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Unforgettable Dehinde .. 10 years after

February 12, 2021
by f ade
Today I write about our unforgettable Dehinde, a great husband to my dear friend Oluremi Owodele Ogunware, loving father of adorable young men. Dehinde was one of the closest guys to our family. The calming factor in my friend's life. He was a good husband, a very good father. Having discovered my passion for education, especially 11+ exams prep, Dehinde would discuss the future of his boys with me for several hours. He would express his desires for his boys to be privately educated. He was very dedicated to his boys, ensuring they passed the 11 plus exams. . His dream came true, the boys are doing very well. Two of them are graduates of Russell Group Universities,  the youngest is about to go to University. I am sure you will be whispering to the angels of how proud you are of your boys and Remi.

Dehinde was also a lover of fashion, complementing my dear saxxy friend Remyz. I used to call them Posh and Becks. They both wear trendy outfits with ease. Heavens smiled on them and blessed the work of their hands. I remember our parties at their luxury home in Radlett, Dehinde ensured everyone enjoyed every minute spent at their parties. I guessed he knew the candle will burn out very quickly, leaving us with only memories and 3 young versions of himself. Dehinde passed after a very brief illness, everyone was shocked, pained and sad. Dehinde gained his wings on the 12th of February 2011. The boys were young, Remi was confused,  we were all saddened. Having experienced the death of my parents at a very young age, I knew life would be very different for the boys. Remi single-handedly raised these amiable young men with God's help. Today, I salute the memory of my dear friend Dehinde, the courage and resilience of my dear friend Remi for raising the responsible young boys Dehinde left. Rest on Dehinde in power and perfect peace.
Folu Adebayo

Unilag days

December 23, 2013

I could remember our days at Unilag with Dehinde, Niyi Adesanya, Biola Oladoja and myself at the faculty of Educatiion. How late Dr Mrs Busari used to tease and comment on our acceptable attitudes. I still remember when i visited you in 1997 at Seven sisters and how you drove me round and gave me a warm reception with Remi, your wife. Also memories of my family's visit to you in Borehamwood on your 40th birthday and many more-------. U were such a loving friend that doesnt discriminate. You put in so much to make this life worthy to be for your family and people around you. You will always be remembered of your laughing moods at all times. What a loss to this generation. Rest in the hands of the Lord. Sun re oooo!!!


December 7, 2013
What a friend, Deinde you were too nice to go so so soon, thanks for the amazing joy and laughters you gave us in this your very very short life. We all do miss you. Rest in perfact peace.


March 15, 2012

@ Deola,Nike,Ireti,Dupe and Michael pls accept my condolences on your sad loss of your brother the Big Dee. May his soul rest in perfect peace,the good Lord will take care of his wife and children.Amen. Big Dee you're unforgetable ,the memories of our contact through your brother DEOLA still lingering on my mind.Rest in the bossom of our lord.MAA SUN NINU OLUWA RE,OLUWA YO DURO TI AWON OMO T'O FISILE OOOOOOOOO.BIG BRO KUNLE(lagos)

May your Soul Rest in Peace

March 9, 2011


 Lord God almighty, Please keep the Soul of my friend Dehinde David Ogunware, He was such a nice easy, positive going gentleman, smart, socailite, Professional, Man of the people,, Dehinde, Your Soul is safe with the Lord,,

 *** Please Deola Ogunware na Stevo pls contact me, I am not in UK, @ the Moment, i'm in Europe, very close to Germany where u are?? pls contact me,, how's Dehinde's wife and kids doing?? pls inbox me,, i am trying to get Stanley's contact as well..


Stay Blessed..


What a friend, Entertainment Minister,,

March 9, 2011


 hey Friend,

you will be missed. remember all the from OSSAS to FSS Lagos with Deola, to Holland, you remember when you left germany for good, We stayed together in Amsterdam, remember me and Marvin the suriname guy when we drop you @ Schipol airport to London, again we met again 2004 in London again with Stanley. Remember my birthday  @ Diva Club Chelsea, we had fun, then later we drove to my yard in Surrey Kingston,, and now what??? was expecting same celebration..

 Deinde you left so soon,, why?? what happen?? The Lord Almighty have your Soul, Rest in Peace.. so re o ore mi.. it is Well in Jesus Name,,,


March 4, 2011

I remember when I first met you. Kunle always spoke about you and I came over to Germany. I l stayed with your sister Ireti and I thought what a nice family. You always came to check on me every single day and made it your duty to take me out. I also met your brother Deola and you were all so nice. We went touring, clubbing and so many places. When I returned to London I was telling Kunle what a lovely person you were. When you moved to London you visited us promptly. I remember your every step even when Ayo was born. We talked a lot. You understood the character of each of your friends. You were one of the groom's men at my wedding and we would not have had it any other way. Oh Deinde how death has snatched you. I fear to think that as each day passes We will not receive your phone call especially when you guys talk in riddles planning when to meet up and I keep trying to decode it. Kunle never once made a complaint about you. I could go on..... Those memories will be forever cherished. DEINDE you are with the Lord resting till we meet again.


March 3, 2011

1977 TO 1980.We rolled over ijebu,me, you, bosun kuku,Nurudeen Adekoya,Late Musa Ibrahim and  Laide Onanuga,we were teenagers but very rascal,i could remeber that we both left in 1980,and we countinued our friend till the day death took you away blood.RIP BLOOD.

February 22, 2011

Deinde, i thank God for your life, you are such a wonderful guy,May almighty god be with your wife , kids, and comfort the family you left behind,

may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace


dami akinnitire

February 21, 2011

dehinde , i thank God  u achieved alot with the little time u spent in this wolrd may your soul rest in perfect peace. may alijanat be your home because u deserve this with the little time we spent together  in muchen, germany  u are a easy goiing guy may almighty Allah continue to be with your wife and the kids u left behind.

Tj, opon

February 20, 2011

back in d days in munich germany. deinde u gone so soon .we love u but God loves u more than us.i pray that God will surelly be with d children u left behind.

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