Let the memory of Denise be with us forever
  • 23 years old
  • Born on August 18, 1988 .
  • Passed away on May 8, 2012 .

This memorial website was created in memory of of Denise Silverman, 22, born on August 18, 1988 and passed away on May 8, 2012. Her life, though all too short, brought love and joy to those around her.

A service celebrating her life was held

Sunday, May 20th at 2 p.m.

at the Anastasia Clubhouse at Nocatee

A brief music video of the service can be found by clicking this link.

Donations in her memory can be sent to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Click this link to be directed to The North Florida Chapter.

Posted by Darlene Ferris on 19th August 2017
RIP Denise. We love you Matt and Darlene.
Posted by Jo Ann Warren on 19th August 2017
Uncle mark aunt Joann and spsrkie miss you so much
Posted by Yvonne Rodriguez on 8th May 2017
"Denise, I did not know you personally, but I can see why you were and continue to be loved by so many. I had the pleasure of knowing your mom, a soft spoken, kind, and impressionable woman. The apple doesn't fall far from its tree as they say! I pray for you and your family who miss you dearly! You were taken way too young. It's my sons Birthday and I remember back in 2012 being sadden by the news of your passing. May God continue to bless you in heaven! You will always be remembered! "
Posted by Al Silverman on 18th August 2016
Thank you Kelly for maintaining this memorial and all those who show what a wonderful person my granddaughter was by their continued remembrance of this wonderful person - Denise Silverman Grandpa
Posted by Darlene Ferris on 3rd May 2016
Denise. Thinking of you, saying a prayer for your family, miss you every day. You are forever in our thoughts God Bless
Posted by Annette Logue on 2nd May 2016
Remembering your smile and your personality. Think of you often. Til we meet again. I miss sharing our thoughts and venting to each other. Life was taken from you way too early. But I do believe there was a special place just waiting for you. See you next time. MISS YOU.
Posted by Al Silverman on 18th August 2015
Though the years flow by your sunny smile and wonderful manner remain bright in the memory of your family and friends. Grandpa Silverman
Posted by Darlene Ferris on 16th May 2015
DENISE, Think of you everyday and keep changing your memorial site with the holidays and seasons. Many people stop and want to be remembered to your family and others blow the horn when passing. Warm love and hugs are sent to you. Much Love, Hugs and Aloha, Darlene
Posted by Al Silverman on 9th May 2015
Never far in your families thoughts & memories. Stay warm with all the love that is directed to you. Love -------- Grandpa
Posted by Grandpa Silverman on 18th August 2014
Denise, stay "cool" & enjoy all these friends of yours who remember you & turn to you for guidance & love.be Happy
Posted by Kelly Sharkey on 18th August 2014
Thinking of you and your family today. I can't see a butterfly without thinking of you. Hugs and love to all who knew and loved you.
Posted by Darlene Ferris on 8th May 2014
Denise, Remembering you with love and prayers for your family. I still keep your memorial site decorated for every holiday and season. Your Mom also puts the extra special touch on your marker. People stop to say hello and others blow their horns and wave. We miss you but you are with us in spirit. Love and Hugs, Darlene, Matt and Family
Posted by Darlene Ferris on 8th May 2013
Denise, I always talk with you when I change the arrangements at your memorial site and you know how many people have stopped to ask about you, express sorrow for your family and say all will be remembered in their prayers. You are with the Lord and our gaurdian angel. God Bless, Love, Matt and Darlene
Posted by Darlene Ferris on 2nd April 2013
Denise, Just sharing some more photos with your friends of your Memorial Site on Highway 13. Many people have stopped and told me they say a prayer for you, your family and friends everytime they pass the site. You are our gurdian angel in heaven. Love, Darlene, Matt and Family
Posted by Darlene Ferris on 13th March 2013
Denise, Thinking of you and saying a prayer for all those who miss you so dearly. We love you. Hugs, Darlene
Posted by Francois Pellissier on 6th September 2012
I am an experienced cyclist and I saw the memorial site this morning on Highway 13, a busy two-lane road. I noticed the colorful mementos and the little angels. I decided to stop at the entrance of the Tivoli subdivision and walked back to the site. I said a quick prayer for Denise. It reminded of my brother´s accident in 1971. It was in France and he was 21. One never forgets!
Posted by Jo Ann Warren on 18th August 2012
Dear Bruce I woke up today dreaming about your sweet smile In my thought and meditations you are there In my heart and mind you are there As long as I am I've you are alive in me Your stony spirit remains Live l e light aunt Jo Ann and uncle mark
Posted by Jo Ann Warren on 24th June 2012
We write you name on the beach in the sand for lasing memories Love in our hearts for you this day
Posted by Marlyse Lindblad on 22nd May 2012
“A death is not the extinguishing of a light, but the putting out of the lamp because the dawn has come.” Unknown Denise, behold the dawn.... Your family, your Grandmother Charlotte, are in our thoughts and prayers.Bengt and Marlyse Lindblad
Posted by Rebecca Rogers-Tambasco on 17th May 2012
"The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers." ~Basho My dear friend, my heart filled with joy when you planted those Morning Glories. You smiled in amazement when they started to sprout. Your eyes lit up when they bloomed deep blue. I will never forget those moments... the beautiful moments we shared together, just us two.
Posted by Chris Lyles on 15th May 2012
Denise made a great first impression when i met her for the first time. We could talk like we knew each other for years and relate to things we talked about. I can never thank her enough for the times she has been there for me even though we were hundred of miles away. A beautiful lady i had the pleasure of meeting. I know i will see you in heaven when my time comes. Miss you, Love you.
Posted by Hilde Lindstrom on 14th May 2012
I never knew you, but your Grandmom Charlotte is very special to me and since you were born on my birthday, you were very special to me too. Heaven has a new Angel long before her time...words cannot express my feelings....deepest sympathy
Posted by Cheryl Colvin on 14th May 2012
You always had a smile and room in your heart for everyone. My prayers are with your family. I know you're looking down on us keeping us safe. I miss you, girl. You'll always be with us.
Posted by Jo Ann Warren on 12th May 2012
Your execptional loving grace was s gift to all who had the gift of knowing you Uncle Mark Aunt Jo Ann David and Nicholas Our love and yours are united for all time Blessing and grace
Posted by Gail Paul Smith on 11th May 2012
I am so very sorry this young lady is not with us anymore . I haven't seen her foe awhile but she always had a smile for me ! May GOD give you' her family' peace and comfort ! Love & GOD BLESS to the family .
Posted by Adaire McLeod on 11th May 2012
I never knew you but heard sooo much about you from Kev and you sounded very amazing :) you are beautiful and your story has touched my heart, i have a special gift Im making for you :) People who love you and knew you will ensure your legacy lives beyond time, and I bet they can all feel your smile upon them from wherever you reside, Denise. <3 Love, Adaire
Posted by Kim Arthur on 11th May 2012
May the Lord hold this family in his arms, comfort them and allow them to heal..It saddens me that we have lost yet another young person.. All my love to you and yours. Please know that the Lord had other plans for her, and she is in Heaven with our Heavenly Father. Another Angel to watch over us. God Bless to all. Kim--aka Ma !!
Posted by Cathy Ross on 11th May 2012
Denise will be missed by so many of us. Such a wonderful spirit that will live on in my memory forever. Her love and laughter gone too soon for all that have known her. Now may she watch over all of her friends and family that she has left behind as our gaurdian angel. Much love and prayers to her family. Cathy Ross ( aka Mom for many years to Denise)
Posted by Darlene Ferris on 11th May 2012
A beautiful young women with a wonderful heart and soul. You will be missed but always remembered in our thoughts and prayers. Gone to Soon. Matt and Darlene Ferris

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