A unique person

Shared by Keith Blue on March 31, 2019

When I would visit my cousin she would educate me about the Blue family. Her memory was as sharp as a razor. She would frequently make me laugh.  My cousin was strong and I  witnessed her strength on many occasions.  I would have so much fun when I would have lunch with her. Not having my cousin to talk to and to say I love you is a tremendous lose and it will affect me for the rest of my life.  Those times when she would bring an extra steak n cheese or an extra soul food dinner just for me when I would be visiting family are precious memories that I will never forget.  I  love to eat and when I would eat with my family I had so much fun.  When she shared with me how to clean the cookies from my computer demonstrated her sophistication with technology and  I  noticed she was very talented. I am not saying this because she was my cousin,  she truly was gifted.  She was the only person that I knew that was from a military family and that had traveled to another country. I have been enriched tremendously from my experience  with my family and I will never forget the lessons I have learned.

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