Posted by Emmanuel ,Bolajoko Kolead... on September 10, 2021
The sudden transition of General Dominic O. Oneya was shocking.
His demise may seem untimely to us, but we must remember 'Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his Saints'
May the Lord grant him peaceful eternal rest and uphold the family.
Posted by Boniface Ochigbo on September 8, 2021
A very wonderful man. Always keep a smile. A father to all. One thing I love about him is his smile. A detribalised man,an icon of kindness, an epitome of a man worth calling a father. May the light of God continue to shine upon you and grant you eternal rest. And to the Oneyas as they are fondly called,pls take heart. This is deep cut. He will surely be missed but his maker needs him. I join you all to celebrate a life well spent of a great man.
Posted by Ola Okunnu on September 8, 2021
I have found it really difficult to come to terms with the demise of a great Man, a soldier,Sports administrator, a General, and a Father of all.

Olorogun have come seen, fought and conquer, but death is inevitable.

May the good Lord grant your soul eternal rest.

Posted by Akpevwe Eru on September 8, 2021
Dear papa,
Words can’t describe my love for you Nd also the pain I feel writing this. You are far too kind, far too sweet.
I miss you everyday grandpa, all our jokes and happy times, the hugs, the prayers. Thank you for loving me unconditionally.
I’m happy I hugged all d time I had d opportunity to (u dey even vex wen I don’t ), I called u every time I missed you, I come visit wen I feel like seeing ur cute face Nd smile.
I’m happy because I really loved u, Nd I showed it.. if I knew u were going dis soon ( I would av visited everyday ).
I’m only sad because I really wanted you to be at my wedding I prayed for dat day with you by my side so badly I prayed for God to keep you (I really prayed I did ), bt Look nw... the thought of dis makes me
Who will I call best grandpa now. I love you so much like so much Nd I’m happy I told you dis all d time I had the opportunity to.
Keep watching over me my guardian angel ... nd continue to rest in perfect peace ❤️. Amen
Posted by Jaho David on September 8, 2021

With a life experience spanning from the traditional setting of Agbaroh Community, to the street of A.J city Lagos State, came forth a Man who radiated multiple kinds of positive vibes.

To the Citizens of Southern Lebanon, Brig Gen Dominic Oneya made them realize that military Officers could also be interested in durable peace.

To Charles Taylor and other Combatants in the Liberian Civil War, such as Gen Mosquito, Gen Peanut Butter, Superman, Gen Butt Naked, whose men fought without clothes on and Gen Patricia who led an all female crew armed with A-K 47, their intelligence assessment of Gen Oneya, who commanded the 16 battalion of Ecomog contingent in Liberia, would have been nothing other than a fearsome Nigerian Officer, who would never yield an inch of the turf under Ecomog control and who together with other Officers and Men, made the Ecomog forces operation in Liberia run like a fine Swiss swatch.

Gen Oneya was not only a football fan, who presided over the then NFA, but he superintend over the theaters of War. The grit Brig. Gen Oneya achieved from the various War fronts, made him a modern day hercules, yet he was gentle to a fault. He would not go out of his way to hurt anyone. There was so much to learn from him, but God knows best.

The Jaho family will miss him and would have loved him to stay a little more, Delta will experience a big vacuum from Gen Oneya's exit, Nigeria still needed his Counsel and the World would have been better off with Gen Oneya's further impact, but God is God, we can not Fathom his ways, he gives and he takes. Rest on Brig Gen Dominic Oneya. Akpokedefa oh.

Posted by Funlola Sit on September 6, 2021
Olorogun Dominic Obukadata Oneya,you came,you saw,you conquered.You were a rare gem to all.You will forever be in our hearts.You left an indelible mark that can never be easily erased.Rest on in God's bossom till we meet again.
Adieu my Olorogun
Posted by Oghenevwaire Oneya on September 5, 2021
Dear dad,
I still can't believe you are gone ,I haven't really been able to accept the fact that you are gone.You were a man of discipline,integrity,kindness, honesty and you always wanted the best for me,even when I disturbed you all the time never complained..I remember we talked everyday before your passing away and anytime I call you are always like "Oghenevwaire what do you want again?" And we'll start laughing, There were much things I wanted to share with you and lots of things I wanted to do with you but God knows better,I really miss you and I feel empty without you because you are my role model and inspiration to be great in life and help others.
You are the best and greatest Dad ever.Thankyou for being my guide,protector,friend and father..I love you and you will forever be In my heart.
Posted by Omo-Irabor Emmanuel on September 1, 2021

The sudden death of retired General Dominic Oneya early last month came as a rude shock, as there was no indication of any serious ill health before now. For us in the GRA Effurun Sub Council of the Knights of St. Mulumba (KSM), where he had just served out his tenure as our Worthy Grand Knight, he was with us two days earlier, when we gathered to pray the office of the dead for a deceased lady of the Order. He participated in the prayer session from the beginning to the end, and drove back home unaccompanied. So there was nothing to suggest that he would be gone barely two days later.

The late brother Oneya was a man of many parts, but more importantly, he touched many lives in many ways with his simplicity and humility, qualities that made it easy for him to mingle with both the high and mighty, as well as the lowly. When he joined the Order nearly twenty years ago after his retirement from the Army,  he had no difficulty whatsoever in interacting with his brothers, most of whom were civilians. It was a very interesting sight then to behold a retired General joining hands to arrange tables and chairs for meetings and other events, which was usually the job of younger members of the Order. It was very clear to those of us who were privileged to know him up close, that he enjoyed immense good will from the various constituencies with which he had been associated in his lifetime.

In concluding this tribute to his memory, I would like to recall here, a recent incident which illustrated clearly that indeed, our late brother was the true son of his father, well bred and ever ready to respect his elders, despite his high standing in society. Just by chance, some of us got to know about an incident that happened between him and another senior member of the Order, and we decided to initiate reconciliation between them. We approached both of them separately to hint them about our intention, and both of them welcomed the idea enthusiastically. As the younger one, our late brother assured us that he was ready and willing to participate in the reconciliation process at any time and place. With this assurance, we decided to hold the peace meeting in the home of the older member. It turned out that the apparent disagreement between them was really more of a communication gap, but in the course of the discussion, our late brother, as a sign of utmost sincerity and respect, knelt down to assure his elder brother knight that he had no grudge or misgiving against him, and that he was sorry if he had given that impression at any point in the past. For those of us who were present, this spectacle was simply too much for us to take in. Infact, our elder brother and host was equally overwhelmed by what happened that he rose from his seat and lifted our late brother up, after which he remarked that by this rare gesture of humility,  he was now convinced that indeed he may have misjudged our late brother's action..

May the soul of our late brother and father, Dominic Obukadata Oneya, and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace, amen. To our beloved mama Patricia, to Olorogun Anthony, to Mrs Anthonia Ewebe and their other siblings, to the grandchildren and to members of the larger Oneya family of  Ewerhe Agbarho, to his numerous friends, colleagues and well wishers, not to forget his beloved constituency the Nigerian Army, the Government and people of Kano and Benue states, the Nigerian Football Federation NFF, the Order of the Knights of St. Mulumba KSM, Agbarho Improvement Union among others, we commiserate with you all on the great loss. May the good Lord  continue to comfort and console us all, amen. To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.

Emmanuel Omo Irabor KSM

Effurun, Delta State.

01 September,  2021.
Posted by Godwin Oghenede on August 30, 2021
My great uncle and the great general of all time is gone. You were an inspiration to me and still struggling to believe that you were gone. I will for ever miss your humility as a perfect gentleman. You encourage me to come to Nigeria after many years in the UK. With that encouragement I summoned all the courage and came visiting with my whole family with the doors of your house in Ikoyi wide open to received us. You took us to Agbarho to visit our family home in Ewherhe. That memory remains with my children till this day. Your home in Ikoyi was my residence for four years while trying to find my footing and steps in Lagos and Nigeria. At no time in those four years did I feel unwanted. You went out of your way in many occasions to wake up in the morning and drive down to get Dodo and Beans at 5.00am from Ghana High commission spot to make sure that I have breakfast when I wake up. When in London you have always insisted on staying in my little abode sometimes to your personal discomfort because you feel I am your brother.
All your life after retirement you always drive yourself and move about without security excort and drivers because you rather live a life of humility. I remember once when armed rubbers double crossed you in an attempt to snatching your car with Ak47 and all that, but on realising who you are they all lied down with their guns and said sorry to you because they did not realise that it was you. In your generousity of heart you ended up sharing money to them and off they went with their guns raised. I can go on and on but surely I am convinced without doubt that if there is heaven out there you are surely resting in peace in heaven. Rest on in Peace untill we meet again.

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