her Life


She was the great grand daughter of Samuel G Lane and Mary, The granddaughter of Samuel Levi Jackson Lane and Elizabeth Niece {Neace} Lane,and of Benson Adkins and Martha Vance Adkins. the daughter of Lace Vinson Lane and Harriett Adkins Lane. She walked to school she attened Cove Gap school. Her mother would have there lunch waiting for them when they got home for lunch and after lunch they returned to school. She made straight A's in school. When at home she worked on the farm along side of her mother , dad and sister Mae. Times were very hard then and they did the best they could. But they did make time for play and her cousin Loucindy McCoy was a big part of the play time. She very seldom got in to any trouble but when she did her daddy would give a wipping that she did not forget and that was what kept her from getting into things she should not. At the age of seven her world had been turned in side out and the begening of a extreamly hard life. Her daddy whome had served in the army and returened with very little harm a piece of srap metal to his hip, Was out logging and a log rolled over him and did a lot of damage to his leggs. The doctor had said he would never walk again, but unknown to the doctor and to her daddy he was also internaly injered. In the weeks following the accident he devloped breathing problems that had took his life.This devistated her and the family but at least her daddy managed to tuck away 500.00 dollars unknown to them untill his will reading. He had left the 500.00 for her mother to take care of his daughters and he left the land to the daughters not to be sold only one could sell it's share to the other and no one eles the land must go air ship to insure my blood will always have a tie to him for generations to come. The money soon ran out and they did there best to servive off the land and the livestock they had and did good some years and other's near starved.Her mother knew she had to do somthing so she set out to find a new husband and she finally found one or so she thought she did. She met Ira Horne and he promised her the world and he seemed to be for real and he bought her thing spent a lot of time with her and gave her money to help her along the way. After two years of corting he asked her to marry him she said yes ad she soon found her self with child so she told Ira they had to move the wedding up due to the fact she was with child. He said ok so when was you thinking we should she replyed this day. He began acting real funny and blacked out on her she sent for the doctor and he came as Mr. Horne was comming around. The doctor knew Mr. Horne and as he was checking him over he was talking to him and she was sitting by his side when the doctor said something that sent furry all thru her. The doctor said Well now Ira you must of got the new's already that i just delivered your third child and it was a girl your wife and child are fine but you should be used to having kid's by now i can't seem to find any other reason for your fainting. She was devistated and began screaming at Ira so you forgot to tell me you were married and that she was with child also. I am guessing here you intended to divorce her and then marry me in secret. Or you just never planed on marring me at all. She turned to the doctor and asked where Mrs . Horne lived and he toled her she told Ira she was going to talk with his wife for she now had no intentions of ever marring him and Mrs Horne had the right to know that her child was a half to her children and that she was so sorry for what he had done to them both. She sat out to speak with Mrs Horne and did as she said. To her suprise Mrs. Horne knew about her and also knew her husband would never leave her so she was not worried at all. Her mother vowed they would not go hungry again so she set out to find suitable men to marry her daughters. They had to meet her requirements they had to be hard working, mature, willing to love her daughters make a good home for them and not to take from them there birth right or in any way try to dispose of the lane land that was left to them and to insure it went airship for generations to come so the lane blood line would always have the lane land. For six years after her dad had passed away they lived a life of pure misery. She was twelve when her soon to be husband was introduced to her. At the age of thirteen she married William Haskell Neace because he met and agreed to all the requirements that were layed out. The documents were signed and her Mother held and garded them close for years and years.