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"The Steady One"

Shared by Paul Hobson on April 20, 2021
Ricky was always the “steady” one, the intellect. Ricky caused us to pause the we were in his presence because of his steadiness. What a great character trait!

From our time as children to being grown, his quiet laid back personality always stood out to me. The childhood memories will always stand out. Below are the “places” of memories:

Greensboro, NC…I always looked forward to traveling to see Ricky and Mike duding the summer. Rick, Mike, Bobby and Paul and Greensboro, NC. They lived near “War Memorial Stadium” and we would run around there and NC A&T where Uncle Saunders worked. Every time I pass through Greensboro, I think of the times.

Hungary Road…we loved to travel to Mr. and Mrs. Dabney’s house for fun, fun and more fun. Once again, steady Ricky kept us in line while still having fun. We all enjoyed one another.

Hermitage High School…Ricky was a starting linesman in football at Hermitage High…this was significant in that for me in that my cousin started on the football team at a predominantly white school. He also excelled in his studies and I admired Ricky for this…as children these things mattered.

Howard U…Ricky was going to Howard and studying to be a lawyer. Man…this was so Ricky…smart, measured and smart again. I love the fact that he was attending Howard U…an HBCU. Ricky made us all proud. I Yep…it was typical for Ricky that he would be a lawyer.

Chicago Wedding…Ricky asked me to be in his wedding…man I felt proud and honored to be in he and Pam’s wedding. My first trip to Chicago, my first overnight train ride…it was great time.

Raleigh, NC…Ricky and I engaged professionally while he was in Raleigh we talked about opportunities in Raleigh for me and for him in Atlanta. My visit there for an interview was highlighted by the time I spent with Ricky.We had a long lunch catching up on things.

Summed up…Ricky was always an inspiration for me…I somewhat followed his path…I like him left home for college in the DC Baltimore area, I was in Baltimore, a Morganite. He believed that education was the way to success and sodid I. Ricky was very measured and I will always admire him for that. I wish we had more time, I will miss him…and look forward to seeing he and other family members one day on the other side. Thanks cuz…for a life well lived!

Love you man...see you soon,


My Loving Cousin a Gentle Soul

Shared by Nikki Tarlton Cole on April 17, 2021
Cousin Ricky and Mike were so much older than I that I really didn’t get to know them until I was an adult. I think by the time we were going over to Aunt Bea and Uncle James’ for holidays or Super Bowl and the famed adult “tunk” card games, they had graduated high school and Ricky was off in college. But as an adult not long out of college, my first trip to Houston for a conference or something, Ricky and Pam hosted me for a couple days. Those pics of their girls with the long braids - it was then. Pam, seeing those photos just took me right back to your home in Houston. I just remember you and Ricky were so gracious and kind to me - I felt so comfortable. I am so sorry for our loss of his kind spirit in this life - still happy he can be joined with his brother, mother, and grandparents. Until we meet again - love, cousin Nikki. 
Shared by Robbie Cunningham on April 17, 2021
Growing up together in our grandparent’s house, Ricky and Mike were more than cousins, they were more like older brothers. Rick and Mike were polar opposites but looking back they both were major influences for me. Ricky wasn’t much of the party type, but he would go along. Mike was the life of the party, but Ricky’s influence became more neutralizing as I got older.  Although Ricky would hang out and participate to a certain level, you could say he was - the designated driver who made sure everyone got home safe.
 I was always an observer and Ricky was always the one to look up to. He was the one who set goals and achieved them. By the time he was set to go off to Howard and become a lawyer, it wasn’t that much of a surprise cause he had accomplished so much by then, the family spent our energy being proud and bragging “we got a lawyer into our family!”
Ricky was always level headed, even keeled and I only remember him REALLY excited was when he and Pam got married and when they brought Sam home to RVa to visit. There were times when the family came together and you could hear him laughing across the living rm. Other than that Ricky was Ricky. 

Ricky I’m gonna miss you and I hope you know how much you influenced me to be better. 
 You’ve made it safely home. Love you!

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