This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Derrick Walton, 27 years old, born on May 16, 1994, and passed away on July 4, 2021. We will remember him forever.
Posted by KELLie Valentine on July 9, 2022
To derrick Walton say a memory of him and a pic of u like

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Posted by KELLie Valentine on July 9, 2022
To derrick Walton say a memory of him and a pic of u like
his Life
Derrick was very good soon the day he was born he was perfect  at 4 month old he was diagnosed with with breath hold seizures then they went into grandma to he was 5 years old. He was on alot of medicine he love school up till he got to 9th grade then it went down hill then it was like pulling teeth to get him to go lol but he made to 11 he got out into a different kind of school got into trouble there and went to juvenile then he went to a boy's home till he was 18 then he came home. He was doing good till he got with friends and went to jail. Then he had a gf and they had a daughter change his life big time he was crazy about her and so proud of him he because a father and then they got there on place together he got a a job at hydro gear making good money. Then they move to a house behind McDonald's and they got married in May of 2017 and then his wife found out they where going to have there sec baby and it was a boy he was so happy a son to carry his last name .he had a good life but he had some ups and downs like every marriage does. And they move alot after that and was not together a brunch well when my daughter his sister had her first baby he was so happy for her. We was there when she was born well did not know his  wife was pg with there 3rd baby and well he found out anyway he was not there when she born he was still happy cause he got to meet her. He love his kids more anything in this world. When he got to see them all again was about two years every other weekend  will and Juliet knew who  he was daddy  Braelynn was just getting to know him she knows by pics who he is they all miss him it hard to explain where he is but I tell them he is always with them even if he is not here.  He was a good man i tried to raise him with a good life but he also had his wild he new it was hard but he did it he would help anyone he could he  had more friends then I knew of he  met along the way some I knew some I don't. He love his family alot He always worried about his mom but we was very close he was a friend's and a son we was always doing something together I was there for him when he needed me. I love my son Him and his  brothers and sisters he cared alot about he was  more closer to his sister Amanda they had a bond u could never break they might fight alot but he love her alot ... His grandma and papaw he cared alot for.. He was always happy unless u made him mad was a different story he say his price if u like it or not u took it which every way u like u could b mad or sad or happy he did not care just the way he was other then that he had a good soul he went to church he was saved and baptized so I know he is up in heaven with his family that loves him and friends he had that is up there with him right now they r having a blast no more pain no more crazy ass ppl that he have to listen too no more. But us here miss him more then anything but one day we will  see him  again at the doors in heaven waiting for us to come oh how happy we will b again 
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To my son

Shared by KELLie Valentine on July 9, 2022
Derrick I miss you more then u know I miss so much we done together u was my friend and son I could not wait till the day u come to me said mom u are going to b a nonna made my day then Juliet was born Jan the 20 2017 and then come William Carson born dec the 7 2017  he was so happy then in 2018 Braelynn Rose  born dec 27  he was so happy about them he love his kids more then anyone ..