Posted by Simon Pitt on May 6, 2021
Des...What can I say about you that really does you justice, I feel no amount of words can truly do that... Teacher, Friend, Gentleman, Loud, Hilarious, Wise, A Magnet that people gravitated toward...Just a Great great man and real life legend.

The first time we met was not at work but in a charity football match Grapes vs Veterans, I thought to myself who's this big hench geezer I'm keeping out of his way, then I'd see you occasionally in the pub and could hear you from a mile away, next thing I knew you turned up at work working in A&T, over the years our roles evolved and we got to work very closely together everyday and I got to really know you as a man and not just a colleague. You taught me a lot Des, how to rationalize things, to take a step back, to think, doing things for the greater good, I will keep these things with me forever so a part of you will forever be with me.

Too many good times, nights out, debates and opinions to mention but I will hold every single one dear for the rest of my days.

I miss you everyday mate you have left a void and a stamp on my heart, your legend will live on through your Children and Grandchildren I have no doubt about that and your memory and legacy will never be forgotten you were just too strong a man for that...Rest easy General Desmond Louza... I salute you

Love you Big Man...God Bless xx
Posted by Calum Urquhart on May 5, 2021
Des, Sadly, I didn't get the chance to spend time with you on a social level, but in the time we did share together at work, you certainly made an impression. A man truly respected by your friends and colleagues and who was not shy to voice an opinion, but was humble and respectful and had a sense of humor. A true leader and someone who genuinely cared for the welfare of those around him.
You made an impression on me Des, and I know you made a huge one on so many more, and your memory will live on in all those who met you.
Rest in peace.
Posted by darren cleaver on May 5, 2021
Truly lost for words, what a guy he was and he brightened every room wherever he was . Always had an opinion on every subject and mostly the right one.

Rest easy general, sadly never will we meet again, but comforted by our memories of you and your stories. ......Daz
Posted by Tracey Allen on May 5, 2021
Des, I can honestly say it as been a pleasure working with you for all these years, you always had a smile for everyone and if had the chance took time time to chat. We had a few good laughs at the Christmas parties over the years I will miss your presence in the workplace, there will be a void in our lives now.
You will be sadly missed but forever in our thoughts and certainly never forgotten

Rest in Peace and Deepest Sympathies to your family


Posted by David Jones on May 5, 2021
We will all remember Dez collectively as someone who lit up a room, whether it was his physical presence, his larger than life character, beaming smile or his loud infectious laugh that could be heard above everyone else, he was someone who was fun to be around.
Individually, you will all have your own memories of times that you have spent with him either at work or in some social aspect elsewhere, some of you were lucky to be very close to him. Mine will be memories of times spent at the Rugby with him or at the racecourse where he was always smart and immaculately dressed for the occasion, he would study form intensely and always have some wisdom or insider information on which horse would win and why, he was the same with football. Once he had got his point across it would always be followed by a raucous laugh you couldn’t help but laugh also in his presence.

Let’s all take time to reflect, be safe from Covid19 and above all cherish those thoughts and memories we have and remember them always, let’s be thankful that we have known him and our lives have been blessed for doing so.
Posted by Roshene Hartley on May 5, 2021
For me it was truly a pleasure working with Des . And he was a really generous man , he will certainly be deeply missed by many others . He was just like a brother to me. I love you Des .
May God bless you.
-On Behalf of Zafar Iqbal
Posted by Roshene Hartley on April 1, 2021
Des, I admired your morals and standards in life especially when it came to your family. You made it very clear to everyone who knew you that they were your world! You took no BS from anyone but were so approachable and jovial.

I hope you know how loved you were and how much you touched everyone lives. I know you will be watching over and guiding your family, I pray you give them the strength they need.

Rest In Perfect Peace xxx
Posted by jin sandhu-walton on March 31, 2021
Des, you will forever be missed and you have left a massive void in our lives. I just wanted to say it was an honor that I got to know you over the years and shared many laughs and stories together and of course a drink or 2!. Des you will always be a true Gentleman to all of us, your presence was larger than life. We can no longer see you with our eyes, but we feel you in our hearts forever. Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us everyday, unseen, unheard but always near, still loved and still missed! God bless until we meet again.



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