A mother’s extended Love

Shared by Ninfa Noval on May 10, 2021
Mommy Metring as I call her is a second mother to me. I’ve known her and the entire family for so many years thru her children especially Lelyn who became my best friend. Since I moved here in California I spend most of my weekends with her. We go places that she/we would like to go. When I was still living in New York, she will call me anytime of the day or night just to say hello and check on me if I’m okay like a real mom. She worries about me because she knows I live alone in a big city.  I feel the love and concern she extended on me. She has a big heart, kind and loving person. Now that she’s gone, I feel a hole in my heart that both my biological mom and her are gone! Rest assured mommy Metring that you will remain in my heart as how I feel with my real mother. You will forever be missed! 


Shared by John Silva on April 23, 2021
You lived a life that put other people in awe. You had a large family that honored you and close family ties. You were well traveled and experienced adventures and hardships as well. I am going to miss seeing and spending time with you. I am going to miss seeing your overcrowded walls in your apartment. I am going to miss you holding on to my arm as you walk. I am going to miss hearing you sing your alma mater song. You are more than just a memory. You will be forever in my heart. I love you. -Lesley

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