her Life

Delilah Hope Perez

Delilah's life began on Febuary 14,1998, Her mother was in a car accident on the 13th. Due to complications from the car accident Delilah had to be delivered by C-section She was a beautiful baby that weighted in at 2lb110z. From the moment I saw her I fell in love with her. She stayed in the hospital neonatal care unit for 45 days. The day we brought her home was so wonderful. I could tell her mother loved her very much. The only complications she had was ashma. That followed her till the day we lost her. She loved to give hugs I loved that about her she loved everybody. When she saw you she always had a smile and a hug for you. She told me once that when I got old she would take care of me. She loved the song Hey there Delilah. She also liked listening to Michal Jackson songs. Delilah was a very loving teenager. Her and were talking one time she told me that her mother was more like a best friend to than a mother she loved her mother very much. It is so sad that we could not see her grow up and become a young lady. There are so many memories of her to much to mention. I know she was loved a lot by all her family and friends. Her life ended to soon on August 4,2011.