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Woman of prayer

Shared by Joan Pittman on November 19, 2019
I got to know Denova from TBCS and mom's in prayer group. Denova didn't leave things to chance, she was purposeful, a planner, and prayerful. She lifted her children and Tosha up to the Lord every week. She always greeted us with a warm hug along with Melly whenever she hosted including some yummy snack she whipped together. She was generous with appreciation whenever someone did something for her. Noone went unnoticed around her and she always went the extra step to listen, research, gather items needed, go to places like tent city and give of her heart. She was an example to me of what healthy boundaries was supposed to be yet she was never afraid to push the envelope if it was the right thing to do. Tears have fallen the last 2 gatherings without her but we will continue to keep praying for her family. Until we meet in heaven your presence will be felt. Joan

Well done, warrior!

Shared by Kerry French on November 19, 2019
I only got to know Denova when the library system of Washington State lost their minds and decided it was a good idea to start sexualizing and confusing children through the drag queen story hour and other inappropriate events. She was passionate about protecting kids and I got to be involved briefly with her at library board meetings where she had organized a group of concerned citizens to testify at the board meetings. I was privileged to be a part of the group that took on issues regarding children that she had organized. I remember the last meeting I was at with her… We infiltrated a meeting and she was so good… She sat there quietly recording every evil deed these people were planning on doing. Of course me, being who I am, I could only stand it for so long before I spoke up against what they were doing. I’m a terrible undercover person. Afterwards  we went to dinner and laughed about my outburst and talked about how we were going to combat this garbage.  Denova was the sweetest, kindest and fiercest warrior I knew.  I’m going to miss her terribly.  Our team, our children and our state aredefinitely at a loss.

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