Posted by Charlotte Barnes on July 21, 2020
Happy Birthday DJ! Thank you Bobbi. I'm enjoying his music so much. Hugs and thoughts are with you on this day.
Posted by Bobbi Gagnon on July 21, 2020
Its your birthday today and I sure do miss you. I am going to add a few of your favorite songs here today. Hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do. (If you want to hear them they are in the gallery...choose audio for a couple of uke songs that are special to me, and choose video for the Devo song that had been on Dad's mind in the last few months (you have to listen all the way to the end to understand his sarcasm)) 

Love you always Dad!!
Posted by Alan Johnston on February 6, 2020
I first met DJ when I was 7. We had just moved from Missouri to Ohio because my Dad was going to play with the Highland Ramblers. I have many memories of DJ and the band playing and traveling. Spent a lot of time at his house and with the Miles family while in Ohio. DJ was always a musical hero to me, and he was a true musician and entertainer. Many years passed, and we became re-connected here in Missouri and we always enjoyed our visits when we got the chance. I remember the years in Ohio very fondly, and all of the music and laughter. Sorry for the families loss. RIP DJ.
Posted by Mike Henry on January 26, 2020
Darry rode our school bus - Bus 5. I can still remember him singing Roger Miller's "Chugalug" or "Dang Me" once or twice on the way to school. The Highland Ramblers played nearly every weekend. Always wanted to reconnect on one of our visits to the Branson area but couldn't make it happen. One inspiring force in my life for sure. He will be remembered fondly.
Posted by Thomson Gunn on January 26, 2020
Met DJ through Dude McDonald(RIP) back when I worked with bands full time. Good guy and player. RIP
Posted by RUSSELL NOTESTINE on January 25, 2020
Darry was the real musical deal. He had a gift that entertained people.  He took it to them. He passed his artistry on to others by being a mentor to many aspiring musicians. He was appreciated by many and will be missed. RIP DJ
Posted by Jane Ward Nolan on January 25, 2020
My deceased husband Dave Nolan played at SDC ! We use to visit your Mom and Dad a lot... He was an Awesome Man and Musician ..  May your Memories of him fill your Hearts with Joy . Prayers
Posted by Dianna Zipfel on January 25, 2020
We knew Darry back in the early 1970's when he played with Jim in the Country Edition. We have a lot of great memories of him, Kathy, Mac and sweet little Maxine. He was always a happy man. We loved that about him!
Posted by Donna Huff-Hiltner on January 25, 2020
With deepest sympathy and wishing the entire family peace and letting you know you are in the hearts and prayers of many. Not only did Darry hold a special place in my heart but his entire family did as well. Darry was my first teen-age crush “ going steady” as many teens did in the 60’s. Wednesday night practices of the Highland Ramblers were a weekly event with my parents, Donald and Marie Huff, along with the Dockery’s and Miles. Our families spent so many good times together and we so looked forward to those times.

Many years after that time, one day my daughter, Stacy, came home and informed me she had met the cutest boy from Ayersville and his name was Andy McIntosh. What were the odds of that ever happening!
I smiled and told her all the McIntosh men had that charm and told her about Darry and our family’s many pot lucks, trips to Buck Lake, etc.

Darry’s smile, sense of humor and all those funny faces he would make to get you to smile was just a small part of his personality. To this day when I hear one of those oldies that he would sing and play so well that I smile and think of him and will continue to do so. Once again prayers and thoughts to all of his family. Donna Huff-Hiltner
Posted by Leo Thomas on January 24, 2020
DJ and I played music together at SDC for many years. He called us "the 49ers" because we were born five days apart in 1949. To me, he was like gold, a man with a golden heart. We both traveled down the same musical road in our lives. DJ was the person who showed up and would spend time with me during my darkest hours. Once he found an old piano and bought it for me. He even got people to carry it up the stairs in my home! DJ was the person who took the time to talk to about anything. Amen, my 49er brother! Love ya.

Washboard Leo Thomas
Posted by Floyd Dennison on January 24, 2020
Played music with DJ back when we were teenagers in Defiance Ohio. His guitar player with the Highland Ramblers was my Uncle Clystal Miles. His sons and I were the Camden Playboys. We all played together for yrs. He showed me how to play the Dobro and we played a lot, I still play some. Always remember you my friend. Condolences to the family, will miss him.

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