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Not Forgotten

Not Forgotten

Denny will never be forgotten. There are so many memories of him. Everyone he knew, I bet, can come up with a favorite story or two about him.

I don't think he ever knew what an impact he had on people's lives.  To know him was to love him. How could you not?  Here's a guy with a smile on face, quite the laugh, and quirky sense of humor.  Not sure if quirky is correct but know Dennis.

Denny was truly a unique person that had the ability to muster up all kinds of emotions in people (simultaneously).  As Dave our brother pointed out: "he's the only one I know you wanted to punch and hug at the same time".   Who would know that best but Dave. The two were like Laurel and Hardy and the Three Stooges (minus one).  

I know I will miss him soooooo very much and I keep thinking I will wake up from this bad dream but I know better than that. My dear brother will never be forgotten by his family, friends, and acquaintances. He will live on forever in our hearts and our memories.

Dennis Richard Wick Sr. was born on on January 3, 1953 to Harold F. and Elizabeth E. (Albrecht) Wick in Toledo; the sixth child out of twelve.

He began his career working for organized labor even before earning his bachelors degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Toledo.

While he truly enjoyed politics and organized labor, Dennis loved his children and was passionate about his grandchildren. Those who knew him will long remember how Dennis would decorate every possible place in his home for Christmas. He was always the life of the party and his wide ranging interests included attending concerts, doing crafts, woodworking, and following the Cleveland Browns and Ohio State Buckeyes football.

He is the father of 4 children:  Dennis R. (Stacy) Wick Jr., Chastity (Casey Schuller) Wick, Heather (Brian) Skolnick, and Tiffany (Donald) Bartram;  2 step children, Tabitha Martin and Charley Martin and the grandfather of several grandchildren.