My Angel
Dershawn Depreece Stuard
  • 22 years old
  • Date of birth: Sep 4, 1991
  • Place of birth:
    Phoenix, Arizona, United States
  • Date of passing: Jun 26, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Phoenix, Arizona, United States
The Love we share will always be and Forever in our Hearts you will remain. Rest In Paradise My Son ~ My Buddy ~ My Angel ...until we meet again!!

This memorial website was created in memory of our son, Dershawn Stuard, forever 22, born on September 4, 1991 made his transition to life in paradise on June 26, 2014. Dershawn's spirit is with us daily and his memory will live on in our hearts. The purpose of this memorial site is for Dershawn's freinds and loved ones to share our memories and visit as often as needed to feel connected and keep his memory alive. Feel free to visit as often as you'd like and share your memories. His life was cut short far too soon but he lived a full life and touched all that he knew in a very positive way. He had a big heart and all that knew him saw that in him. Dershawn was a very humble soul and had a very compassionate heart always putting the needs of others before his own.  He loved clowing around and making us all laugh he and I shared the same sense of humor that's one of the many things that bonded us. But more than being a comedian he loved his family and enjoyed time spent with us all. We love you son and you are dearly missed. We will keep your legacy alive through our memories and your gift to us ... your mini me Dershawn "DJ" Depreece Stuard Jr. Rest on My Angel.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 1st January 2018

"Happy Heavenly New Year Love! My heart is heavy but I'm going to cherish your memory and honor your life! Love you my angel!!"

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 25th December 2017

"Sending Christmas love to you in heaven above!! I miss you so dearly and since you've physically left us things have never been the same. We carry on for you son!!! You are so dear to our family. DJ is such a blessing to this us....a little you all over again and for that my heart sings. I thank our GOD for the time we've shared and the memories we will continue to make as we love you from this side of heaven!! Dance with the angels, your grandma and cousins! Fly high and send your love energy and light to us here with heavy hearts as we miss you this Christmas Day! Rest Easy my love♥️"

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 23rd November 2017

"Happy Heavenly Thanksgiving son. I so desperately wish that you were here celebrating this day with us. Although my heart is heavy and longs for your physical presence I am very grateful for the time we had. 22 short but awesome years. I cherish you son and the beautiful memories we made. Fly high and Dance with the angels! Love you ❣️ my angel"

This tribute was added by Governor Mitchell on 4th September 2017

"Happy 26th Birthday Dershawn !!! This is still unreal, I cannot put into words how much I am missing you right now. All I can say is that it it's unreal... I wish this was just a nightmare. A really horrible nightmare , that you could wake me from & tell me that everything is alright. I try not to dwell on the past, I guess it's nearly impossible because all I can think about is who you'd be today.  I miss the conversations, the laughs,  even the petty arguments !! I know you're looking down on us from above, I know you're even happier where you are up there but we still need you. I love you big brother"

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 4th September 2017

"Happy birthday son on what should have been your 26th! Heart definitely heavy today as I try to honor the day the Lord blessed me with such a jewel and reminisce on our time together, although very short, I am grateful for the memories we shared. They help me get by especially on days like today. You are and will forever be my superstar. Fly high and dance with the angels on your day. Happy birthday sweetheart!!

Forever in my heart son....gone way too soon!"

This tribute was added by Governor Mitchell on 26th June 2017

"Today FaRay & I said a prayer for you, it was very beautiful it brought me closer to you spiritually. Though this day pains me so much, as it is a reminder that you aren't here physically. I will rejoice & uplift your name as I do everyday. I will celebrate your life & tell stories about how wonderful you are. We love & miss you so much !! We know you're still with us. Continue being the light that shines down on us,  visit me in a dream & let's have an everlasting conversation  I love you so much"

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 26th June 2017

"There are no words to express the pain in my heart. I love you forever, for always son. Today I will allow memories of you to help me through. How I wish I could have you here with us laughing and enjoying each others company. How I wish I could hold you in my arms son. Today will be hard but I will honor you through my tears and memories. Rest easy and dance with the angels. Forever in my mind, always on my heart❤❤"

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 2nd May 2017

"I miss you so much Burger Dee..."

This tribute was added by Governor Mitchell on 24th March 2017

"I love you big brother you're always on my mind & I miss you more than you'll ever know ❤"

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 14th February 2017

"Happy Valentine's Day son! Missing you everyday. Love and miss you beyond measure"

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 1st January 2017

"As I enter into another year without you It's another bittersweet feeling. A feeling of gratitude for the blessing of seeing another year  and the heaviness of knowing it is a new year without you"

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 25th December 2016

"Another Christmas without you... I'm trying to be strong but if people knew how much I truly miss you; they'd wonder how I'm still breathing.
Dershawn you are Forever loved & missed!! Merry Christmas my love, dance with the angels and hug Mama for me"

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 1st December 2016

"I wanted to log on and send a Happy Thanksgiving note but each time I tried I became so overwhelmed and cried too much....Missing you so much son!!! My heart hurts so much at the holidays....Rest on my love!!!"

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 5th September 2016

"Yesterday was very hard for me trying to celebrate what should have been your 25th birthday.  We made it through by remembering and sharing our memories of you. I miss you more than words can express  and love you beyond measure.  Rest on my angel. Dance with the  angels  and remember to save a dance for me.  Mama loves you"

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 26th June 2016

"My life has been in a whirlwind since you were tragically taken from us son. Today marks your 2nd angelversary and you are missed beyond words and loved beyond measure. I still can't believe this happened especially to you but daily I relive this nightmare.

Today I will honor and remember your life and the love we share. Son you are my hero. You were the ideal son, brother, father,fiance, cousin, uncle , and friend. Always there when needed no questions asked other than when and where. You were an outstanding father for the short time, 17 moths, DJ had you here physically.  I know you are forever with us in the spirit I feel your presence often. We love you so much son"

This tribute was added by Crystal Richards on 26th June 2016

"Today marks 2 years you were so senselessly taken from this earth, your family, friends and all who loved and cherished you as the bright, loving, intelligent and compassionate individual you were placed here to be. It still feels like yesterday to so many as hearts are still broken and minds are still in disarray at the loss of a life so precious. I know you're looking down on and watching over all that knew and loved you as well as walking beside the ones who still need you. I just want to say your presence is deeply missed and although you've gone on to a better place your memory remains, never to be forgotten. Rest Easy sweet Angel!!!"

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 20th June 2016

"Your presence was truly missed yesterday on what should have been your third Father's Day! We did our best as a family to celebrate your Dad and grandpa while remembering you. Love and miss you son!"

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 16th June 2016

"Dershawn, In our Hearts you
        will always be.....

Your Love, your  Voice
   and your smile
Are forever imprinted
           in our Minds...

So Loved and So Missed!!

I love and miss you so much son what I wouldn't give to have you back here with us again. I know you're smiling down on us all. Thank you for your little gift DJ. He gives me life, just a mini version of you but 5 times as hyper :). Rest on my Love!"

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 27th June 2015

"It's been a year and one day since I last spoke to you and held you in my arms... If I knew that would be the last time I'd hug you I never would've let you go"

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 2nd February 2015

"On my mind this day and everyday....missing you so much My Angel!!! I'm still learning to take this journey through life without you. I miss hearing your voice, and seeing that big bright beautiful smile!!!LOVE YOU SON...Trusting God to help me through this journey. Rest on my Love, until we meet again!!!!"

This tribute was added by lorenzo madrigal on 9th January 2015

"I remember we use to hit metro mall every weekend when we were like 16 or 17 years.old.. always clowning.. ur my good friend and brother thaalways stayed in contact since freshman year in 2006 all the way to 2014.. miss u brotha"

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 23rd September 2014

"There isn't a day that goes by that you are not on my mind.....I Love and miss you so very dearly!!!!"

This tribute was added by Jewell Wilson on 22nd September 2014

"I miss you nephew but I will never forget how much joy you brought to me the short that I knew!!!"

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 14th September 2014

"Missing you!!!!"

This tribute was added by Governor Mitchell on 12th September 2014

"Anchors Away! Set sail on the sea of God's marvelous grace, with warm gentle breezes and wide open space, refreshed in His goodness with peace from above, surrounded by blessings of mercy and love. Missing you every day! Son! Gone but never forgotten! May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord show you His kindness and have mercy on you. May the Lord watch over you and give you peace. NUMBERS 6:24 - 26 NCV. Love You Son!! Until we meet again! R.I.Paradise!!!"

This tribute was added by Debbie Neighbor on 11th September 2014

"My condolences go out to the family and friends of Dershawn.  From reading about him and looking at the lovely pictures I know he is missed and loved by many.  No matter what, it can truly be said that death is an enemy and soon it will be brought to nothing (1Cor. 15:26).  I have found much comfort in the Bibles promise of a resurrection hope of our loved ones at John 5:28, 29 and hope you will too.  Death was never a part of Gods original purpose, in fact he yearns to soon bring an end to it and the suffering it cause your family and friends.  Revelation 21:4 states: "And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore.  The former things have passed away."  I did not know Dershawn, but I read his obituary and I hope these scriptures will help to bring some comfort knowing that others care.  If you would like to learn more about the Bibles promises and the hope it brings, please feel free to contact me."

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 7th September 2014

"Thinking of you Son.....Yesterday was bittersweet but for the most part we had a great time loving on each other and reminiscing on our time with you! Love you dear son!!!"

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 5th September 2014

"Yesterday was so very hard for me I just wanted to see that big beautiful smile flash as we all wished you a Happy Birthday!! My days are never the same I expect to see you daily but all I have are photographs and memories and for that I am grateful to God. I just need to know how to face each day knowing that you will not physically be there. Everyday is an emotional roller coaster one minute I can smile and speak off you and the next minute I'm overcome with sadness longing for this to be a horrible nightmare. I know you're in a better place and I know that I will see you again one day but I still struggle with accepting that you're gone. I struggle with the thought of my grandson your only child growing up without you. That animal really doesn't know what he did when he allowed Satan to use him that dreadful day. I love you my Angel... Until we meet again. <3"

This tribute was added by Kevin Payton on 4th September 2014

"Happy Birthday day Dershawn.. May u rest easy.. Continue to watch over your loved ones.. I don't even have to know u like others may to see u had nothing but good n u.. Your parents did a great job raising u.. Every time I saw u u we're just so positive.. And respectful..I know u n heaven smiling down on all your loved ones Cuz  every time I seen u u were smiling.. Well that's it family.. Happy bday bro.."

This tribute was added by Tatiana Dershawn Stuard on 4th September 2014

"This is all so Beautiful♡"

This tribute was added by Governor Mitchell on 4th September 2014

"Happy birthday my dear brother it's really not the same now that you're gone. It's really hard for me I'm glad that we were apart of each other's lives & saw each other's accomplishments you were always a intelligent man. So humble & sweet you were, you never failed as big brother, a son, a father, you were always so much more it was like you were perfect which explains why you went home early you were needed. God needed to embrace you the way we did. & although I smile on the outside but I'm so blue on the inside especially when I have thoughts of you I feel your presences here & there & I see you're being too lazy to visit me in my dreams because I'm not seeing you in them that much lolol get off that pedestal of yours & come see us in our dreams lolol happy birthday big brother I love you dearly ! & I miss you ❤️"

This tribute was added by alberta hollins on 4th September 2014

"Pray for healing for my friends

O Lord, my friend is so special,
They mean so much to me.
We've walked together for so long,
No closer could we be.

O Lord, please give them healing,
Restore them day by day.
Renew their hope and dry their tears,
Answer them when they pray.

O Lord, you are our Saviour,
Our strength when we are weak.
Your light is hope within our hearts,
When the day is bleak.

O Lord, I put my faith in you,
I trust you'll heal my friend.
May they know our love and care,
On us they can depend.

Meike & Scooter my prays go out to you and your family...."

This tribute was added by Crystal Richards on 4th September 2014

"First and foremost I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday sweet Angel. Dershawn you were an amazing young man who touched the lives of many, your smile alone could light up a room and the dedication you had as a Father, a brother, a son, a cousin, a nephew as well as a friend was wonderful and truly a Blessing.  You have touched so many lives in life and after. You are and will remain in our hearts and our minds#Forevermissed#Neverforgotten♡ Rest now in Paradise Sweet Angel~"

This tribute was added by sharon williams on 4th September 2014

"Words can't express how much I miss you. You were such an awesome young man I consider it an honor and a privilege to have you in our lives. I love you Der. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you and that wonderful smile. How I loved that hearty laugh of yours. Until we meet again in Paradise."

This tribute was added by Debra Williams on 4th September 2014

"My little big cousin your smile and laughter will forever be missed I remember so many memories as I'm writing I'm thinking back n laughing cause there is not just one memory to share without sharing  the others as well!!  I will be able to see you again! ! I love you and will always n forever miss you!"

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 4th September 2014

"Happy Birthday My Love!! You will live in my heart forever I miss you so much and it's hard not to actually wish you happy birthday face to face and to have you give me the type of hugs only you could give. I could really use one now! I love you more than words can express this Love is deep, pure, honest and will never die! Rest In Paradise My Sweet Angel!!"

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 3rd September 2014

"My Angel ~ Dershawn

There's a special Angel in Heaven
that is a part of me.
It is not where I wanted him
but where God wanted him to be.
He was here but just a moment
like a night time shooting star.
And though he is in Heaven
he isn't very far.
He touched the heart of many
like only an Angel can do.
I would've held him every minute
if the end I only knew.    
So I send this special message
to Heaven up above.
Please take care of My Angel
and send him ALL my Love!!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 3rd September 2014

""A Gift So Precious"

                                     As days go by
                                   the easier it gets

                                       Every day I cry
                                   Deep inside my soul
                     For a gift so precious I once could hold
                                     I can hold no longer

                                   A crying heart
                                      I do possess
                                   A bleeding soul
                                     I have ‘til death

                                  A gift so precious
                                      Sent to me
                                From Heaven above
                                was taken from me

                                  A gift so precious
                                  God wanted to keep
                             He lent him to me for 22 years
                                    our time so brief

                                 His memories forever
                                 Will dwell in my heart
                                     Happiness I feel
                     For now he’s loved so very much more

                                In Heaven above
                                  In God's hands
                                    This is where
                      He's always been meant to be.
                                 Love you so dearly ~ Rest on My Angel!"

This tribute was added by Meike Mitchell on 1st September 2014

"Dershawn I miss seeing and talking to you everyday. I miss your bright smile and the way you knew how to make everyone's day. You are truly Loved by all that knew you. Son it always brought me joy to be in your presence. I was always so proud of you. You were such a strong, determined, and focused man.  I admired the way you marched to the beat of your own drum and were never a follower. I love the way you took care of your family and the priority they were in your life. The love and support you gave your brothers was amazing. You always wanted the best for them and as a big brother you always tried to be a positive role model. I am truly honored by the privilege God gave me as being your Mama!  Life will never be the same as we are missing your physical presence. But the memories we have will live forever... Thank you for the gift of DJ as we will have a piece of you here with us. Rest on my Angel.....LOVE YOU SON!!!"

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