Dina Beattie
  • 77 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 3, 1936
  • Date of passing: Nov 19, 2013
Let the memory of Dina be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dina Beattie, 77, born on October 3, 1936 and passed away on November 19, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 19th November 2017

"Miss you more than words can say and would give anything to hear your voice and spend one more day with you.
Love you forever mama xxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by enrico falchi on 10th October 2017

"Mama, Happy Birthday. Know that you are always in our hearts.The boys always laugh when we talk about how you would react when they spoke to you, it always brings a smile to their faces.Thinking of you. All my love."

This tribute was added by jason dernbach on 3rd October 2017

"Hello my beautiful granny. Today is your birthday ,you are always in my heart and in my mind. Love you always ..Happy Birthday in heaven.. Miss you so much."

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 2nd October 2017

"Happy Birthday my angel mommy,
Birthday wishes sent to heaven from your family below
We miss and love you dearly and we wanted you to know
Your birthday is not forgotten and your memory lives on,
we celebrate the life you had even though you've gone.
If we were given just one wish, one that would come true.
We'd wish you were back beside us to spend this day with you.
We will always love and miss you and will often shed a tear.
Especially on your special day year after year.

Love you forever
Miss you always

Happy Birthday mommy"

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 19th November 2016

"Its been 3 years today that we lost you and I miss you even more and still cant believe you are gone.  I know you are in Gods loving arms but just for one moment I woukd love to be in your arms again. Love and miss you mommy and always will. ×××××"

This tribute was added by enrico falchi on 3rd October 2016

"Mama, although you are no longer with us, know that we will always think of you with all the love in our heart. Even though I was not the son that most mothers want them to be, especially Italian mothers, know that you were always loved and that you Grand children have nothing but loving memories of you. I know that you are looking down on us and in you own way are constantly wanting everything to be good for us all.
Thank you for been the Mama you were. Cicco."

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 2nd October 2016

"An Angel We Lost

November 19th 2013

was the most heartbreaking day of all,
in the early hours of the morning
we got a dreadful call.
After we hung up the phone
my dad, my sister and my brother,
we had to rush to the hospital
and try make it to see my mother.
When we arrived at the hospital
the nurse held out her hand,
she said "I am sorry she's gone"
she is gone to another land.
I wanted to wake her
for I thought you were asleep,
but the Angel's had taken her
to Heaven to keep.
The biggest heartbreak of all
is we never said goodbye,
you were gone before we knew it
to the castle in the sky.
God had seen the road was getting tough
when a cure was not to be,
he said "Dina take my hand"
and walk this way with me.
We were not there to hear your last breath
to even hold your hand,
but God carried you like in the poem
"Footprint's In The Sand".
God had seen you getting tired
so an Angel he did send,
you were more than a mother to us
you were a very wonderful friend.
If you still have your mother
please cherish her with care,
cause it only really hits you
when you turn and she's not there.
We often told you we loved you
and how much you meant to us,
If we could walk to Heaven
we would go and set you free.
You died at the age of 77
when you should of been at your best,
God had seen your pain and suffering
and said you need some rest.
We think of you a lot
your always in our prayers,
We know you're looking down on us
in fact, you're everywhere.
Heaven must be a beautiful place
cause loved one's always stay,
We know your happy up above
in each and every way.
We used to sit at home
staring at the phone on the wall,
hoping and praying
that one day you will call.
We look up at the night sky
and wonder where you might be,
We would love to send you this poem
"Could you send one to me" ?
We have learnt to lead a life apart from all the rest,
what a wonderful woman you were
in fact you were the best.
You were a very strong woman
who had been through quiet a lot,
if you still have your mother
give her everything you've got.
This poem was easy to write
for it came straight from the heart,
but writing about a woman like you
we didn't know where to start.
Daddy has his days
for his heart is broke in two,
he sits and play's his guitar
and sings a song for you.
So God if you are listening
tell our mother up above,
how much we really miss her
and please give her all our love.

Happy Birthday mommy

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 19th November 2015

"Dear mommy, the moment that you died my heart was torn in two, one side filled with heartache the other died with you.
I often lie awake at night, when the world is fast asleep, and take a walk
down memory lane, with tears upon my cheeks.
Remembering you is easy, I do it everyday, but missing you is heartache
that never goes away.
I hold you tightly within my heart and there you will remain. Until the
joyous day arrives, that we will meet again.

I love and miss you so much mommy xxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Dino Falchi on 2nd October 2015

"My Mother
My Mother is a woman like no other. She gave me life, nurtured me,
Taught me. Dressed me, fought for me, held me, shouted at me, kissed me, but most importantly loved me unconditionally.
There are not enough words I can say to describe just how important my mother was to me, and what a powerful influence she continues to be. Mother , I love you."

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 2nd October 2015

"Ciao Mama,

Today would have been such a special day but now it brings sadness and sorrow, if we could share just one more day, if there was one more tomorrow.
But birthdays are a time for reflection, to look over a year that’s past and I can’t believe another year has gone by, the time, it goes so fast. But memories of happier times in my heart will stay.  I’ll treasure each and every one till we meet again some day.
So I’ll say goodbye for now and blow a kiss to heaven above, to wish you a Happy Birthday and send you all my love. Happy Birthday Mommy.  Miss you so much
Tiamo mama"

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 17th June 2015

"Dear mommy, all that I am or hope to be, I owe to you mommy. Happy Anniversary. Miss you more each day and love you more than words can say xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Sonia Danini on 10th May 2015

"Dearest mamma, today is mothers day, and i wish youwere here. I would hold your band and hug you tight,telll you how much i appreciate all you did for me, and today my son can tell me that i am the best mom in the world because of what u taught me. I miss you everyday but know that you are smiling and when it is Gode willwe will be together again. I love you forever. Baci"

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 9th May 2015

"Those special memories of you will always bring a smile, if only I could have you back for just a little while, then we could sit and talk again just like we used to do. You always meant so very much and always will do too. The fact that you're no longer here will always cause me pain But you're forever in my heart until we meet again.
Happy Mothers Day mommy. Love and miss you more than words can say xxxxx"

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 15th March 2015

"Happy Mohers Day. Thank you for being the best mom in the world. Love and miss you more than words can say xxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 28th January 2015

"Hello mommy, it s so cold here today and I have been thinking of your wonderful bean soup all day (wish you were here so we could sit at the kitchen table and all enjoy a bowl).  Love you always and forever xxx"

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 24th December 2014

"Merry Christmas mommy. Missing you so much and wish you were here. Buon Natale. Tiamo xxxxx"

This tribute was added by sonia danini on 19th November 2014

"Ciao mamma, a year ago today, i could still hold your hand and caress your face, i will never forget the expression on your face, so happy and so in peace. You did not shed a tear that day, and were so strong that i did not realize it would be the last time i would see you on this earth. You tried to eat and smiled and said i will have a mint too. You did not want us to suffer, so you made everthing seem ok. And when wegot thecall, i did not expect it, i was sure you would get better. But  you had enough, and God knew, so he called you home with all your loved ones. I have been sad since that day because i miss you, but i wil be patient and strong. And just want to thank you for making me the person i am today, and now i know how much you loved me.  I cant wait to see you again.  I love you with all my heart  and always will. Ciao a presto, un milione di bacixxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 19th November 2014

"Dear mommy, it's a year today that you went home and I miss you more and more each day. I love you so much and find it so hard without you here but I know you are always watching over us all and one day we will all be together again. Love you forever xxx"

This tribute was added by Graeme Dernbach on 19th November 2014

"Miss you loads Mom,and will be forever missed."

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 3rd October 2014

"Happy Birthday in Heaven

I wish you were here today
even for just a little while
so I could say Happy Birthday "mom"
and see your beautiful smile.

The only gifts today will be
the gifts you left behind;
The laughter, joy and happiness...
precious memories...the best kind.

Today I'll do my very best
to try and find a happy place...
struggling to hide my heavy heart
and the tears on my face.

I'll sit quietly and look at your picture
thinking of you with love;
hoping you're doing ok
in Heaven up above.

May the angels hold you close and
sing you a happy song...
and I'll be sending love to you
today and all year long.

Love and miss your more than words could ever say Mama

This tribute was added by Sonia Danini on 2nd October 2014

"For mamma,
Tomorrow would have been a special day,
now it brings sadness and sorrow

If we could have one more day
if there was still another tomorrow

Birthdays are a time for reflection
to look at the year thats past

I cant believe  a year has gone by
the time has gone so fast

Memories of happier times
in my heart will stay,

I treansure each and everyone
till we meet again oneday

So i say Goodbye for now,
And blow a kiss to Heaven above

To wish you Happy Birthday
And send you all my LOVE

Tanti Baci, always in my heart soniaxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 29th July 2014

"Those we love don’t go away,
They walk beside us every day.
Unseen, unheard but always near,
So loved, so missed,
So very dear.

Love and miss you so much mommy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 2nd July 2014

"Heaven needed Mom

So many things of Mom I miss…
Her gentle hug and tender kiss.
I still can feel her warm embrace
And picture yet her loving face.

A mothers’ tasks are never done.
And Heaven must have needed one.
For angels came and took her hand
And led her to God’s promised land.

She’s surely kept quite busy there,
While brushing little angels’ hair.
And making sure they’re dressed just right,
Not staying out too late at night.

Although there’s sadness, this I know …
She’s waiting there, her face aglow
I close my eyes and I can see …
Her arms still open wide for me.

Love and miss you so much xxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 17th May 2014

"Dearest mom i am missing you lots and think of you always. Love you so much and always in my heart. This poem is for you from sonia.

Why am i crying?
Why do i feel so alone?
You left me now
to find a better home.

Its a gentle journey ....
a soft breeze on your sail,
to a place where fear and worries
no longer prevail.

Its a warm island in the sun
where we all hope to be,
with the Lord whom we love
and with all our family.

I beg the Lord each night in prayer
to take away my sorrow,
i pray he hears my cries at night
and help me through tomorrow.

I will always think of you
as each day appears
my sorrow will softly lessen
and gone will be the tears.

But Love will continue,
as each year goes by.
And i will wait for my calling
To once again be by your side.

Love you forever sonia xxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 10th May 2014

"For mom on mothers day from sonia

If i could have a single wish and never have another,
it would be to have one hour .and spend it with my mother.  
Forever in my heart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sonia"

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 30th April 2014

"Dear mommy,

If heaven had a window and God granted me a view,
of all the beauty it beholds I'd only look for you.
I'd listen for your laughter that was always music to me,
your beautiful hair and hazel eyes is what I'd wish most to see.
If I could only view once more the smile that warmed my heart,
I'd treasure that moment as long as I live and we must be apart.
Here on earth I search for you and pray to God for signs,
and every day that passes you're still with me in my mind.
I know you're happy in heaven you've earned your mansion indeed,
I imagine your kitchen table and you waiting there for me.
I love you and I miss you more than words can say,
and what I wouldn't give just to talk to you today.
I hope that you can hear me and listen to my thoughts,
and where ever this life takes me you know I've not forgot.
That once upon a time I was blessed and loved its true,
and if heaven had a window I'd only look for you.

Love and miss you always"

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 25th April 2014

"Turn! Turn! Turn!"

To everything - turn, turn, turn
There is a season - turn, turn, turn
And a time to every purpose under heaven

A time to be born, a time to die
A time to plant, a time to reap
A time to kill, a time to heal
A time to laugh, a time to weep

To everything - turn, turn, turn
There is a season - turn, turn, turn
And a time to every purpose under heaven

A time to build up, a time to break down
A time to dance, a time to mourn
A time to cast away stones
A time to gather stones together

To everything - turn, turn, turn
There is a season - turn, turn, turn
And a time to every purpose under heaven

A time of love, a time of hate
A time of war, a time of peace
A time you may embrace
A time to refrain from embracing

To everything - turn, turn, turn
There is a season - turn, turn, turn
And a time to every purpose under heaven

A time to gain, a time to lose
A time to rend, a time to sew
A time for love, a time for hate
A time for peace, I swear it's not too late!"

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 16th April 2014

"Mamma this poem is for you,
mommy dearest you will always be
my mother so loving and so loved by me

For god has taken you to be by his side
now in heaven is where you reside

you have blessed  my life in so many ways
i will cherish our memories until the end of my days

you left me too soon and this vas not part of our plan
but god's wishes always come before those of man

without you i must travel the path alone
no longer my guide, the way you have shown

your heart  was weak but you were  strong
for your loving embace will always long

god sent you to me as a gift from above
to teach me life's lessons and give me your  love

i will always remember your  beautiful smiling face
in my heart you will always have a special place

a special bond shared like no other
possible for daughter and mother

i thanked god for each day we  were able to share
but without you this life is so hard to bear

being with god, i hope you find joy and peace
and knowing this i find some happiness at least

for mommy dearest you  will always be
my mother so loving and so loved by me!

Miss you always and think of you everyday. Mille baci xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsonia"

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 15th April 2014

"Dear mommy,

I miss you so much.  I still can't believe you're gone.  There is so much I wanted to say to you and always thought I had the time but I was so wrong.

I want to thank you for being the best mother any child could ask for.  Your love was unconditional and even though we didn't always see eye to eye, I always knew you loved me and I love you more than words could every say.

I remember the days when we were young children and I always looked forward to dinner as you were the best cook and the house always smelled so nice.  

The fun we had on our Sunday picnics, I wish I could go back to those days and relive them all over again but this time not rush to grow up.

I so want to hold your hand and feel your soft face against my cheek.

I know you are in a better place now and are no longer in pain but I would take all your pain to have you back again.

I have asked the Lord to give you a kiss from me everyday and tell you how much I love and miss you.

All my love always

This tribute was added by Sonia Danini on 20th March 2014

"Cara mamma ti penso sempre, e vorrei far tornare il tempo a  quando eravamo tutti insieme . So che stai bene adesso e questo mi consola, anche se vorrei che alcuni nostri sogni  si fossero avverati in questa vita, sappi che ti amo e ti amero sempre e un giorno saremo ancora insieme. Ciao a presto tua sonia xxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 25th February 2014

"This is from her eldest grandchild - Timothy:-

I do not know what I can say other than the memory that I have of my gran. "Mi cara, mi cara" since we were little... Never knew what it meant, but loved hearing it. Never doubted the love gran had for her grandchildren and even though she often went off in Italian when she got excited or emotional, I always knew she was saying something good because it included "mi amoré" or "ti amo", so she loved us. My fondest memory of gran from my adult years was when I visited her and grandad in Durban before I move to Australia. It started with tears, then some Italian, some more tears and then... "Mi cara..... You look-a just like-a yore dad, only more handsome".... Aaaaah gran... She knows her stuff....

Grandad (Eric), I can only thank for all that you have done over the years. Thank you for being the messenger for many of my phone calls to gran and thank you for walking with her through it all. I will never know your loss, but know we love you and you are not alone.

Dad, Uncle Dino, Aunty Carmen, Aunty Sonya... Distance cannot lessen my desire to be there with you as my family.

Know that gran got to see her great grandchildren, our daughters, and now a proud fourth generation of Falchi girls will know of the heritage and love that God has blessed us through being part of this family and as a family I look forward to again walking with my brothers and sisters in Christ once more in eternity.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all, may you know Christ's peace in this difficult and trying time.

Love, Timothy, Ferris, Sienna, Madison & Joëlle"

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 18th February 2014

"Its 3 months today since you went home and I miss you so much mommy. I still cant believe you are gone. I wake up everyday thinking I must phone mommy but I cant do that anymore and it breaks my heart. I love you mommy and will see you again one day xx"

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 17th February 2014

"Things I feel most deeply
are the hardest things to say
Dearest mom I loved you
in a very special way.
If I could have one lifetime wish
One dream that could come true
I'd pray to God with all my heart
for yesterday and you.

Miss you so much mommy
Tiamo sempre

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 17th February 2014

"If roses grow in Heaven,
Lord please pick a bunch for me
Place them in my mothers arms
and tell her they're from me.
Tell her I love her and miss her
and when she turns to smile
Place a kiss upon her cheek
And hold her for a while ..."

This tribute was added by Carmen Dernbach on 20th January 2014

"Once upon a time an angel held my hand, 
She wiped away my tears and helped me understand.
Our time on earth is brief, there's lessons to be learned,
Each precious day God gives us another page is turned.
Every chapter full of memories, times of joy and tears,
Triumphs and defeats, through every passing year.
She loved us unconditional, always by our side,
When no one else would listen, in her we could confide.
With gentle words of wisdom she led us on our way,
Down the paths of righteousness if ever we did stray. 
She saw the light in everyone and gave with no regrets,
Always from her heart let's us not forget.
Angels come in many forms, for me it is my mother,  
With love I cannot say in words there'll never be another.  
Every day I turn the page in my heart will ever remain,  
Everything she taught me as I stroll down memory lane.  
Thank you God for giving me the most priceless of all treasures,
Help my Lord to keep alive her memory here forever.
I pray that I can some day be everything she hoped I would,  
That's she smiling down from heaven knowing she did good.  
As we gather here today there's no ending to her story,
Another chapter has begun full of grace and glory.
Gods called her to his heavenly home, part of his great plan,
Although it may be hard, we all must understand.
Faith is what is hoped for, things we cannot see,
Heaven is promised to all of us if only we believe"

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