i miss u with my <3 Diomond & Casper
Wish u wer here :'(. il never forget u both.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Diomond Bading, . We will remember him forever.

memory #1

whenever im just about to fall asleep in my bed, i imagine u coming up with a purr, thinking that ur safe.

memory #2

i still remember the time wen i crept outta bed to get a drink. wen i was goin back to bed, i accidently stepped on ur tail and u hissed at me. i stil feel guilty wen i did that.

casper (memory # 3)

i stil remember u sleeping almost everywhere but not nearby my dog. u and diomond <3ed to be in that mini hideout thats underneath in the mid. of the bed. miss u guys so much! :(

Posted by Alyssa Bading on December 18, 2011
diomond and casper, its me again :'(. i was crying over u both. i wish death wasnt part of life! D'X
Posted by Alyssa Bading on December 11, 2011
u wer my favorite cat including Casper..... i miss u cats both :'( i wont forget neither of u

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