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December 15, 2021
Dirk was my coworker for about ten years, and more importantly a friend and mentor. From the start I always looked up to Dirk, as he was the best at what he did. Difficult projects, late nights, frustrating situations,  he always kept cool and positive.. I've learned a great many things from Dirk and am very lucky to have had the privilege of working with him. He gave me a record player a few years back I think he said he bought in 1976. I bought some parts for it, brought them to work and he fixed it up for me. If you know Dirk he could fix anything. I offered it back but he said no way its yours, that's how he was, he would do anything for you. I only wish I could have known him longer. Dirk will always be in my thoughts and I am honored to have known him and been his friend. 

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