This tribute was added by John McDermott on September 15, 2020
A lot has been said by several people on this site and I really don't have much to add. One thing I will mention is her sense of humor. She would often come up with things that cracked me up. Denise was my downstairs neighbor at Chapter One condos for 10 years. I always enjoyed talking to her and doing what I could to keep her independent as long as possible. She stayed on her own until age 92, which is amazing. She was one of the best neighbors I've ever had and a great friend as well. Paula and I sincerely miss her.
This tribute was added by John Scott on September 14, 2020
I met Leo when I was twelve, he brought me up to his house where I would spend a lot of time. Denise would become a second mother to me, I would even call her Mom. I always felt at home and would love stories she would tell me about the past. I can still hear her with her slight accent tell me to wipe my feet in Dutch. She was a very special person and loved by all. I was so fortunate that she would become part of my life. I know she is in a special place with Leo and his dad. Dennis would always keep me up with how she is doing and what was going on.
Thank you Denise for the memories and the best of friends. I will never forget you.
This tribute was added by Judith Raymer on September 9, 2020
I had the great privilege of meeting Denise about 6 years ago, when I moved into Chapter One with my son Robby. She would sit in the garage by the door looking after her fur baby Nicky. At first we did not have a lot to say, just a hello how are you. Well that was until Robby brought home Dreamer, then Denise just lit up all over. And of course she gave Dreamer a treat, well Dreamer found herself a new best friend. So almost every day Dreamer had to go visit Denise and Nicky. Dreamer was a rather large Dog. Denise would say come in and once we got through the door, Dreamer would head straight to Nicky’s food. I would apologize and she would say Nicky was saving it for Dreamer. So I would bring down dry dog food or treats which Nicky would enjoy. (She called them pebbles) She would tell stories about her life as a child, wife, mother and widow.  We became such good friends and every time I saw her she would say I love you Judy. I love you Dreamer. I miss her very much. She would say Robby Is my boy friend . He would go visit her too. If Dreamer got away, we would always find her at Denise’s. She loved it when Robby would come in and sit on the floor and talk to her and play with Nicky. We all love Denise and miss her. This has been a horrific year for her. Not being able to get visitors. Being alone in the nursing home.   I love you Denise Ruskus always remember that, you have brought me so much joy, give Dreamer my love❤️❤️
This tribute was added by Alexa Ruskus on September 9, 2020
I will always remember the times spent at Grandmas house. Running in her huge backyard, coloring in the living room, looking at all of her novelties and knick-knacks scattered amongst her home. I’ll never forget the time, I was spending the day with Uncle Dennis, Aunt Suzanne, and Cousin Ethan and we payed a visit. I hadn’t seen her in awhile so I was very excited. Upon arrival, Ethan and I walked in and Grandma had fainted. She was alright, just a bit shocked at how big we have gotten since our last visit. I remember every birthday, I would look out for her hand written letters and be excited to write her back to let her know how things were going. As I got older, I’d keep her informed about what I had planned for my life. I remember coming home from deployment, Krista and I went to visit her and her fur-baby. I told her that it may be awhile before I see her next as I was heading back out to Japan for another 2 years but I would have never thought it’d be the last. Grandma will be missed by so many and will absolutely live in our hearts forever! When I got the news, a photo was sent to me shortly after of a butterfly resting on my moms leg. I told her it was Grandma letting her know that Dad is doing good and that they are finally reunited along with the rest of the family. We all love you so much Grandma and hope you are having a heavenly time up above.
This tribute was added by Krista Johnson on September 9, 2020
Growing up, we spent lots of time going over to Grandma's house. I always looked forward to it, because I knew 2 things would be certain: Endless amounts of sweets, cappuccino, and pudding cups (Don't tell mom) and that we would spend all day playing and exploring Grandma's backyard, looking for bunnies and other critters. She always had so many great stories and truly enjoyed spending every bit of time with her family. Some days my cousin Nick would come over, and we'd build hot wheels race tracks, or make an obstacle course out of all her yarn and tie up her entire living room, leaving it looking like a tangled mess. My Grandma didn't mind, she'd do whatever to make us happy and make sure we had a good time! As I got older I knew I could tell her anything-Grandma was the least judgemental person and I knew my secrets were always safe with her! She always made me feel better about whatever it was that was on my mind. My heart was broken to hear she had passed but I am comforted to know she had my Grandpa, Dad, and cousin all waiting for her. She will be deeply missed.
This tribute was added by Beth Huyten on September 8, 2020
We are so heartbroken over the loss of Aunt Denise.

Marty has some fond memories of being "dumped" off at Aunt Denise's house for the whole summer so that mom and dad could have a break. At first he was mad about it because Aunt Denise had no air conditioning and it was HOT. 
Once there he began to have fun and forgot about the heat. Aunt Denise gave them a longer rope. She was not as protective as mom and boy oh boy did they get into mischief. Later Mom and Dad would return the favor by  
letting Dennis stay with them up in Moline for a while. We enjoyed our visits with her and Nicki at her condo. We would bring our little dog Bennie and he got along pretty well with Nicki. Aunt Denise enjoyed having our little Bennie around. 

We will never forget her smile and welcoming arms. These traits followed along in her children. They too would go out of there way to make you feel comfortable and welcomed.
Aunt Denise had a thoughtful soul, a great big heart of love, a gentle and caring spirit, she truly was a blessing from above and we will truly miss her. 

Nellie, Gene, Dennis, and Suzanne
A loss of a Mother is one of the deepest sorrows a heart can know. But her wisdom, and kind and caring ways, will leave a legacy of love that will always be with you .
Our deepest condolences to the whole Family

Marty, Beth and Family
This tribute was added by Nicolaas Huyten on September 8, 2020
Denise was my brother Mike's sister in law and as a family we spend as much time together as we could. After we came to the US, they settled in Florisand, a suburb of St Louis and we were 250 miles north in the Quad Cities and I remember many trips to go visit them, matter of fact after Mike got his first house build, Jack, Denise's husband came and helped Mike build an addition to his house because Jack became a darn good carpenter wile here in the US. Denise always had a wonderful welcome smile when we came to visit.

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