Forever Loved n Missed

My mom was my confidante. She was my evrything. No one can even compare to how much I will always love her. She was so perfect to me. She is so important to me. She  is deeply loved & Missed. Every breath I take is sorrowful. Everyday I live is painful. My Mom was kind & Gentle & Supportive & Helpful & Beautiful & Careing. She Loved God & her Kids & her Husband. She was funny & Silly & Intelegent & Full of life & Energy. She was good at scrabble, and Enjoyed watching wheel of fortune.She could play a little piano, she wrote childrens books and crocheyed. She liked to talk, and Also Listened.She had a very hard life. but she loves Jesus Christ and Always mentioned him in All her conversations.Her Brother Richard said that Mom was always a firecraker & that she was a good singer, she won singing contests n she was Always there for her bros n sisters. Mommy was a giver of her time n love. She was a virtuous & Good & God Fearing woman. Thank You mommy for being my mom, I am honored & Blessed that You chose me to be ur daughter. I love you Forever & Always, Till we meet again , In Heaven. Your daughter Clarissa Emma