When mom came to visit me in Ghana the first time as a Peace Corp Volunteer

Shared by Natalie Leblanc on April 26, 2021
I was so overjoyed and counting down the days to her arrival. I actually drew a calendar on my wall with charcoal in anticipation of her arrival. I also knew she was bringing one of my siblings and I was so excited about that too. For they couldn't or didn't write and I would use e-mail. Anyway mom came off the plane and I was waiting for her with my friend Vicky who happened to be doing an internship in Ghana while in medical school and she and I did Marie Brooks Caribbean Dance Theater together....I made a sign that said Yi Maraaba Mommy and Mandisa - which means Welcome in Dagbani, the language of the Dagomba people in Northern Ghana. I actually thought Mandisa was Mireille because of her size from the distance - but it was Mandisa. I was so excited to see her too. I had gotten her a dress made from flour sacks and got mom a dress made from African fabric a mumu of sorts....We stayed at one of the 5 star hotels in Accra, the capital and then I think we went to a hotel that was in the lush part of the country. We went hiking through the rainforest and we also went to the slave castles...actually I think we went to the slave castles first and then to the rainforest. We then went to Kumasi - where we enjoyed the food because it is most like Caribbean food - her favorite dish was red red - made with Black eyes peas in a spicy sauce with pepper and tomatoes with fried sweet plantains.

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