Let the memory of My beautiful Mom be with us forever, Until We All Meet In Heaven!
  • 76 years old
  • Born on November 2, 1938 in Wyoming, United States.
  • Passed away on March 21, 2015 in Wood village, Oregon, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dee Delgado, 76, born on November 2, 1938 and passed away on March 21, 2015. We will remember her forever, We will Always speak about her, she will Never be Forgotten. 

Posted by Clarissa Delgado on April 26, 2019
Mom, I still miss you so much. I don't know why? When our relationship was really just Phone calls. Hows Dad doing? I know he's Up there with you. And I can't hardly wait to go there. Love You And Miss our Conversations and Pop's beautiful Presence.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on December 22, 2018
I'm happy Your Happy. I do miss you terribly, just like you said I would. Jesus reassures me that Your with him and Very Happy,Loved,Content, peaceful and Having Lots Of Fun in Heaven. I do Miss your advice and hearing whats going on in your life. But I also know that you were suffering so much down here! And Now Your Not. I am going to come and see you soon enough, I have to finish my mission first. I am Looking forward to my Huge Hug from you when I get there.. Till we meet Again, In Heaven. Love U Mom
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on May 28, 2018
Hi Mom, just wanted to speak to you today. I'm feeling pretty bad today. I Miss My Grandbbys Terribley. And u always had advise for me when things were bothering me. What can I do to get to see them? Plz look out for them. Larrys hmless. Jes needs a job. Dad is choking to much. I'm finally strapped. Pray for us mom n Ask Jesus to help us. We stili miss You. And need to talk to you. Well anyways, Happy Mother's Day. I hope the Father blessed All the Moms up there. Your the Lucky One! Love You Also Mom.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on March 23, 2018
Hi Mom, it's been a bit sense I've written here. But that's ok, cause I still blow u kisses and talk to you, and ask Jesus to bless you with gifts and words from me. I'm still missing you very much. Its really hard not being able to call you. Its been 3yrs, 2 days ago that you moved to Heaven. I love you Mom, and I do forgive you for some stuff you did and said to and about me. I think you were very brave to except your dying. I always wished we were All there with you Holding your hand. you were so far away and in a strange place. I heard No one died alone, Cause Jesus comes or sends His Angels to escort you to heaven. I am excited about my future, with Jesus leading me, All things are possible. You taught me a lot of good things. Till we meet again My Precious and one of a kind Mommy.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on December 21, 2017
Hi Moma, I still miss you so much. I remind my self that your Happy in Heaven. and knowing that keeps me going. I know you visit me, sometimes I feel your presence and I hear you. Your funny and I know your laughing alot with everyone up there. Have you met all the aposals yet? And the other people in the Bible? I know your Alive in a world I will be in soon enough. I am sure you met abel. Promise me you will be 1 of the 1st people I see when I get there. My arms will be wide open for a Big Hug from you. I wish I can call you and buy you a Christmas gift. I will ask Jesus to give You something Awesome in Heaven. Even if it's words from me and a big Hug from me. Throw down some Gold and Jewels from Heaven for me. And Give Father a Big Hug and Thank you for Everything , Including sending his Son. Adam and his wife and kids are doing good. Jesse is such a sweet young man. My Grandbbys Are So Perfect. I Love and miss you dearly Moma. Till We Meet Again
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on September 29, 2017
Dear mom, I know it's been a bit sense I've written. It's Not because I have forgotten You, Far from it. I could Never forget You. I think about you Everyday. It's ok that you left this earth and went home. I honestly believe your Very Happy In Heaven. We Miss you So Much. I wish I can just call you and talk. I watch the videos of you, to remember your voice. Even though I sound just like you. This is still so hard for me, My heart is Bursting out of my chest, right now. This is the Most Pain full thing I have Ever gone/Going threw, Bar Far! Hope fully I will be able to see My Great grand babies. Then I can be up there with you. Please be waiting at the Gate for me, When I do. I love and miss you Dearly. Please come and visit Us, When you can. See you soon. Love you Mom
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on December 23, 2016
Come back moma, come back! God I Miss you today. It's almost Christmas. Hope your having a fun time in heaven. I'm thinking about something for the father to give you from me, for Christmas. I have to keep reminding my self that you were in pain down here. And your happy up there. That keeps me from loosing it. I love you mom. Please come and visit me often n in my dreams. sometimes I'm ok and other days I feel so miserable not being able to speak to you.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on November 2, 2016
Happy Earth birthday Mommy. I asked the Father to spend quality time with you and show you his favorite place in Heaven. And to tell you how much we love and miss you, and that we will Never forget you. I have been doing better. It makes it easier knowing that you are Happy as you said, and at Peace. and No Longer in pain. I should of been writing you hear, but I have been talking to you instead like you are hear with me. Mom, ask the father to help us All, and to help Daddy with his health. I Love and miss you Mom.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on June 12, 2016
Hello mom, I want to thank you for visiting me today. I don't know if I'm ever going to stop missing you? I heard it gets easier with time? But I do Know, that, I Will Not & Can Not, Ever forget you! Its good to know your singing and laughing and playing in Heaven. Its summer and pretty hot outside. And I won't forget Fathers day. Aren't my Grand bbys so Adorable.. Straight from the Heavens Above! Till We Meet Again, I Love n Miss You Mom. I will not say Good By, Because Your Always with me......And I thank you ahead of time, for the Gifts that your putting in my mansion just for me.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on May 8, 2016
Happy Mothers Day Mommy. I know your beautiful and looking younger then me. I have a present for Jesus, to give to You. I want him to take one of his favorite jewels and give it to you, as a present from me, And for Him to tell you, for me, That I miss you Everyday and I think about you often and That I Love You dearly, And if you want too & if Father allows you too, Please visit me in my dreams. And All of us will never forget you & you Are Very Precious To Us & We All miss you and Love You Deeply and Forever. Till We meet Again....
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on May 8, 2016
Mom, I just remembered to tell you that Adam & lynn got married, on New years 2016. But Of course I know you saw them, I fully believe the father lets you see All the Important events that go on down here. Happy mothers day n love you Soo Much.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on March 12, 2016
Hi mom, I hope your catching my kisses. I'm still missing you so much. I sometimes feel like screaming out! Last night was especially hard. I just realized that I can't touch you, Hug you. I've been praying for Father to let me see you doing what you do, in Heaven.Now I can relate to people that hurt so badly, that they don't want to live. But I know My mission isn't done yet. I'm going to visit the place where they laid your body on the 21st. I really don't have the strength to go there. Father told me to do it for Dad. Cause I know your not there, that's just your tent. Isn't Adler the sweetest little baby you've ever seen. We All miss you n Love you so much mom. See you soon
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on January 20, 2016
Father I forgot or couldn't think of any gift for you to give my Mom. I want you to give my mom a bottle with your beautiful sent in it. And tell her that I Love Her and Miss Her and to visit us often and when we go to Heaven, that she is one of the first people we want to see and hug. And that on this earth she will forever be my Mother and in Heaven my Close Sister. For Ever Missed
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on December 6, 2015
Hello my wonderfully made mom. I think about you Everyday. Are you having fun in heaven? I heard its a Blast up there! I do feel your presence some times. I'd Love to hear you speak to me. Were So far away from each other. I know you see me. did you get your talking sun flower? I would love a gift from you, from Heaven, if possible? Ask the father. Something with your name on it. Please. Sorry I haven't visited where they laid your body. I'm just not ready yet. We love an miss you Mom. keep an eye out for us. You Concord Death..Hallelujah!
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on November 9, 2015
Hi Mom, Were still trying to live with out You in this world. I still feel Your presence sometimes. I still Can't think to long or to deeply about you being taken to heaven, your passing. I just think of you being in heaven, you laughing,playing n feeling completely loved n safe, with Our Father. Not the other stuff. That is what you want us All to know. We Miss n Love You Mom. Till I see You Again...
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on November 2, 2015
Happy Birthday Mom!!! I pray Jesus gives you your hearts desires. And 1 pretty talking Sun Flower, from me, to You. And I want Jesus Christ to tell You that I love you and I miss you, thank you, And Happy Birthday. From All Of Us.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on October 17, 2015
Hi Mom, Your Earthly birthday is coming up. I want to go to where Your body is laid. I haven't gone there yet, sense I've seen them lower you. I think I'm a bit traumatized by it. It's A big step for me! It's actually going to be 1 of the hardest things for me to do n Go to. You told me that you Are Not there. But out of Respect n I need to break threw this sorrow n fear n go to your Grave site. On your birthday for sure mom.. We Dearly Love n Miss You So Much. Plz visit Us...
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on October 6, 2015
Mom, today is a gloomy day. No sun out n Raining. Which makes people sad for some reason. I like rainy days. I called dad today n he was sad, he really misses you. We all do. Sometimes the reality of u really gone, Freaks me out! N I hurt for Everyone Else. But Other times I'm doing pretty good. Please mom, try an visit everyone, even if its in there dreams. Like you did for me. I'm still prayin for Everyone like I promised You. I Love You Too Mom.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on September 22, 2015
Hi Mom, Its still hard living here with out you. We all still miss you Sooo Much. Its only been 6mths. They say time heals All wounds/A Broken heart. Its not like your replaceable. You used to say that you missed your Mom, even after 50+yrs. I believe with All my heart, That You Are happy, In Heaven. But I still miss you Terribly! We All do. I can hardly wait to be with you. Please keep an eye on us, & try an talk to us & Visit us in our Dreams & Keep declaring Salvation, healing & Miracles for All Of Us. We Love And Adore You Mom... Till We Meet Again.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on September 14, 2015
Hi Mom, I still miss u so much. It still hurts my aching heart. I guess i'm selfish, cause I know UR happy. I feel bad for Dad, he misses u so much. So does Leasha. Its Hard to feel the pain & Sadness that my family feels. sometimes I feel i'm carrying there pain on my shoulders.I keep praying for them. It would be nice if U visited them, even if its in there dreams. Just something to hold on to, like U & the Father did for me. It was the Sweetest Dream. I will Never forget it! the boys n my bby girl r doing good. Hows Life in Heaven? Did U get the gift? Plz Keep in touch. I Love You My Mom n Sis in Christ Jesus.. Till we meet again, At Home.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on August 15, 2015
Hello Mom, Its been 5mths sense You went home. I just found out that the meds made Your heart stop. And it sounds like to me that you suffered. And that You died Alone. I hope I'm wrong! And Jesus was there with You. I am sure you don't even remember how you passed. but it's going to take me a bit longer to get over this news Also. You were a Good mom. You did your best. I know You struggled with the pain of the past. I'm getting on with my life. But I always keep you hear in my heart & remember you & I have a silent moment for you Everyday. You Will Never be Forgotten & will Always Be Loved & Missed. Till we meet in heaven...
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on July 31, 2015
Hi mom, Its been about 4mths sense You went home. I'm so glad you didn't suffer. I only think of the good memories. The kind things you have done. And All the support you gave me. Mom, I Hold All the secrets n blessings you gave me, deep in my heart. I have nothing bad to say about you. I know You loved me n cared about me. I understand that you had a hard life. And I am so Glad that God Has You. I love You my 1 and only mom. And I Miss You so much. Till We Meet Again...
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on July 28, 2015
Hi mom, I called dad today, We talked about you, of course we mention you Everyday. leasha put a picture on her facebk. Of course you look as pretty as ever. God, mom, Its so hard living & going on with out you here.Knowing that I'm going to see you soon enough keeps me going. Plz visit us Often. We Miss & Love You My Beautiful Mommy. Tell Jesus I said Thank You. & I hope Jesus Gave You The Gift & message I asked Him to give you. Talk to you soon, Love you Forever & Some......
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on July 17, 2015
Mom its been a while. It's still hard for me to leave a message here. It's still hard to look at your pictures.It's still hard to even think about you. We All miss you so dearly. Mom I still cry every time I get on this sight. I'm sry I haven't visited your resting place yet. On your birthday. Say hello to our father for me. I Miss & Love you my beautiful mommy.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on July 5, 2015
Happy forth of July Mom. Everyday it gets a bit easier. As long as I keep in mind that you are Happy & Safe in the arms of our Father. its a windy day today, it looks like a storm is coming. My bby girl is napping here. she is so beautiful mom. I thank God that you got to hold her and see her a few times. Adams GF is having another bby. Plz come and see him/her after he's born. I Miss you Mom. Love you Too.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on June 29, 2015
Mom I really needed to call n talk to you today. It's hard not being able to call or visit You..Never! I wish It didn't hurt so much. I keep remembering you laughing in heaven. That is the 1 thing I will never forget. And the 1 thing that keeps me going. I Miss our talks. I miss your advise. I miss your hugs. I miss your unconditional Love. Say high to God for me. Love you
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on June 27, 2015
Hi mom, Just thinkin about you. I've been doing alot better these days. I know your happy & That makes it easier for me. And I believe with all my heart that I will see you again. I have been keeping up my prayers for All the family, like I promised. I know you read these & r watching us. We still miss & Love you. We will never be able to forget you. You were our 1 and only Mom. Talk to you soon......
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on June 22, 2015
Hello, I was hurt by something I heard, so I took a break. Sorry. Mom I want to tell You that I really do love you. We had some good times, Alot of laughs. I'm doing ok, still a bit numb. plz visit me again. I will Never forget your Sweet & Innocent voice & the Laughter u feel in Heaven. Thank you & Thank God for Hearing my prayers.
Posted by Charlotte Chavira on June 12, 2015
I luved everything about my Nanita...Her beauty, stories, food and definitely last but not least ur humour. She could make you laugh so much and always make u feel better. I was honored to be able to put the makeup on her before we laid her to rest. My Nanita always looked nice and was a very classy lady about her appearance. She also had an extreme faith in God and I believe shes up there looking down on us and waiting for us to get there to make us some of her famous Chilequiles.. I was gifted with her talent to sing and luv music. I sang a song at her funeral she always luved to sing. I was so nervous but I know she was so proud of her Charly Brown.. (what she called me).. One day I will be with her again and cant wait. Until we see each other again she will be missed dearly...Te quiero mucho mi nanita y gracias por todo. Charly
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on June 8, 2015
Hi Mom, Its only been 3mths. So we R All still trying to focus n function with out you. I have been secluding myself from everyone. But I have been dealing with Your passing. Gods Been strengthening me. Thank God You prayed for/with me. We all have taken your passing pretty hard. But I believe God is helping us All get threw this. Its going to take more time. I'm happy that you made it to Heaven/Home. And I'm Hurt n Sad that you left/Passed. I am going to try n go shopping today, Maybe. I love n miss You My Precious Mom n Sister in Christ our Lord.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on June 7, 2015
Hi Mom n Sister in Christ, I have been praying n really getting a hold of God. And Charlie said She saw u go in the Pearly Gates. I'm so happy you made it. Wow! I Thank you for being so kind as to letting us see n talk to you. It means so much to us to know that your Finally at Home With God Almighty. If you want me to tell Dad, or any one, Anything, I am open n Always Available to See n Hear from you. I love n Miss You, My Sweet Moma.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on June 6, 2015
Hello Mom, we had a family dinner today, because we know its U n Dads anniversary, Dad said 56yrs. I want him to feel better n just put a smile on his face. Its so hard to feel All the pain that my family is feeling from your passing. None of us can really comfort each other, because we're All hurting! Its like we're All so lost with out you. Go figure we'd miss You so much!? We're like Broken Emotional Drug Addicts, With out the drugs of course. We love n Miss u way to much for words...
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on June 2, 2015
Hi Moma, I guess I'm grieving. I guess these stages r part of it. Some days/times I feel ok. Other times I don't feel. N Anger pops up, regret, sorrow,sadness,hurt, terrier,loneliness,missing U, Most of the time I feel Lost n Broken. I know n realize that Ur in a happier place. But my heart n Mind R having a hard time rapping my mind around it. Sometimes I feel like I'm loosing it. Those R the days I have to calm my self down. Most days It feels like the world is crashing/Caving in on me. I'm trying to focus n function. We miss n love U Very much Mom n Sister in Christ.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on June 1, 2015
Every time I pray and worship God, I feel your right here, I feel your presence stronger. Like your standing next to Jesus, listening and watching me. I even hear you, the things you say. I do still miss you mom. It feels right, like your where your suppose to be. I know your happy. Gods a Good God. I love you my beautiful Mom n Sister in Christ Our Lord n Savior. N Thank you mom for All your prayers.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on May 27, 2015
Hi mom, I'm ok. I went n visited daddy yesterday. plz ask God to heal his broken heart. n it would b nice if you would visit him, Also. n show him how peaceful n happy you are. That really gave me a whole perspective on life after death. I love you so much my Beautiful Mom n Sister in Jesus Christ. When I miss you, I just look up n say hello... Thank you for not leaving us n for watching over us.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on May 25, 2015
Hi mom, I want to Thank you for visiting me, Again. I am not sad or crying anymore. Because I understand n Totally believe that You are in Heaven. Laughing n playing n Content. You are finally home! Plz keep visiting me. Love you Mom n Sister in Christ.....
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on May 22, 2015
Hi mom, I put up some pictures of you. Its still so hard to believe that I can't just call you on the phone, even just to chat. God! Will I ever be ok?! I feel like I'm going to Miss you forever. What keeps me going on is knowing n believing that your Actually Home in Heaven, Healthy, Young n Very content n Happy. Plz Visit me anytime. I love you mom n Miss you too much.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on May 16, 2015
Hi mom, Just thinking about you today. I understand that you were so tired. We drew closer the last 2yrs. You knew you were going to leave this earth soon. I actually had 3 chances to call you, n tell you how much I Appreciated n loved you. Some thing kept telling me to call you 1 & 2 wks prier. Lee said that you knew I love you. But Did you know That I Appreciated ALL that you did for us Also?....
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on May 14, 2015
Today Wasn't a very gd day. I thought about you, n the pain was real intense. Sometimes I think about how your in heaven n your happy. And other times I get Real selfish and I "Want You Back Here Now! It's So Deeply unbearable! I can't think about it for too long n when I go outside, or the tears flow no matter where I'm at, I can't just cry everywhere! Love You Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on May 12, 2015
Mom, I still feel like your here n I still hear you when you talk to me. But some how its not the same. We miss n love you so dearly. yesterday I taped your voice from the answering machine. It sounds like me. Plz keep in touch. n plz come n visit me n talk to me anytime. I love you with All my heart.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on May 11, 2015
Hi Mommy, I have my bby girl with me today. She will be told All about you, she will tell her kids about you. We will Never forget how wonderful & Amazing you were/R. I know your having fun up in heaven. We miss you mom. Thank you for showing us the way on this earth n Thank you for teaching us about Jesus n his love for humanity. Love n Miss u.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on May 10, 2015
Happy Mothers Day. Sometimes I missed your special day. You Are the Most Important Person In My life. I love you dearly. I Thank you for being my mom. I thank you for being my best friend. I thank you for Always being there for me. You are a Good and loving mom. And I do appreciate you and All that you have done for me & my Sons. Love You Mommy...
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on May 9, 2015
Oh my Beautiful mommy, How we miss you so badly. We cry. But I know that you are rejoicing in Heaven, Your real home. My hope is that some day we will meet again in heaven. unless God lets me see you sooner..Love You mommy
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on May 7, 2015
Its hard for All of us. Mommy we All miss u so much. It's hard to believe your really gone from this world. You can visit me still anytime. And I would love to hear u speak to me anytime. I love n miss u my beautiful mommy.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on May 5, 2015
I try n return here everyday mom. I think about u most of the day. I want to hear you talk to me, I want to call you and just talk.We all miss u so much. I know you r happy in heaven. Thank you for being my mommy. Love Forever N Always.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on May 4, 2015
I love u mommy, God knows how much we miss u...Everyday. Its hard to believe you're really Gone. Ask Jesus to visit n look out for us.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on May 2, 2015
Mommy We still miss u, Always n forever.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on April 25, 2015
My mom was my confidante. She was n is my evrything. No one can even compare to how much I will always love her. She was so perfect to me. She was n is so important to me. She is so loved n Missed. Every breath I take is sorrowful. everyday I live is painful. My Mom was kind n Gentle n supportive n helpful n beautiful n careing. She Loved God n her Kids n her Husband. She was funny n silly n Full of life n energy. Her Brother said that mom was always a firecracker & that she was a good singer, she won singing contests n she was Always there for her bros n sisters. Mommy was a giver of her time n love. She was a virtuous n Good n God fearing woman. Thank You mommy for being my mom, I am honored n blessed that u chose me to be ur daughter. I love you Forever n Always, Till we meet again , In Heaven. Your daughter Clarissa Emma
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on April 25, 2015
My mom had 7 kids. She was a genuinely good person. she cared for people. she helped All of us when we were in need. she always was open n available when we needed to talk or hear wise advise. she was the 1st person to be there when we were hurt.
Posted by Clarissa Delgado on April 25, 2015
I love you mommy. N God knows I Miss You desperately.

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