely passionate about her beliefs and wanted to change the world for the better. She definitely made the world a better place by being in it. Her passion was infectious and she made an impact on me and the way I thought about the world. I remember her love of music and to this day there are certain songs I cannot hear without immediately thinking about her. Her sense of humor was amazing and she could always make you laugh. She was warm, caring and possessed an ability to make you feel important and loved. It was both a privilege and an honor to know her and an even bigger one to call her my friend. Erin and Katie...I am warmed to know that through you, there are pieces of her that live on. I know what an amazing mother she was and that her beauty and spirit radiate through you both. Tony, I know what a wonderful friend/wife/life partner she was to you. I pray for all of you to heal and find comfort in the fact that she will always live in your hearts and will be watching out for all of you from heaven.
Posted by Kim Zuccarelli on 15th April 2017
As a friend of her sister Julie, I sit here and read all the beautiful words that everyone is saying about DeeDee and they are just like her sister who adored her to no end! She would constantly laugh and tell us ( Julie's college friends) stories about her sister and laugh endlessly. I have had the privilege many times of hanging out with both and this AMAZING family who lived in way and was filled with love, kindness, laughter, giving, and endless support. Looking at Dee's pictures reminds me so much of her sister Julie and what beautiful people they are!!! We are all so blessed to have had them in our lives. Dee's love was gigantic and contagious ... very very sorry for your loss as I know how painful this may be. Love and prayers to all of you. Kim Ross
Posted by Lisa Mcintosh on 14th April 2017
Words... I truly don't have any. I remember having her come to volunteer when Erin was in Kindergarten. Her love for others was evident in everything she did. Students would beg to get to go be with her. It was her spirit, her love and heart for others that permeated everywhere she would go. My heart and prayers are with you . Erin I love you sweet girl and to the rest of your family. She will love forever in all of you!
Posted by Megan Cope on 14th April 2017
Erin, Katie, Tony, The Cope Family is offering our prayers and love. We lost Vaughn, my husband, their daddy to cancer only 5 years ago. Please know we are with you in spirit, and your mommy/wife will live in you and through you always. With our love, Megan, Gretchen, Benny & Bridget Cope
Posted by Becky Hensler on 14th April 2017
Dee was the first parent to welcome my family to Heritage Elementary. She made me laugh, was encouraging, and provided a friendly face whenever I felt out of the loop. She made a tough transition easier by her willingness to share of herself and her time. I've always been grateful to have her around the school.
Posted by Lorraine Lutz on 14th April 2017
We are so incredibly sorry to hear about your loss. Cailtin & Katie used to hang out a ton. We always enjoyed Dee. She was always so pleasant and easy to coordinate fun adventures. She is such a sweet & wonderful Mom. Katie, I lost my Father in 3rd grade. I can feel your pain. I know he is still with me, guiding me through life... Let me know if you want to talk.
Posted by Amanda Frasier on 14th April 2017
My heart is absolutely breaking for your sweet family. Dee was so loved by so many and she will continue to inspire us by the way that she lived. Please know that you are all in my prayers and as one of Katie's teachers, we will take extra special care of this sweet girl.
Posted by Kathy Brennan on 13th April 2017
I will always remember my Rutgers days with Dee. 61A Huntington St. was a great place to live. Six girls in an off-campus condo that backed up to a park...lots of fun times! Dee chose the loft as her room & she decorated it with NY Giants gear & QB Jeff Hostetler's picture! Eric Clapton could always be heard playing on her CD player. To this day I think of her when I hear his songs. I have so many special memories of Dee and what I will remember most is how kindhearted she was, her sense of humor & her Laugh! That contagious Laugh! She was truly one of a kind. I have no doubt that Erin & Katie have inherited her kindness and her loving spirit. I am certainly a better person for having known her. Tony, Erin & Katie--may her love be with you always and your precious memories always comfort you. Dee--you truly will be forever missed. Rest in Peace sweet friend. Until we meet again... Love, Kathy Hawtin Brennan
Posted by Jillian Holtz on 13th April 2017
My prayers to all of you. She was a truly amazing person and will certainly be missed by so many at Heritage.
Posted by Nathan Meier on 13th April 2017
Tony, I am very sorry for your loss. My thought are with you and your family.
Posted by Carla Strobl on 13th April 2017
We were blessed to have met Dee and all the Kerbys via the softball world. As fellow softball moms, we shared many memorable moments together huddled (rain or shine) near a diamond. As our daughters moved on to other teams, it was always a joy to continually connect with her on the diamond and continue to share those moments going forward and we did that as recently as just over a week ago when the this season kicked off. It won't be the same without her. Dee was one of those special people who was kind, funny, insightful and just a joy to be around. She was a good listener and always made you feel at at home and she will be greatly missed. Our hearts and prayers go out to Tony, Erin & Katie and we are here if you need us. ~ Carla, Mark, Bridgette & Tyler Strobl
Posted by Steve Canella on 13th April 2017
When I was living in Highlands Ranch after college I didn't have many people to hang out with at all. I met Dee and all of the Kerbys through our mutual friend Jake Elrod and his family, as they were next door neighbors then. Dee welcomed me into her home for so many nights of awesome food and laughs. I remember me and Jake would always go over to Tony and Dees to watch the newest episode of Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia and I remember so well how Dee would have me laughing even more than the show when she'd tell us stories about her own experiences growing up in Jersey. Playing horseshoes in the backyard, watching Erin and Katie play with their xmas toys, the list goes on and on about the memories I have with Dee that I'll cherish forever. I even remember how just her nickname for Katie, "Bug", would bring a smile to my face. She was without a doubt one of the kindest and funniest people I've ever met and I can truly say my life is so immeasurably better from having known her. I can't imagine what Tony and the girls are going through right now, but they always have my endless support and I know Erin and Katie will grow up to brighten the world with their presence just as Dee did. I'm heartbroken this week, but I'm also so thankful all the Kerbys are people I have the privilege of knowing. I don't have kids of my own, maybe someday, but I believe that the only legacy you can leave in your lifetime is having and raising kids who make the world a better place, I already know that's the case with Erin and Katie cause Dee was an amazing mother and Tony is and continues to be one of the most amazing fathers I have known. Tony knows I'm not much for Bible quotes haha, religion isn't something I have in my life, but music is what I'm passionate about and use to interpret the world around me. So in closing I just wanna quote the Beatles about all that I think makes this sometimes tragic life of ours worth doing everyday: "All you need is love", and I know the Kerby family will continue to put love into the world always thanks to Dee. Love all of you guys.
Posted by Jeralyn Lawrence on 13th April 2017
I grew up in Wayne and went to hills. I ended up going to kean with dee's sister Julie. Julie loved dee and me and my college friends feel like we knew dee just from all of Julie's stories about her and the love that came out of each and every pore of Julie's when she spoke of dee. When Julie died, a part of us died too and every year on her anniversary we remember her and would always wonder how dee was. It is a sad day to hear of dee's passing. The pictures of her beautiful life are wonderful. She and Julie have the same smile and look so much alike -- it has brought back a flood of nice memories. My heart aches for the family. Rest in peace.
Posted by Brady Bigelow on 13th April 2017
I never know what to say or do in these situations. What I do know is that the world was a better place with Dee in it. She always had a smile on her face and was quick to find the humor is almost every situation. Tony, Erin and Katie, we are here for you anytime for any reason.
Posted by Sarah Hill on 13th April 2017
Your laugh was infectious. Any time I came around the corner (usually walking to/from school, but sometimes just on a Sunday summer evening) and saw you, my mood instantly brightened. You were quick to smile and chat about this or that. When I'd make a joke, you'd laugh like I was the funniest/wittiest/most delightful person on the planet. Your smile and your laugh made me believe that. And I'd leave your presence feeling more joyful than before. More grateful for good people in my life. More determined to make you laugh again next time. I am heartbroken that we won't get more of those moments.
Posted by Sharon Lombardo on 12th April 2017
I cannot find the right words to write. I'm so sad and cannot wrap my head around this. My heart is broken for Tony Erin and Katie. Dee was so amazing! So many times I spoke about her over the years and how she truly was so inspirational. I pass her house every day on my street and think about her often. The world is a sadder place today. Love you Dee!
Posted by Hope White on 12th April 2017
Dee had a particular light about her. Her humor was sharp, she wasn't afraid to be honest and she was thoughtful about the world. We shared a room a million years ago at Rutgers. We shared rough times for sure. 108 Hamilton will forever be a significant memory. I'm sad that I have not seen her since New Brunswick, but happy to know she was in Colorado- what a perfect place for her free spirit. Wish I had kept in touch. I am so sorry for her girls and husband, close friends and family. I cannot imagine your feelings of loss. Dee was so special, you are all lucky to have had her light in your life. Hey there, Dee, looks like you made a beautiful life and a beuatiful family and your resilience is an inspiration. Fly free, sister.
Posted by James Mayberry on 12th April 2017
Tony my heart goes out to you and your family. This is a very sad loss anything you need Tony please reach out to any one of the brothers stay strong my friend. God bless you.
Posted by Maureen Curran on 12th April 2017
I just remember what a bright and shining light Dee was. Nothing ever got her down. I never saw her without a smile on her face and a laugh in her heart. I know she is watching over you Erin, Katie and Tony and she will be with you EVERY defining moment. This whole community aches for your loss and we are sending all our love and support to you. We are here for you when you need us. Praying for your hearts to mend and for you to have peace and comfort in cherished memories of such a remarkable woman! <3
Posted by Connie Jones on 12th April 2017
Sending hugs & prayers Tony, Dee was always full of smiles when I saw her. May Dee rest with the angels above while she watches over you, Katie & Erin. I remember when I met Dee, she was so giddy knowing we we had the same names for both of daughters.
Posted by Todd & Michelle Jenkins on 12th April 2017
We will miss our long talks in front of the school after we dropped of our kids. We will miss our similar stories and ridiculous thought processes that make us who we are. We will miss seeing you drive by with Rudy riding shotgun. We will miss your softball advice and thank you for getting us into this crazy sport. You were so easy to talk to, very unassuming and hilarious. Team Jenkins will always remember you, this place won't be the same, but you will be cherished as one of the great ones!
Posted by Marilee Christofferson on 12th April 2017
Tony, Erin and Katie- I am so so saddened to hear of Dee's passing. Annie is heartbroken and told me "Oh I LOVE Erin's mom!". We have so many fun memories of Erin and Annie playing soccer together with Tony yelling "Send it! Send it!" from the sidelines while Dee and I made sure our little ones weren't running onto the field or getting lost in the soccer field crowd. Dee was always smiling and so warm and friendly. Annie always felt so welcome when she would spend time at your home in large part because of Dee's love and kindness to her. We love you guys and our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. Much Love, Adam, Marilee, Annie, Spencer, Garett, Logan and Avery Christofferson
Posted by Natalie Barnard on 12th April 2017
"As a school teacher you live for those parents who truly are there for their kids. You hope and pray and wish that every kid in your class could have an advocate in their corner who is there to support, push and encourage their child. I was lucky enough to have Erin in my class, and even luckier to be able to witness first hand Dee's love for her oldest child. Dee was always in Erin's corner, and truthfully always in mine too. Dee's love for Erin shone through in any conversation we had, whether in person or via email and Dee's influence of being a positive, loving role model was already seen in Erin as she entered high school. Dee will be greatly missed by family and friends, but Dee will live on in the strength, grace, honesty, and pure love of life that Erin exhibits daily which she learned from having a mom like Dee. Praying for peace for the family through these times, and sending you a big hug Erin - you know where to find Mrs. B. Love you tons."
Posted by Jennifer Walcher on 12th April 2017
Several years ago, my girls and I ran into the Kerbys at Five Guys Burgers on a very snowy day. We were all happy to see each other and sat & chatted for quite a long time, watching the snow fall. Tony and Dee asked lots of questions about my daughters' experience at our local high school. The conversation turned into such a beautiful time talking about parenting. Dee and I both shared how parenting our daughters was the greatest joy of our lives. We were both striving to be "present" for our girls, living each day fully, meeting our daughters' most deep needs. I hope Erin & Katie always know this....how very deeply their Mother loved then and loved being their Mom! <3
Posted by Kelly Good on 12th April 2017
My heart has been very heavy since I heard the news. Dee was a very special person to so many people. I cherish the memories that I have of Dee and will always hold her close to my heart. We had some really great times together! My thoughts are with Tony and the girls at this time.
Posted by A M Y Hertling-Johnson on 12th April 2017
I am truly heartbroken. We shared a lot of great memories, talks and dinners. I will miss my sweet friends voice, laugh and silly fun. I'm so sorry for Tony, Erin and Katie. You had the best, and I hope those memories carry you forever. Sadness overcomes me. My prayers go to the family for peace, comfort and Grace. Psalm 34:18 The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Amen.
Posted by Margery Kessler on 12th April 2017
I am heartbroken to hear the news of Dee passing. I haven't seen her in such a long time but she will forever by my sister and roommate ! We had a ton of fun at 108 Hamilton Street !! Rest In Peace sweet lady !!! ZLAM - margery dine
Posted by Bonnie Lafazan on 12th April 2017
While I haven't seen Dee in person in about 18 years, the memories of WV high school and living together at Rutgers at our "real" grown up house (oh that was THE craziness house and memories we had there can take up a whole book!) have come right back to the present. Dee was the most relaxed, chill easy going person always a big smile on her face along with the occasional giggle. What I learned when I really got to know her well was she had SUCH a brilliant mind ! I can remember having the most deep conversations with her that were meaningful and enlightening. We actually took a "dream" class together -no joke we got to nap in the class and then write in our notebooks what we dreamt about. I will never forget that class and all of her sharing that made us so much closer. She had so much spirit and life and love it is no wonder (now the last 20 or so years only my view into her world via Facebook) she had the most beautiful girls and sweet husband and you can just tell they lived life to the fullest in every single moment) A photo of one of her daughters holding up a sign at the women's march and Dee's comment--that's my girl she's ready to run for president in 2040-- really got to me. It showed everything --how proud of a mom she was, how proud she was of how she raised her girls and you can just feel the love and admiration there with her daughters in that and other posts. I pray for both of you that you live a life of legacy and carry on your mom's beautiful and infectious spirit. Sending lots love and hugs from NJ! Bonnie Cohen Lafazan
Posted by Jon Titmas on 11th April 2017
I am completely crushed finding this out. Dee and I shared so many great memories while going to Preakness Reformed Church together. Still to this day every time I hear an Air Supply song it reminds me of her and our time together. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

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