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Shared by Rita Templeton Law on September 14, 2012

Things are falling apart down here son. If you can, ask Jesus to help me. I need you my sweet Angel. Help me pull some strings & get my family back in order. Especially keep looking out for our precious Haley. I love you son & of course I miss you. It has been said by one of your brothers that Im trying to replace you with Haley. I could never replace you nor would I ever try. Help me son, things are not right down here. I love you Derick with all my heart & soul. Help Matt too!!! I love you & I could never say that enough or too much!! God Blees You & I Love You

Shared by Rita Templeton Law on August 24, 2011

I picture you playing the piano...this very song. I pitcure you at the table eating with us. I picture you sitting on the couch watching our favorites shows. You would laugh so hard your head would kick back. I pitcure you at work with me that time you wrecked your bike & the whole side of your face was scraped. I will never stop "Picturing You". I think of you when someone says anything that reminds me of you. I think of you everyday. I see you in your brothers, I hear your voice. The world is empty to me at times, even tho it is full! My heart is empty at times, even tho it is full! I am incomplete without you, my son.I am here in presence, but a part of me is gone, the part that could hear the words.....Hey Mom...I love you! is gone. For it left with you. You took a part of me with you. A big piece of me is gone. That beautiful Spirit of you has returned to Heaven....I miss you so very much. So til I see you again in Heaven, son...I will picture you...

Shared by Brandy Weedon on August 14, 2011




Then Samuel took the flask of oil, poured it on His head, kissed Him and said, "has not the LORD annointed You ruler over his inheritance?"

1 Samuel 10:1


*Do not fear for I have redeemed You; I have called You by name; You are Mine! Isaiah 43:1b

*Examine my heart and mind; for Your love is ever before me, and i walk continually in Your truth. Psalm 26:2b-3

*Recieve a crown of glory that fadeth not away.  1 Peter 5:4

*I am the LORD, Your GOD, who takes hold of Your right hand and says to You, "I will help You." Isaiah 41:13

*Call to Me, and I will answer You, and i will tell You great and mighty things, which You do not know.  Jeremiah 33:3

*Keep Your eyes on JESUS, who both began and finished this race we're in.  Hebrews 12:2



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