Her Life

Maw Maw

This woman right here was the heart and soul and backbone of this Family.

She was the one u could ask anything and even if it wasnt the exact correct answer it still made sense!

She Raised 4 of the meanest guys Ive ever been around as well as a firecracker of aunt and they knew better then to look down there nose at her, cause Maw maw didnt play that she'd grab a frying pan if she had to and i saw "had to" a few times.

But no matter how many times she jumped on you for the screen door being open or you being in the fridge or kitchen when it wasnt meal time.

You respected HER!

You Loved HER!

You helped HER!

You asked HER!

You Talked to Her!

and if you feel like I do right now you Miss HER! WE love you MawMAw!