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Shared by Bette Lyn Kelly on March 11, 2011


I’m so grateful for Donny and Kaye’s trips to Spokane the last few years, and their last excursion in the fall of 2010 included hilarious routs between him and Wopper – Italian style! (Thankfully, my neighbors didn’t understand “Dago reprimands”!) Only Donny could describe his sneaky trips to the pound (unknown to Kaye), and how he maneuvered Wopper into their life… side-cracking funny! On that particular visit to Spokane, Donny’s far tinier and fragile frame (almost 100 lbs lost!) surely didn’t lessen the grand humor he provided us his entire life.
My most memorable time with him would be when he and I were alone with his mother (Auntie to me) during her final moments of life – him holding one of her hands, and me the other. That formed a special bond between us we spoke about often… 

Dom loved his Cadillac’s

Shared by Kevin, Kraig & Kim Faraca on March 6, 2011

Late in the evening of July 28, 1981 I was in labor with Dom's first grandchild.  I needed  to go to the hospital right away.  Dad came to take me in his bright new Cadillac.  His first question was had my water broke.  I informed him not yet.  He made me stand in the parking lot until we got enough towels to protect his  new red velvet seats.  All worked out well, my water didn't break until we arrived at the hospital and his first granddaughter Nicole was born the next morning.

Dad loved his Cadillac's!

Kim Colton

Shared by Billl Hopper on March 6, 2011

I joined Dom at football practice at "EWCE" our freshman year.  We became friends, at least for that experience.  It was August, 100 degrees, daily doubles.  We both felt like we'd quit if we could face our families if we did.  I was injured in the final pre-season practice, and missed the whole season.  I left school at the end of winter term.  I really was there to play basketball anyway, and, since I couldn't stand Red Reese, I went home, and then completed the rest of college at George Fox.

It's good hear about Dom's life.  We had no contact following my departure from Eastern .  I saw the obit in the Oregonian, and the name jumped off the page.  I never forgot him.

Bill Hopper

Shared by William (Bill) Atwood on March 6, 2011

I first met Dom in 1975 or 76 when I was with Black Clawson in Everett, WA. I hired Dom at our first meeting which was the beginning of a long and enduring friendship. Dom brought his friendly nature and good guy attitude to his sales position. We enjoyed many great times together. Later in 1987 when I joined Rader, our paths again crossed. When Dom discovered that I was joining the Rader team, he quickly invited me into his home which we shared until my wife Gloria was able to relocate to Portland. I am forever grateful for his friendship and generosity. I join all of his friends and associates with prayers for his place with The Father. I also join the others in missing his warm and friendly smile.

May God's Blessings be upon Dominick Faraca

Friend forever

Bill Atwood 

Kingsland, TX

Fond Memories From the Verizon Employees

Shared by Kraig Faraca on March 6, 2011

I have to share a story about my recent visit to the Redmond Verizon store where dad frequently visited regarding his cell phone addiction.  My brother Kevin and I went to the Verizon store to try and figure out how to crack the password on Dad's phone so we could access his phone numbers to contact friends and family about his passing.  All of the employees immediately knew who we were talking about.  Dad had made an impression on each and every employee at this location.   They told of some very colorful dialogue they shared over different cell phone models he had purchased.  Of particular note was a gentleman who said Dad came in and set down a bottle of KY lubricant on the counter and stood there for a response.  When the employee asked "what is that for?"  Dad answered, "This is going to make it easier for you to stick your phone up your #$%."  Oh yes, the memories!  He always had a way with words and sometimes a unique way of expressing himself.

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