Talons birthday party

Shared by Don Tafte on August 30, 2014

Well dad we are going to the park for another birthday I know you are with us I feel you more some days then others. We need you with us today help us remember that we are family. I'll be thinking about you dad. I wish you could have seen talon and June bug and tarver Ty has the boys training. They are little but Ty does real good with them. I love you dad!!! 

Me again

Shared by Don Tafte on August 28, 2014

I need you dad! I miss you so much and I know I'm being selfish cause you are in a better place. Well this story not so good. I still need you dad love you


Shared by Don Tafte on August 22, 2014

Probably my favorite pic of my dad it was taken by a man name Leroy dad was 36 years old.

Will and tami's wedding day

Shared by Don Tafte on August 22, 2014
<p>This pic was taken in Ty and Kylie's house shortly after will and tami's wedding. Linda and Brandi drove out from Cali. This pic. Has more Tafte's in it than any other photo I know of, I wish dad had been there but I know he was watching. </p>


Shared by Don Tafte on August 22, 2014

Dad and Linda put a lot of work blood sweat and tears in this place. Not to mention dad believed in child labor and would work our fat little asses off. Lol I love it out there one of my most favorite places on earth!

Cali trip (dads house)

Shared by Don Tafte on August 22, 2014

This picture dad is pulling Ty and Brandi across pool. I took the picture. We had a lot of fun on this trip. Ty and myself stayed a week with dad . 

Shared by Brandi Tafte-Butala on August 21, 2014

I remember one of the times I was at dad's house for the weekend and he says, "hey you want a cookie? And I only being 9 of course said yes. Then to my surprise he says ," ya me too." He also liked to tease me.

This song says what's in my heart

Shared by Suzanne Smith on August 21, 2014

I could have written this song for you. It says exactly what I feel and have felt since the day we met. Know how much you are missed and loved!!!

The pictures

Shared by Sheila Tafte on August 19, 2014

As I went thru the pictures there are some that I can remember what Dad had said when it was taken & some that I knew by his facial expression that he was doing a funny voice & even the few I know he was doing his best to be nice & patient, I really enjoyed going down memory lane. I miss you Daddy, thank you for all my memories.

New Photos Added on August 19, 2014

Shared by Suzanne Smith on August 19, 2014

Sheila sent me many photos of her Dad and family members so I could crop them and fix them up to look nice for our memorial. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful pictures Sheila! I know your family will enjoy them as much as I have. To view all of the photos you may go to the tab "Gallery" and click on Photos.

Enjoy the sweet memories everyone!
With Love To All,


Shared by Don Tafte on August 15, 2014

They had sent dad home with ten days to live. Sheila stayed  at his side  through all of it as she did with our mother. I was at work on 08/10/2007 and Sheila called and  said to come over. We sat with dad  . I was  holding  dads hand  and felt  his  soul  exit his body. I told Sheila and pat that he was gone. We all cried . It's taking a long time to write this. I love and miss you dad!!!  Sheila and Brandi dad really loved y'all and I know you love and miss him. In a way he lives inside us and he is not forgotten . I love y'all!! Atleast dad never hit y'all . Lol love love!!!!

Gone Seven Years ~ Gone Too Soon

Shared by Suzanne Smith on August 10, 2014

Today marks the seventh year of your passing and know you are truly missed and loved. I feel richly blessed having known you and having had you in my life. The bond we share, no one can break nor can my beautiful memories of you and I be taken from me. R.I.P. knowing you hold my heart forever in your hands and my love is forever yours.

One of my favorite pictures!

Shared by Suzanne Smith on August 2, 2014

Thank you Sheila for putting this on your Dad's facebook page. I saved it from there. He looked like a male model in this shot with that toned body! So handsome!

Father and Son

Shared by Suzanne Smith on August 2, 2014

Thank you Don for sharing this picture with me! It's a wonderful Father, Son moment.

Love the hat!

Shared by Suzanne Smith on August 2, 2014

Thank you Don for sharing this picture! Your Dad always loved dogs as I do.

Great picture!

Shared by Suzanne Smith on August 2, 2014

I'd like to thank Dennis's son Don for sending this picture to me. It's amazing!

Shortly after I met Dennis

Shared by Suzanne Smith on August 2, 2014

I wish this was in color but it's from our High School yearbook. In color you could see those gorgeous blue eyes! I always have loved this picture.

My Contact Information

Shared by Suzanne Smith on July 24, 2014

Taking a deep breath here hoping you all will keep and open mind and heart while reading my story below!

If any of you would like to know more about me now, you can find me on Facebook as Suz Smith and see photos of my family and myself and see some of my craziness I put up along with some nice things. Send a friend request and I'll gladly accept!

Look forward to knowing more about all of you wonderful people!

With Love,

My Time With Dennis

Shared by Suzanne Smith on July 24, 2014

My name is Suz (short for Suzanne) and first I'd like to thank Don and Sheila for graciously opening their hearts and allowing me to get to know them as friends! You ask I'm sure who I am and what connection I have to Dennis and these two children of his. Simple, while searching for Dennis I found Sheila Tafte and knew Dennis had a daughter by that name so sent her a Facebook message telling her I went to school with him and we kept sharing information back and forth. Then I sent Don a message after Sheila told me about him and we have become great friends too. For this I am thrilled! I must tell you the news that Dennis had passed about tore my heart out and you'll soon know why. I was shocked to say the least for I thought he was immortal!

 I met Dennis when I was 13 on the bus that picked my brother and I up to go to Sunday school. Yes, Dennis did go to Sunday school and church with me which I'm sure surprises many of you! LOL The first time I saw him I fell in love with him and prayed he'd be on the bus the next Sunday. He didn't come every week but we began to talk and soon his Mom moved them to my area and we now went to the same school. His younger brother Phillip was the same age as my brother.

As we began to see each other more in school and out of school we found we both had fallen in love. Young yes, but love knows no age as we found out. I was invited to dinner by his Mom who I dearly loved! After dinner I told her thank you and that we would clean up so Dennis helped me do the dishes, imagine that?

We'd spend a lot of time talking and playing with his dogs outside. One thing he could always do is make me laugh. Oh I made him laugh too when he'd tease me with a story about something crazy and watch as my eyes grew big and my mouth fell open! About the time he had me hooked he'd get that goofy, crooked grin on his face and start to laugh, then seeing me feel silly for falling for his story, he'd come give me a hug and tell me he was sorry but I was so easy to fool. I told him I trusted his every word is why and that made him feel good, at least I got a kiss out of what I said, lol

He was also a true romatic with me as he choose a song called "Endlessly" by Brook Benton from the late 50's and said this was how he felt about me and it was his song to me. I still know all of the words to it too. At the age of 15 he asked me to marry him and I remember saying yes, yes, yes!!  He gave me a ring and we were offically engaged. Before a year passed our world came crashing down on us however and we were torn apart from each other. For more details please ask Don or Sheila, I'll let them decide who needs to know more if that's ok.

Well, we both were broken hearted but had to move on with our lives without each other. The last time I spoke to him was when Sheila was a baby and it so happened I had a baby girl just weeks younger than her. We had both married about a year before, as for me I married to get away from home, not for love. We had a nice talk on the phone and then lost contact with each other. I never forgot his smile, voice and gorgeous blue eyes and his wonderful laugh. I loved him from day one and love him still. He helped this 13 year old, shy girl who was so bashful come out of my shell and believe in myself for I had such low self esteem. I never felt so loved, so special and good about myself as I did when I was with him.

Thank you all for taking time to read this and hopefully you will accept my friendship if for no other reason than the fact that like you all I love Dennis and that being said, love ALL of you too because you are his family! He was the love of my life and will live on in my heart always and forever!

And to you Dennis, you have a wonderful, loving family to be so proud of. I do wish I was part of it but God had other plans for us I guess. I do miss you so and love you and always will! Thank you for all of the love and caring ways you showed me. Your memory warms my heart! See you again one day!  Love you!!!     


Shared by Dezeray Tafte on July 22, 2014
I don't have many memories/stories of my papa, but this is one of my favorites. When I was in the 3rd grade and he helped me collect eggs because I was afraid of the chickens. Love you Papa

Wasted time!!!

Shared by Don Tafte on July 22, 2014

This was after dad had moved to texas. We had a falling out due to my activities. Of course I was not about to be told that I couldn't do something so we parted ways again. A few years went by and dad had started working at the same place as my wife shon. Little did I know he had been leaving her notes and talking  when they could. So they decided to con me in to going to a company Christmas dinner that I had never been to. I went to this one and dad walked up to our table where shon, the kids and myself was sitting and asked me if he could sit down. I said yes and minutes later it was like nothing ever happend. That was the last time we parted ways. I want to thank suz, and my sisters for making this site what it is. I visit every day . And every day it's good for a smile. Maybe a few tears lol

Don's Birthday

Shared by Deloryce Tafte on July 21, 2014
Dennis was working at Walmart overnight I came in at and at the Time I had a office in the back, I came in that morning and found a note from Denis saying tell don happy birthday! Can't remember exactly.

name that tune

Shared by Sheila Tafte on July 21, 2014
It was a game we would sometimes play, Daddy would play a tune on his guitar & my brother Don & I would try to guess it in as few notes as possible. Daddy could play just about anything & everything, from Elvis, Eagles,Janis Joplin, Peter Gun just to mention a few. It was a lot of fun. One year my daughter Valerie & I celebrated Christmas with Daddy for the first time since he had come to Texas anyway after dinner Daddy got his guitar down & played, we instantly began playing name that tune like we had never quit playig. The last time we played it all original players played except this time it wasn't after dinner or at Daddy's house but at the hospital & Daddy was having a bad day, my brother Don started humming or whistleing a tune & then we were humming & before long Daddy was humming along & when got to the course the three of us sang it out loud & busted up laughing & Daddy brighten up & couldn't believe Don & I knew so many of the lyrics. For the life of me I can't think of the song, maybe if Don reads this he will remember the song. I love you Daddy & miss more every day.


Shared by Brandi Tafte-Butala on July 20, 2014
Ok here goes. This is hard for me, I'm not one to share or write things out. So I hope it comes out right. I must have been 6 years old and I was driving home with dad in the 61 mint green Chevy truck and it was nite time. Dad switched the lites from dim to bright. But I didn't see his hand move on the sterling wheel. So I asked him how he did that. He told me "magic". So I was intrigued and asked him to do it again. An he did, he had me convinced that he could do magic and with just a flutter of his fingers the lights would change. For the longest time I though my dad can really do magic. I didn't find out until much later that the switch was in the floor board. I'm sure he got a good laugh out of that for a long time. I always though my dad was magical and still do. You are very much missed and loved!!!!

Jake the junk yard dog

Shared by Sheila Tafte on July 20, 2014
Daddy had this big black doberman pincher. Daddy had chained rite next to the driveway that led to a neighbors water pump or something anyway this dog hated the neighbor & would jump & try to bite this man every time & Daddy would laugh so hard that everyone would laugh. One day Jake got off his chain & ran off. Daddy told my brother Don & I that so & so dog better stay gone or he would meet his maker. Don & I couldn't let that happen so we secretly looked for Jake so we thought. We lucked out & seen Jake on the property before Daddy & proceeded to keep Jake his til Daddy wasn't mad anymore. There were 2 other buildings besides the house & there was the barn we put Jake in one building & Daddy would say he was going there Don & I would hurry as fast as possible ahead of Daddy & move Jake this went on most the weekend until we almost got caught & as much as we didn't want Daddy to send Jake to his maker we didn't want Daddy mad at us even more so we confessed to him & all he could do was laugh & say we sure kept ourselves busy & if we thought he didn't know what we were doing then had another thing coming. Don & I were so glad Daddy wasn't mad. He loved telling his friends that summer how his kids tried to keep Jake safe. I miss hearing Daddy laugh til today I can hear him.

Visit to Cali...

Shared by Don Tafte on July 20, 2014
It had been years I'm doing the math. Six years this time. I called dad and his voice mail came on , I started leaving a message when I said my name dad picked up and said bullshit!!! Lol I said no it's me dad. Long story short my first born son and I headed to Cali. Dad had a nice place with a pool. The first day we went and picked my sister Brandi up she was ten then and was amazed how I could flip a lit cig. In my mouth lol that still makes me smile. Dad had taught her to swim and she was all over that pool . Dad also ended up throwing my son Ty in the pool he swam some I was a nervous wreck lol. Waking up in the mornings and sitting pool side with them are some of the best and most vivid memory's that I have of him. However this could go on and on lol


Shared by Don Tafte on July 20, 2014
Well my sister and I were given the task of burning the trash we were pretty young but not sure what age. Anyway the fire got out of control and we were throwing handfuls of sand on it till I fell in it, Sheila laughing to hard to help me lol when dad walked out to us calmly asked if we was trying to burn the place down. He grab the hose the was right there and put it out. Over the years we have laughed about this, we had some good times out there with him and Linda. God I miss him so much!!! I love ya dad!
Shared by Sheila Tafte on July 20, 2014
Daddy had found me a 1977 Monte Carlo That ran great for about a week when I threw a rod thru the oil pan, I called Daddy & he came the next day to tow it back home where he made the comment "sugar you threw that rod more than once cause I can put my fist through the hole & into the oil pan." He also told me to save my money & he would see if he could find me something more sturdy.The very next nite Daddy drove in with another Monte Carlo & said we would start work Saturday. It took us 3 very long Saturdays but we got the motors out of both out cars & the good one into my Monte Carlo & then he handed me a Chilton manual & told me to get to mechanican & if I had any questions to call him, needless to say we spoke alot. It took me another month & that car beat me from head to toe but I finally called Daddy & told him to come see if it would start & when it did & I seen how proud Daddy was it was worth each & every scrape & bruise I got doing it. Daddy said now you know you can do anything you put your mind to & you don't need a man for anything. He also thought I would take better care of the car because of all my hard work, he was wrong about 6 months later I blew that engine too. I could do anything & wasn't as afraid with Daddy telling me I could do it & not to be afraid. I miss him so much & like my brother Don wish I hadn't wasted so many yrs angry with Daddy.

Lesson 1

Shared by Donald Tafte on July 17, 2014
When I was 15 living with dad and going to school well should have been lol. I came home from a day of ditching , smoking stuff, playing with the girls. Like any other day. Dad came home and walked out to me doing chores and asked me how school was. I didn't think to much about it. I lied and said it was fine. Without hesitation dad tossed his cig. Down my shirt and hit me with an uppercut. Now I know you are thinking that's horrible or not story to share here but my dad had caught me in a lie and taught me not to lol. The only man I ever feared. Lol god I miss him. We wasted so many years fighting. I would do just about anything to have a few minutes with him today. The man that taught me what Tafte ment. I love you dad!!!!

Sharing Memories Of Dennis and Celebrating His Life

Shared by Suzanne Smith on July 14, 2014

Dennis left us much too soon but left many wonderful memories in each of the hearts of those who knew and loved him. He was many things to many people, Father, Husband, Grandfather, Brother, Friend and more. 

I met Dennis when I was 13 years old and he stole my heart the moment i saw him for the first time. We had some wonderful years together and made many magical memories together. He was my first love and made me feel so very special. For reasons beyond our control we were seperated and I was heart broken. We both moved on with our lives but he has always remained in my heart along with those memories we shared. Many, many years later I was informed that his feelings for me had never changed either. What a bitter sweet time that was since it was after he left us so I never had the chance to even talk to him and share our past and our feelings we held inside our hearts since we were parted. I only wish he had known my feelings before he moved on. Some how I think he does know, we always had a very special chemistry and connection.   

He is missed deeply by all of us but will always live on in our hearts and our mermories of the time we spent with him. His heart was warm, his laugh infectious and his smile would light up a room. He was a proud man and had a deep love for his family.

Rest now In Peace Dennis knowing all who love you will be holding you close to their hearts always. You touched so many lives in the time you were with us and we are all better for it. Thank you for the wonderful memories you left for us to enjoy and embrace. 

Please feel free to leave a message or story in remembrance of Dennis to pay tribute to this wonderful man. He's now watching down over each and everyone of us and that is a comfort to me, I hope it is to you also.

Now I wish you peace and a fond farwell Dennis. You will never know what a beautiful impact you had on my life. Then again, you may know.

Thank you for visiting in Dennis's honor.
God Bless You All   

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