Shared by Dianna Zipfel on February 9, 2020
darry joes favorite elo song he and I performed in the country edition in the early 70s, the title "I cant get it out out of my head "  and to this day DJ I cant get your sweet lead and hamony  voice with mine out of my brain,   oh how sweet   you spoiled me my friend  no one else could ever take your place.     we will sing again   love and miss  zipper.


Shared by Edward McIntosh on January 24, 2020
First memory I have I was 7 or 8 we were visiting from kansas Darry still lived with uncle Gerald and aunt Maxine uncle Gerald told Darry to go to neighbors to get hay for horse Darry asked me to go with him the car had holes in floor board but radio worked we listened to Rock and Roll was so cool for me to hang out with older cousin who listened rock and roll.
The other thing about Darry I remember is he came to stay with us I was about 12 my brother was taking trumpet at school by end of the week Darry was playing along with the Herb Albert record of my moms and you couldn't tell them apart. He was my idol for a number of years just knowing he was here made it a better world. Bet him and uncle Dale Uncle Gerald are playing Rank Strangers and bet it never sounded better.

See you again someday Darry

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