My protective Uncle

Shared by Jennifer Hatcher on July 31, 2013

I remember when I was 14 going on 15, I went with Uncle Denny and Annie jo to Tahiti. There was this guy there named Mike who was 18 he was giving me alot more attention then Uncle Denny liked.......One night Mike came up to me and told me that Uncle Denny just asked him out of nowhere "Do you value your balls?, cause if you do, I suggest you stay away from my niece." Always the protective uncle.......

Denny and His Animals

Shared by Dianne Clay on October 1, 2012
Denny has always loved animals. He was the prime kid who told mom "he followed me home......." He had chickens, a parakeet aviary, dogs, cats, reptiles. He would rescue hurt or deserted animals, and nurse them back to life. We even had a baby goat that kept us up all night. He used to tell me he wanted to be a veterinarian. He would have been an excellent vet! But he had his "Critter Sitters", and I believe that helped fulfill his dream. Thank you,Maryann, for helping him achieve that dream.

How I met Dennis

Shared by Maryann Deem on October 1, 2012

Dennis was working in the liquor dept. of Dixie Farms, (A small family owned grocery store) I went in and bought a bottle of wine.  Dennis asked if I needed any help drinking it and I said "sure" and left the store. At 10:30 p.m. that night Dennis shows up at my from door with another bottle of wine. I was in my robe and my hair in rollers.  I ask how he found out where I lived.  His comment was "You wrote a check"

Dennis getting mad

Shared by Maryann Deem on October 1, 2012

In 39 years of marriage I only saw Dennis get so mad he was yelling and his face was red with rage.  It was at Downey Comunitity Hospital and one of our boy scouts had broken his arm. The hospital refused to accept Boy Scout of America insurance "because it was not a big enough group." Manny was released from the hospital the next day and 30 minutes Dennis had a check in hand made out to the hospital with payment in full from Boy Scouts of America.

This is a story from Dianne

Shared by Maryann Deem on October 1, 2012

"When we were kids, Susan and I slept in one twin bed, and Denny slept in the other. Denny asked us to turn on the light. We found Denny's head stuck between the bars of the headboard of the bed. Sue got on one side, and I got on the other, and we started pulling and he started screaming "My EARS, my EARS!"  after a lot of work, stuffing his ears between the bars, we freed him."

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