Dieter Schambach
  • 77 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 31, 1940
  • Place of birth:
  • Date of passing: Jan 21, 2018
  • Place of passing:
    Rumson, New Jersey, United States
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This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dieter Schambach, 77, born on July 31, 1940, and passed away on January 21, 2018. We will remember him forever.

"Bio | Obituary Dieter Schambach  
07/31/1940 - 01/21/2018 (77 yrs.)
New Yorker Staats-Zeitung & Jes Rau's German Times
Written By: Christine Schambach Feldmann 
Printed Date: 02/03/2018 Page: 5

After serving in the Army during the Vietnam War, Dieter Schambach went to college and became an executive in the shipping industry. Decades later, after he turned 76, his world changed when our beloved, Dieter was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer on November 17, 2016. Without question, he accepted his diagnosis and decided to embark on a fight of a lifetime. 

He continued on with a positive attitude and never made it known that he was ailing or battling a disease. Being active all of his life, he continued his regular routine and maintained scheduled workouts at the local YMCA. As the following year continued, Dieter started the treatments of chemo therapy and radiation. It became part of his lifeline and it did not slow him down as he remained optimistic that in today’s medical advances the chances of prolonging his life was possible. 

His passion for driving was eminent, there are car lovers; and then there are car lovers, Dieter who had made driving vintage, luxury, and high - performance vehicles a part of his life. Already had been given or bought himself the bomber jacket emblazoned with his favorite automaker including fancy shoes with a vibrant emblem on it and or even have the inspired ballpoint pen, the scale – model car and the specialty stationery. For certain, he had fully enjoyed a few track days with his Audi TT and winnings in the Autocross Championship years in the 1960’s.

Dieter’s hobbies consisted off, oil painting, photography and creative writing. He loved traveling and embracing an array of friendships from around the world. His multi - lingual capabilities helped him share his knowledge and experiences with a personable touch. Dieter always had a personality that would always leave a mark in someone’s life. Even when he would enter a room and speak to a stranger at the end of a conversation they would become long life friends. 

It took some time for Dieter to open up about his battle with cancer but when he did his candid advice for his family and friends was to, “remain optimistic”. He always emphasized that; “The earlier you get diagnosed and treated, the better. Follow what the doctor tells you, get two or more opinions and don’t skip your check-ups! Being positive is a big deal. It sounds cliché, but look at the small things in life and enjoy them. I've got family. I've got a wife, child and grandkids, and they bring me a lot of joy. And so I'll turn my thoughts to them to remind myself how blessed I am."

As he continued the dominant, powerful and brave fight, it was not surprising to us that, Dieter at his weakest point still had his Lion instincts in his spirit. He was a Leo after all, like the king of the beasts, they have a majestic way about themselves. They like to be in command of their own kingdom, be it big or small. But Leos are also loving, often being referred to by many astrologers as "eternal children" because Leos love to live in the moment and are quick to give affection. Dieter strengths were extraordinary even when it came time for hospice care at home. 

Dieter told his family and friends to never be sad and always remember to embrace reality of life and be happy. His statement was that when he passes away, we celebrate his life in his honor. His request is for everyone whom knew him (globally) to enjoy and embrace life's precious moments every step of the way. So our future mission will be to arrange an amazing “Celebration of Life Party” for our amazing Dieter. 

The journey for end of life is part of life. On January 21, 2018 in his hospice bed at home, Dieter took his last breath, his strong personality continued to reflect in him through this transition of end of life. He was so aware of his strengths and surroundings even in a deep sleep. He was still our Lion till the very end, when the time came for him to go with the angels up in heaven. His readiness to choose his own way was remarkable.

So go and run free with the angels
Dance around the golden clouds
For the Lord has chosen you to be with him
And we should feel nothing but proud
Although he has taken you from us
And our pain a lifetime will last
Your memory will never escape us
But make us glad for the time we did have 
Your face will always be hidden 
Deep inside our hearts
Each precious moment you gave us 
Shall never, ever depart
So go and run free with the angels 
As they sing so tenderly
And Please be sure to tell them 
To take good care of you for me

Dieter Schambach is survived by his wife Christl, daughter and son-in-law, Christine and Michael Feldmann and two grandchildren, Emmett and Nicos including the family dog, Blitz. 
Written By: Christine Feldmann 
Printed Date: 02/03/2018"

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Michael Royster on 13th March 2018

"In my prior tribute, I indicated Dieter had introduced me to a KGB spy, "but that's another story". It was Dieter's story, and was published in the New Yorker Staats-Zeitung where he was a regular contributor. He sent me a copy, which I have saved. I now share an excerpt, which shows not only how well he wrote, but also his uncanny ability to make friends from almost everyone he met.
[Apologies to those who don't read German]

"Der Polkovnik
Des Herren David Randall’s Artikel “Russian Honeytraps, Secrets, Sex and Spies” auf Seite GT3 der Staats Nummer 12 faszinierte mich, wäre ich doch selbst völlig ahnungslos in eine dieser süssen Fallen geschlittert. Das kam so:

Über viele Jahre hinweg betrieb die Universität des Staates Rio de Janeiro ein akademisches Austauschprogramm mit der Universität Kiev.
Bis heute ist mir eigentlich noch nicht richtig klar, wie ich den Mathematikprofessoren Dr. Vladislav B. und den Chemieprofessor Dr. Leonid (Lonja) S. kennenlernte. Plötzlich waren sie da, in meinem Leben. Das macht mich im Nachhinein noch heute stutzig. Da waren wohl Mächte ausserhalb meines Bewusstseins am Werk.  Beide Herren waren höflich und ausserordentlich  gebildet. Sehr bald wurden sie  reguläre Gäste in meinem Haus. Hier bebattierten wir nächtelang, spielten Schach und tranken Wodka. Etwas eigennützig praktizierte ich meine Russischen Sprachkenntnisse an den Beiden.
Es dauerte nicht lange, bis Oksana, die bildschöne Freundin Vladislavs in Rio auftauchte. Woher sie kam und warum wurde nie völlig erkundet. Gemäss der meiner Familie eigenen Gastfreundschaft wurde auch sie in den Freundeskreis aufgenommen und in der Gesellschaft herumgereicht.
Mein amerikanischer Freund Michael R. – Partner einer Anwaltskanzlei, sagte: ”Doctor (mein lokaler Spitzname), you are being set up. These people belong to the KGB”.
Ich war perplex und meinte: Was kann die Soviet Union von einem simplen Schiffahrtsmenschen wie ich es bin wohl in Erfahrung bringen wollen?
Heute wissen wir, dass die Soviets auch die banalsten Aspekte des westlichen Alltags erschnüffelten. Arglos erzählte ich Vladislav alles was ich über die christliche Seefahrt im Containerzeitalter zu berichten wusste. Geheimnisse verriet ich dabei gewiss nicht. Darüber hinaus führte ich ihn und Oksana in die einschlägigsten Restaurants Rios ein. An Wochenenden bewirtete ich sie in der Sociedade Germania und überhaupt genossen wir viele feuchtfröhliche Stunden bei Schach und Wodka  oder Caipirinhas.
Dann kam der Zusammenbruch der Soviet Union. Leonid, Vladislav und Oksana wurden abrupt abgerufen.
Über die Jahre hinweg war ich zum Sammler allerlei unnützen Zeuges geworden. Mein besonderer Schatz war eine internationale Militaermützensammlung geworden. Diese hatte ich stolz Vladislav vorgeführt.
Noch am Flughafen versprach er mir, er würde mir die Schildkappe direkt vom Schädel eines KGB Obersten (Polkovnik) besorgen. Wenige Wochen später erhielt ich ein Päckchen mit einem Döschen Molosol Kaviar und einer KGB Offziersmütze auf deren Innenseite der Name “Vladislav B” nur notdürftig ausgekritzelt war.

Oksana jedoch hatte ich nie näher kennengelernt."

[POSTSCRIPT] The hat in question was, sadly, destroyed, along with many other personal belongings, by a fire in a container shipped to them in New Jersey."

This tribute was added by Uschi Noellenburg on 12th March 2018

"Liebe Christl, liebe Christine,
nach ueber 40 Jahren hat uns ein guter Freund verlassen.
In Gedanken wird Dieter weiterhin bei uns sein.
Wir hatten viele froehliche Stunden in Rio und São Paulo zusammen, die wir nie vergessen werden. Auch in Deutschland haben wir einige Male zu schoenen Treffen zusammengefunden.
Euch Hinterbliebenen wuenschen wir viel Kraft, das Schicksal zu akzeptieren.
Wollen wir positiv denken, dass Dieter von allen Schmerzen erloest ist.

Herzliche Anteilnahme
von Uschi und Arno aus São Sebastião"

This tribute was added by Christa Bohnhof-Grühn on 11th March 2018

"Liebe Christl, Liebe Christine,
obwohl wir wussten, dass Dieter diese Welt verlassen würde, sind wir sehr traurig darüber. In den Jahren, in denen wir ihn in Rio kannten, wurde er ein guter Freund. Wir haben seinen intelligenten Witz, seine Redegewandheit und seine lässige Art sehr geschätzt, und wir haben ihn und Christl bewundert, wie unermüdlich sie vorgegangen sind auf der Suche nach Deiner Mutter, Christine. Du hast einen wunderbaren Vater gehabt und hast zum Glück noch Deine ebenso wunderbare Mutter.
Dieter wird uns fehlen - wir denken viel an Euch und wissen, dass es lange dauern wird, bis Ihr den Verlust überwindet und er sich in ewige Saudade verwandelt.
Liebe Grüsse von Christel und Rolf aus Rio"

This tribute was added by Susan Fowler on 9th March 2018

"Dear Christl, Christine , Michael , Emmett and Nicos,
How very blessed Dieter was to have all of you in his life as you were to have him in your lives! This is an extraordinary tribute to an extraordinary man. His presence on this earth made it a better place! Now he is making heaven a better place - enjoy Dieter !"

This tribute was added by CHRISTINE FELDMANN on 8th March 2018

"Liebe Christl und Familie,
Trauer und Schmerz umgibt mich, Ihr habt einen lieben Menschen verloren, Ehemann, Vater und Opa. Euer geliebter Dieter ist nicht mehr unter uns, er ist nur voraus gegangen. Renate und ich teilen eurer Schmerz zutiefst.
Ich habe meinen Bruderfreund Dieter verloren. Wir erlebten eine gemeinsame Kindheit in Mainz seit 1951 und hatten eine tolle brüderliche Freundschaft. Mein Besuch bei Euch in 2017 festigte erneut unsere Freundschaft und wissend, daß alles im Leben seine Zeit hat. Wir hatten tolle Gespräche, die weit über seine Erkrankung hinaus gingen, geprägt mit Aktivitäten, die den üblichen Rahmen eines Besuches sprengten. Ich durfte Teil eurer Familie werden. Ich vermisse Dieter, meinen Bruderfreund, sehr und die wöchentlichen Gespräche via Skyp. Vergessen kann und werde ich ihn nicht, verbindet uns doch fast ein ganzes Leben miteinander.
Denn wir haben hier auf Erden keine bleibende Heimstatt und die zukünftige suchen wir.      Theo und Renate"

This tribute was added by Daghild Rick on 6th March 2018

"This last tribute reminded me of two other occasions where Dieter and Christl showed their fervor for life of fun and hospitality.
First in the late sixties in Seattle there was the annual Fasching Ball (carnival ball), where the most original costume was rewarded. Our group of friends decided on Snowwhite and the 7 dwarfs. Dieter immediately shouted out "I'll be the Snowwhite",( the picture will be uploaded) He being the tallest that gave the 7 draws something to work towards. We carried Snowwhite in in a clear coffin and as the story goes we tripped and Snowwhite coughed up the obstruction. We did win 1 st Price.
The second occasion in Rio, where my parents showed up at their door with weeks of dirty laundry returning from a camping tour. Not only was the laundry sent out but they hosted them for a few days renewing their memories of times past. They are both gone now but we all heard about their amazement of Schambach's hospitality. Thank you for these memories. Dieter, you are missed by more people that you'd ever imagined. R.I.P."

This tribute was added by Ulrich Borgarp on 5th March 2018

"Dear Christel and Christine,
it is only today that I have received the sad news of Dieter’s death which came totally unexpectedly for me causing consternation and dismay. I am just writing to say how very sorry I am to hear about this.
Dieter was such an exceptional, wonderful and lovely person and I am glad that I have had the chance to come across his way.
You are recalling that almost exactly 25 years ago I have shown up in Rio de Janeiro with your address in hand which I got from our common friend Franz Neumair. As a foreigner I have knocked on the door of your apartment right during your Sunday afternoon nap and spontaneously I have been invited to your family and you have hosted me for the following three months (during my internship as a Lawyer in Rio). In a very unique way (“the lost son from Germany”) I have experienced hospitality in your family and hence the time we have spent together (Bowling, Club Aleman, …) will always have a special place in my memory. Particularly I have enjoyed some dedicated games of chess with Dieter (accompanied by some cold beers in the evening).

Hence it was such an enjoyment for me to meet Dieter again after such a long time in 2013 in Manhattan (picture) when I came over for the NY Marathon and we could warm up all the stories of “our good old days”. That revival meeting with Dieter pleased me so much truly confirming his extraordinary personality and his attitude towards life as it is described in his memorial. I felt so confident to meet up with him again. He will be greatly missed.

Dear Christel and Christine, I wish to convey to you and your family my heartfelt condolences. You are in my thoughts at this difficult time and I hope sincerely that we will get a chance to see each other again somewhere.

Uli from Munich, Germany  "

This tribute was added by Tanja Haller on 5th March 2018

"Kleine Blumen unter Weidezäunen,
Silberdisteln an den Sonnenrainen,
Auf dem Fußpfad blasse Wegewarten,
Rosen noch in einem Bauerngarten,
Weiße Wolke über Felsenbergen
Mit den hohen Heiligen  als Ferien,
Lichte Nebel auf dem Einödsweiher-
Bittersüße Abschiedsfeier.
( Onkel Samper)

Werde dich nie vergessen Dieter!
Danke für viele schöne Stunden mit Dir!"

This tribute was added by Paul Staunton on 5th March 2018

"A thoughtful tribute to a very special person. I am grateful to have known Dieter."

This tribute was added by Roy Waite on 5th March 2018

"I met Dieter in Brazil early 2016 while he was on business and I was touring South America. He became an instant friend and we stayed in touch when he went back to the USA an me to England. We had some great chats over a beer, he was a wonderful storyteller. I learned of his early days being bombed, his love of Mainz football team and his life in America. He was a true gentleman . I send my deepest condolences to his family and feel blessed to have known him"

This tribute was added by Peter and Ursula Bergmann on 4th March 2018

"Mittags bist Du nicht mehr aufgewacht
Die Voegel singen, wie sie immer sangen
Nichts aendert diesen Tageslauf!
Nur Du bist fortgegangen
Unsere Traenen wuenschen Dir Glueckseligkeit   Peter und Ursel"

This tribute was added by Nicholas Sciorsci on 3rd March 2018

"Nicely done Christine. The site is properly named as he will be forever missed in my life. My dearest friend and confidante ."

This tribute was added by Atle Underthun on 2nd March 2018

"It was with great sadness and surprise I learnt about Dieter’s passing. We worked together for close to 20 years and I am proud to call him a close friend. We didn’t see each other face to face  that often and that much, but the times we were together we both had a good time. In NY, in NJ, Miam, in Brasil and on trips to the Caribbean Islands we always found time to enjoy conversations and good meals. I found Dieter to be incredibly knowledgeable and I learnt a lot about many aspects of the maritime industry. I will miss his friendship and my thoughts are with his wife Christl, his daughter, her family and his grandchildren."

This tribute was added by Ronald Rosolowski on 2nd March 2018

"Dieter and I shared a friendship and brotherhood when we served together in the Army.  Many a night sharing a beer and talking/arguing about race cars, which we both shared a passion for. I felt I lost a brother when he left the service before me. A cherished moment in my life was when we reconnected after many years. I will always remember our yearly get together at various race events. I still smile when I recall his ability to remember events from 50 years ago in much detail. Now it’s my turn to remember him in detail. Rest In Peace my friend."

This tribute was added by Hubertus Röttle on 2nd March 2018

"Liebe Christl,
Die Nachricht dass Dieter von uns gegangen ist hat mich tief getroffen. Die Erinnerung an schöne, frohe Stunden und gemeinsame Erlebnisse in Rio blühen wieder auf und sie bleiben unvergesslich. Ich hoffe, dass Du in Deiner Trauer Trost findest in der grossen Anteilnahme an dem grossen Verlust, den viele mit Dir aufrichtig teilen."

This tribute was added by Michael Royster on 2nd March 2018

"Dieter was my best friend in Rio de Janeiro, from the time we met till he, Christl and Cristine moved away. He introduced me to Formula 1 races, which we would watch at his place on Sunday mornings, usually offering a toast to the upcoming first lap crash of [name a driver]. He introduced me to Kegeln and Schlaraffen and “rabada” at the Sociedade Germania. He introduced me to the InterAmerican Freight Conference, where he taught me to say “maioria” in any vote. He introduced me to “feijoada branca” at Bucsky restaurant downtown Rio, always starting punctually at 11:45 (Dieter) and 12 noon (me). He introduced me to the pristine sound of a CD—Keith Jarrett’s Köln Concert—once hooked, we would sing along to “The Sloop John B” or “Radio Ga Ga”, typically after a few caipis. He introduced my family to the “invisible” border between Germany and France at Strasbourg. He even introduced me, albeit unwittingly, to a KGB agent in Rio (but that’s another story).

Dieter truly enjoyed life, and made life more enjoyable for everyone around him. He was like a brother to me, and I really, really miss him."

This tribute was added by robert ingram on 2nd March 2018

"Hello Christl, Many of us share your sorrow and all will miss Dieter.

Christine -- Thank you for this memorial -- Dieter spoke of you often and I feel I know you although we have never actually met. Dieter and I spoke at New Years (2018) -- although he was very ill, we still got to laugh about some of our adventures with Sea Land in South America.  At meetings in Brasil or Argentina, with his language skills he always kept the agenda under control -- he had one line that usually broke the ice -- he loved to tell everyone that I spoke multiple languages --- but only had one vocabulary -- after a moment thinking about that, everyone roared and Dieter owned the meeting. He was some wonderful person.
We said Good By knowing the end was near -- all very difficult.

Thank you again for this Memorial -- which allows many of us to focus on the Good Times and our life experience with Dieter.

Bob Ingram  --- Hilton Head, SC"

This tribute was added by Christoph B. Rüger on 2nd March 2018

""Den mußt Du unbedingt kennenlernen, fahr mit nach Sao Paulo, vergiß Rio," so mein Carioca-Lufthansa Bruder Uli irgendwann Mitte der Achtziger. Eine solchen Vorschlag hatte mein kompetener Guide durch Südamerika mir bei meinen Besuchen noch nie gemacht,  rar, seltsam und also unablehnbar. Ich traf auf Dieter, eine Persönlichkeit, die alles hatte um nie mehr vergessen zu werden. Sao Paulo war Dieter für mich. Er war unvergeßlich, nicht die Stadt. Unsere Begegnungen waren ein großes Glück für mich.

Ein wieviel größeres Glück muß er gewesen sein für alle, die länger oder stets um ihn waren. Ich bin bei ihnen in ihrer Trauer, ich bin bei ihnen in ihrer besonnten Erinnerung and iesen besonderen Menschen.

You have been been important through my whole life,thank you Dieter."

This tribute was added by Henning Faye-Schjoll on 2nd March 2018

"Although not unexpected it was with deep sorrow I received the news of Dieter´s demise. Dieter was one of the few I sincerely could call a friend of mine. He was admired for his professional attitude in everything he touched, always mixed with a warm underlying sense of humour.

We lived in different parts of the world,
but I always felt the presence of Dieter´s strong and friendly character. To me he was a soulmate one could turn to whenever a subject needed to be discussed. Dear Dieter.......you will be deeply missed and never forgotten.

To Christl, Christine and the family I offer my heart felt condolences."

This tribute was added by Silvio Uhlfelder on 2nd March 2018

"Dear Christl,
Dear Christine,
Dear Michael,
Dear Emmet,
Dear Nico,

I well remember the lots and nice hours I could spent with Dieter in Rio de Janeiro. They will always be part of my history.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time.
our friend Dieter has gone but will never be forgotten.
Dieter we will miss you and we keep you in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Robert Molzon on 2nd March 2018

"My sincere condolences!

I met Dieter at Donovan's some years ago. Although I'm a bit younger we had many conversations about common experiences, companies and people from the shipping industry including recent trends.
I'll miss those talks and not being able to greet him new tidbits of shipping news!
Keep driving, Dieter!"

This tribute was added by H Schneider on 2nd March 2018

"Dear Christl, Christine, Michael and Family,

I am so glad there are websites like this, so one can be informed of even very sad news.
The last time we phoned it sure did not sound good, but I held out hope.
My hope was: "no news is good news". But it did not last..
Dieter and I surely had a special connection since we met on a train from Mainz to Rotterdam in 1963 as complete strangers on the way to America.
I still have 3 letters right here, Dieter wrote me as a new Army PFC from Fort Belvoir, VA; they are now 55 years old and historic.
It is hard to believe you, Christ,l were also on that ship we took together to America, which eventually led you and Dieter to get married.
What a story!
I've always lived far from you, most of the time in California, but at least we were able to get together in NJ a few years ago.
I am sorry that it was the last time with all of us in good health.
Since we parted on that ship we have been in contact mostly by phone
or letter, but I was glad to feel Dieter was my friend.

Please accept our deepest condolences to you and your family.

Hartmut & Marlene"

This tribute was added by Daghild Rick on 2nd March 2018

"Liebe Christl Christine und Familie

Ich kann er immer noch nicht glauben das Dieter aus diesem Leben ausgeschieden ist. Wir kannten uns in Seattle/Edmonds seit den spaeten 60’iger bis in die spaetnen 70’ger Jahre. Von da an nur mehr bei seinen/euren seltenen Besuchen in Edmonds. Wir (Erhard und ich) besuchten Euch in Rumson in den fruehen 2000’er Jahren. Immer wenn wir contact per Skype oder telefon hatten, war es fast als ob sich unsere Wege nie getrennt haetten.  

Wir (Richard und ich) und ihr Beide waren jung verheirated und unser erster Sohn Roger war geboren. Die maennliche Begeisterung fuer Auto und Autorennen brachte die Dieter und Richard nach Le Mans in 1969. Gemeinsam schauten wir auch in Mainz die erste Mondlandung. Darauf folgten unter anderem Rodeo in Ellensburg, Jazz Club in Pioneer Square, Auto Rennen in Wirklichkeit und  bei Bert’s Rennbahn im Keller. Dieter’s Auto “Chaparal” ist mir noch eine Erinnerung.

Wir bewunderten Dieter’s Wunsch nochmals die Schulbank zu druecken und sich auf sein Internationales Leben vorzubereiten. Im Freundeskreis genossen wir viel Festmahle an Feiertagen jehweis bei Schambach, Lerch, Arpe  und Wittmann.
Schischuldirector Walter Schluter engagierte Dieter als Schilehrer. So viele schoene Erinnerungen werden wach, wir sind froh Dieter in seinen jungen Jahren erleben zu haben. Wie auch so oft bemerkt wird seine Offenheit, Grosszuegigkeit im Teilen von Gedanken, Wuenschen, und Empfehlungen. Wann immer wir zusammen kamen war es gefuellt mit interessanten Gespraechen, Ideen und bester Freunschaft.

In Seattle stellten uns Dieter und Christl ihre Tochter Christine dann schon ein Teenager vor. Sie ist sein Stolz und Augapfel dann auch in Rumson bei unserem Besuch in deren Haus. Es kamen nur Lobesworte fuer Christine und Christl heraus.

Meine E-Weihnachtsgruesse beantwortete er noch persoenlich aber leider kam ich zu spaet nochmals mit ihm zu sprechen. Das naechste war dann die traurige Nachricht.

Christl und Familie ich habe selbst den Verlust meines Mannes erlebt und weiss wie schwer die naechste Zeit sein wird. verzagt nicht, ja es ist schwer sich damit  auseinander zu setzten, das Leben ist eben so. In einer Ehe bleibt nur einer zurueck. Ich schicke Dir/ Euch Mut, Kraft und viele schoene Erinnerungen die es doch etwas ertraeglich machen. Man hat so viel gemeinsam erlebt, und gesehen. Jetzt fangt ein neuer Lebensabschnitt an. Ich bin sicher Dieter wird so stolz auf Dich sein, wenn Du DIr neue Ziele steckst und in die Zukunft schaust.
Ich trauere mit Euch,  Daghild"

This tribute was added by CHRISTINE FELDMANN on 1st March 2018

"Über allen GipfelnIst Ruh,In allen WipfelnSpürest duKaum einen Hauch;Die Vögelein schweigen im Walde.Warte nur, baldeRuhest du auch.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

von Jes Rau

Ich bin ein Warmduscher. Wenn  ich nicht einschlafen kann, hilft mir zumeist eine warme Dusche. Diesmal  nicht.   Es war bald  5 Uhr in der Frühe und ich hatte noch kein Auge zugedrückt: Da half nur eines: Aufstehen! Ich    zog mir den Bademantel über und trat vor die Tür. Die Luft war frisch aber nicht kalt. Der Wind  liesss die Blätter von Rasmussen  rauschen. Rasmussen ist der Eichenbaum,  der unser Haus bewacht.  Er ist mit  meiner Famile entfernt verwandt. (Rasmussen ist der Mittelname meines Grossvaters)  Vielleicht liegt es daran, dass wir dieselbe Wellenlänge haben.
Als ich mich Rasmussen näherte, konnte ich nicht anders, als seinen dicken Stamm umarmen. Seine Haut ist   alles andere als weich. Aber dennoch tat es mir so gut, sie zu streicheln. Und dann kamen mir die Tränen.
„Ich weiss, ich weiss“,  sagte Rasmussen.„Dein Freund  Dieter Schambach ...“  -“Ja“, sagte ich.  „Er ist gestorben“
„Nein“ schrie ich , „Nein, nein.“  Das Wort klang so schrecklich, so endgültig! „He just passed away“ sagte ich. „Du hast Recht, he just passed away“, sagte Rasmussen. Manchmal ist die englische Sprache so viel einfühlsamer als die deutsche.
„Das ist ein grosser Verlust für Dich“, sagte Rasmussen. „Ein riesiger Verlust“, bestätigte ich.  Was vielleicht schwer zu verstehen ist, da wir so unterschiedliche Charaktäre sind. Dieter ist ein Hans Dampf in allen Gassen. Extrovertiert. Lebenslustig. Ich hingegen bin ein einsamer Wolf. Ein Bücherwurm. Ein   ewiger Denker, der die  Welt retten will.
„Ein Intellktueller“, sagte Rasmussen . „Nein, kein Intellektueller, denn das  Wort klingt in meinen Ohren  wie „Klugscheisser“.
„Ich wollte Dich nicht beleidigen“, sagte Rasmussen.
„Ich weiss, ich weiss, mein Lieber“
„War er ein alter Jugendfreund?“ frage Rasmussen.
„Nein, keineswegs. Er war irgendwann auf die „New Yorker Staats-Zeitung“ gestossen und aus Begeisterung für das Blatt wollte er dessen Publisher kennenlernen. Was  mich natürlich freute,“
„Natürlich“, meinte Rasmussen. Wir wohnten damals  noch in Manhatten während Mr. Schambach an der Küste von New Jersey lebte.  Wir trafen uns dann  in einem japanischen Restaurant in Greenwich Village und  erzählten uns gegenseitig, wie es dazu gekommen war, dass wir beide nun in Amerika lebten.
Er kam aus Mainz.  Ich betrachtete mich als Kieler, obwohl  ich im Alter von  14 Jahren  nach Bonn umgezogen war, wo mein Vater  zum Ministerialdirektor  im Wirtschaftsministerium und engen Mitarbeiter von Ludwig Erhard aufstieg. Dieter war ein leidenschaftlicher Anhänger des lokalen Fußballvereins Manz 05. Ich hielt für Holstein Kiel, obwohl der Verein damals  nicht einmal drittklassig war.
Das waren eigentlich unüberbrückbare  Gegensätze, die sich aber schell auflösten
Es soll ja so etwas wie Liebe  auf den ersten Blick geben. Aber mein Verhältnis zu Dieter zeigt, dass auch so etwas wie Freundschaft auf den ersten Blick gibt. Aus den Schilderungen seiner lieben Tochter Christine kann ich entnehmen, dass  Dieter  diese Wirkung  auch auf viele andere hatte. Das änderte nichts daran, das ich unsere Beziehung als  spezielle, echte Freundschaft empfand.
Als wir dann  nach  Sarasota FL.  umzogen, hatten wir nur noch telephonischen Kontakt. Was dessen Bedeutung für mich nicht minderte. Im  Wall Street Journal las ich kürzlich einen Artikel über die segensreiche Wirkung  von  Freunden, denen man voll vertrauen kann und die einem guten Rat in den verschiedensten Lebenssituationen geben können - ohne irgendwelche Eigeninteressen zu verfolgen.
So ein Freund und Lebensberater war Dieter Schambach für mich. Er verstand mich und war  eindeitig pateiisch - für mich.
Immer wieder beschwor er mich, nicht zu selbstkritisch  und stolz auf  unsere „Staats“ zu sein. „Compliments get you everywhere“ heisst es.  Und Dieter Schambach verstand es, Komplimente zu geben. Aber  er wollte damit ja keine Vorteile für sich rausholen - sonderen  wollte mir nur Gutes tun.
Als  Publisher muss man eine dicke Haut haben. Man muss mit Kritik leben können. Manchmal geht es unter die Haut, wenn man beschimpft wird. Deswegen  ist die Presse  so wie sie ist. Ja, manchmal  verdients sie die Bezeichnung „Lügenpresse“. Das ist sicherlich  die passende Bezeichnung für die  amerikanische Presse, vor und während des ersten Weltkrieges. als  sie gegen Deutsche und Deutschamerikaner hetzte, um die USA zum Krieg gegen Deutschland  zu veranlassen.   Ich vermeide den Ausdrück „Lügenpresse“ und spreche lieber von der „menschlich, allzu menschlien Presse“, denn es ist menschlich, dem Druck von Geldgebern, Regierungen und Lesern nachzugeben.
Deshalb ist es wichtig. Menschen wie Dieter Schambach um sich zu haben, die die gutwilligen Presseleute  bestärken in ihrem Tun.
„Ich kann nicht klagen, ich hatte ein gutes Leben“, sagte Dieter zuletzt zu mir. Er hat es verdient. Er hat etwas geleistet als Logistiker. Er sprach mehrere Sprachen, darunter Russisch und Portugiesisch.
Seine grosse Zeit hatte er wohl in Brasilien, wo er für  eine deutsche Firma den weltweiten Transport von Gütern organisierte.
„Aber das Wichtigste in meinem Leben sind meine Frau Christl, meine Tochter und meine zwei Enkel“, sagte er.  „ Ich liebe sie. Sie lieben mich. Was will man mehr?“
„Ich wünschte  ich hätte  wäre Dieter schon früher begegnet“, sagte ich zu Rasmussen. „Und jetzt  habe ich niemanden  mehr, der  mich versteht und mir Rat geben kann“.  „Aber Du hast noch so einen Freund“, entgegnete Rasmussen. „Du meinst meinst meinen Schulfreund Helmut? -Ja, das stimmt, er ist auch ein guter Freund.“ „Nein, ich meine Deinen Freund Rasmussen!“
„Wie konnte ich das vergessen“, sagte ich. Natürlich bist Du  ein lebenswichtiger Freund für mich“, sagte ich und streichelte seine zerklüftete Rinde.

Christl und Dieter Schambach"

This tribute was added by Debbie Abazia on 1st March 2018

"What a beautifully written and amazing tribute to a wonderful man. I met Dieter shortly after I met Christine when our boys were in 3rd grade together. Along with his wonderful wife, I recall them sitting on the sidelines of the soccer field as they cheered on their oldest grandson, Emmett. Dieter was a super friendly and kind human being. Always with such a big smile and tremendous heart. You could feel his energy any time he was near. I know he will be missed by so many. Have peace knowing how much he adored his family and that he is watching over all of you now. Much love and strength to the entire family."

This tribute was added by Kevin Giffin on 1st March 2018


You must miss Dieter so much. I can not imagine your loss. He was a special man .Donna and I loved both your company very much. My world is a little smaller now he is gone. I just got home tonight from my third surgery. I wanted to visit Dieter so much; however, I was in such awful pain I could not drive. What can I say, I will always miss him. He and I were very different yet great friends, but I think that made our friendship special. We had many good times together. We were together every day some times. He was retired and so was I, so we had plenty of time on our hands. I never met anyone more world traveled. He was very intelligent, even though i never told him that. He had a gift for language like I never seen. We both loved cars. We even both had German sport cars: he had an Audi TT and I a BMW Z4.  i envied his gift for language. Many an afternoon we would watch football together. Talk politics, we had different politics; however, we never really fought. We would discuss world affairs. He always told me he admired me for my knowledge of world affairs. You see I never wore a Baseball cap (Dieter would know what I meant). So my friend I raise a drink to our friendship. I will never forget you, never.

Christl, Christine, Michael, thank you for sharing this with me.


Kevin ....hes done wissen"

This tribute was added by Vincent Roussell on 1st March 2018

"Christine, This was a beautiful and very accurate memory of Dieter. I only knew him from working out together at the "Y" and talking about classic cars. I always respected his positive can do attitude. When we spoke about his cancer diagnosis he was always upbeat and positive. I will miss him, but he is with the angels now and looking down on us."

This tribute was added by haroldo sprenger on 1st March 2018

"Christl, it is with sadness that i received this message.  Although we have drifted apart in the last years, i fondly remember Dieter's buoyant personality and the cheerfull way he used to greet and treat everybody.

I'll have the chef at Germania prepare a special rabada (which he always ordered in advance when coming to Rio) in his honour.  Please receive my deepest condolences, extensive to Christine, her husband and the kids."

This tribute was added by Roberto Ekres on 1st March 2018

"Had the pleasure of working together with Dieter Schambach during part of his professional life time spent im Brazil.
I would respectfully name him a charater with great leadership and a vast knowledge of shipping industry.I benefited extensively of his knowledge and great examples and manged to bit him only once on a beer tournement which was very nicely shared with all other attendees.
Gret man which certainly will be missed by his family and hundreds of friends that he was blessed during life time and now miss him a lot.
May God give him the rest he deserves and pray for his memory"

This tribute was added by Myke Scavone on 1st March 2018

"This is a beautifully written memory and the best photo.Dieter was certainly one of a kind. He was the most positive, kind and warm person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He will be greatly missed by all who were blessed enough to have known him.
I look forward to meeting up with him again where Angels roam."

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