Let the memory of Derek be with us forever
  • 16 years old
  • Born on March 26, 1996 .
  • Passed away on November 17, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Derek Kaltreider 16 years old , born on March 26, 1996 and passed away on November 17, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Carol Kaltreider on 26th March 2019
Derek, it doesn't get any easier for us down here. You Dad and family went out to eat and bowling. I didn't feel up to going. I was planning to watch your birth DVD. Couldn't get it to play. Maybe Ryan can help me play it tomorrow. He continues to be so kind to me. You were such a good example to him. Your Dad is taking such good care of me. He got me a Chicago Peace Rose Bush in memory of You, Grandpa and Uncle Jeff. It has 3 buds that should bloom soon. That reminds me over there the roses never fade. I love you so very much. God blessed us with 16 short years with you, until we meet again in Heaven where we will be together forever with our Lord. Grandma
Posted by Carol Kaltreider on 26th March 2018
Hard to believe you were born 22 years ago today. Your Dad bought an ice cream cake to remember your Birthday. So thankful for you and the wonderful memories. Knowing you were ready meet Jesus is a comfort but you will be missed for ever. I love you Grandson. Grandma K.
Posted by Carol Kaltreider on 17th November 2017
Derek 5 years have passed since God called you home. I have so many good memories of you and I still miss you so much. I remember so many things we shared on the phone and in person. Our special times at Roxbury will never be forgotten. Wore my Trojans Shirt today. I continue to give to Gospel for Asia in your memory. Also contribute to the scholarship fund in your memory at your church. One day I will be reunited with you. Love you so much. Grandma K.
Posted by Carol Kaltreider on 26th March 2017
Happy 21st Birthday Derek. I miss you so much. I was blessed to have such a special Grandson. Shades played a special role in your life and it is always special to talk with them, your Dad, brother and sister about our memories of you. God gives me strength for each day as I am alone since Grandpa joined you in Heaven. With God's help I will join all of you one day. Love you, Grandma
Posted by Carol Kaltreider on 17th November 2016
Wore my Trojans Shirt today. Grandpa's is in the closet since he joined you in Heaven. I guess you showed Grandpa around and now you can sing in the Heavenly Choir together. I miss Uncle Jeff, you and Grandpa. God is taking care of me and your Dad, Brenda and Ryan call to check on me. Also Aunt Tina, Austin and Tyler call. I will join you when Jesus calls me home. BV is such a good place to be. Love you. Grandma
Posted by Carol Kaltreider on 26th March 2016
Derek, you would be 20 today. Grandpa baked a Birthday cake, I iced it and will decorate it with green icing, to celebrate. We will always miss you, but thank God for the good memories we continue to cherish. It is getting closer to our reunion in Heaven. You are so blessed to be there with your Lord. You don't have to deal with the trials of this fallen world. It hasn't gotten any better down here. God continues to give us grace for each day. Miss you beyond words. Grandma & Grandpa K.
Posted by Carol Kaltreider on 26th March 2015
3/26/2015. Derek you would be 19 today. Grandpa and I have the Trojans shirts on in your memory. Made 123 cake in the microwave. We are enjoying watching the DVD from your birth and have reached 10 months. Will watch more tomorrow. We have so many good memories. We know you are with the Lord and we will join you one of these days. You will always have a special place in our hearts. Grandma & Grandpa
Posted by Carol Kaltreider on 17th November 2014
Derek, 2 years have passed since you went to be with Jesus. The pain is still there and words can't describe how much you are missed. We are getting closer to our reunion with you in Heaven. We miss you so much hear on earth. Grandpa and I are wearing our Trojans Shirts in your memory and the throw, your Dad gave us, with your soccer team (You in the center) hangs on our bed room wall. Your Dad called and he will watch the Steelers Game tonight in your memory. Life will never be the same for any of us without you & Uncle Jeff. Love both of you for ever. Grandma
Posted by Carol Kaltreider on 26th March 2014
You would be 18 today. I know you are with the Lord and happier then I can imagine. I will always miss you and be grateful God allowed us to share your life for 16 short years. Your life lives on and only eternity will reveal the lives you have influenced for the Lord. We visited your school for the spring musical "Wizard of Oz". Nicole was the lion and did a splendid job. We wondered what part you would have had. It was good to talk to others that still miss you. I will ware the shirt created in your memory by your soccer team, today. Ryan is struggling and trying to be more like his big brother. We pray he will accept Jesus as his personal Savior and Lord of his life. Your Dad's life has been changed and he continues to miss you very much. Remembering the day your were born. I was privileged to be there. Love you for ever. Grandma
Posted by Carol Kaltreider on 17th November 2013
Derek even though a year has passed since you left us I miss you so very much! I know you are in Heaven and happy to be with Jesus. I am reminded of your many words of wisdom daily and I have many happy memories. Your Dad gave us a 8X10 great school picture and it sits in our tinny living room looking at me daily. Love you and miss forever! Grandma K.
Posted by Carol Kaltreider on 25th March 2013
Happy Birthday in Heaven You would turn 17 today (3/26) if you were still here. You are so far away, our hearts have kept you near. The pain has eased a bit I guess, yet has not gone, It will still stay a part of us until we join you one day. We send our love to you, from all our hearts to yours. Just think your Birthday in Heaven with the Lord. Love,Grandma
Posted by Carol Kaltreider on 29th November 2012
Derek, You were a special Grandson and will live on in my heart forever. I thank God for sharing you with us for 16 short years. Miss those bright spots you brought to my days. I have many special memories and look forward to seeing you again when God calls me home. Love you forever. Grandma
Posted by Tyler Long on 20th November 2012
I knew Derek through church, youth group, and through Nicole. He was a very smart and outgoing guy to be around. We got closer through church and youth group and could see his desire to learn more. I've been praying for family, friends, and everyone who has been affected by this tragic occurence. R.I.P Derek You will be missed greatly by all.
Posted by Lorrie Morales on 19th November 2012
i didnt know you but i pray the angels have you along gods side you will truly be forever young r.i.p sweety
Posted by Laura Cain on 19th November 2012
i knew derek though my granson david gas away. he was a wonderful child and a good friend too all that knew him. i will miss him but now he's with god and the angels .watching over his dear friends you well be missed with love laura and denny cain [david gas away granpartents
Posted by Devon Wert on 19th November 2012
I didn't know Derick but since I heard about the accident, I have been thinking and praying for the family. There are not words to express how sad I am for your family. May God give you the strength, peace and comfort you need through this very difficult time.
Posted by Kalysa Bisignaro on 19th November 2012
I didn't know you too well, Derek. But, you seemed like a great kid. It kills me to know one of my classmates is gone :/ My heart goes out to all who were close to you , and your family, and Nicole's family. this is just so sad, but just know that you're in a better place. Fly high buddy <3 RIP Derek <3

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