• 66 years old
  • Born on August 31, 1947 in Hurricane, Utah, United States.
  • Passed away on March 15, 2014 in Mesquite, Nevada, United States.

To Diane, my special Life long friend, with Love.

From the first time we met in the fourth grade at Sunrise Acres, I knew,  we would be best friends forever.  We grew up in Las Vegas, it was the 50"s, our families knew each other and we always felt safe. We had the Best slumber parties EVER....some at your house, some at mine. We attended Roy Martin JR.High, then you went on to graduate from Las Vegas High School and I graduated from Rancho.

In 1966, we headed out in your bright Red Comet, loaded with all our stuff and sang "Californiia Dreamin" from the Momas & Papas, all the way to Hollywood. Our good friend, Judy,  had Bank Teller positions already lined up for us.

Together, we shared an apartment for six months and what an interesting experience this was . I will always remember the first time we went grocery shopping..... Between us, we had $25 to spend. You bought a six pack of beer, a package of Spaghetti and spent the rest of our money (at least $17) on spices..                              After the shock, ....... I must admit........It was the Best Spaghetti Dinner I ever had.

You were always full of surprises. So bright, articulate, unpredictable and so much fun!   Your travels took you to San Francisco, Marin County, Salmon, Idaho, Wendover, Laughlin, and finally Mesquite, NV. just to name a few.              You always preferred the smaller towns. When we were young, and played card games , we always laughed because shuffling cards was not your best suit... so I was quite surprised to know...... you spent many years as a Blackjack Dealer. Obviously, a lot of practice and those magic card tricks worked.:)

Diane, I miss everything about you. Your voice, our phone calls, your smile and  hilarious sense of humor.  I still have some of your beautifully handwritten letters.                                                                                                                Well read and very bright,  you became a good debater... you could always hold your own... even when you switched sides. :)

This past December was the best!  I flew to Vegas from Texas and you made the drive from Mesquite. I am so thankful for that. While we always kept in touch, we hadn't seen each other in over three years. We had so much fun together telling our stories.... we laughed so hard, we cried. For our little picnic, you brought Wine, bread, all different kinds of cheeses, lunch meats, marinated mushrooms, assorted peppers, PLUS dessert. I brought the wine glasses!! :) Of course we toasted to everything, shared our little Christmas together and opened our gifts. Your generousity was always overwhelming.

You are my connection to so many, many happy childhood memories.

I am so lucky, with the help of a friend of yours..... I now have with me, the Stained Glass Shamrock Lamp, I made especially for you,  over 30 years.ago :)   It's always on!

Because of your friend, Dan,  your wishes to be with Bobby, overlooking a beautiful Mesa outside of Mesquite, is now realized.

I am so happy to be in touch with Wayne. We are sharing some very funny stories....:)

I love that I will always have your last message on my phone, funny as ever and that you always call twice...........

Reserved for you only ...you have a special place in my heart.

All my love,



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