This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Diana Esquivel 62 years old , born on August 19, 1953  to Daniel and Beatrice Esquivel.  She passed away on November 16, 2015. We will remember her forever. 

She lost her battle with lung cancer, but ill never forget her strength thru it all.  This memory will linger in my heart, mind and soul till the day i die. She was an angel to many people and a joy to everyone who knew her. Never a dull moment with her. 

She was born in Grant Michigan. But was raised and lived in Robstown Tx. all her life.  She graduated from Robstown High School in 1974 and was a liscensed Beautician (at one time lol, but she never renewed her liscense again).  She went to College in San Antonio for Dental Hygenist and completed her courses. She worked at a Dental office in Corpus Christi for about a year. She worked her last years as a Child Development Teacher for 12 years. She was a great teacher her children all loved her to death. 

Her passions, gifts and talents were abundant and diverse: she loved to laugh, to draw (paint), read (especially the Bible), clown around, and she was a MOVIE FREAK! :)

She loved her pets... Ami (cat) and Kai (dog)...

She is missed dearly by her son Michael Cisneros, sisters Deborah Yamauchi, Dalia Watkins, brother in-law Jerry Watkins, Niece Kristen Reyes (Robby Ruiz), Nephews Cory Yamauchi (Ashley Yamauchi), Justin Yamauchi and many cousins and aunts and uncles.

Her memory is one we will never forget.. 

Posted by Dalia Watkins on January 22, 2019
My dearest sister, you have no idea how much i miss you (tears). My heart aches for your presence (tears). I wake up every day missing you more and more. The only comfort i have is in knowing that i will see you someday. till then my heart still grieves for you (tears).

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Posted by Dalia Watkins on January 22, 2019
My dearest sister, you have no idea how much i miss you (tears). My heart aches for your presence (tears). I wake up every day missing you more and more. The only comfort i have is in knowing that i will see you someday. till then my heart still grieves for you (tears).
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My sister had a fondness with angels.. she collected about 100 at one time. she was so amazed with their beauty. Even her screen name online was 'Angel1953" Thats the name my husband first knew her as online. She loved angels so much that she'd buy one every christmas and whenever she had the money. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer after her surgery to remove her breast, on the recovery room there appeard this tiny angel on her pillow by her head no one knows how it got there, who put it there but it was there.. She loved that tiny angel and cherrished it so much. She was into studying about angels in the Bible and learned so much about them. She loved them soo much that now she lives with them! Lord i pray shes surrounded by hundreds of angels now and that they are loving her as she loved what they represented. 

Laughter is contagious...

My sister had a gift. and a gift that was contagious. She loved to "laugh." Everyone who she'd come in contact with always have to react to her joyful laugh!. This girl could laugh for hours! and it was a gift that at times would annoy my mother to death lol, because my sister didn't care where she was! even if she was in public she'd break into a laugh that would just create a domino effect lol. I remember being at a funeral luncheon one time and her and my cousin were just laughing at the table about stuff they were just remembering about their past lol it wasnt the right time to be laughing but thats just who she was.  Boy did that laugh drive me crazy at times. There wasn't a thing anyone could do to stop her from laughing once she got started. She would absolutely laugh at just about anything and everything lol. I have a picture of her and my niece and in the picture she has the biggest smile! my husband said to me "i can just about hear that picture come to life with her laughter" and its true every picture i own of her shes either smiling so big or laughing and you can truly just about hear the pictures come to life with her laugh!. oh how i miss her! :(  I'd give anything right now to have her drive me crazy with her laugh and id love her to drive me crazy forever with her laughter. NANA I MISS YOU SOOO MUCH! (tears). 

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Last ride...

Shared by Dalia Watkins on January 22, 2019

My sister and I were always in the car together... when i needed a ride she was always there with her car taking me places and it was always that way. I can remember when shed just go pick me up and we'd just go "cruising" around town lol. I remember a time when i had this crush on a guy i worked with and i remember her and i following him till we found out where he lived lol and then when we'd be out cruising the town we'd sometimes spot him and boy did she love following him around lol. Ah those were the good ole days for me. But around the second week of Nov of 2015 we took our last "ride" together.... it was an ambulance ride from the hospital to hospice! :'(  it was a hard, painful, bumpy ride (tears).  I remember, with knots in my throat and fighting to hold back the tears that were backed up in my heart! i recall her asking me "Lala where am i going?" and i said to her "Well mama your going to another hospital where they're going to take better care of you and where there are hardly no patients so they can tend to you more closely" i couldn't muster up the nerve to tell her she was going to a hospice to die <<<crying she was already a bit confused because not only did she have cancer in her lungs but also in her brain <<crying.  so holding her frightened hand i stared out the ambulance window as we got closer to the hospice, and all i could think was "God why?" <<crying that day was the last ride i took with her (tears) even thou it was a bitter painful ride it is a memory i will hold close to my heart always! .... I MISS YOU SOOO MUCH MY SISTER... and i loved our adventures <3